If 1.1 froze your new iMac, dont' give up yet - try this first

+If your aluminum iMac gave you problems before the Firmware Update v1.1, this is not the thread for you.+
But if your new iMac was fine out of the box, and fine after Update 1.0, _but became problematic after 1.1_, read on.
This was my case - all was well up until a few days after the 1.1 update. Then the following happened sporadically, leading to several power-button shutdowns.
· endless blue screen on startup after the gray apple but before the login window
· funny display artifacts - incorrect pixels, section waviness, discolored blocks
· display freeze out of nowhere - everything but the mouse cursor "stuck" forever
Some say to return or replace the whole iMac at the Apple Store. Others say to Archive (or Erase) & Install OS X from the original DVDs. Before doing any of that, and assuming you've completed the obvious (deleting suspect .PLIST files, reversed any recent hardware or non-Apple software changes, etc.), try the following first. You have nothing to lose except a little bit of time.
Step "Zero" is to reboot the computer into Safe Mode and backup your important data.
Step 1 is to rollback your iMac's firmware to 1.0, while still in Safe Mode, as follows.
(find the list numbered 1-6 under "Solution")
Step 2 is to make sure Step 1 takes effect:
· (still in Safe Mode) Delete the 1.1 Receipt from Macintosh HD/Library/Receipts/
· Shutdown and reset the SMC: http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=303446
· Power-on and reset PRAM: http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=2238
· Reboot from the Tiger install DVDs, run Disk Utility, and perform Repair Disk (likely needed after power-button shutdowns)
· Quit the Installer, Restart (a normal one), login and Repair Disk Permissions using Disk Utility
· Manually run all CRON jobs - "sudo periodic _" {daily,weekly,monthly} in Terminal
· Shutdown, reconnect anything still disconnected, and power-on as normal
Step 3 is to use your iMac like you used to and check to see if any problems return.
Step 4 is to use your hopefully now-stable iMac to inform Apple and its boss about this unacceptable situation:
[email protected]
My iMac has been good as new for 48 hours now. In that time, I have rolled over the Dock rapidly and repeatedly, played 1080p trailers in QuickTime, and extensively used iPhoto and iTunes. (Before the rollback, as little as a magnified Dock icon would cause a freeze, anywhere from 5-30 minutes after logging in, assuming I even made it to the login screen.)
If the above still doesn't work, then you should Archive & Install OS X, and reapply all updates except 1.1. If the problems continue, Erase & Install OS X + the same drill on updates. +If there's still no luck, then+ I'm afraid you're out of luck and need to exchange your iMac.
But I'm willing to bet it won't come to that.

illy5603 wrote:
Just an update to report that I ran through this whole thing and my symptoms persist, even when in safe mode. I am pretty sure my problem is hardware, it isn't the same lock up problem everyone is having, that was my first iMac, I am having the weird blue vertical line problem that is posted in the Macbook pro forum (but on my iMac).
Wow, that's something totally different from the 1.1-freeze issue. I've not heard about that on the iMacs until now.

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    LMGehling honestly I would recommend starting from the beginning again.  Some of the worst support issues I have experienced with customers is when they have used the Migration Assistant/EZ transfer type solutions.  The migration should go a lot faster if you tell it to only transfer settings and documents. 
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    When you sell your iMac, please remember that if you bought Mountain Lion upgrade at the app store, the license is not transferable and you need to erase the drive and reinstall the original system (which was most likely Snow Leopard?). If you don't do that, the buyer can never reinstall Mountain Lion because the license is tied to your Apple ID forever.

  • Old iMac with Snow Leopard to new iMac with Lion - can I do this?

