I want to implement thems functionality in  my swing application

Hi All...
I want to implement the themes object in my swing application,How ,where to start and move that functionality,If anybody use this functionality in your program experience can u share with me.
Than to Advance

Hi Kuldeep Chitrakar
I can do that in web intelligence. dont want that
I am replicating some of the sample report of SQL Servers in BusinessObjects XI R3.1.
One of the SQL Sever's report is of product catalogue type that gives complete information like name, category, description along with the products image etc... for each of the products.
I am trying to replicate the above said SQL Server report in Business objects XI R3.1. I am facing problem in bringing the image in to my BO report. The image resides in a table and its datatype is of varbinary(max). I don't know the exact matching while creating an object in the uiverse designer.
Here is the url link http://errorsbusinessobjectsxir3.blogspot.com/2010/10/business-objects-image-errors.html

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  • Hi, i want to implement a function in ODI

    hi, i am new to odi.
    i have created a project in odi which was very simple and only transfers data from one table to another.
    but now i want to implement a function in odi. i have the code for that function which is written in pl/sql.
    my function accepts some values that are used ahead in the function. now i dont know how to pass the values
    so can anyone plz tell me that how to pass values.
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    If you want to call a PL/SQL function, you may want to do this in an ODI procedure. Take a look at the documentation which describes how to call a stored procedure, which is I think going to provide you the ability to execute your function.
    Functions can be called as a part of a mapping in an interface in ODI, just as you would normally use it as part of a select or insert statement.
    If you want to pass parameters into the execution of a task, you should use ODI's variables. Variables may be passed into the execution of a task, and the values from those variables can be used as a part of a mapping, resource name, filter etc.

  • How to implement "SelectAll" function in table view?

    hi, experts
    i want to implement "SelectAll" function in table view, just like the SelectAll function in ALV,how to do?
    and, can table view has it's tool bar ,may be on top of it.
    pls help and thanks a lot!!

    Search this forum. You will find plenty of threads on the same...

