Images won't snap to grid.

Hi forum, I need some help. I just created a new file in Illustrator and I have show grid as well as snap to grid. When I create a box, it works but when I move the box it doesn't snap. Any idea why?

I am afraid you may have come across the Live Rectangle bug, sorry, feature where it refuses to align to the Pixel Grid.
To get round it in each case, it is possible to Expand the Live Rectangles to get normal old fashioned rectangles, or to Pathfinder>Unite, or to use the Scale Tool or the Free Transform Tool.
A more permanent way round that is to create normal old fashioned rectangles, after running the free script created by Pawel, see this thread with download link:

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    I am trying to organize a zip file with a bunch of links and files. But when I drag an image file to a folder, it always "Snaps to grid" instead of just landing where I put it. All of the files are going into the same zip file but I want them visually in the space that I put them and not at the bottom of the snap to grid folder location they are looking like.  I am trying to  drag and drop files in groups so that I can group them for now, but image files always do their own "sort by" when I drag them from my web pages. Links don't do it though.  I tried resetting the folder, and deleting the DS files. No luck.

    You keep asking variants on this same question. You've had replies in all your other threads. If you can't find them, go here and click where it says Activity:
    Thomas Cannon Jr.

  • How to make my own grid and perform a "snap to grid" effect?

    Hi! I am a newbie in flash and I am trying to create a puzzle like game (a chinese puzzle game called tangram). I am wondering what kind of functions should I use to create a "triangular" grid i.e. something similar to this ? What should I do to make the movie clips to perform the "snap to grid" effect to this grid?I have tried to draw my own grid and used the "cacheAsBitmap" function to implent it, however it doesnt seems to be working. Is there any suggestions or tutorials to this problem? Thank you very much.

    Well, the project you are taking is not a simple one. It requires quite an experience with AS3. It is not a few lines of code but an understanding of Flash display list model and how objects can interact. In addition, there is no a single solution but rather wide array of possible approaches depending on use case.
    To illustrate, the code below draws a mesh that replicates the image in your first post. Do you think that this is enough from the standpoint of your AS3 knowledge to get you started?
    This code needs Flash 10:
    var side:Number = 400;
    var s:Sprite = new Sprite();
    var g:Graphics =;
         Vector.<Number>([     0, 0, side * .5, 0, side, 0,
         side * .25, side * .25, side * .75, side * .25,
         0, side * .5, side * .5, side * .5, side, side * .5,
         side * .25, side * .75, side * .75, side * .75,
         0, side, side * .5, side, side, side
              0, 1, 3,
              1, 2, 4,
              0, 3, 5,
              1, 3, 6,
              5, 3, 6,
              1, 2, 4,
              1, 4, 6,
              2, 4, 7,
              6, 4, 7,
              5, 6, 8,
              5, 8, 10,
              6, 8, 11,
              10, 8, 11,
              6, 7, 9,
              6, 9, 11,
              7, 9, 12,
              9, 11, 12

  • Garageband 10.0.1 and Snap to Grid

    Hello again Garageband Gurus,
    While working on the new Garageband 10.0.1, I noticed that when I change the time intervals from "Beats & Project" to "Time" that snap to grid is greyed out.  Does anyone know how to to get snap to grid to work while using the setting "Time"? 
    Thank you,
    PS - Also if there is a shortcut key to go from "Beats & Project" to "Time" that would be incredible?

    I think you already said this, but what I do is drag it from my desktop (or wherever it may be), into the track. Once it's on the track I open up the "Musical Typing" and then drag it from the track onto the key. I'm also having an issue with the legacy instruments. I wiped my Mac and reinstalled Mavericks along with Garageband and all the iLife stuff from the App store and now I no longer have legacy instruments even after restoring my $4.99 purchase. I won't use GB until I get the legacy stuff back.

  • Snap to Grid behavior not working?

