Ical view seems weird?

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The only missing feature that you can display with Lion iCal is "Reminders:" iCal>View>Show Reminders.
Mini calendars are no longer an optional display feature.

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  • Reminder list not showing in ical view,

    I cannot find the reminder list in teh iCal view pane. Pls help

    That's because reminders were moved out of iCal/Calendar in Mountain Lion and into their own dedicated Reminders app.

  • The HUD Inspector in Full Screen View seems to position at the right margin of the image as a default(?)  If I toggle the button in the top right of the HUD it 'unlocks' and I can drag it to where I prefer -- at the left margin; (for over a decade) my doc

    The HUD Inspector in Full Screen View seems to position at the right margin of the image as a default(?)  If I toggle the button in the top right of the HUD it 'unlocks' and I can drag it to where I prefer -- at the left margin; (for over a decade) my dock has resided at the right margin so all my slider manipulation over countless editing sessions in Aperture has been ingrained to work at the left margin -- but, the vast majority of the time, the HUD overlaps the image I am editing in this 'unlocked' mode. 
    Every occasionally I enter Full Screen View and it positions on the left margin *without* superimposition...(!) My great joy is modulated into aggravation, however, should my tracking cursor drift all the way 'out of bounds' -- to call in the hidden pane of adjacent images sequenced in the library... This dramatically shrinks the Full Screen display and re-locks the HUD; if I toggle the switch to re-xpand the image it re-positions at the right margin!!!!  I SOOoooooo wish I knew how to control the default 'locked' margin of the HUD in Full Screen View...

    Drag it over to the Left. Then lock it there.

  • HT200196 iCal reminders are clogging up my computers, iPads and iPhone.  When I view the Calendar list in iCal, it seems it has added a new calendar every time an event is added.  I have a calendar list that has grown to over 100.  How do I remedy this?

    My laptop, iPad, and iPhone are being clogged by repeated iCal alerts.  Every time an event is added, it seems another Calendar is also added.  When I view the Calendar list in iCal, there are over 100...and the number is growing.  They can not be deleted with a simple "Select all" or "Delete All" and, when deleted individually, the list quickly grows to huge numbers again rapidly.  How do I keep this from happening and eliminate the excessive number of calendars?

    The warranty entitles you to complimentary phone support for the first 90 days of ownership.

  • ICal View-Used to be able to view week with months on the side

    In the older version, I used to be able to view my iCal in the week view, with a colum on the side that showed the calandars.  I just updated to Lion and can't figure out how to get this same view.

    The calendar side bar is a drop down menu in Lion.  To see the calendars you must click on the "Calendars" button in the top left corner of the iCal window.  The list is designed to disappear when not in use.
    The feature you are looking for does seem to be a part of the next version of OS X, Mountain Lion: http://www.macworld.com/article/1165436/mountain_lion_hands_on_with_contacts_and _calendar.html

  • Get rid of event list in iCal view

    I just upgraded to Lion.  When I first opened iCal, it showed a single column with events shown by hour.  Somehow, in fiddling with the settings, I ended up with two columns -- one on the left showing past and future events as a scrollable list, and one on the right showing events by the hour for a specific day, week, etc.
    How do I get back to the single column showing events by the hour?  I don't want the scrollable list.

    Don H., I feel your pain.
    I just picked up my new MBP from the Apple Store tonight. They imported all of my data, and when I picked up the computer, they took me through each app to make sure all my data had imported correctly. When they showed me iCal, it looked perfect--all of my stuff was there, hour by hour, in Day view. It basically looked just like it did in Snow Leopard. My friend's birthday is today, so I was delighted to see that Event at the top of the hour-by-hour list--that's how I knew my data was there.
    When I opened iCal at home, it looks completely different. I now have this horrible formatting with a giant monthly calendar and a list of events on the left. The hour-by-hour list (which is what I use iCal for) is so narrow that I can't read any of the entries in their entirety. I dragged the border as far as I could to maximize the width of the hour-by-hour list and it's still only a little over an inch wide.  Meanwhile, the list of events that I DON'T need is 4 to 5 inches wide. 
    I've looked through all of the help menus and the only options for "viewing the calendar differently" are Day, Week, Month or Year. 
    What I don't understand is, why did it look normal while I was at the store, but completely different when I got home?  If it had looked like this at the store, I could've asked for help while I was there. I'm disappointed in the new format but can't figure out how to get back to what it looked like at the store. Wish I could help. I'll keep watching this discussion to see if you get help. Good luck.

  • Things tags in ical -view

    I synchronized ical with things and my tags are shown at the right side beside the month view.Is there a possibilit to integrate the tags in the day fields!?