  • Implementing archive functionality

    Hi all ,
    I want to implement archive functionality.
    I am using appfuse and maven.(spring framework)
    In my aplication when user logs in he is provided with list of records from one table.
    He should be able to archive as many recrds as he want.
    I am not getting how to implement this functionality.
    Code of jsp which shows al records is
    <title><fmt:message key="engagementformList.title"/></title>
    <meta name="heading" content="<fmt:message key='engagementformList.heading'/>"/>
    <meta name="menu" content="EngagementformMenu"/>
    <c:set var="buttons">
    <input type="button" style="margin-right: 5px"
    onclick="location.href='<c:url value="/engagementformform.html"/>'"
    value="<fmt:message key="button.add"/>"/>
    <input type="button" onclick="location.href='<c:url value="/mainMenu.html"/>'"
    value="<fmt:message key="button.exit"/>"/>
    <c:out value="${buttons}" escapeXml="false"/>
    <display:table name="engagementformList" class="table" requestURI="" id="engagementformList" export="true" pagesize="25">
    <display:column property="id" sortable="true" href="engagementformform.html" media="html"
    paramId="id" paramProperty="id" titleKey="engagementform.id"/>
    <display:column property="id" media="csv excel xml pdf" titleKey="engagementform.id"/>
    <display:column sortProperty="dateLastMod" sortable="true" titleKey="engagementform.dateLastMod">
    <fmt:formatDate value="${engagementformList.dateLastMod}" pattern="dd/MM/yyyy"/>
    <display:column sortProperty="dateRcvd" sortable="true" titleKey="engagementform.dateRcvd">
    <fmt:formatDate value="${engagementformList.dateRcvd}" pattern="dd/MM/yyyy"/>
    <display:column property="title" sortable="true" titleKey="engagementform.title"/>
    <display:column property="requestorsName" sortable="true" titleKey="engagementform.requestorsName"/>
    <display:column property="requestorsExtensionNo" sortable="true" titleKey="engagementform.requestorsExtensionNo"/>
         <display:column property="requestorsEmailId" sortable="true" titleKey="engagementform.requestorsEmailId"/>
    <display:column property="LOB" sortable="true" titleKey="engagementform.LOB"/>
    <display:column property="ITSolutionLeadsName" sortable="true" titleKey="engagementform.ITSolutionLeadsName"/>
    <display:column property="ITSolutionLeadsExtensionNo" sortable="true" titleKey="engagementform.ITSolutionLeadsExtensionNo"/>
    <display:column property="ITSolutionLeadsEmailId" sortable="true" titleKey="engagementform.ITSolutionLeadsEmailId"/>
    <display:column property="solve" sortable="true" titleKey="engagementform.solve"/>
    <display:column property="solveNumber" sortable="true" titleKey="engagementform.solveNumber"/>
    <display:column property="typeofRequest" sortable="true" titleKey="engagementform.typeofRequest"/>
    <display:column property="partOfProgram" sortable="true" titleKey="engagementform.partOfProgram"/>
    <display:column property="reasonWorkRequired" sortable="true" titleKey="engagementform.reasonWorkRequired"/>
    <display:column property="descriptionOfWorkRequired" sortable="true" titleKey="engagementform.descriptionOfWorkRequired"/>
    <display:column property="impactIfChangeIsNotMade" sortable="true" titleKey="engagementform.impactIfChangeIsNotMade"/>
    <display:column property="relatedProjectProgramActivity" sortable="true" titleKey="engagementform.relatedProjectProgramActivity"/>
    <display:column property="quantifiedFinancialBenefits" sortable="true" titleKey="engagementform.quantifiedFinancialBenefits"/>
    <display:column property="otherBenefits" sortable="true" titleKey="engagementform.otherBenefits"/>
    <display:column property="funding" sortable="true" titleKey="engagementform.funding"/>
    <display:column property="priority" sortable="true" titleKey="engagementform.priority"/>
    <display:column property="priorityDate" sortable="true" titleKey="engagementform.priorityDate"/>
    <display:column property="timingIssues" sortable="true" titleKey="engagementform.timingIssues"/>
    <display:column property="alternativeSolutions" sortable="true" titleKey="engagementform.alternativeSolutions"/>
    <display:column property="status" sortable="true" titleKey="engagementform.status"/>
    <display:column property="username" sortable="true" titleKey="engagementform.username"/>
    <%-- <display:column property="archived" sortable="true" titleKey="engagementform.archived"/> --%>
    <display:column sortable="true" titleKey="engagementform.archived">
    <input type="checkbox" name="archived" value="${engagementformList.id}" >
    <c:out value="${engagementformList.id}" />
    <display:setProperty name="paging.banner.item_name" value="engagementform"/>
    <display:setProperty name="paging.banner.items_name" value="engagementforms"/>
    <display:setProperty name="export.excel.filename" value="Engagementform List.xls"/>
    <display:setProperty name="export.csv.filename" value="Engagementform List.csv"/>
    <display:setProperty name="export.pdf.filename" value="Engagementform List.pdf"/>
    <c:out value="${buttons}" escapeXml="false"/>
    I ma not getting how will i collect all the reocrds that are marked for archiving in from this jsp and pass it to controller for archiving.
    Can anybody have an idea about this or implemented this before.
    Thanks in advance.

    yes,but i am notegetting how will i collect all the records for which checkbox has checked im this jsp and how to pass that list of records from jsp to controller. :(

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    How do I watch my iTunes movies, tv shows on my mac without having to download them all to my HD?  I really want my Mac to function like my Apple TV since I have just moved and don't have my TV for another few weeks. Since I purchased my three Apple TV. I have had no need to download any of my movies to my Mac.  Which has been great.  However, I remember that I used to now have to do this... or did I?  I am just frustrated because I want to stream all this stuff vice haveing to waiting for it all to download fill up my Mac's HD and then just delete. Someone help please?

    Play the movie in iTunes to stream it.
    Click the cloud icon to download it.

  • I Want to Implement MS Office Project like functionality in Portal

    Hi Experts, I am having a requirement to implement MS Office Project functionality in Portal, Does any one know from where should I start , for creation of application . Does any one have implemented such functionality in portal,
    Thanx in Advance.

    i think post these query under portal option ..there u can get a solution...

  • How to implement this function in JSP/Servlet env?