    I recently upgraded from CS3 to CS6. To my eyes, Illustrator's Snap to Grid functionality is either broken—or I'm not understanding a (new?) option.
    Use case: I set-up a grid with 1/8" spacing. I paste a 1/2" x 1/2" object from another file, or just copy and paste an existing one in the same file. I want it to sit, say, 2" from the top, and 4" from the left edge. In CS3, I could just use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move the object around, and its edges would precisely snap, as expected, to the grid, with no muss or fuss. If it was an uneven size, the edges would snap, making it easy to at least align the left and top edges (for example) where I want the object to sit.
    In CS6, this really just plain doesn't work—either with arrow keys, or moving the object with the mouse. The objects are always—ALWAYS—some fraction "off" in one direction or another. And yes, I know it sounds like the Snap to Grid is off, but it's not. The object moves by increments of the grid (1/8" in my example), but the object is not grid-aligned, and cannot be made to be. I can arrow-key the object all over the workspace and it won't snap properly. The only way I can find to accurately position the object is open the Transform dialog, and enter the measurements by hand.
    Quite honestly, that's a pain in the butt, and it's made literally everything I do in Illustrator take roughly twice as long. This is improvement?
    I am hoping I "just don't get it." That there's an option mis-set somewhere in here. Maybe it's related to moving from Windows on CS3 to Mac on CS6, who knows. What I do know is I'm starting to hate Illustrator every time I have to fire it up these days.
    Anyone else see this? Anyone have any idea how to fix it? File a bug report?
    ADDED:  In playing with this just after my original posting, it appears that the described issues occur only with groups of objects. For example, a 1/2" x 1/2" icon composed of a square for its outer dimensions, with some other stuff layed on top, then grouped, and moved as a whole. (Although whether it's grouped doesn't actually seem to matter—an ungrouped, multi-select of the same sort behaves the same way.)

    Use Preview Bounds didn't help, but your raster effects question got me wondering... I am using a rounded corner effect in every instance where I have observed this. At least with a couple of quick tests, removing the rounded corner effect via the Appearance panel seems to have kicked it into expected behavior. Interesting.
    I'd still make a case that this is a bug, and to the best of my recollection, it is NOT how it worked in CS3; I use the rounded corner effect pretty regularly... I would certainly have noticed this "in the old days." 
    Thanks for the clue. I'll find a way to deal with this knowing where the issue seems to be. I also just filed a bug report on it; I feel strongly that it is one.

  • Restore snap-to-grid behaviour for path handles

    one of the new features in AI CC 2014 is path handles ignoring any grid. However, when one wants to construct C2-contious joins between seperate objects, precise control over the handle position is needed. I do a lot of icon and sprite art, and there it is imperative that curves from differnent objects flow exactly the same to create a smoth transition between individual pieces.
    How can one restore the ability of handles to snap to the grid like in previous versions of AI?

    First of all, let's just hope Adobe fixes this issue in the next version. My workaround:
    1. Turn on Snap to Grid and the Grid and using Guides create your own grid. Tedious work, but handles actually still snap to the intersection of Guides.
    2. In the Preference panel, choose your Guides color to match the Grid color. This way you won't notice the difference.
    3. Turn off the Grid but leave Snap to Grid on for easy anchor placement.
    4. Name the layer you did this on 'Grid' or something. Do not lock this layer, otherwise this improvised 'handle snapping feature' won't work.
    5. Create a new layer on top of your 'Grid' layer. This new layer will be the first layer to work on.
    6. Save this file as a template to do your linework on.
    Keep in mind that the 'Grid' layer isn't locked, so you could accidentally drag a Guide out of place...
    Hope this helps!

  • Photoshop CS6 Snap to Grid not working.

    Hey everyone,
    I recently acquired Photoshop and wanted to try my hand at some pixel art, but I can't get the snap to grid to work.
    The pixel grid works fine - which is great, when I'm making something tiny, but I am trying to draw with a 5 size pixel, and my grid won't work.
    The brush still snaps to the pixel grid - and I have no idea how to change the preferences for the pixel grid, slash turn it off, slash anything.
    I tried turning off the 'Snap to vector and pixel grid' in the preferences menu, but it is still snapping to the pixel grid.
    Please advise?