    Do you mean Divs or AP Divs?

  • ICal view question

    New Mac Book Pro user.
    Just bought last night and am setting up calender.
    iCal is displaying events from 1:00pm and later but will not allow me to view or add events earlier.
    Is there a simple fix for this?
    With thanks from a new Mac user.

    Thank you both for the response, even the one that inferred I was a twit.  
    The reason I posted the question is that the preferences in iCal are 5:00 am to 5:00pm but but the view on the calendar is 12:00 pm to 12:00 am.
    I had assumed the comment associated with "preferences" was some place other than iCal as they appear to be set correctly.
    Is it possible that there is a problem with either the software or some setup in the computer date and time controls?
    Thanks again for any comments,      Don

  • "My Podcasts" View Seems to be the one Apple is Promoting

    With the demise of functionality of the podcast list view in iTunes I decided to take a look at other ways that I might enjoy the same functionality as before. I just could not believe that a bunch of clowns decided to dumb it down so that 4 year olds were the target demographic.
    It seems to me that the "My Poscasts" view is the view with the features I want. These include the ability to edit out episodes I never want to see again, to identify episodes I want to download so that I can play them whenever I like, and to identify episodes I want available to me from the cloud. The settings for download and curating preferences are also in the view. Also, the information is presented in a very pleasant way. Indeed, while I was pounding on the desk angry yesterday, I think that today I have found a refined tool that I can work with going forward. I don't know if it will meet everyone's needs but it meets mine for now. In the future I suspect I will seldom visit the Podcast List view just as i had never bothered with the "My Podcasts" view in the past.
    Incidentally, I found that iTunes 11.1 seemed to have jumbled some of the settings I had made for podcast downloading and keeping. Synching was messed up among devices and so forth. After i took a little time to put all of it right in the "My Podcasts" view page I found that all of my syncs were back to normal again. I am particularly interested in how iTunes 11.1 will work with iPhones such as my deactivated 3Gs which is the phone i use for most of my podcast lestening. The Podcasts app is a disaster to date, and I happen to use an old app called FlickTunes to control my podcasts listening. The app allows me to click forward and backward at preset intervals of 30 seconds, 2.5 minutes, 5 minutes and 1 minute. This is invaluable for getting through podcasts that have a pattern of droners, commercial blocks etc. Sadly, there is nothing new so my interest in this "dinosaur." I sure do wish podcasts weren't getting short shrift these days. This is a growing medium and deserves better tools!

    "The Podcasts app is a disaster to date, and I happen to use an old app called FlickTunes to control my podcasts listening. The app allows me to click forward and backward at preset intervals of 30 seconds, 2.5 minutes, 5 minutes and 1 minute. This is invaluable for getting through podcasts that have a pattern of droners, commercial blocks etc."
    This was huge for me.  They totally torpedoed the usefulness of a great app, FlickTunes, with this change.  I liked it because I could listen while driving and simply "flick" my way through a podcast without having to look at the phone sitting in a cupholder.  Totally ruined the most usefull app I had by taking the podcasts away from the music app.

  • Crystal Reports Viewer seems to have data - but it is not showing

    I am developing on a Windows 7 box and publishing a VS2010 web application to a Windows 2008 server.
    On the server I have installed CRforVS_redist_install_64bit_13_0
    Reports are stored in a folder on that server.
    When I run the application on my local machine the report displays okay via the Crystal Reports Viewer on a .aspx page.
    When I run the application on the server, if I view the source of the page that contains the Crystal Report Viewer - it seems to have fetched the report okay. But it is not showing on the screen. I was thinking this might be because it can't find the 'style.css' file but on both the development machine and server all the various folders and files in and under crystalreportviews13 are present in aspnet_client/system_web/4_0_30319/
    When I view the source of the pages that display the report - they seem to be identical both when viewed on my development box and when accessing the app directily on the server. But, on the .aspx page displayed by the server, the page is blank in the browser. Yet, as I say, when you view source all the data is there.
    What am I doing wrong? Thanks for any help.
    Edit: In both cases if you View Source the page is showing this:
    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="../aspnet_client/system_web/4_0_30319/crystalreportviewers13/js/crviewer/images/style.css" />
    On my development box this makes sense. The web site in question is below 'Default Web Site' - i.e. it is at the same level in the folder hierearchy as the aspnet_client folder.
    But on the server, the site is a subweb below a web site that is level with Default Web Site. So I figure the files are not being found. How can you tell the Crystal Reports Viewer that the files it wants (like style.css) are not where it thinks they are going to be?
    So the app is looking for a file at the same level.
    But on the server there
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  • Power View seems broken by Updates

