I need some more interview question with answer on modeling,reporting.

i need some more interview question with answer on modeling,reporting.

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    You will face the real time design questions.
    The below link will help you for the Product tutorials.
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    Dear friends,
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    Hi Guru's
    I have to appear for interview within 2-3 days. can somebody send me SAP SD interview questions with answers at my email address [email protected] to revise and prepare.
    Points will be rewarded.
    Thanks in advance
    Sheenam Gupta

    Pls don't post email id to share information , Make a small search in sdn on FAQ's u can have tons of posts on that , also refer for Tickets,Gaps etc.

  • Hi, need to verify my account with answers to my security questions, unfortunately I can't remember the answers... I am trying to spend money, do you still want my business?

    Hi, need to verify my account with answers to my security questions, unfortunately I can't remember the answers... I am trying to spend money, do you still want my business?

    colourmesilver wrote:
    ...I am trying to spend money, do you still want my business?
    This is a User to User Forum.
    It is also Your responsibility to remember Your security answers...
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  • Organization Management Interview Questions and Answers  Extremely Urgent

    Please let me know Organization Management Interview Questions and Answers. MOST MOST URGENT
    Please do not post Link or website name and detail response will be highly appreciated.
    Very Respectfully,
    SAP HR .

    Hi there,
    Pl. find herewith the answers of the questions posted on the forum.
    1. What are plan versions used for?
    Ans : Plan versions are scenarios in which you can create organizational plans.
    •     In the plan version which you have flagged as the active plan version, you create your current valid organizational plan. This is also the integration plan version which will be used if integration with Personnel Administration is active.
    •     You use additional plan versions to create additional organizational plans as planning scenarios.
    As a rule, a plan version contains one organizational structure, that is, one root organizational unit. It is, however, possible to create more than one root organizational unit, that is more than one organizational structure in a plan version.
    For more information on creating plan versions, see the Implementation Guide (IMG), under Personnel Management  Global Settings in Personnel Management  Plan Version Maintenance.
    2. What are the basic object types?
    Ans. An organization object type has an attribute that refers to an object of the organization management (position, job, user, and so on). The organization object type is linked to a business object type.
    The business object type BUS1001 (material) has the organization object type T024L (laboratory) as the attribute that on the other hand has an object of the organization management as the attribute. Thus, a specific material is linked with particular employees using an assigned laboratory.
    3. What is the difference between a job and a position?
    Ans. Job is not a concrete, it is General holding various task to perform which is generic.(Eg: Manager, General Manager, Executive).
    Positions are related to persons and Position is concrete and specific which are occupied by Persons. (Eg: Manager - HR, GM – HR, Executive - HR).
    4. What is the difference between an organizational unit and a work centre?
    Ans. Work Centre : A work center is an organizational unit that represents a suitably-equipped zone where assigned operations can be performed. A zone is a physical location in a site dedicated to a specific function. 
    Organization Unit : Organizational object (object key O) used to form the basis of an organizational plan. Organizational units are functional units in an enterprise. According to how tasks are divided up within an enterprise, these can be departments, groups or project teams, for example.
    Organizational units differ from other units in an enterprise such as personnel areas, company codes, business areas etc. These are used to depict structures (administration or accounting) in the corresponding components.
    5. Where can you maintain relationships between objects?
    Ans. Infotype 1001 that defines the Relationships between different objects.
    There are many types of possible relationships between different objects. Each individual relationship is actually a subtype or category of the Relationships infotype.
    Certain relationships can only be assigned to certain objects. That means that when you create relationship infotype records, you must select a relationship that is suitable for the two objects involved. For example, a relationship between two organizational units might not make any sense for a work center and a job.
    6. What are the main areas of the Organization and Staffing user interfaces?
    Ans. You use the user interface in the Organization and Staffing or Organization and Staffing (Workflow) view to create, display and edit organizational plans.
    The user interface is divided into various areas, each of it which fulfills specific functions.
    Search Area
    Selection Area
    Overview Area
    Details Area
    Together, the search area and the selection area make up the Object Manager.
    7. What is Expert Mode used for?
    Ans. interface is used to create Org structure. Using Infotypes we can create Objects in Expert mode and we have to use different transactions to create various types of objects.  If the company needs to create a huge structure, we will use Simple maintenance, because it is user friendly that is it is easy to create a structure, the system automatically relationship between the objects.
    8. Can you create cost centers in Expert Mode?
    Ans. Probably not. You create cost center assignments to assign a cost center to an organizational unit, or position.
    When you create a cost center assignment, the system creates a relationship record between the organizational unit or position and the cost center. (This is relationship A/B 011.) No assignment percentage record can be entered.
    9. Can you assign people to jobs in Expert Mode?
    10. Can you use the organizational structure to create a matrix organization?
    Ans. By depicting your organizational units and the hierarchical or matrix relationships between them, you model the organizational structure of your enterprise.
    This organizational structure is the basis for the creation of an organizational plan, as every position in your enterprise is assigned to an organizational unit. This defines the reporting structure.
    11. In general structure maintenance, is it possible to represent the legal entity of organizational units?
    12. What is the Object Infotype (1000) used for?
    Ans. Infotype that determines the existence of an organizational object.
    As soon as you have created an object using this infotype, you can determine additional object characteristics and relationships to other objects using other infotypes.
