I want to copy the contents of an active window i LabView and paste that into a Word document programatically

I am developing an analyse program which produces a large number of results and graphs for each file. These results are presented in different windows one at a time.
It is possible to programmatically generate these windows and print each window before generating the next one. I would like, however, to be able to generate one window, copy it to the clipboard (Alt+Printscreen), (this function is available through knowledgebase), and then paste the contents of the clipboard into a word document. This second step is the problem. By this way a large number of analyses can be done and all the results and graphs will be copied to one Word document
for later study.
Has anyone any idea how to do this?

You can use ActiveX to paste anything that is in the clipboard into a word document, just follow the logical flow, application, documents, add, paragraph, last, range and paste using property nodes.
Hope this helps

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    Try holding down the alt key as you mark the text to be copied. You can then copy columns to table text.

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    Unless there is something unusual about the table, it should copy in by selecting in Pages, selecting Copy, moving to Keynote, tapping, seelcing paste.
    If the table structure is copying in, but you can't see the text (is that what is happening?), you might try selecting ghe table and changing the text color using the formatting tool.

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    See this support article:
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    I have a workbench process with 2 variable.
    inDoc (DataType=Document/input/required)
    outStr (DataType = String/output)
    The document being passed to the workflow is a text file with 4 lines of text in it.  when the text file is dropped into the watched folder, it will be assigned to the inDoc parameter in the workflow.
    My workflow needs to extract the 4 lines of text and write it into a string (outStr).
    Id like to use the FileUtilsService.ReadString service but i can't since its input parameter is the file path.  When i do, i get the following error...
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    at com.adobe.livecycle.fileutils.FileUtilsService.readDocument(FileUtilsService.java:363)
    which is what i expected...
    I've also tried with the Script.executeScript to call some java code but im not too strong in java and in all the examples i find, the file pointer requires a file path.
    import java.io.*;
    FileInputStream f = new FileInputStream(patExecContext.getProcessDataValue("/process_data/inDoc"));
    File f = new File(patExecContext.getProcessDataValue("/process_data/inDoc"));
    File f = patExecContext.getProcessDataValue("/process_data/inDoc");
    Any clue how to resolve my problem?

    Try the following code snippet to read the String content from the file recieved through watched folder endpoint.
    com.adobe.idp.Document inputDoc = patExecContext.getProcessDataDocumentValue("/process_data/inDoc");
    java.io.InputStream inStream = inputDoc.getInputStream();
    byte[] dataBuffer = new byte[inStream.available()];
    String strData = new String(dataBuffer);
    The code is not tested, hence if you find any mistakes, correct and test the functionality.

  • I copied my bookmarks from Favorites folder on old computer and pasted them into the same folder, same drive, and they do not appear in the Bookmarks pulldown inside Firefox. Can you help me?

    I copied them to a new computer (not clear from my question).

    Firefox doesn't use the IE Favorites folder.<br />
    Firefox stores the bookmarks in the Firefox Profile Folder
    If you no longer have access to that old computer then you can try to import the IE favorites or export the IE favorites in IE to an HTML file and import that file in Firefox.
    * http://kb.mozillazine.org/Import_bookmarks

  • Copy and Paste Flex chart to Word Document

    Hi , I'm a newbie to Flex and was wondering if anyone knows
    if it possible to use the right click button on the mouse to copy
    and paste a Flex chart to a Word Document? Any help would be
    greatly appreciated.

    Simply let a IE or FireFox window display your Flex chart,
    and hold [Alt] and press [PrtSc] in your keyboard, Then, paste it
    into Word or Paint to be edited.
    Have fun!

  • How to copy DNG images from MacBook Pro onto a flashdrive and paste them into my pictures on my iMac

    When I tried to do this, I couldn't get the image on the flashdrive to open in photoshop. Each time I tried I got a message that said photoshop had crashed. When the flashdrive is plugged into the MacBook the image files look like images. When the flashdrive is plugged into my new iMac (Maverick) the image files just show the DNG icon. Both computers have the Creative Cloud.

    iTunes: How to move [or copy] your music to a new computer [or another drive] - http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4527
    Quick answer if you use iTunes default preferences settings:  Copy the entire iTunes folder (and in doing so all its subfolders and files) intact to the other drive.  Start iTunes with the option (shift on Windows) key held down and guide it to the new location of the library.
    So, you can see your whole iTunes folder on the memory stick after copying from the PC?

  • How can I merge documents with layout written with pages? How can I copy pages-document with layout and paste it into another pages document?

    I am working with pages for a book and have made already a layout whre photos and graphs etc. are partly outside of the area for the text, their posotion is not fixed the the text.
    And now I nedd support: When I add text or a photo to the layout the text moves and the unfixed photos etc. keep there position. This means I have to update each photo or graph to shift it to the new position ore I have to place photos etc. within the frame of the text, which is not the kind of layout I am going for.
    I hope for two reliefs, which I do not know how to realize it.
    1. If I specify each chapter as a new partition starting with own page (then I hoped) the new section would shift together into a new page and the positions of photos etc. and text would stay fix. But unfortunately this seeems not to be the case. Question: is this possibe orno? If yes, how to do it?
    I could divede the whole txt chapter by chapter into individual documents, which are seperatly created and worked. At the end I would have to merge all this document into one. Is it possibe to merge different pages-document into one document?
    Who can help me?
    Thanks Hartmut

    Images and other object can either be floating or be inline. Yours are floating and will not move with the text. Inline object will move with the text but can't be outside the text layer. It doesn't help if you have created section in the document. Floating images doesn't care. Nor will it help if you create several documents that you want to merge later. Doesn't make any difference.
    My suggestion is that until your text is finished you have the images inline. Then as a last editing you can start make the images floating and move them a little.