    New to GarageBand 3, the ability to work without the snap to grid. Now the snap to grid feature only works if the song position read out is set to musical time. (see the little icon of the note and the icon of the clock next to the song position info in the main control bar.)
    Switch to musical time to get the snap to grid to work.
    If this is already set, then something else is wrong.

  • Snap to Grid problem in Illustrator CS4

    I found a weird problem with the "snap to grid" feature in Illustrator CS4 running on MAC OS X Snow Leopard.
    To reproduce it, on my system, it is enough to:
    1. Make sure to have the Snap To Grid enabled (View->Snap to grid)
    2. Draw a rectangle (see BEGIN.JPG)
    3. Select the Direct Selection Tool
    4. Try to increase the width of the rectangle, by dragging one side of the shape (not a single point, but the whole side in a move).
    5. On my system, I see that Illustrator behaves in a wrong way; it is like Illustrator is snapping to a not aligned grid, and the rectangle begins to be distorted (see END.JPG).
    If I try to move a on point at a time, instead of moving one complete side, everything seems to works fine.

    Win Vista 64-bit AI CS4.  Can't seem to reproduce your issue.  I drag on the right side of a rectangle with grid snap on and show grid and it snaps exactly to the grid, not anywhere in between even if I start with a rectangle that was created "not-on-grid".  When it snaps it snaps to distances equal to the grid spacing, though it won't snap to the grid itself.  It's as if it snaps to its own internal grid.  I guess that's a problem in and of itself since once you have grid snapping turned on no matter where the original rectangle was you would like it to snap to the grid lines.
    EDIT:  Now I see how you created the problem--with direct selection (white arrow) as opposed to full selection with bounding box (black arrow).  Black arrow selection snaps to its internal grid while white arrow snaps to rhombus-like snapping.  I guess it's designed to be used with individual points and not with edges.  (AI doesn't have edge-snapping).

  • CS6 and CC constantly snapping to grid

    I'm not sure if its a grid problem as I've turned off every snap to grid function..but I will have a drawing like the one below where i turned off all snapping, everything is aligned and soon as I use the pathfinder tool all the shapes go wonky. See images below.
    Step 1) turn off all snapping
    Step 2) draw shape and align. Notice in my transform panel when i highlight the shapes align to pixel grid is still unchecked
    Step 3) pathfinder divide tool before
    Step 4) shape/drawing after i hit divide. notice the shapes are dvided but some are not mis-aligned and the align to pixel grid is now checked in my transform panel. Unchecking it does nothing to help the drawing...
    illustrator didnt always use to do this! I am sad and frustrated that it doesm someone tell me what I'm doing wrong please =).

    I tried in my photos above to turn off align to pixel grid in the transform panel...but what i did not try was the flyout options menu of the transform panel! I turned off align new objects to pixel grid, OFF because it was set to on which is why when I divided the shape it misaligned because all of those divided shapes were considered new now..Thank you so much Jacob! Its silly that the align to new pixel grid is not in the view menu drop down of illustrator with the rest of the options...
    Here is a picture after I turned it off and successfully divided the shape. Thanks again

  • Snow Leopard (10.6.8) Web Browser, App Store, iTunes Store image won't finish loading.

