Impacts in COPA of changing material and customer master data

Dear experts,
In my company we are considering following scenario:
Currently mySAPerp 6.0 is implemented for all modules for the mother company.
We have developed a new global template where there are significant changes versus the existing system, especially in the SD processes. Material and customer master also change significantly in terms of content in the tables/fields and/or values in the fields.
The idea was to build the template from scratch in a new machine and roll-out all group affiliates, but now we are considering the possibility of making an evolutionary of the current system and try to stretch it to the processes defined in the global template.
The scenario we want to analyze is: Keeping same organizational structure in terms of Company code, CO area and Operating Concern in existing SAP client and make an evolutionary of the existing settings to the global template processes.
The doubts we are having are the following:
Changing material & customer master data: Impact in COPA
Option 1: Material master data and customer master data codes are maintained but content in the tables/fields is changed substantially, both in terms of logical content of specific fields and/or the values in the specific fields. We have following examples of changes.
Case 1: source field in material master changes logical content. E.g. Material master field MVGR1 is currently used for product series (design line) and the content changes to be the Market Segment. The product series will be moved to a classification field. At least 5 other fields are affected by this. How can data in terms of COPA line items be converted so that they are aligned at time of reporting?
Case 2: the source field is not changed so that the logical content of the field remains but the values change, i.e. for the same concept there will be different codifications. How can data in terms of COPA line items be converted so that they are aligned at time of reporting?
Case 3: Characteristics where currently the source material master field is a Z field and the derivation is via table look up and where the Z field changes to a classification field. How can you convert the existing COPA line items to ensure that attributes are aligned? Should new characteristics be created or just change the derivation logic of the characteristic?
Option 2: Material master data and customer data codes are re-created (codification of records is changed), meaning that new material and customer codes will exist and content in tables/fields is changed (as in option 1)
Case: material and customer codes are changed. How can data in terms of COPA line items be converted so that they are aligned at time of reporting?
Iu2019ve never phased a similar scenario and I fear that maintaining operating concern while changing source master data and also SD flows (we have new billing types, item categories, sales doc. Types, order reasons) may lead to inconsistencies and problems in COPA.
I would like to ask you experts if you have come across a similar scenario and if from your experience, it is something feasible to do or there are many risks involved. What can be the impact of this scenario in existing Operating Concern for both option 1 and 2 and what would be the key activities to perform to adapt the existing operating concern. What will be the impact of the needed conversions on P&L reporting?
Sorry for the long story. I hope you can help me out.
Thanks and Regards,

   First i think you will need to test if it works for new COPA documents created via billing.
  If it works fine then the issue is if you wish to apply these changes to the historical data already posted.
  Normally there are transactions like KE4S where you can repost the billing document to COPA
  However this may not be viable for bulk postings
  You can perform realignment (KEND) but this only works at the PA segment level (table CE4XXXX)

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    Please check the filter settings maintained for the adapter object CUSTOMER in R3AC1. The same filter settings can be referred in tables Table: CRMFILTAB (R/3) and SMOFFILTAB(CRM) as per srinivas's reply.
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    Change run will update the master data changes in Aggregates and update the object master data as well.
    Activate master data will only activate the new records and it will not update the aggregates.
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    Dear Chandramohan,
    Try this option you can get the change details clearly
    Go to XD03 transaction enter your customer number and other details then go in to the general data from here you to Menu>Environment>Account changes-->Click on All fields now system will give the list of fields which were changed from these list you double click on the single field system will take you to the details of that again you double click on that now system will take you to more details about the changes.
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    For general information,to find BAPIs associated with any business object :
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    If you are into FMCG industry, you need to maintain BBD (Best before date) also along with SLED & Production Dt.

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    Thanks and Regards

    I have right now only four key combinations for PR00;
    1. Customer/Material with release status.
    2. Pricelist Category/currency/Material with release status.
    3. Material with release status.
    4. Price group/Material.
    Can this be done with the 2nd Key Combination?
    Item data; Sales B tab shows Price List as Retail and Wholesale; here we have only Wholesale Business. Kindly suggest.
    Thanks and Regards
    Edited by: Adi1976 on Jan 18, 2012 9:04 AM

  • UWL Integration for Material and Customer Repositories

    Hello all,
    Has someone done the UWL Integration for Material or Customer repositories? Do we have to write own XML Configuration file for UWL and upload? or is that supplied by SAP somewherer for Material and Customer repositories?
    Any pointers in this direction are highly appreciated.

    Hi Suman,
    You can create your UWL Configuration file through UWL Cofiguration file wizard.
    The path is navigate to System Administration  System Configuration   Universal Worklist – Administration.
    Under Universal Worklist Content Configuration select Click to configure item types and customize views using a wizard.

  • Extend material and customer to other sales areas

    can u please let me know?
    How to extend material and customer to other sales areas? To extend material one plant to another plant what are the configuration you done in your project?