    Hi all,
    I working on a project, it provides functionality to upload file using JSP/Servlet. In the first JSP page, there is file location and submit button. After user select a file to upload and click submit button, a message, like "sending file to XXXX", will be shown on the screen. Once uploading and validation are done on the server-side, a successful/error msg will be shown to user.
    Here I have a question for the "sending..." msg and the successful/error msg. They should be put in one jsp page or in two separate page? how to implement them?
    Thanks for any help!

    For the sending message... Well, the thing is, when you click submit, it's sending the file to the server and the server is processing it, and this is all done before the "complete" page is sent to the server. So one would need to use some Javascript on the page before the actual submit happens to show some message. This is done on Ebay when you put something for sale, you can upload an image, and there is a little popup message telling you that it's uploading, and it is removed when the process is done. Now, I'm not sure the exact details of how this works, but my educated guess is this:
    1) The onsubmit function of the form checks that the file upload fields have a value (no need to popup a message if no file upload, since that's what usually takes the time, although it could just be assumed there is a file). If a file is to be uploaded, or just want to show the message anyway, a new popup window is opened with the window.open method and the "sending" message is shown (either written via Javascript or just load a small web page to the window).
    2) The popup window, since you can't transfer the window object from the form page to the next page, has to check window.opener for some value that the success/error page would have to set. The success/error page could use it's body onload function to set a variable in it's own window object to denote that the page is loaded. The popup window can use a looping check using setTimeout or setInterval in Javascript to check for window.opener.isLoadedVariable to be present, and if so, close itself.
    I've never done that, but I see no reason why it wouldn't work.

  • Implementing "Back" functionality

    I am using VC and CAF for implementing certain functionality.
    The requirement is: I have many screens and all of them have a "Back" button.
    When i click on the "Back" button the previous screen must be displayed with its values.
    I think currently this may not be possible because, each VC screen is a callable object and is enclosed in an action. When we move to the next screen, the previous action is completed and the next action is triggered.
    Is there any way where i can dynamically choose the next action based on certain conditions using GP Runtime API ?
    or Is there any way in which i can go back to the previous action when i click on "Back".
    Any other way/logic i can use to achieve this?
    Hi Moderators
    Could you please let me know if such functionality ("Back") is posible with Callable objects/Actions ?
    Also please suggest any alternate ways in which this can be achieved.
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            aditya srinivasa

    Thank you for the inputs Chandan.
    I shall explain my requirement in detail:
    Lets say i have 3 screens (Screen1, Screen2 and Screen3).
    On Screen1 i have a form to enter user information (like firstname,lastname etc )
    On Screen2 i have a form to enter company information (like name,address)
    On Screen3 i have a form to enter user preferences information (like mailing address,permanent address)
    Each of the above three screens has "Submit Info" button. When clicked on this button the entered info on that screen is submitted to an Oracle table and the next screen is shown.
    Also Screen2 and Screen3 have another button - "Back". When this button is clicked on Screen2, Screen1 should be shown with the values (pre-populated in the form) previously entered by the user. When the "Back" button on Screen3 is clicked, Screen2 with its values (pre-populated in the form) should be shown.
    What i have done is:
    All the screens are modelled in VC. And each of them is wrapped in a callable object (iView) for integration in CAF GP.
    Since we have 3 callable objects, there will be 3 actions and a sequential block in this process.
    Now, Lets say i am on Screen1. I enter all the info and click on "Submit Info" button. Action1 is completed and immediately Action2 is triggered.
    Action2 has Screen2 callable object in it and hence displayes Screen2. At this moment if i click on "Back" button, i want Screen1 with the details i entered in the previous step to be displayed.
    Please let me know in case you need any further clarity on the requirement.

  • Implement simulation function by BO reports.

    We want to display BO reports over SAP Enterprise Portal,
    and implement simulation function by BO reports.
    Simulation Function I mean is that
    graph and table are displayed on the same screen,
    and synchronizes graph and data of table when data of table is changed by manual operation.
    For this,what components or products do we need ?
    Can we implement simulation function by Web Intelligence or Cryatal Report as well as Xcelsius ?
    And is it possible this only BO integration Kit for SAP ?