    Hi folks,
    1.  I have a 6 year old iMac running Snow Leopard (can't upgrade to Lion)
    2. Just bought a new iMac running Lion.
    3.  I want to migrate all accounts, files, apps, etc from old iMac to new iMac (about 150 Gb worth)..
    4. I would normally connect both iMacs either with an Ethernet cable or via wi-fi network and run Setup Assistant to move everything to the new iMac.
    Based on my experience doing this on other Macs I have, I know it's gonna take 8 to 10 hours to migrate everything over to the new iMac so I'm looking for ways to migrate so my iMac isn't tied up all day and I don't have to spend all day in front of the computer making sure all is o.k.  So, if I make a bootable clone on a separate portable drive using SuperDuper, can I hook that drive up (instead of old iMac) to my new iMac and run Setup Assistant that way?  That would free up the old iMac to use while the new iMac crunches away copying all those files from the portable drive.  Will that work? Has anyone done this successfully?  Any cautions or things to watch for?
    Thanks everyone,

    Thanks for the info, but I want to use an external FireWire drive as the target disk, not the old iMac.  I'd need to keep the external FireWire drive connected to the old iMac in order to use the screen, keyboard, mouse, etc.  Could I just connect the FW drive to the new iMac and then start up the new iMac in hopes it would "recognize" the external FireWire drive through Setup Assistant?

  • Thinking of using Set Up Assistant with your new iMac...

    The story so far...
    The set up assistant was a nightmare, I plugged the iMac in, switched it on and straight away was asked if I would like to transfer information from another mac (about 40Gb), at this point I was thinking this is great I'll transfer everything and be up and running in about four hours. I opted to transfer all four options (User Accounts, Network Settings, Applications Folder and Files and Folders) clicked go and sat back believing that in the stated 3 hours and 20 minutes I would be up and running. One and a half hours into the transfer and it's flown through everything and it's telling me 'Less than a minute remaining' (the excitement is really building now). 45 minutes later and it's still saying 'Less than a minute remaining' so I decided to call India, sorry I mean AppleCare, and was told that I should give it another hour as the
    original time stated was over three hours so I gave it another two hours and 45 minutes (five hours in total) and I was still faced with the 'Less than a minute remaining'. It's time to call India again. I quoted the case number from the first call and 30 minutes later was still none the wiser except I was told how to get out of the transfer screen (just hold the power button for a couple of seconds) and that I should never try transferring Applications. I asked why I was given the option to transfer Applications if it's not advisable to do it and wasn't give any sort of reasonable answer.
    During the second call I was taken through the registration process (without using the transfer option) and once I was up and running I found that some of my files had been transfered but I wasn't sure how much. I decided to re-install the OS from the disc's and once I had started doing this I realised that the disc's were going to install over the top of the existing OS but I didn't want to stop the process just in case I screwed things up even more. We decide to go out for something to eat and come back to it later hopefully with a clearer head (I'd been at this for six hours now). When we get back I re-install for the second time but this time used the 'Erase and Install' option and this only takes about an hour. It also takes you right back to the welcome screen and I choose to transfer from another mac again but uncheck
    the Applications option. Set up assistant works brilliantly this time and all I have to do is download things like Acrobat, Messenger, etc. Everything is on there that I wanted so when I open Acrobat for the first time all my settings are in there the same is true with everything else I download. It's very useful having the PowerBook next to the iMac to cross check what I need. I finish at 1:30am, what a day.
    I am currently writing this on the PowerBook not because of any problems with the iMac but because I can't get the wife off of it now. Out of interest the 500Gb hard drive originally read 465Gb available and once everything was on the iMac there was 425.18Gb available compared to the 1.44Gb available on the PowerBook. Mmmmm, lots of space to play with.

    As long as you don't try and take your app's across you should be OK. I think the Apple app's are OK to transfer, it's just the 'third party' app's apparently Adobe is a classic case. They don't store thing's where the mac would expect to find them so even if you can get them across you end up re-installing anyway.
    Good luck and if you can please post to let us know how you get on.

  • I have downloaded os lion but can't see it on both accounts on my new Imac.  How can I get this to operate on both the administrator and guest desktops?

    After downloading lion in the guest area on my imac, how do I enable it to have an affect on the other accounts?

    You can only install software from the admin account, so you will need to transfer the Lion installer application to your admin account or re-download it when logged into the admin account.

  • I have a brand new imac and every time i try to download logic pro x it gives me this message "There was an error in the App Store. Please try again later. (100)" does anyone know how to resolve and get pass this issue?

    My mac app store says that it cant be downloaded at this time and gives me this message "There was an error in the App Store. Please try again later. (100)" I have been trying for about a day now to get it to download but cant seem to figure it out, can anyone help?