    <b>To Extend Customer master: T.code - XD01:</b>
    In XD01, enter Account Group, Customer Code, Company Code, Sales Organization, Distribution Channel & Divission. Also ensure to maintain reference Customer, reference Company Code, reference Sales Organization, reference Distribution Channel & reference Division --> Enter. Most of the fields will be copied by default, but some fields will not be copied & they have to be maintained in the same manner how we create a new customer.
    <b>To Extend Material Master: T.Code - MM01:</b>
    In MM01, Enter the Material Code & reference Material Code --> Enter.
    Select the Tab pages to be maintained & go to organization data & maintain the details like Delivering Plant & Reference plant, Storage location & reference storage location, Sales Organization & reference Sales Organization, Distribution Channel & reference Distribution channel & so on ...  --> Enter. Most of the fields will be copied by default, but some fields will not be copied & they have to be maintained in the same manner how we create a new material.
    Rajesh Banka
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  • What is the difference of  customer master data  between CRM and ECC

    Dear all,
    We are helping  customer to  evaluate using CRM or ECC to manage there customer master data, focusing on the benefit of using CRM system.
    Can any one help to compare the difference between these two system?
    some tips in my mind are:
    1. CRM has a friendly user interface for user to adjust the layout, hide/display  favourite information according to actuall req.
    2. In CRM, user can change the field/assignment block description easilly
    3. in CRM7.0, user can add new customzing field easilly via AET
    4. CRM has a good any analysis platform to provide pie chart analytic
    5. CRM store more customer infor. than ECC, such as Marketing attribute, account classfication...anything else?
    any other benefit to use CRM for customer master data? Pls help!!!
    Thanks very much!!

    I would agree with most of the topics you mentioned. Just one remark to topic number 5. Business partner doesn't have more data than erp. It has some more marketing oriented data, but on other hand doesn't have all finincial and credit data that are relevant for erp financial transactions.
    In our company we have the following scenario: all business partners are created in crm (because there the sales activities are started and because we don' clasify at the begining all partners as customers but as prospects. and of course it has nicer user interface). but when we are closing the deals (ordreds are transfered to erp), we fill some additional (financial) data of that partner on erp side and clasify partners as customers.

  • Change Message Control for Customer Master data

    Hi Friends,
    I have to choose/populate a message when the user is about to create an already existing customer.
    In SPRO --> Financial Accounting --> Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable --> Customer Accounts --> Master Data --> Preparations for creating customer master data --> "change message control for customer master data" ...
    When u click this it goes into Change View "message control by User" Overview screen wherein u can insert new messages and texts and the type of message ....
    Now .....
    I want to display the 145th message (F4 help of the Message column) ..... it picks up the text "Customer found with same address;check"..... with Online mesasage type 'I' and batch type 'I' and with standard type '-' ..
    I want to have the same message with message types 'E','E', and 'I' respectively.......
    How is this possible (or) what should i do to meet my requirement :-|
    Expecting ur answers
    Thanks in advance ........

    Hey yes it is not possible (as of now
    I ve met the requirement by just using message statement in the program itself ............
    My requirement is met but still if anyone knows about this do answer / reply

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    hi FICO Gurus,
    I am Sapna here and I have questions regarding the Mandatory fields for Vendor Master and Customer Master which would be mandatory for Running FI AP and AR. I am basically a MM Consultant but I have been asked to perform this role of Master Data at my current client.
    I am quite familiar with the fact that these feilds are based on the needs of the bussiness and can be configured in IMG as required/optional or suppressed or diaplsy only.
    What I am looking is
    1.  Are there any fileds list which is <b>Mandatory</b> for running FI AP/AR in global financial implemntation.
    2. Also from FI Perspective what is <b>Good to have/Recommended fields</b> in Vendor Master and Cusotmer Master for Global Finacial implemtation.
    Your help is greatly appreciated. Please point me in right direction...

    OK all implementations are different so the client should have some imput here.
    However you need to make sure certain address details are mandatory such as name, post code street and city.
    You may always want an e mail address or phone number.
    All AR & AP customer/ Vendors will need a recon account, so it is important there is one set up, but you also need to make sure in change mode this cannot be changed.
    For Vendors you will require some kind of bank details and payment method.
    For Customers if Dunning is being used you may need the Dunning Procedure and Accounting Clerk.
    Also for a Customer there is the Sales Org view, and it is best to contact the SD consultant to see which fields are required here. The tax code, payment terms are normally mandatory.
    For the Purchasing Org, I guess you would know about this...
    Hope this helps.
    Award points if useful.

  • Change account groups in vendor/ customer master data

    Do you think is possible to change account groups in vendor/ customer master data?

    Good evening and greetings,
    Changing the account groups will redetermine the Reconciliation account, which will be creating a chaos during Audit Reconciliation. But if there is a requirement, please go through the following link
    Please reward points if found useful
    Thanking you
    With kindest regards
    Ramesh Padmanabhan

  • Sort Key in G/L Acounts and Customer MAster Records.

    Dear SAP Guru's,
    What is the specific use of the Sort Key?How will this effect the Line item entry in FBL5N?
    In our Company The G/L Accounts the sort key is maintained As 000  Allocation Number.
    _Also In Customer Master-->Company Code Data
    The Feild sort key : It is maintained "000" Allocation Number _
    If I change the sort key Now after 1 year of several records updated Will the System sort according to the changed sort key?
    I want the sort key to be document Number Now after a year will the previous records be shown with the immediate effect.
    I have gone through this link.
    Amlan Sarkar

    Sort key field is also known as Allocation field.
    The u201Callocation fieldu201D is populated automatically onto line items, during document entry, based on the default sort indicator set in the master record.
    When you display or change line items, they are displayed in a standard sort sequence as per sort key defined in master records.
    Sort key is defined in G/L master, Vendor master and Customer master. The key defined here is taken as the default key by the system when you want to display the line items pertaining to that account.
    The sort key determines what is populated in the allocation field upon posting.
    Changing the sort key will only change future postings not already existing line items.

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