Illustrator pdf graphic problems

Hi All,
I have a file which I need to send to a printer as locked pdf, but am having problems with my graphics saving correctly.
The magazine I am publishing in cannot be trusted to not tinker with the artwork (messed up last 2 years advertisements mucking around with layout), hence trying to make this as secure as possible.
I have created some cartoon like clouds and when I save the artwork as pdf they have pencil thin grid lines all over them, as if they have been broken up into large square shapes in the save process.
Strangely, if I flatten the artwork in Illustrator I get the same result.
Any ideas?
Many thanks, Jon

Do the clouds involve transparency and/or raster effects? If so, you are probably seeing the onscreen antialiasing where the resulting raster images abut after you Flatten.
Turn off antialised display in Prefs and see if the "gridlines" go away.

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  • Illustrator cs6 + msword to pdf + links problem

    I have a TABLE that I need to inserted into my ILLUSTRATIOR file.
    Whatever method I'm using is failing as the text comes in but NOT the table.
    Instead, I just do this:   MSWORD > Print PDF > in Illustrator >  Place PDF.
    But when I want to make CHANGES TO THE PDF (changes in MS WORD DOC - REprint to PDF).  The PDF file does NOT show up in the LINKS Box. 
    Therefore, I can't UPDATE it.  I'm always having to re-insert the PDF file  -- INSTEAD of like the other files PSD, or .JPG, or whatever else gets UPDATED.
    WHY DOES THE PDF FILE not like the OTHER files that just hang out and can be updated in the LINKS box?
    Thank you,

    I'm using PC... but the LINK selection was NOT CHECKED.
    Funny.  I never checked that when I placed all the other IMAGES -- like ever.
    Thanks, Larry, that's exactly what needed to be done!!!!!
    SOLUTION:  PLACE >  Check LINK box. Done.

  • X230T - Major Windows 8 Graphics Problems

    Hi all,
    I own a X230 Tablet with the Intel HD4000 running Windows 8 Release Preview. I know it's still a beta but I was just wondering if anyone else has run into major graphics problems on Windows 8 Release Preview. I'm currently using the most up to date W8 64 bit Drivers from intel.
    There is a huge amount of clipping, flickering and white backgrounds being shown as black. The apps I've noticed this in are OneNote MX (whenever pen input done), Windows Reader (All PDF white backgrounds are shown as black) and Internet Explorer 10 Metro (Tab previews have black bacgrounds). This is strange to me, though I've found at least one other X230T owner with identical problems.
    Pictures, videos and descriptions can be found here:
    Just wondering if Lenovo engineers are aware of this issue and if a fix exists/ is being worked upon. It's somehwat fustrating as it makes many core Windows 8 experiences unsuable (which was the point of buying a touch screen laptop).
    Go to Solution.

    welcome to the community.
    how do the intel beta drivers you're running compare to the beta lenovo drivers available in the matrix here:
    actual video driver here:
    posted 2 days ago.
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    I am not a Lenovo employee.

  • 24" iMac (1st Gen\White), Graphics Problem(s)

    Hi, I will have had my iMac for two years on Thursday (Christmas present, in a way) and it is currently starting to exhibit some weird graphical problems, horizontal lines are appearing in various applications, at random times, but the weird thing is that they stay in that app when i move the window around and I can take snapshots of them. I posted some to my MobileMe Gallery:
    I installed Leopard on an iPod and those lines even showed up on the install DVD as well as the clean iPod making me believe its a hardware issue.
    Now, I have been reading that other people have had similar problems and have had to pay around $800 to get it fixed, if anyone could confirm, I would greatly appreciate it. Or if anyone has any other suggestions they would be gladly appreciated.