    The warranty entitles you to complimentary phone support for the first 90 days of ownership.

  • Is it okay to use your new iPod Touch before charging it for the first time? I did and then listened to it while charging and syncing. Thanks

    Just got the 5G Touch. I turned it on and was using the camera and stuff before I charged it for the first time. Then while charging, I listened to the music I was syncing through the speakers. This okay? I remember reading to always charge full before ever doing anything on them. Doesnt say anything in the startup manual though.
    Thanks guys.

    Should be OK. Just make sure that the iPod is charging.

  • New iMac--setup assistant confusion

    I've googled, searched here and read the links, but they confuse me.
    Bought a new iMac, Intel, Snow Leopard, still in box.
    Loved my older iMac, dome base, PPC, running Tiger. It died last week (take my word for it), monitor, among other things, conked out. Been running it for a couple of years off a bootable firewire drive.
    Using my Leopard (white) MacBook, I've dragged all my data files from the bootable PPC Tiger drive to back-up drives for safekeeping, then erased them from the Tiger drive.
    Mostly, I'd like to have my Safari and Firefox bookmarks transfered to the new iMac, but if I can, I'd also like to have the actual older Firefox application transfered, too, given I don't care for the newer Firefox I use on my MacBook. But there are a few not-very-significant odds and ends applications I'd like to transfer, too, and maybe there would be some stuff like my printer and scanner settings/data that would be transfered.
    When I bought the new iMac a couple of days ago, the Genius Bar advised me to use the setup assistant the first time I turned on the new iMac.
    But I don't want to transfer my user account/settings to the new iMac, I want a new identity/password. Or iMovie2 (won't work on the Intel Mac)...and so on.
    Besides, I CAN'T start up my old iMac in "Target Disk Mode"--the old iMac is DEAD. All I have is the bootable Tiger external firewire drive. Nothing to boot it with, though. So will that rule out Migration Assistant, too?
    And, no, I live in a rural area, I don't know anyone with a Tiger PPC Mac--otherwise I could boot from my external drive and export the Firefox and Safari bookmarks.
    Any suggestions? Thanks.

    If your Firewire drive does indeed have a bootable copy of Tiger on it, you can connect that to your new iMac and let Migration Assistant migrate from it to your new iMac. I have not done this but I read about it on the discussions at the SuperDuper website. SuperDuper's head guy specifically said that it was a doable way to migrate to a new Mac.
    I was sort of in your situation recently when I got my new iMac but I was a little better off in that my old flat panel 17 inch G4 iMac running Tiger was still in perfect working condition. After batting the issue around I finally decided against using Migration Assistant and I just did a manual migration by dragging and dropping data files and reinstalling applications.
    If I had to do it all over, I'd probably just use Migration Assistant, but for some reason decided against it at the time. Several posters here have said they've used MA with good success in just our situation of going from PPC Tiger to Intel Snow Leopard. But there are a few hardliners who recommend a manual approach. As I said I'd probably go with MA if I had to do it over again. And if you have a bootable clone you can use MA to go from it to your new iMac.
    By the way, which method did you use to make your bootable clone, SuperDuper or CCC or Disk Utility? As I said, the guy at SD definitely said MA would work on an SD clone.
    Of course not all of your old PPC apps will work on your Intel iMac. But I gather from what I've read that Migration Assistant is "smart" enough to know how to handle the migration.
    You seem to want to transfer only certain selected items so I'm not really sure how to advise you on that. I think there are some selections you can make when you use MA that will determine what gets transferred but I'm not familiar with it since I didn't use it myself.
    Steve M.

  • Share printer to new iMac

    Hello. I just ordered my first Apple computer today. I am a long time PC owner, but have used Macs at work for the past few years to run apps like FInal Cut/DVD Studio etc.
    I have an HP Inkjet copy, scan, fax and printer hooked up to my HP computer. The printer is not networked, but it is shared, so I can print from my laptop. Obviously I can't use the scanner unless I drectly hook it up to my iMac, but I would like the option to be able to print to it. With my laptop, I just conneted to the desktop over my network, and dragged the printer icon into my laptops' printer control panel folder. Can I do something similar to share my printer to my iMac for printing? Thank you very much for any help.