    To create new objects you must:
    •     Define a validity period for the object
    •     Provide an abbreviation to represent the object
    •     Provide a brief description of the object
    The validity period you apply to the object automatically limits the validity of any infotype records you append to the object. The validity periods for appended infotype records cannot exceed that of the Object infotype.
    The abbreviation assigned to an object in the system renders it easily identifiable. It is helpful to use easily recognizable abbreviations.
    You can change abbreviations and descriptions at a later time by editing object infotype records. However, you cannot change an object’s validity period in this manner. This must be done using the Delimit function.
    You can also delete the objects you create. However, if you delete an object the system erases all record of the object from the database. You should only delete objects if they are not valid at all (for example, if you create an object accidentally)
    13. What is the Relationships Infotype (1001) used for?
    Ans. Infotype that defines the Relationships between different objects.
    You indicate that a employee or user holds a position by creating a relationship infotype record between the position and the employee or user. Relationships between various organizational units form the organizational structure in your enterprise. You identify the tasks that the holder of a position must perform by creating relationship infotype records between individual tasks and a position.
    Creating and editing relationship infotype records is an essential part of setting up information in the Organizational Management component. Without relationships, all you have are isolated pieces of information.
    You must decide the types of relationship record you require for your organizational structure.
    If you work in Infotype Maintenance, you must create relationship records manually. However, if you work in Simple Maintenance and Structural Graphics, the system creates certain relationships automatically.
    14. Which status can Infotypes in the Organizational Management component have?
    Ans. Once you have created the basic framework of your organizational plan in Simple Maintenance, you can create and maintain all infotypes allowed for individual objects in your organizational plan. These can be the basic object types of Organizational Management – organizational unit, position, work center and task. You can also maintain object types, which do not belong to Organizational Management.
    15. What is an evaluation path?
    Ans. An evaluation path describes a chain of relationships that exists between individual organizational objects in the organizational plan.
    Evaluation paths are used in connection with the definition of roles and views.
    The evaluation path O-S-P describes the relationship chain Organizational unit > Position > Employee.
    Evaluation paths are used to select other objects from one particular organizational object. The system evaluates the organizational plan along the evaluation path.
    Starting from an organizational unit, evaluation path O-S-P is used to establish all persons who belong to this organizational unit or subordinate organizational units via their positions.
    16. What is Managers Desktop used for?
    Ans. Manager's Desktop assists in the performance of administrative and organizational management tasks. In addition to functions in Personnel Management, Manager's Desktop also covers other application components like Controlling, where it supports manual planning or the information system for cost centers.
    17. Is it possible to set up new evaluation paths in Customizing?
    Ans. You can use the evaluation paths available or define your own. Before creating new evaluation paths, check the evaluation paths available as standard.
    18. Which situations require new evaluation paths?
    Ans. When using an evaluation path in a view, you should consider the following:
    Define the evaluation path in such a manner that the relationship chain always starts from a user (object type US in Organizational Management) and ends at an organizational unit, a position or a user.
    When defining the evaluation path, use the Skip indicator in order not to overload the result of the evaluation.
    19. How do you set up integration between Personnel Administration and Organizational Management?
    Ans. Integration between the Organizational Management and Personnel Administration components enables you to,
    Use data from one component in the other
    Keep data in the two components consistent
    Basically its relationship between person and position.
    Objects in the integration plan version in the Organizational Management component must also be contained in the following Personnel Administration tables:
    Tables                    Objects
    T528B and T528T     Positions
    T513S and T513     Jobs
    T527X                    Organizational units
    If integration is active and you create or delete these objects in Organizational Management transactions, the system also creates or deletes the corresponding entries automatically in the tables mentioned above. Entries that were created automatically are indicated by a "P". You cannot change or delete them manually. Entries you create manually cannot have the "P" indicator (the entry cannot be maintained manually).
    You can transfer either the long or the short texts of Organizational Management objects to the Personnel Administration tables. You do this in the Implementation Guide under Organizational Management -> Integration -> Integration with Personnel Administration -> Set Up Integration with Personnel Administration. If you change these control entries at a later date, you must also change the relevant table texts. To do that you use the report RHINTE10 (Prepare Integration (OM with PA)).
    When you activate integration for the first time, you must ensure that the Personnel Administration and the Organizational Management databases are consistent. To do this, you use the reports:
    •        RHINTE00 (Adopt organizational assignment  (PA to PD))
    •        RHINTE10 (Prepare Integration (PD to PA))
    •        RHINTE20 (Check Program Integration PA - PD)
    •        RHINTE30 (Create Batch Input Folder for Infotype 0001)
    The following table entries are also required:
    •        PLOGI PRELI in Customizing for Organizational Management (under Set Up Integration with Personnel Administration). This entry defines the standard position number.
    •        INTE in table T77FC
    •        INTE_PS, INTE_OSP, INTEBACK, INTECHEK and INTEGRAT in Customizing under Global Settings ® Maintain Evaluation Paths.
    These table entries are included in the SAP standard system. You must not change them.
    Since integration enables you to create relationships between persons and positions (A/B 008), you may be required to include appropriate entries to control the validation of these relationships. You make the necessary settings for this check in Customizing under Global Settings ® Maintain Relationships.
    Devang Nandha
    "Together, Transform Business Process by leveraging Information Technology to Grow and Excel in Business".