    I've recently upgraded from Leopard to Snow Leopard by clean installing. Once I upgraded to Snow Leopard (10.6.3) everything seemed to work perfectly except for the new keyboard that I purchased (requires upgrade to 10.6.8). So as I upgraded to 10.6.8 by "Software Update…".
    Once the update was completed and the machine restarted I've noticed when I opened opened couple of common sites in Safari (such as: Flickr, YouTube, and Amazon) and some of the images won't finish loading with a "?" in the middle where the image would be and browser assumes that the site was done loading. First I thought this was a refresh problem so I hit refresh on the browser but nothing really happened. I thought this was strange so I decided to download Google Chrome and Firefox to try it out as well. Same situation as well… Then I opened  the App Store and iTunes Store and the same things happened there as well. I'm assuming that all these images exists online so anything that access the web to load images will just crap out. One odd thing is that this problem don't seem to happen on any of the sites on Apple when I view it in the web browsers.
    I couldn't figure out the reason so I decided to reinstall Snow Leopard (10.6.3) again by cleaning out the hard drives as before. Once it finished installing I opened up iTunes Store and Safari and the images loads fine. So went ahead (crossing my fingers) to "Software Updates…" to 10.6.8 and the the problem happened again.
    I naively went ahead and tried to clean installing it again, thinking "Third time is the charm!" But same situation once I upgrade to 10.6.8. After the third time I let the browser sit there after it didn't load those images. I waited about five minutes and hit refresh and the images loaded. This happened the same with App Store and iTunes Store images as well. This is very odd because my interment connection hasn't been a changed before I upgraded to 10.6.8. Seems like browsers just cuts off the loading time of the whatever that's lagging instead on that site.
    Is there a solution in the preferences for this or is this some kind of a bug that I'm having with my OS disc or network card? I don't think this has nothing to do with my modem or my interment service because it was working fine before I upgraded to 10.6.8.

    I get that same problem too-you could try checking your network settings, release and renew your IP address, see if that helps. There is a tweaking menu you can get in Firefox that can help somewhat (google Firefox tweaks) but you'd have to raise the hood in FF and tinker a bit, but it does help. How much RAM do you have on your Mac Pro?, also update your Java and shockwave
    sorry I can't be of more help
    Jon B

  • DVD burned from a disk image won't work on different computers???

    Under the directions for how to burn a DVD from an disk image, the Apple Help document ( says this:
    "Note: When burning a disc from a disk image, the burned disc will have the same format as the disk image. If you need a disc that will work on different computers, burn the disc in the Finder."
    Does this mean that the DVDs that I am burning from the disk image won't be able to be played on a PC? a Mac other than mine? Neither? WHAT? I am planning to sell the DVDs of a workshop I present -- to people who may be playing them on PCs. Should I not be using this method (burning from a disk image) to burn my DVDs?
    PowerBook G4   Mac OS X (10.4.9)  

    Under the directions for how to burn a DVD from an
    disk image, the Apple Help document
    says this:
    "Note: When burning a disc from a disk image, the
    burned disc will have the same format as the disk
    image. If you need a disc that will work on different
    computers, burn the disc in the Finder."
    Does this mean that the DVDs that I am burning from
    the disk image won't be able to be played on a PC? a
    Mac other than mine? Neither? WHAT? I am planning to
    sell the DVDs of a workshop I present -- to people
    who may be playing them on PCs. Should I not be using
    this method (burning from a disk image) to burn my
    Video DVDs are in the UDF format. The disk image you created is in the UDF format. When you use Disk Utility to burn the disk image to writable media, the new discs will be in UDF format and all will be well.
    You are doing things correctly.
    BTW, unless you have an external burner with lots of cooling, if you expect to use the burner in your Mac (which DOESN'T have lots of cooling), it's a good idea to pause between discs to allow the burner to cool down. (BTW, this comment is based on the reported results of several people in the forum. If you don't allow the cool down timer, you will start to create 'bad' discs. Also it is VERY important that you reduce the burn speed in Disk Utility to 4x or lower in order to create discs with maximum compatability with players. (You should see a way to change the speed in Disk Utility afterr you have inserted a disc.)
    F Shippey

  • Pen tool: handles snapping to grid not functioning

    Since it was not answered by the Adobe Illustrator CC staff, I'll ask again:
    I use the handles snapping to grid functionality extensively when creating icons and other detail-intensive shapes. How do I re-enable this feature, or is it necessary to revert to an older, more functional version of Illustrator?
    This is very frustrating, such a simple feature and, for no logical reason, it has been removed from Illustrator. Makes me regret updating and paying for Illustrator CC.

    there was a discussion on this when the feature was first removed. did you see it? I think a support staff member posted in it, but nothing positive...
    edit: yeah, it was just people complaining and the staff guy stating that this was indeed the case.
    Re: Have anchor points snap to grid changed?