    This sounds like a video card issue but if you haven't done so, check the hard disk for errors.
    To check the hard disk:
    Open Disk Utility, in the Utilities folder in the Applications folder.
    Insert your Mac OS X Install disc in your computer’s optical drive or an optical drive connected to your computer, and then restart your computer. When you hear the startup tone, hold down the C key until you see the progress indicator, which looks like a spinning gear.
    Follow the onscreen instructions until the Menu Bar appears with the Utilities menu in it, choose Utilities > Disk Utility, click First Aid, and then click the Verify button. If DU reports errors, click Repair. When it's finished, from the Menu Bar, select Utilities/Startup Disk. In the Startup Disk window select MacintoshHD 10.x.x and click Restart.
    If it were me, I'd back the system up and erase the drive just to make sure it isn't a hardware issue and not have to shell out $$$$$.
    Reinstalling Mac OS X
    Under some circumstances, you may need to reinstall Mac OS X. You can reinstall Mac OS X while keeping your files and user settings intact.
    NOTE: To reinstall Mac OS X from another computer on your network, see this topic:
    Using Remote Install Mac OS X
    To reinstall Mac OS X:
    Insert the Mac OS X Install DVD and double-click the Install Mac OS X icon.
    Follow the onscreen instructions. In the pane where you select the destination disk, select your current Mac OS X disk (in most cases, it will be the only one available).
    Click Options.
    If you want to save your existing files, users, and network settings, select “Archive and Install,” and then select “Preserve Users and Network Settings.”
    If you want to erase everything on your computer and reinstall Mac OS X, select “Erase and Install.” You can’t recover erased data.
    Click Continue.
    Click Customize to select which parts of Mac OS X you’d like to install, or click Install to perform a basic installation (recommended).
    NOTE: If you selected “Erase and Install” in step 3, you may need to use the Applications Install DVD that came with your computer to reinstall your iLife applications (GarageBand, iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, and iWeb). If you are prompted to use the Applications Install DVD, insert the Applications Install DVD, double-click the Install Bundled Software icon, and then follow the onscreen instructions.
    If you purchased a standalone version of Mac OS X, these installation instructions are in a PDF file located on the Mac OS X Install DVD.
    If you need to reinstall the version of Mac OS X that was on your computer when you purchased it, or if you need to restore all the software on your computer, including Apple software, third-party applications, and other printer drivers, review the instructions in the manual that came with your computer.
    If you need to reinstall Mac OS X and you’ve been using Time Machine for backup, you can easily restore your applications, files, and user settings from your Time Machine backup disk after you’ve reinstalled Mac OS X.
    Happy Holidays!!!
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  • Lower PDf graphics quality after upgrade from v8 to v9

    Some PDF Graphic quality is poorer whne using the new Acrobat compared to version 8.
    I recently purchased Acrobat 9 Pro extended as part of the TCS2 and installe dhtis on a new machine. The installation replaces Acrobat 8 professional installed on a different machine.
    I have checked the job options in detail on each machine and they appear to be identical.
    The problem is most notable in a graphic header which appears on the first page of the Word document template from which the PDF is generated. The file is an imported PNG with a complex blue gradient band and the company logo across the top of the page. The band is underlined by a thinner grey band which fades vertically to white. In the resulting output, blue colors show too bright and quite different to the original PNG graphic. The grey band does not fade smoothly and appears as separate bands.
    My colleague has installed Acrobat 9 on the same machine as the previous Acrobat 8 installation and is experiencing the same issue.
    I have tried generating a PDf with an old known good file base don the same word template and the result  is the same so this probably rules out the Word template. Older PDFs generated with the v8 Acrobat do not do not display this way and i still can generate PDFs using the old machine and version 8 Acrobat without any problems.
    Can anyone suggest how i might progress with this?

    There are no display problems because i can satisfactorily generate the file using the Print option and selecting the AdobePDf printer.
    I have set the Color Management Policies of the joboption to Convert all Colors to CMYK from Leave Color Unchnaged and this seems to improve the quality considerably so i'll stick with that. Some gray color gradient doesnt seem to convert smoothly and shows as varying bands of shades of gray but i can live with that, unless i can find a setitng that handles that.

  • Rasterize PDF graphics

    I've built a presentation where almost every slide has one or more PDF graphics (actually Illustrator files). They load okay on the mac (slight lag when displaying the slides with lots of them), but I'm getting horrible lag on the iPhone version. I suspect its rasterizing each vector before rendering it, and that's taking forever on the A5 chip. Is there a way for Keynote to pre-rasterize all the graphics at their current sizes (meaning I don't have to export each image through Illustrator and put them back in, trying to make things the same size) so it'll load faster across both platforms? Is there a Rasterize command in Keynote that I'm missing?