  • SAP HCM Business analyst Support role Interview Questions and answers required..

    Hello Experts,
    I have applied for the role Business Analyst supporting SAP HR and GB Payroll. I need to prepare for the interview.
    I would like to have any material or link with regards to issues/tickets raised for SAP HCM /payroll. my email ID [email protected]
    Could you please provide me Interview Questions and answers for SAP HCM and Payoll support.
    Thanks in Advance

    we can not assume any interview questions .better you can search in google.if your in supporting then you should be able to rectivie the day tod day issues and the change request. for this you should have all modules experince to answer the interview questions. all the questions will be the real time and the process  real time scenario kind of questions.
    For the GB payrol,. look at all statutory deduction and payment like payee tax and the NI-(National insurenve) deduction. and also the returns (monthly anualy). and also the config of SSP (statutory sick pay )and SMP (Statutory Maternity Pay), factoring process , retro, posting and automatic file transfer to HMRC,etc.

  • Webdynpro interview questions and answers

    hi friends
    i need webdynpro interview questions and answers

    Hi Ramachandran,
       There is a seperate book in sap Press for interview question but will cost a lot and i dont think it is easily available in India.
    But then, if you are aware of Webdynpro for Java, you dont have to worry a lot. Since Webdynpro is a new technology, People who really want to recruit people will stick to basic questions.
    I can give some examples below
    1. What is adaptive RFC and How to Use it
    2. What are the table variants and how to use each of them
    3. Can ask about tree and trees in table.
    4. What is singleton and supply function
    5. Some basic Portal Admin Question.
    6. basic customization question using HTMLB
    7. What is the diff between Adaptive rfc and adaptive web servie and who to use both.
    8. Diff between drop down by key and drop down by index.
    9. diff between Link by action and link by url and other Basic UI questions.
    10. Might ask about merge functionality of NWDI if used.
    11. Might ask about dynamic Ui and Context Generation
    12. and So on.
    I have attended Few interviews and know many of those questions. I cannot put every thing here.
    But Dont worry. If the interview is for Selecing people and not to show ego of how good the person who is interviewing is , will ask basic to understnd how good the candidate is in understanding basics as rest all have the document in SDN.
    Hope it helps.

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    Guide me with the Interview questions and answers?

    Reset your SMC.  If that doesn't do it, reset PRAM. 

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    Can some one send me WebLogic Integration interview questions and answers to [email protected] and [email protected]
    Thank you.

    hi all,
    can any one help us how to get or retrieve DataSource Names in weblogic using java code.
    it is very urgent. please copy the java code here.
    Somu :)

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    Hi Experts,
    Please any body send me SAP HR Consultant full time position initial interview questions and answers for me? Including behavioral questions and answers?
    Thanks and I appreciate your time.
    Regards- Zubair.


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