Implementing archive functionality

Hi all ,
I want to implement archive functionality.
I am using appfuse and maven.(spring framework)
In my aplication when user logs in he is provided with list of records from one table.
He should be able to archive as many recrds as he want.
I am not getting how to implement this functionality.
Code of jsp which shows al records is
<title><fmt:message key="engagementformList.title"/></title>
<meta name="heading" content="<fmt:message key='engagementformList.heading'/>"/>
<meta name="menu" content="EngagementformMenu"/>
<c:set var="buttons">
<input type="button" style="margin-right: 5px"
onclick="location.href='<c:url value="/engagementformform.html"/>'"
value="<fmt:message key="button.add"/>"/>
<input type="button" onclick="location.href='<c:url value="/mainMenu.html"/>'"
value="<fmt:message key="button.exit"/>"/>
<c:out value="${buttons}" escapeXml="false"/>
<display:table name="engagementformList" class="table" requestURI="" id="engagementformList" export="true" pagesize="25">
<display:column property="id" sortable="true" href="engagementformform.html" media="html"
paramId="id" paramProperty="id" titleKey=""/>
<display:column property="id" media="csv excel xml pdf" titleKey=""/>
<display:column sortProperty="dateLastMod" sortable="true" titleKey="engagementform.dateLastMod">
<fmt:formatDate value="${engagementformList.dateLastMod}" pattern="dd/MM/yyyy"/>
<display:column sortProperty="dateRcvd" sortable="true" titleKey="engagementform.dateRcvd">
<fmt:formatDate value="${engagementformList.dateRcvd}" pattern="dd/MM/yyyy"/>
<display:column property="title" sortable="true" titleKey="engagementform.title"/>
<display:column property="requestorsName" sortable="true" titleKey="engagementform.requestorsName"/>
<display:column property="requestorsExtensionNo" sortable="true" titleKey="engagementform.requestorsExtensionNo"/>
     <display:column property="requestorsEmailId" sortable="true" titleKey="engagementform.requestorsEmailId"/>
<display:column property="LOB" sortable="true" titleKey="engagementform.LOB"/>
<display:column property="ITSolutionLeadsName" sortable="true" titleKey="engagementform.ITSolutionLeadsName"/>
<display:column property="ITSolutionLeadsExtensionNo" sortable="true" titleKey="engagementform.ITSolutionLeadsExtensionNo"/>
<display:column property="ITSolutionLeadsEmailId" sortable="true" titleKey="engagementform.ITSolutionLeadsEmailId"/>
<display:column property="solve" sortable="true" titleKey="engagementform.solve"/>
<display:column property="solveNumber" sortable="true" titleKey="engagementform.solveNumber"/>
<display:column property="typeofRequest" sortable="true" titleKey="engagementform.typeofRequest"/>
<display:column property="partOfProgram" sortable="true" titleKey="engagementform.partOfProgram"/>
<display:column property="reasonWorkRequired" sortable="true" titleKey="engagementform.reasonWorkRequired"/>
<display:column property="descriptionOfWorkRequired" sortable="true" titleKey="engagementform.descriptionOfWorkRequired"/>
<display:column property="impactIfChangeIsNotMade" sortable="true" titleKey="engagementform.impactIfChangeIsNotMade"/>
<display:column property="relatedProjectProgramActivity" sortable="true" titleKey="engagementform.relatedProjectProgramActivity"/>
<display:column property="quantifiedFinancialBenefits" sortable="true" titleKey="engagementform.quantifiedFinancialBenefits"/>
<display:column property="otherBenefits" sortable="true" titleKey="engagementform.otherBenefits"/>
<display:column property="funding" sortable="true" titleKey="engagementform.funding"/>
<display:column property="priority" sortable="true" titleKey="engagementform.priority"/>
<display:column property="priorityDate" sortable="true" titleKey="engagementform.priorityDate"/>
<display:column property="timingIssues" sortable="true" titleKey="engagementform.timingIssues"/>
<display:column property="alternativeSolutions" sortable="true" titleKey="engagementform.alternativeSolutions"/>
<display:column property="status" sortable="true" titleKey="engagementform.status"/>
<display:column property="username" sortable="true" titleKey="engagementform.username"/>
<%-- <display:column property="archived" sortable="true" titleKey="engagementform.archived"/> --%>
<display:column sortable="true" titleKey="engagementform.archived">
<input type="checkbox" name="archived" value="${}" >
<c:out value="${}" />
<display:setProperty name="paging.banner.item_name" value="engagementform"/>
<display:setProperty name="paging.banner.items_name" value="engagementforms"/>
<display:setProperty name="export.excel.filename" value="Engagementform List.xls"/>
<display:setProperty name="export.csv.filename" value="Engagementform List.csv"/>
<display:setProperty name="export.pdf.filename" value="Engagementform List.pdf"/>
<c:out value="${buttons}" escapeXml="false"/>
I ma not getting how will i collect all the reocrds that are marked for archiving in from this jsp and pass it to controller for archiving.
Can anybody have an idea about this or implemented this before.
Thanks in advance.