    Thanks Barbara, you got me on the right direction. Not exactly sure the difference between the different kinds of JPEG files. However, it seemed to me that the graphics were simply not liked by iOS. I found a post on a different forum that said if you open the PDF file up on a PC using current Adobe Acrobat, or on a Mac using Preview with current Mac OS, you should use the program to save a copy of the PDF file, which somehow comes out different than the original. I am figuring that the new file gets reassembled with current formats. I did this on Preview on my Mac. The new file was x4 the size. I took the new file, dragged it into iTunes, synched it over to my iPad and it worked! The pictures were there with just a little graphics degradation, but not enough to seriously matter. When I used Adobe on a PC, I could see that there were security features enabled on file. When I made a copy, all I got was a blank file. So, hats off to the Mac here.

  • PDF creation problem

    I have just installed Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Extended and when I try to create a pdf file from an In-Design file I get the following message;
    Acrobat could not find the application that created this file. Please select a file created by an application that resides on your computer.
    Adobe In-Design DOES reside on my computer!
    Any ideas?

    I'm having the same problem when trying to create a pdf for an indd file. I get the message Adobe Acrobat could not find the application that created this file. Please select a file created by an application that resides on your computer. InDesign does reside on my computer.
    The reason I'm trying to use Acrobat Pro 9 to create the pdf for indd file is that when I try to create the pdf by exporting the indd file to pdf, the pdf shows up as an Illustrator pdf.
    Some time ago I opened a file within a folder and created a pdf from there, and the pdf created was an Illustrator pdf. I surmise that there must have been an Illustrator file in that folder, or maybe I don't know what I'm talking about. But, in fact, any pdf file residing on my desktop got converted to an Illustrator pdf. Sure, I can open the file, but Illustrator is a more limited program. Anyway I want to get back the pdf function without having to deal with a pdf formatted with Illustrator. Any suggestions to guide me in the right direction are greatly appreciated.

  • Illustrator PDFs print correctly from PC, but print too dark from Macs

    Photoshop and Illustrator PDF files (CS5 & 6) print correctly from my work PC, but not either of my Macs. See below:
    At work, I have a Dell PC and an iMac, at home I have a MacBook Pro.
    At work there is a big office color Ricoh printer for the Dell and iMac, at home I have a Epson 3-in-one laserjet for the MacBook Pro.
    Both the work and home Macs will print  Illustrator/Photoshop PDFs very dark/undersaturated/off color on their relative printers, but the work PC prints them correctly.
    At work, If you hold up a print of a PDF file printed from the Dell PC, and one printed from the iMac, they are completely different looking - the Dell print matches the Dell and iMac screens, but the iMac print is very dark and dull.
    At work, when I open a Illustrator or Photoshop PDF on the work PC and send it to the Richo printer, it comes out perfectly matching the screen, but, if I open it on the iMac and send it to the Richo printer, it prints too dark/off color.
    These are the *exact* same PDF files I am opening on both the PC and the iMac - our files are saved on a server so I'm accessing the same documents on both machines.
    Also, I create the files on the iMac and save them to the server on the iMac, but if I open them on the iMac it prints too dark, and if I open them on the PC, it prints correctly.
    At home on the MacBook Pro, the prints are also much darker than the screen (despite color calibration with a ColorMunki as well as following all Epson's color calibration steps) and I see a similar color problem as printing to the work printer from the work iMac.
    Someone please tell me this is just a printer profile thing and I can go in somewhere on my Macs and switch something so they print the same as the PC does!
    Thank you in advance for explaining why my Macs are making me pull out my hair!

    the iMac it prints too dark
    your print space is off on the Mac
    or you are applying the wrong source profile or both
    on the MacBook Pro, the prints are also much darker than the screen (despite color calibration
    EDIT: sorry i misread that as your monitor was also dark, if the mac displays the problem doc proper, you are targeting a bad print space, that's where i would look... 
    you app is apply the wrong source profile (or your monitor profile is off)
    basing the source>print space conversion on the wrong source profile could account for your printing woes
    be sure you are embedding an ICC profile in your doc, are opening it in a color-managed app, and it should display properly
    be sure your workflow uses the embedded profile and your printer is setup to convert to the proper printer profile
    color management theory
    epson workflow