    There are also many resources available right on your new iMac that answer questions such as this. In the Finder Help menu is an app called Mac Help. The following is from Mac Help;
    Setting up to print to a printer shared by a Windows computer via SMB/CIFS
    You can print to a printer connected to a Windows computer, if it supports SMB/CIFS and has been set up to be shared. You need to ask the printer's owner for the printer's workgroup and for any necessary user name and password.
    1. Open the document to print, and choose File > Print.
    2. Choose Add Printer from the Printer pop-up menu, and then click More Printers.
    3. Choose Windows Printing from the top pop-up menu, choose a network workgroup from the pop-up menu that appears directly below it, select a workgroup from the list, and click Choose.
    4. Any Windows printers in the network you've chosen appear in the Printer List.
    5. Select the printer, choose its model from the Printer Model pop-up menu, and then click Choose. Enter the user name and password for the printer when prompted.
    6. IMPORTANT: Be sure to choose the correct printer model for the printer you're using. For more information, see the documentation that came with the printer. If you have an HP PCL compatible printer that is not listed in the Printer Model pop-up menu, choose the printer model that most closely matches your printer. See the link below for a list of printers and the models they most closely resemble. (You may need to scroll down part way to see the table.)
    If your computer cannot determine the options that are installed on your printer, a dialog appears that lets you choose those options. Make sure the settings in that dialog accurately reflect your printer's installed options so you can take full advantage of them. Then click Continue.
    If you are trying to add a Windows printer that is not available, contact your network administrator for assistance.

  • Migrate to new iMac from old iMac and am getting 'incompatible software' message.

    Im trying to migrate to new iMac from old iMac and am getting 'incompatible software' message. I'm not sure what to do- can I revert back to snow leopard from mavericks?

    Hi Mark,
    If you install Mavericks, or in your case migrate from an old computer running Snow Leopard (or an earlier version of Mac OS X) to one using Mavericks, some of your software that was designed to run on older computers may not function in the new OS. See this article -
    OS X: About the incompatible software folder
    In particular -
    If you see a message indicating that you can't use "this version" of an app, contact the software's vendor or visit their website to see if a later, compatible version of the app is available. If you purchased the software from the Mac App Store, use Software Update to see if an updated version is available there.
    During installation, OS X moves known-incompatible software to a folder named "Incompatible Software" at the top level of the startup drive. If this folder is present on your Mac, see what applications are in it, then check for available updates. To obtain a newer version of an Apple app, check the Mac App Store, or visit the Apple Store website.
    Regarding installing an older operating system on your new iMac, Apple does not support doing this, as described in this article -
    Don't install a version of Mac OS X earlier than what came with your Mac
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    Brett L

