Implementing Search functionality on Database Table

Hi Experts,
I am working with webcenter sites 11gR1.
I would like to implement search functionality in our Site on a  Specific DataBase table.
could you please let us know the best solution.
Thanks in Advance
Rajendar Pilli.

Hi Jay,
Thanks for your response and help. 
1)Both the ways are fine with me. Could you please suggest me know the best way.
2)And, if i want search on a  table which is not an "AssetType" table , is it possible?
(Means,i want implement one search in my site that can search the data only in non Assettype table).
Could you please provide your valuable help ASAP.
Thanks in Advance,
Rajendar Pilli.

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  • Searching through a database table from a java GUI

    i've created a java GUI using Netbeans which connects to a derby database. a table from this database is placed in my GUI, containing some text in all its rows. Now, i want to create a search function that will look for a given string of text through this table and output the results somewhere. can anyone please give me some tips on how i might go about doing this?

    You may put a radio button or check box next to the column name.
    You can also put a drop down list contains option "start by", "end by", "contains" matched to SQL like statement, '%XX', 'XX%' and '%XX' respectively.
    You may also make the column name as a button which user can selected the ordering preference - ascending, descending, default.

  • How to implement copy functionality in advanced table

    hi all, i have a advanced table with some data populated, all the rows has a checkbox where the user can select the rows which he wants, my requirement is how to implement copy functionality, i,e i need to show the same set of rows which the user selected in the same advanced table. can any one give me an idea of how to do this

    You can copy the key of the selected rows to the copy page and based on those keys render the rows. On this copy page, once user commits after any modification to data, read those rows and save with new keys.

  • How to implement settings function in std table ?

    Hi All,
          Alv table is having setting functionality by default . I need to provide the similar functionality in standard table . Is there any way for that ? . If any knows , how to do that , please provide me the steps .
    Kalpana .

    We dont have exact functionalities of Table settings in normal table.But some useful functionalities we have those are
    1. To create the header( set_header & get_header).
    2. To set text( set_text & get_text).
    3. Set_visible.
    4. set_tooltip.
    5. set-read_only
    6. set_toolbar & get_toolbar
    you can achieve maximum functionalities using cl_wd_table if in case you want to use table instead of table.

  • Queries regarding search functionality.

    Hi All, We have to implement Search functionality for a custom webcenter portal.
    Customer does not have SES product so we are trying to see how we can use search without SES.
    I see in dev guide we have two options for search
    ■ Oracle Secure Enterprise Search (SES) adapter
    ■ Oracle WebCenter Portal live search adapters
    We want to use second one 'Oracle WebCenter Portal live search adapters'.
    Here are my doubts regarding this
    1. I believe it can search for UCM documents. Is there any way to specify that certain kind of documents should not appear in search. For example customer mainly using content presenter and sitestudio to contribute content. CDF files are pure xml files and we don't want them to appear in search.
    2. At designtime our pages are almost blank. They only have PageCustomizable and PanelCustomizable components. Sometime a content presenter task-flow. End user is contributing to pages at runtime. Actual content of page reside in UCM in form of CDF files. Now if user performs a search, it should search for pages with content and it should list down the page. Is it possible? I believe it should be the default behavior. Right?
    3. We have some links, discussion, wiki etc also, I believe 'live search adapter' will be able to search those as well.
    4. There is some data that we maintain in our custom tables. Is there any way we can customize search to look into those tables as well.

    Hello SolMan Gurus,
    Pls help me.
    Does anybody have any idea about why the search functionality is not working when we try to select the Biz Scenarios from the Biz Process Repository?
    Any configuration needs to be done for the search functionality to work?
    Are is that a known issue with SolMan?
    Pls advise.
    best regds,

  • OWC PS5 - Content Presenter - Search functionality in custom list template

    We have created a custom list template for displaying the contents and use this custom list template in the content presenter task flow.
    We would need to implement Search functionality in the custom template.
    Any pointers on how to achieve this?

    Sorry to see that this post hasn't had a response from the search team for so long.
    1 Search will not find content in portlets (for instance page portlets).
    That is correct. The content of portlets may be different for each user so indexing this content can provide misleading results. However, if you only need to index public content, Oracle Ultrasearch can be used to index all portal content, including that displayed through portlets.
    2 If Search Results Type in a custom search portlet is set to Pages, the search will be made in page display name, page keywords and page description. It will not search for item content.
    Searching for pages checks the following pieces of metadata:
    page name & display name
    all custom text attributes associated with the page type
    all custom url attributes associated with the page type
    all custom file attributes associated with the page type
    Items will not be searched but again, its possible to index the entire page using Ultrasearch.
    3 It is not possible to search for items but get found item's page links as results.
    This is incorrect. The custom search portlet allows the administrator to select the attributes that should be displayed from the search portlet's "edit-defaults" screens. From here, its possible to select the "page" attribute to be displayed with the search results. This means that you can search for items and then click on a link to go to the page on which the item resides.
    Various improvements have been made for 9.0.4, including better control over the display of page results.

  • Sort up down icon missing after implementing sort functionality

    I have implemented sort functionality for a table, and it is working fine, but there is no sortable icon available on the table column.
    The icon with the up/down arrow is missing. Once the sorting is over, the sorted icon apears on the screen. But the up/down sort icon should appear on the column header so that it is intutive and people know that the table columns are sortable.
    What am i doing wrong ? How can I get the icon ?
    Thank you.
    Warm regards,

    This is really important, The sort functionality is working fine but the up and down arrow icon is missing on the table.
    Does anyone know how I can enable this icon ?