  • Copy the contents of Jtabl with line breaks to Excel

    Hi every one,
    In my stand alone application,I am copying the contents of Jtable i.e contents having the line breaks(\n).
    While copying and pasting the contents to Jtable,instead of linebreaks, a square symbol is appearing in the excel along with the line break.line break functionality is happening,but the additional symbol(empty square box) is appearing.
    here is my code:
    S = (String) "\""+mProcessQuestionTestItemTable.getValueAt(rowsselected, colsselected[j])+"\""; S=S.replace("\r\n", "\n").replace("\n", "\r\n");
    stringbuffered.append(S);can anyone help me in this?
    thank you!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

    I want to copy the contents of Jtable(contents having Line breaks(\n)) and pasting to Excel.
    While pasting the contents to Excel, a box is appearing in the excel.
    To remove the empty square box, i tried the sample code:
    originalstr =(String)"\""+ mProcessQuestionTestItemTable.getValueAt(rowsselected, colsselected[j])+"\"";
    originalstr=originalstr.replace("\r\n", "\n").replace("\n", "\r\n");
    There will be no box,If i copy the contents of Jtable and pasting in notepad.
    the box is appearing in Excel only.
    can you suggest something to solve this..
    Thank you.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

  • How come I can't copy content in Firefox and paste it into Word and it keep it's formatting?

    When I copy content off a web page in Firefox and paste it in Microsoft Word, I lose the original formatting. It works fine in IE but I'm wanting to eliminate IE but I can't at this time because of this problem....

    That is a problem with the clipboard. Firefox now places more formats on the clipboard and some software selects the wrong format.

  • How can I copy an image/picture from the internet into a word document

    I am trying to copy and paste an image or picture from the internet and insert it into a word document. I select and copy the image from the internet page. I then go to the word document and select past special. When I select 'paste special' it only allows text to be copied and no images or pictures. If I also try to drag the image and place it in the word document. It does not allow me to do so. Any suggestions to fix this issue?

    Considering this is a MS Word issue I'd recommend reposting to that forum. You can find one at:

  • How to copy header items and paste it into a new channel

    Hi everybody,
    i'm trying to customize my tasks with DIAdem and got some big problem. I have a channel table in VIEW with 295 columns and have added a new column.In this column i want to write all the Header Items i've got.
    I've created a new channel with:
    Call ChnAlloc("Betriebsdaten_akt_Monat", 295, 1,DataTypeString,"Text")
    Call Zusfassg.Columns.Add(296)
    Then I use this command to read the header items:
    Set MyHeaders = View.ActiveSheet.ActiveArea.DisplayObj.HeaderItems
    But how could i now paste all these items into the new column i've created?
    Thanks in advance for your help.
    Kind regards
    Patrick Etoumann

    Hello Patrick,
    to be honest, I did not completely understand what you are trying to do - so if the answer does not fit 100%, please give me some more information about your task.
    Within the DIAdem Help (topic: Object HeaderItem) you can find this short script:
    Set oMyHeaders = View.ActiveSheet.ActiveArea.DisplayObj.HeaderItems
      For Each oMyHeaderItem in oMyHeaders
      Call MsgBoxDisp(oMyHeaderItem.Name)
    It calls a messagebox for each configured headeritem. If you want to write the titles of these items into a new channel you can use the ChT() variable. Specify the row and a textchannel as parameters of this function.
    But because you created a textchannels with a length that equals the numlber of displayed channels i think you rather want to copy the content of a specific header property to the rows of that column. In this case it might be most convenient to program a for loop and use the loop variable to reference the individual channels. With the command ChnPropGet(), the channel number and the property name you can read the value of a property.  Even here, use ChT() to store the data into the new channel.
    Ingo Schumacher
    Systems Engineer Sound&VibrationNational Instruments Germany

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  • My Fantom backup drive is failing. I want to copy the time machine contents to a new backup drive and continue on as if nothing has happened.  Can I do this and if so how?  I have intel iMac running Mountain Lion.  Fantom Drive via Firewire 800.

    My Fantom backup drive is failing and I have to send it in for warranty repair.  Before I do that I want to copy the time machine contents to a new drive and then use it for the backup, continuing on as if nothing had gone wrong with the first drive.  Can I do this?  Is it as simple as duplicating the first drive and replacing it with the second? New drive arrives Tuesday PM and both drives have dual firewire 800 ports.  

    I have used the Disk Utility to verify the contents of the backup drive so I don't think I have any corrupt files.  The drive just takes a minute or so to spin up to speed.  If I turn it off and then back on, it beeps at me for a few seconds and then starts it's slow process of trying to spin.  I think it's a power problem not a data problem.  I have my fingers crossed that it holds on until Tuesday PM when the new drive arrives.  I'm thinking that my two options are to duplicate the bad drive or partition the new drive and put the old backups on one partition and start afresh on the second partition.  Any input?
    And thanks to both of you for the valuable information so far!

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