I want to transfer/sync my "favorites" from Internet Explorer 9 to Fire Fox, which only offers "Bookmarks." How do I import my favorites from Explorer to Firefox?

I was unable to view Comcast videos, only, using IE 9, and a Comcast tech came out to my home to troubleshoot the problem. He could not resolve the issue within IE9 and I am operating from a Lenovo Laptop model type R500. The tech suggested that I use Mozilla Fire Fox for several reasons: 1) Fire Fox provides better security; and 2) it fixed the problem of me not being able to view Comcast videos, which I can not view in Fire Fox but not IE. I can most videos in both browsers, just now Comcast videos in IE. I have used IE for many, many years and have important websites stored in my IE "favorites" feature, but when I transferred usage to Fire Fox only my Bookmarks imported and not my "Favorites." How can I get my "Favorites" easily imported into Fire Fox?

Dear mbrubeck: Thank you for so quickly responding to my question and I was able to import my favorites based on your help -- thank you for your generous spirit of volunteerism to assist me. The only thing that has seemed to have become problematic, is that after I followed the instructions and successfully imported my favorites from IE9 into FF 5.0, the bookmark symbol, formally located on the right upper hand corner of the FF page next to the "home" button has disappeared and I do not know how to make it return, so that I can easily access my bookmarks. Any ideas on how to get that icon to return? Thank you again for your assistance, as I am brand-spanking new user of MFF. Thank you again for your help and if you can help figure this one last quirk, I would be most appreciative. TH

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