  • Colourful squares graphics problem

    Hey folks,
    I've got a recurring graphics problem where on certain applications green and purple squares/lines begin to hover and flicker on the screen. Also, graphics on games such as Civilization IV are distorted, and also exhibit said squares. I've seen this happen on PhotoBooth, Coverflow, Safari, and image heavy pdfs on Preview. I've never seen them playing movies or Photoshop.
    What's odd is that I can screen capture them, and with them there, things still function properly (mouse, keyboard, applications). Also, sometimes they go away, and can be 'deleted' by moving a window around the screen to 'erase' them. Other times, they just accumulate. Usually a restart is required to get rid of them, but if I open the same application again, boom! Back again.
    I'm guessing, after reading on all these forum discussions, that it could be a graphics card error or something, but I was wondering if anybody else had any insight/answers, or advice about what to do or what to tell the Apple Support people down at the store/on the phone.
    Thanks in advance!

    An error like this, especially if it reoccurs frequently and/or causes crashes or kernel panics is usually a very good indicator of bad Video RAM. That's a hardware problem that will require Apple to replace your entire logic board (since the VRAM is soldered to the board).
    Take the computer to your local Apple store along with the photos you have of the problem. Explain the situation to the genius and he'll most likely send your laptop off for repairs.

  • Viewing large Illustrator CS3 files problem

    I use bridge to browse through previous work in created in Illustrator CS3.
    Problem - when viewing these files in Bridge some files (whatever their dimensions) show as large thumbnails and others (with the same AI dimensions) are small and do not seem to stretch in Bridge?
    Can anyone explain how to stretch the thumbnail in Bridge.

    Sorted - I need to save the CS3 file with 'create pdf compatible file' checked in the options, and it then opens as a large thumbnail in bridge.

  • I need help convincing my workflow administrator on Illustrator PDF presets.

    I need help convincing my workflow administrator on Illustrator PDF presets.
    I work at a company which prints folding cartons, pressure sensitive labels, and film packaging. Esko Automation Engine 12 is our primary workflow. We use PDF files saved directly out of Illustrator as the primary file format. At times, the size of an art file can get fairly bloated from scaled images, effects, transparency, etc. The workflow and Ilustrator have a hard time dealing with the file size. It has been suggested to use the "export" function under the File Menu and save the art file as a "normalized PDF". I honestly believe Distiller isn't even remotely involved when you do this. I tried to make the case to use the settings in the dialog box which appears when you save a PDF out of Illustrator. I know for a fact that this dialog box isn't any different from what you see in Distiller. From my years of experience with Kodak Prinergy, I know things like bicubic downsampling, etc. will not hurt the file. The workflow administrator thinks otherwise. Can anybody point me in the direction of Illustrator PDF presets that would convince him otherwise?

    What is somewhat confusing in your post is your mentioning a capability to export PDF from the File Menu as a normalized PDF file. There is no such option in Adobe Illustrator, at least as it comes directly from Adobe. You may use the File=>Save As dialog to save the file as a PDF file, but PDF is not an option under File=>Export. Furthermore, in terms of the .joboptions provided by Adobe, there is no Normalized PDF joboptions settings.
    You mention Esko. Is it possible that you have one of Esko's products installed that provides proprietary plug-ins to Adobe Illustrator? If so, that may be the source of this Normalized PDF option. Maybe some other participant in the is forum knows more about that, but at Adobe, we don't (for better or worse).
    You mention problems with file bloat due to “scaled images, effects, transparency, etc.” Are you referring to the Illustrator .AI files or to PDF files created from same? If the issue is the .AI file size, the only thing you can do to fix that is to uncheck the save as compatible PDF file option when saving .AI. In terms of PDF files from Adobe Illustrator:
    (1)  Scaled images should not add anything to a PDF file size unless you take such images and attempt to upres them in Photoshop prior to creating PDF. There really is no benefit to be achieved by such upresing of the images; any competent RIP can do that itself just as well as Photoshop.
    (2)  Transparency only adds to the PDF file size if you create PDF with transparency already flattened, or what I would better describe as ruined. Flattening transparency often causes large raster bitmaps and/or very complex groups of vector objects to be created to simulate transparency in an opaque imaging model (such as is supported by PostScript).
    You obviously need to produce PDF that can be accommodated by the rest of your workflow. Since we don't know what that is and whether it conforms to current best industry practices, we cannot make an absolute recommendation for you.
    However, generally speaking, the most reliable PDF print publishing workflow would generally require that you create PDF/X-4 using the PDF/X-4 PDF preset from Adobe Illustrator (or for that matter, from InDesign as well). PDF/X-4 supports full ICC color management (including spot colors), the entire PDF imaging model, and live transparency.
              - Dov

