I need to uninstall CS6 Extended

I need to move CS6 & Lightroom from one laptop to a newer one. What do I need to do about the registration & activation please?

You need to deactivate the current install if you will not be using the current laptop in the future. Not deactivating Adobe software would tie up one of you two activations.  If your not going to use the old machine you should also uninstall Adobe software from it . You may give the machine to someone the machine is your to give away Photoshop is not.
You install and activate Adobe's software on you new machine the same was you did in on you old machine.
You move or copy your data from your old machine onto your mew machine. You may even copy you CS6 Photoshop preferences to you new machine the will nor be removed when you uninstall Photoshop. I do not know about Lightroom I have no use for it.

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  • I need help uninstalling CS6 - have tried all the usual with no joy

    I need to uninstall Cs6 for a reinstall as it is misbehaving.
    But when I try to uninstall the message keeps appearing that Uninstall FAiled and to use the cleanr - done it, quit all programmes - none running, not even virus software etc, restart - done it numerous times
    contact customer services for assistance
    I am doing it now!!!
    Can you help with this. The software is deactivated and everything looks good to uninstall.
    Please help
    Mac OS X 10.8.5

    install over your current installation to reinstall your uninstaller.
    you can then uninstall, clean (Use the CC Cleaner Tool to solve installation problems | CC, CS3-CS6) and do a proper installation.

  • How do I move from a box license version of Adobe CS6 to a cloud license? Do I need to uninstall CS6

    Hi All,
    We have a user who currently has a box (serial key) version of Adobe CS6 installed on his machine. We now have a number of cloud licenses available and I want to move hm to a cloud license so that we can install the apps available from the cloud.
    Do I need to uninstall the previous version of Adobe CS6 and then re-install from the cloud or can I just re-license the software using the creative cloud for desktops application?
    Many Thanks

    There is no need for it. You can run CS6 Perpetual and CC on the same machine without uninstalling CS6.

  • Do I need to uninstall cs6 and Lightroom 5 first

    before changing to the cloud should I uninstall CS6 Lightroom 5

    No need to uninstall , you can have both Apps on same computer , it will installed separately.

  • Do I need to uninstall CS6 before reinstalling

    Hi, my dreamweaver went blank this arvo, says it needs to be reinstalled, do I need to uninstall or will it over ride the existing program, it is the cs6 premium creative suite. I usually have someone do this kind of thing for me but right now I'm on my own!

    Run the Cleaner tool and reinstall

  • Do I need to uninstall CS6 free trial before loading purchased CS6?

    My CS6 free trial expired, and I've since purchased the Student version of CS6. Do I need to uninstall the free trial FIRST before loading
    the one I purchased?
    I'm not sure if it can over-write the trial version because although it's CS6 - it's the Student licensed version.

    I ended up using the live chat to get the question answered earlier today - but thank you for your response - and you're correct. 
    As for the creative cloud version - no, I opted not to get that.  I hope I don't live to regret it,
    but I'm not in a marketing/design program/etc. I just need photo editing for some end-of-year projects for school that needed better than average photo quality.   
    Thanks for taking the time to respond - much appreciated!

  • Do I need to uninstall CS6 when I install CC? [was:CC]

    I am about to download CC but have CS6 installed on my machine. Do I need to uninstall these?

    You can download, install CC along with CS6 if the computer has enough space.
    Creative Cloud Help | Install both CC and CS6 apps
    Can I install both CS6 and CC apps on my computer? « Caveat Lector

  • Do I need to uninstall CS6 perpetual to get Monday's CC versions?

    I have a CS6 suite installed.
    AAM is showing those applications as up to date.
    It does not show and will not install the CC updates to CS6.
    Do I need to uninstall the CS6 suite from Windows7 uninstall and then reinstall from the CC Apps page to see those updates as well as Monday's CC versions?
    If I have trouble reinstalling what is the link to the "cleaner" app?

    OK, thanks.
    AAM knows I belong to CC as I was able to DL and install LR 5 without having to give a serial.
    I was surprised this came up at all. Some documentation on moving from CS6 to CC would have been helpful. Good luck to the folks in support next week. They'll need it.