  • Set up new iMac user accounts & storage locations

    I just made the switch from Windows PC to a new iMac  since it is still in the box I thought I would take some time to think about how I want to set it up before opening it and starting to dump all my files onto the new machine. I'd like to have an efficient setup and get it right from the start!
    My current (PC) set up is this:
    I have one 500Gb internal drive. Using Windows 7 I have four user accounts: me, my wife, and one each for the kids with parental controls. I would like to duplicate this setup, and I understand OS X Lion can do this.
    Now the messy part: under my account I have a bunch of docs (word, excel files, PDF's, etc, let's call this stuff "data"), a couple thousand songs, a bunch of pics and some movies. Email etc too. When I log into my account I have a my documents folder with my data files. I have an iTunes folder and in it a bunch of music. Some is from ripped cd's, some from iTunes store, some from amazon mp3 store. When I open iTunes I have a library with all of the music avail on my machine. Oh, I also have an iPad 2 and when I plug it in, it syncs with my library and apps and movies etc. I open Thunderbird and I get my email. So far so good.
    When my wife logs in she has her "my documents" folder with her data. She opens thunderbird and gets her email, not mine. More mess though: she doesn't like half the music I like, and she doesn't want to see it. When she opens iTunes she gets a library with fewer songs available, and I'm moderately sure that her songs are *copies* of what's in my music folder. Well some are anyway, some point to the music in my folder (I was not very consistent in how I added music to her library). She has an iPad 1 that syncs to her library, with only a fraction of the apps that I have. She has her own pictures too (different from mine - basically she would copy pics from the camera to her "space" but I wouldn't know it, and wouldn't see them).
    The kids accounts are relatively "clean" - just accounts with parental controls for web browsing (online kids games) etc. EXCEPT my daughter has an iPod shuffle (2Gb) and a small library of songs. I *think* this library points to my files but hey might be copies.
    I *dont* want to end up with a ton of duplicate files on my new machine like I *know* I have on my windows machine. It just eats up too much space.
    What I want to do is have one place for all of the pictures to go, and all of the music files to go, and every time there are new pics or music, it all goes there. But I want my wife to have a "smaller" music library than me (she just plain doesn't want the "clutter" of seeing my music and having to sort through it to check it/uncheck it to put it on her iPad - she's a clutter-free freak even with digital files). For photos I want to use one iPhoto library so that if she goes in there and tags some phots with some keyword or event or adds new pics, then I see those things when I open my iPhoto (I honestly don't even know how to use iPhoto to manage my pics, my iMac is till in the box). I want her to have her data under her login and my data under mine, etc. In short, there things I want shared between the two of us, and things I don't, without duplicate files eating up the space on my 500Gb internal hard drive.
    Additionally I am considering a 500Gb external drive, and rather than using it for straight up storage, using it as a time machine backup of the whole system. I am looking at a FireWire800 drive for better performance.
    I'd like to get this right the first time, but don't know enough about how os x works/sets up user accounts, and/or the best, most efficient way to set up the new iMac from the get go. I don't know if I should set up all four accounts first, then add my data/music/pics manually, or use the "migration assistant" (I have read a bit about using it but honestly don't know how it works, or if it will do what I want).
    Perhaps I could just print out this email and pay for apple one-to-one service, but I thought I'd check here first! Sorry for such a long post - but I am hoping I'm not the only one who has wanted to make the switch and start off on the right path! And it's a lot easier to learn from other peoples experience than to figure it all out on my own!
    PS: don't know if it matters much, but I also hav an iPhone that I sync with my iTunes, and I'm concerned about losing the configuration/apps/music/movies on both my iPad and my iPhone when I make the switch. Thoughts? Should I be concerned? How do I do it correctly?

    You have 90 days of free AppleCare telephone support. Give them a call and they can help you set it up, however to be honest you are way over thinking this, those old PC habits die hard! My recommendation is, take it out of the box, read the manual carefully and turn the thing on following the on-screen instructions and start enjoying your new iMac.
    BTW as new switcher I would also recommend book marking the following URLs
    Mac 101
    Switch 101
    Find Out How Video tutorials
    List of Useful URLs for switchers

  • How do I share a hard drive with the new iMac to load a disk from macbook pro

    How do I share a hard drive with the new iMac to load a disk from macbook pro. I want to install office for Mac from a disk but dont know how to share har drive from macpro

    The new iMac's don' t have DVD drives however almost all have a disk drive. The easiest method of installing MS Office for Mac on your new iMac is to download it from Microsoft and then input the code you received when you purchased your original license. Otherwise you can use the DVD drive on your MBP to install on your iMac, that feature is called Remote Disc. Instructions for Remote Disc can be found at:http://support.apple.com/kb/ht5287

  • How to install PS CS3 for Windows on my new iMac? [was:New computer]

    I have a new iMAC and would like to download Photoshop CS3 extended. I had before a PC and I have the serial number. Is there a way? I really need to install it and dont mind to upgrade it.

    I didn't deactivate the account in my old pc because it is broken and cannot get it. Maybe is that the resaon why doesn't work?
    Not related.
    The reason it doesn't work is because perptually licensed products (such as your CS3 for Windows) are always issued with serial numbers specific to your operating system. Mac only serial numbers cannot be used on Windows. Likewise Windows serials cannot be used on Macs.
    In short, you cannot install your CS3 Windows on your new iMac.
    Your best option to get Photoshop on your iMac now is to join the Cloud, which you can do at a discounted monthly fee since you're a CS3 owner.
    If you own Photoshop CS3 standalone retail version - not a suite or an educational version - then you could do it for $9.99/month and get Photoshop CC + Lightroom 5 + extras

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