  • Robohelp fails on PDF graphics conversion

    Robohelp obviously fail at converting FrameMaker files the contain imported PDF graphics.
    If a FrameMaker file contains graphics as referenced PDFs in anchored frames, this graphics will get converted to completely white JPGs (or PNGs).
    This is not really what one expects from a tool like that.

    Hi Jess - ES is jut running on a virgin XP SP2 Virtual PC (2gb RAM dedicated) so no other processes should be accessing it.
    One thing I wondered - for the ES Preview, you get a 30 day eval of Acrobat 8.1 Pro - which of course usually comes up with the 'this is an eval - do you want to buy/continue' I would not have thought it would have been included if a problem, but could that be it?
    "Check to be sure the environment variables are set up correctly - this should be done automatically during installation and deployment."
    - all the JDK stuff was checked and seemed fine.
    Major problem is the vagueness of the LC error msg - any way to get more detailed error info??

  • Graphics problem with mbp late 2008,nvidia geforce 8600m gt.any help?

    Hi,have graphics problems with my MacBook Pro 17" Late 2008.Every 3-4 days the graphics are not ok and when i want to restart there is only the apple logo but not clear and the cursor seems to be double.Sory my english is not the best.Any help for this Problem?

    Get your computer to an Apple Store Genius Bar ASAP to be tested for the problem described in this article:

  • TouchSmart 600-1050 - Graphics Problem with MS Outlook

    I have a TouchSmart 600-1050. When I open MS Outlook, and then open the Calendar in a separate window, the window opens as non-maximized and everything is fine. When I maximize the window (I start in Week view), the tasks below each day do not stretch to fit their now wider column. It's as if the graphics don't recalculate for that screen element. Once I am maximized and see the problem, I have to switch to another view (e.g. Month or Day) and back to Week and it will fix itself. Feels like a graphics problem, underpowered chipset or bug in driver (?).
    This was not a problem on my HP Desktop I had before, and it is not a problem on my 3 year old Lenovo ThinkPad X60. All are running W7 and using Office 2007.
    Any ideas? The graphics driver is up to date according to HP Update and Device Manager.

    Thanks for your reply. I tried both of your suggestions and the issue occurred in both. I've never noticed the sub-content not maximizing properly in other apps, but haven't tested thoroughly.
    Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated.
    - Should I checked a different way to see if I have the latest drivers?
    - Is there any way for me to upgrade my 600-1050 with the graphics card in the 600-1055? The 1050's "Mobile PCI Express Module" is open/available. Could I buy the nVidia GeForce GT 230 that comes with the 1055 and hook that up?
    Only reason I suggest this is that the graphics seem sluggish to update at times.

  • Good day, I have installed Acrobat DC, and would like to combine 2 files. One is excel allready converted to PDF - No problem. The other one is from Pastel mailed as PDF.

    Good day,
    I have installed Acrobat DC, and would like to combine 2 files. One is excel allready converted to PDF - No problem. The other one is from Pastel mailed as PDF.
    When trying to merge the files, this file ask for a Password. No password was issued from the setup or mail?

    Good day abrieb93050306,
    I can understand your concern, however can you please let me know that are you able to open both the PDF files ( the one you converted form excel to pdf & the other pdf that was mailed to you ) individually without using any password?
    As it asks for the password, it means that the postal mailed PDF is password protected. You can ask for the password from the sender of the postal mail & then try to combine the files.
    Please follow the steps in the provided KB combine the files : Combine files into single PDF | Adobe Acrobat DC tutorials
    This will probably resolve your issue.
    Let me know if you still experience any issue.

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