  • Need to uninstall CS6

    How do I uninstall and reinstall photoshop CS6?

    Hi, Roa51,
    Try the below steps:
    Mac OS
    Open Finder and go to/Applications/Utilities/Adobe Installers
    Double-click an Adobe product to uninstall
    Follow on-screen instructions
    Open the Windows Control Panel > Programs and Features
    Choose an app and click Uninstall/Change
    Follow on-screen instructions

  • I need help "Uninstalling" CS6 suite so I can re-install my operating system

    How to you unregister the entire suite, so that you can re-install back onto the same computer? thanks.

    Run Help --> Deacactivate.

  • I am running a TRIAL VERSION of Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended and Bridge does not open.  Help?

    I am running a TRIAL VERSION of Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended on MAC and Bridge does not open.  It did open when I first downloaded it - but now a black question mark is over the BR icon and it does not open up.  Any ideas from anyone? 

    Hi Steve -
    I just thought it was interesting and helpful to me to learn that the icon for Bridge does not appear anywhere.  Not in Application Folder.  Not in the Finders Directory Files.  I see your point - if I could locate that icon - I'd be set by dragging it onto my DOCK and launching it from there. 
    So - I'm assuming I need to uninstall CS6.   Please list all the steps for me to uninstall so that I don't miss any CS6 files. 
    When I search in FINDER for CS6 uninstall- I see two icons -  red adobe "UNINSTALL ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CS6" (both files are identical)  Under KIND they both say Alias - with two different dates they were last opened (in November - few minutes apart).  Is that what I use to uninstall completely all the files related to PS CS6 Extended as well as Bridge? 
    I just want to make sure 'everything' related to CS6 Extended is off my computer and out of all the files.  In the event i want to re-install - naturally I don't want to run into any conflicting 'issues'.
    Do you think if I reinstall I will run into this same problem again (BR not launching)?  Is there anything I can do to prevent it?  I note on the forums - going a few years back - that there have been a lot of issues related to this same problem - even in other versions of the Creative Suite.  Is Adobe doing anything to rectify this problem for us Photoshop CS Suite lovers or is all their focus just going into CC? 
    Thank you so much for trying to help me resolve this issue.  It is very frustrating to have an Adobe product that is not completely functional.  Especially when the Creative Suites are so expensive.  I appreciate all the time you've put into this issue. 

  • Uninstall CS6 to use CC?

    Do I need to uninstall CS6 to install the same programs via CC?

    No and if you need to work with anyone still on CS6 you should leave it in place and use it for those jobs.

  • Do i need to uninstall PS6 and bridge trial versions before installing the Creative Cloud?

    do i need to uninstall CS6 and Bridge before installing Creative Cloud?

    No this is not necessary.  You can leave them installed.

  • Can someonoe please assist me in my Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended.  I keep getting a 'Couldn't Complete Your Request because Dynamic Link is not Available?" Is there a way of getting a software patch for this problem?  I thought you didn't need extra softw

    Can someonee please assist me in my Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended.  I keep getting a 'Couldn't Complete Your Request because Dynamic Link is not Available?" Is there a way of getting a software patch for this problem?  I thought you didn't need extra software.  My software other than that problem works fine.

    Couldn't complete what request?   Way more information please.
    What operating system?

  • Need help - stuck in extraction of PS CS6 Extended - free trial

    I am waiting on a response from someone regarding the trial version of PS CS6 Extended that is stuck in "extracting" and cannot be cleared.  This is tying up my system and I have other software I need to install asap.  I installed the Download Assistant on Friday and today is Monday and it is still "extracting".  I installed from Safari and am working on a MAC using OSX v 10.7.5.  Please help.....I have looked through all of the information Mylenium sent me, but nothing is helping.

    Hi Tuscansun12,
    I would want to first confirm have plenty of free space for the extraction process to complete. So long as this is the case, you might try to download the PS CS6 trial again. You might have to Force Quit the current extraction process if its stuck (using the Apple Menu).

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