    We are using Power View in Excel and it seems broken since several days due maybe to Windows updates. We did test with really simple tab (2 columns, 3 lines of numbers).
    We found that machines without last updates continue to work but not up to date.
    Somebody can confirm ?
    Not sure there is a link but file versions in C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office15\ADDINS\Power View Excel Add-in of non working machine are : 11.0.2809.90 and 11.0.2809.92
    on working machines : 11.0.2809.81
    Thanks for your help

    Hi there. I had the same sort of problem.
    Found a hotfix that solves it. Maybe you could try
    Let me know

  • Materialized view acting weirdly

    Hi everyone,
    I have a weird behavior with a materialized view.
    Let's suppose, I have a base table defined as
      NAME VARCHAR2(100)
    )And a MView defined on that table. If I
    alter table TEST modify column name varchar2(255)and I dbms_mview.refresh my view, the datatype in the mview is not updated. Can anyone tell me why? It's basically a view, why isn't it refresh?
    Thanks for your advice,

    Sorry to bother you again,
    But why do you say I don't need to refresh the datatypes?
    I mean, if I create a materialized view on a base table with a field of varchar2(10). Then, later, I put a size of 100. When the materialized view will refresh after the size has grown, I guess the data will be truncated to 10. And I don't want that. So, somehow, I need to refresh the datatypes.
    If the only way to do that is deleting an then recreating the mview, it's ok for me :-)

  • ICal being very weird

    I have a problem with the calendar on iCal. Somehow it seems to have a different calendar to the rest of the mac.
    What I mean is my .Mac will sync a calendar on my other Mac to the one with the problem, iTunes will sync the calendar from the mac with the problem to my iPod but when you open iCal its a different calendar. Every time the .Mac syncs as well iCal will open as if its been updated.
    Now to start with I thought I would just live with it, I didn't use iCal that much its a shame not to have it working ok but because of this every time I log in the .Mac will sync and iCal will open. You have no idea how annoying it is! It doesn't even give an error message when it does it even though something is obviously wrong.
    Any ideas what I can do?

    that's a lot of contacts.
    the only way i know how to force reindexing is the following. quit address book and delete the file /users/username/library/application support/address book/AddressBook-v22.abcddb. start AB. the database file will be rebuilt from scratch.

  • Ical + mobileme seems to prevent entourage sync

    since i have upgraded to mobileme, i notice that my ical has all but stopped syncing with entourage. i don't know what the matter is but it won't sync with entourage anymore or if it does it's really slow (can take hours for a change or a new entry to make it across). that seems to be since i 'upgraded'' to mobileme. has anyone had the same problem?
    i also have an iphone which syncs to the exchange server which entourage is connected to.

    Having the same problem - iPhone, MobileMe and iCal all OK - Entourage, nada.

  • Exchange permissions for calendars and other resources for iCal viewing...

    I am trying to track down how one is to set their calendar resource permissions in Exchange to successfully allow another Exchange based iCal user to "VIEW" their calendar (as a delegate). I am also trying to determine if this permission should be the same or different for other resources (rooms, etc.)
    Right now
    - I am able to view person's calendars that have explicitly set permission to a group/person for "Reviewer"
    - I am unable to view a person's calendar who has set the "Default" user's permission to "Reviewer" (One would think that "Default" would be a greater catchall.
    -I am unable to view resource (room, etc) calendars with the default permissions. Am currently investigating with our Exchange Administrators what the permissions are at default.

    Yes, it is possible. Prior to v3.0, one needed to choose over-the-air vs. iTunes syncing of contacts/calendars. Then, it was still possible to have both personal and Exchange data, but the personal data had to come from MobileMe. Currently, it's possible to have an Exchange account on the iPhone and also to sync personal contacts/calendars via iTunes; multiple email accounts including an Exchange account have been possible since v2.0.
    FYI, I currently have an Exchange account, and I sync my personal contacts/calendars via iTunes from my Mac.

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    iPhone couldn't be restored. The disk you are attempting to use is full. but I can't delete anything from C cause I need everything , but I have 300 gigs on D , how to switch to D?

  • Table AFVG not found

    Hi experts, This is the first time I am working on PP side of BW extractions and here is the issue I am facing. Please share your experiences. For Extractor 2LIS_04_P_ARBPL,  in LBWE under Maintain Structure view, I see 3 tables AFKO, AFPO and AFVG.

  • URL of WAD report

    hi, I created a web report and now I want to know where I can find the url for this web report. Thanks NEWBW