  • Why doesn't the desktop 'snap to grid' work with Snow Leopard?

    I've recently upgraded my OS to Snow Leopard and I do a lot of work with photo folders which I keep organized on my desktop. Since upgrading the 'snap to grid' function in the view options of the desktop preferences has stopped working. For some reason the folders and files on the desktop keep snapping off the screen or on top of each other so that I cannot find them easily. I've had to turn off the 'snap to grid' and the desktop no longer looks organized and is not easy to navigate. Why is this happening? AND, how do I fix it? It seems to me the snap to grid shouldn't have gone out the window with an upgraded OS. I'm very organized and borderline OCD so this is FRUSTRATING me to no end!!!
    Anyone have any ideas?

    It's working for me in 10.6. Try moving this file in your Home Folder/Library to the trash -- don't empty it yet.
    When finished go back to the Desktop>View Options and select Snap to grid.
    If that doesn't do it, open Terminal in utilities and copy/paste this command, then hit return. Don't attempt to type it in by hand. If you make a typo or get the spaces wrong, there could be a disaster. When finished go back to the Desktop>View Options and select Snap to grid.
    rm ~/Desktop/.DS_Store

  • CDs, DVDs, disk images won't appear in Sidebar or on Desktop

    Brand new iMac 2.16, right out of the box.
    CDs, DVDs, and Disk Images won't appear on the desktop or in the Sidebar. Nothing is shown over the horizontal gray line at the top of the sidebar, no Macintosh HD, Servers, etc. Disk Images are fully functional, ie Disk Utility recognizes and mounts them just fine.
    I checked Mac Help and followed its instructions:
    (1) In Finder preferences:Pane:General, all 'Show These Items on the Desktop' boxes are checked.
    (2) In Finder preferences:Pane:Sidebar, I checked all boxes under "Show These Items in the Sidebar. BUT these changes are NOT retained. After I close the Preferences, the Sidebar does not change. If I re-open the Sidebar preferences, the relevant boxes are now unchecked, as if I'd never done a thing.
    Restarting was the only way to fix the problem. Thereafter, the upper items in the Sidebar (Macintosh HD, external drives, iPod, CDs) sometimes SPONTANEOUSLY disappear. They still show up on the desktop, but tweaking the Sidebar preferences is again ineffective. Restarting is the only solution.
    Thank you for your help,

    Hi Andy, Welcome to Apple's Users Help Users Forums.
    1] Everything elmac says is helpful and correct.
    2] An upgrade to 10.4.8 with the 10.4.8 Combo from blue apple / Mac OS Updates might fix your hiccup. If you don't want .8 then .7 combo.
    3] [OT] For some minor security issues, it is better to surf the internet in a standard account. If you are surfing in an admin account then here is how to switch and maintain prefs.
    Set up a new account in System Preferences / Accounts / +
    and make it have admin priviledges. Be sure to remember short name and password since you will be asked to "authenticate" when running in your standard account. This new account is often called "test" in these forums.
    Once that is done convert your regular account to standard.
    Good Luck, JP

  • My Images won't open in Photoshop CS5 when I click on Edit in Lightroom - even though this option has been selected?  To edit in Photoshop I have to export image from Lightroom then import into Photoshop.  I have other programmes such as NIK and if I wish

    My Images won't open in Photoshop CS5 when I click on Edit in Lightroom - even though this option has been selected?  To edit in Photoshop I have to export image from Lightroom then import into Photoshop.  I have other programmes such as NIK and if I wish to edit in these everything works fine.

    Same here. I've never had trouble with this function before.
    It opens the Photoshop application with all the menus/windows, but it never opens the actual image I chose to work on.
    I'm on a Mac, using OS X Yosemite, 10.10.1  Lightroom is version 5.7  Photoshop is CS5, version 12.0.4
    FWIW, I also can't automate>Photomerge ... . Makes me think Photoshop, not Lightroom, is all wacky. I tried dumping PS preferences

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