    Thank you for your help.
    We think about the following scenario.
    ①create BI Query with ERP data.
    ②Based on this Query, create BO report and Xcelsius for analyze and simulation.
    ③Refer and Simulation them through SAP Enterprise Portal.
    To achieve this scenario, we will prerare these products and components.
    Business Objects
         ・BusinessObjects Enterprise XI R2
         ・InfoView / Web Intelligence
         ・Crystal Reports XI R2
         ・Query as Web Service
         ・Live Office
         ・Crystal Xcelsius
            ・BO Integration Kit for SAP
         ・NetWeaver 2004s SP13 (NW04s)
         ・BI 7.0
         ・Business Content 7.03
         ・SAP Enterprise Portal
    If simulation function can achive by Crestal Report or Web Intelligence,
    we don't need Xcelsius.

  • I want to  implement the Window autoresize in java swing application

    i want implement the window autoresize functionality in my java application. Same time i want to minimize and maximize my won window. and my java application develop one more frame at time disply in single window so i want disply the thaminal view formate in all frame
    Thanx to Advance.


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    My computer space is full and i want to remove some of my itunes movies/ t.v shows from my computer but i dont want to loose them completely how do i make it so i can find them under my purchased on icloud?

    You can't do that. iCloud does function that way.

  • How to implement copy functionality in advanced table

    hi all, i have a advanced table with some data populated, all the rows has a checkbox where the user can select the rows which he wants, my requirement is how to implement copy functionality, i,e i need to show the same set of rows which the user selected in the same advanced table. can any one give me an idea of how to do this

    You can copy the key of the selected rows to the copy page and based on those keys render the rows. On this copy page, once user commits after any modification to data, read those rows and save with new keys.

  • Implementing Search functionality on Database Table

    Hi Experts,
    I am working with webcenter sites 11gR1.
    I would like to implement search functionality in our Site on a  Specific DataBase table.
    could you please let us know the best solution.
    Thanks in Advance
    Rajendar Pilli.

    Hi Jay,
    Thanks for your response and help. 
    1)Both the ways are fine with me. Could you please suggest me know the best way.
    2)And, if i want search on a  table which is not an "AssetType" table , is it possible?
    (Means,i want implement one search in my site that can search the data only in non Assettype table).
    Could you please provide your valuable help ASAP.
    Thanks in Advance,
    Rajendar Pilli.

  • Suggestion/help; want to become Techno Functional Consultant

    I'm a SD Consltant, want to become Techno functional Cnt. please help me. is it ok to learn ABAP.
    please guide me, what r the topics of ABAP I'd learn and from where I should start. which can be helpful to me to get it done.
    Badly need of that, please help

    Yes, you can become a techno functional consultant.
    You can start by learning Debugging. That is a very important tool. And being a functional consultant it will be a boon for you. And I think this is the only thing you need to learn as far as ABAP is concerned.
    Try to get familiar with ABAP transactions like SE38, SE80, SE11, SE14, SM30 etc.. etc....
    Gradually you will learn to use them.

  • Want to add extra functionality

        I want to add extra functionality in TC CO40 with BADI.I have identified the BADI.Now I want to put that BADI into standard program.How to go for it?

    Hi Aman,
    You need to go for transaction se19 to implement identified badi to take effect.Go thru the documentation in detail first and identify the right method to implement the same.

Maybe you are looking for

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    I have an one-year-old E3000 router with 1.0.04 firmware. Few days ago, the connection started breaking up and disconnect at random time. Just few hrs ago, the wifi completely stopped working. Wired connections work perfectly, but wireless connection

  • Flex Mobile Images

    Hi, I am unable to see my Images in the adobe flex mobile project. I am able to see the picture before load but once the program is run the image disappears? I have tried changing the picture. The source path and the source path in source code. I rea

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader via OLE, Problems to understand...

    Hi, i have a little problem to understand how the OLE API works... Here is what I mean: 1. Load a Document (No view) 2. Findo out the page size 3. Close the document I can start via: $OLE$AcroExch.Document.11 But i did not become an object to load th

  • Safari crashes all the time. Why?

    Safari is crashing on me. Whenever I try to go to this site: www.apontador.com.br Safari crashes. I've trashed preferences and Cookies too. Any suggestions would be most welcome.

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