yes,but i am notegetting how will i collect all the records for which checkbox has checked im this jsp and how to pass that list of records from jsp to controller. :(

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    The fact that you can see the UFL under 'Additional Functions' tells me that the UFL is compiled as 32 bit. This is good for creating the report in the IDE which is 32 bit. But the app you are building is compiled as 64 bit. But there is no 64 bit UFL(?) that yo have built so far. So, two options;
    1) Build the UFL as "Any CPU". I am not sure if this will actually work. never tried this, but I do know that it is not possible to compile an app using the CR runtime as "Any CPU". E.g.; we always recommend to compile either as 32 bit and \ or 64 bit, not "Any CPU" This may be the case with the UFL, thus the next suggestion.
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    Hi Warre,
    Don't put the ufl into the \windows\system32 folder. Nothing should go there now.
    I doubt this will ever work in CR for Enterprise. It's a Java Designer so the only way to make it work is to create a Java UFL.
    Search for this KBA:
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    Try searching, there is a kbase article with a sample attached.
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    Problem is we no longer have the source code for that UFL and others, quite often they were written by Support people and therefore not saved into our code source system.

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    Is there any way to automatically update the subfolder structure (e.g. below a main project folder) every time we rerun the archive function???
    Otherwise this function is totally useless as any change in our Outlook folder structure is not reflected in the archiving functions, which means NEW folder and their contents are not archived!
    We have like 20 projects with different archive paths we now have to archive manually each time we backup.
    Thank you for your help!

    Go to the "Modeling" tab
    Go to the "Source Systems" object type
    Find your Source System
    Right-Click on the source system
    Choose 'Transfer Exchange Rates'.
    Your BW Administrators team should have this function set up as a daily batch process.

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    You can use the changeSelection(...) method to change the cell with focus.

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    Search this forum. You will find plenty of threads on the same...

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    I think you are trying to use a sql server window function here. If you are, then you could push this function to the DB itself, using EVALUATE() in OBIEE.
    Hope this helps.
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    Why is purge functionality alone present in all the modules??
    Akila Manikandan.

    There are two conditions that you should keep in mind while using the “Archive files with errors” option
    1.       The Processing Mode has to be Archive not Delete in case you are using the Add Time Stamp  for the archived files with errors(the second check option not the first one)
    2.       In case the processing mode is Delete you can not use the second ADD Time Stamp option but this also can archive files with errors

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    i searched for it and the file already exist.
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    Thank you.

    thank you very much. It solved the issue.
    Earlier the vb6 dll was registered using an a/c id different than the one to login to Crystal Enterprise server from .Net code.
    Now copied the dll to 'c:\Program Files\Business Objects\common\3.5\bin\ on the server and ran,
    *regsvr32  c:\Program Files\Business Objects\common\3.5\bin\crufltest.dll and it woorked.*

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    UFL u2lpdmtime.dll that implements this function is missing.
    I get this error when I try to run an a report.
    I just installed Crystal Reports Version 11 on my machine.

    I am getting a similar error message in a 3rd-party program (LDRPS 10, SunGard, Inc.) that uses CR XI R2:
    "UFL 'u2lsamp1.dll' that implements this function is missing.
    Error in File C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\47b92342-bfee-4784-bad0-28a6825f3b28
    Error in formula <WorkCalled>.
    'If Not IsNull({Employee.pkEmployee}) Then
    UFL 'u2lsamp1.dll' that implements this function is missing."
    It only happens if I run the report as part of a Table of Contents with other reports. It works fine if I run it by itself.
    I will let you know if I find out anything useful from the 3rd-party developer.

  • How to implement web functionality in OBIEE.

    Please help me in how to implement " web functionality" in OBIEE. Also need ur sugegstions for the below features while implement.
    a.Full set of features

    Java  jdk-1_5_0_06-windows-i586-p.exe
    1.     Copy file in to your local drive, extract it and run setup file
    2.     For the documentation in to your local machine, extract and explore
    1.     Copy installation files into your local machine
    2.     Install JAVA/JDK
    4.     Install OBIEE
    5.     Explore OBIEE physical folders
    6.     Explore OBIEE installed components
    7.     Create some sample reports and charts.
    or else see the below link for installation

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