  • What is the Function MOdule that returns the fields in database table order

    Hello Folks
      I have a dynamic internal table with fields ( which are not in order). I want to display them in the order of which they are present in the database table? Is there any function module that returns the fields in database order?
    FAQ. Please search before posting your question.
    Edited by: Suhas Saha on Oct 10, 2011 10:19 PM

    You can use this BAPI.
    Reward if useful.

  • How to implement "SelectAll" function in table view?

    hi, experts
    i want to implement "SelectAll" function in table view, just like the SelectAll function in ALV,how to do?
    and, can table view has it's tool bar ,may be on top of it.
    pls help and thanks a lot!!

    Search this forum. You will find plenty of threads on the same...

  • How to implement a page showing different database tables

    I am wondering what is the best way to implement the following task:
    On the left side of a page, there are two Listboxes. On the right side of the page, I want to display different database tables depending on the selected value from those two Listboxes.

    I am wondering what is the best way to implement the
    following task:
    On the left side of a page, there are two Listboxes.
    On the right side of the page, I want to display
    different database tables depending on the selected
    value from those two Listboxes.A Data Table component isn't really designed to dynamically swap which database table you're binding too (and therefore which set of columns you will display) under the covers. Here are a couple of general strategies to consider for accomplishing your functional requirements:
    * Create a separate Data Table component for each possible database table, all on the same page, and dynamically set the "rendered" property of the selected Data Table to true, while setting it to false for all other Data Tables. That way, only the corect one will be shown.
    * Create a separate page for each Data Table, using a similar look and feel so that it appears to the user like it's all the same page. To save cutting and pasting the list components, put them in a JSP Page Fragment so they can be reused on each page. ((SIDE NOTE: This is a very common technique for simulating what looks like tabbed panes, but where the implementation actually uses separate pages.))
    * Use frames so that the left frame (containing the list boxes) stays the same, and the right frame switches to a different page for each of the tables. This is essentially another way to share the list components across the pages.
    * Abandon all the ease-of-use stuff Creator provides for binding to data tables, and write code that programmatically erases all the old child components and creates new ones. This is the sort of thing you'd need to do for a "SQL BROWSER" sort of application, where the set of columns is not known ahead of time.
    Craig McClanahan

  • I have a column where I have implemented writeback, its working fine. On top of this I need to show 0 as No and 1 as yes in our report, that is also done. Now I want to enter Yes in a column where it was no and I want database table to get update with 1.

    I have a column where I have implemented writeback, its working fine. On top of this I need to show 0 as No and 1 as yes in our report, that is also done. Now I want to enter Yes in a column where it was no and I want database table to get update with 1. I am not sure how to do it. SOmeone please help me out.

    Hi ,
    In your write back XML  try the below  query insert
    INSERT INTO TABLE_XYZ (attribute1)  values (SELECT CASE  WHEN @{C1}=’Yes’ then 1 when @{C1}=’No’ then 0 else null end from dual)

  • Search Functionality not working in The Solution database

    I habv currently configured Solution Database on my server . It is is getting updated by the Action Profile .
    Now when i am trying to serch for any  soultion , I am not able to search , also the Radiobutton ( Add to cart ) is not active in my case
    Any anwers for this
    Uday Borse

    like to know did you manage to resolve your request, If yes please advise since i have the same issue, Trans CRMM_SEARCH the search function is working fine. But i'm unable to do a search via IS01
    any answers?
    your request below
    I habv currently configured Solution Database on my server . It is is getting updated by the Action Profile .
    Now when i am trying to serch for any soultion , I am not able to search , also the Radiobutton ( Add to cart ) is not active in my case
    Any anwers for this
    Uday Borse"

  • Creation of Database table using function module DB_CREATE_TABLE

    I used the function module DB_CREATE_TABLE to create a database table from a report program.
    The SY-SUBRC value being returned is 0 but I am not able to access the table using SE11(that is if it gets created). Kindly let me know if you know how to resolve this problem.
    Is there any other function module to create a database table from a report program?
    Thanks & Regards,

    Check this programs how they are using the this FM.
    LSDB6U04                               DD: Creation of temporary tables (only keys or complete)
    LSMC2F00                               Procedures for Creating and Deleting Dependent Matchcode ID Objects
    LSUGXU18                             Rückgabe aller DB-spezifischen Parameter der Freiplatzprüfung im Upgra
    RCNV0002                               DD: Convert CDHDR and CDPOS
    RDDMV4TB                               Generate Exchange TADIR
    RDDMVCUA                               Generate Exchange TADIR
    RDDMVFTX                               Repository Switch: Generate New Empty Clone Table DDFTX
    RDDMVNTB                               Filling the Exchange Nametabs (DDYTT, DDYTF)
    RDDMVTRE                               Generate Exchange TADIR
    RSINFINI                               INFORMIX Performance Monitor: Additional DB Definitions for SAP R/3
    RTXWCF1F                               Include LTXW4F01

  • Search static pages AND database tables

    I'm working on a project in which I have static content
    pages, plus I'm creating a set of dynamic pages that display jobs
    and events listings etc. The dynamic pages are going to run off an
    access database.
    I'm need to create a search facility on the site. At present
    I'm planning to use a drop down box (or radio buttons ?) to allow
    the user to select which part of the site to search (main site,
    jobs or events), the selection will determine which search page the
    form query is passed to (site text search or database query search
    Am I approaching this correctly.
    Can anyone comment on possibly a better or alternative way of
    providing such a search option ? (searching both static pages and
    database tables)
    Thanks in advance.

    I guess something like <cffile action="read"
    file="C:\docs\shopping.html" variable="shoppingList">. Is there
    a way to do multiple files at once?

  • BSP page for Search Function in  Solution Database

    I would like to know if there is an BSP available for the Search Function in Soltution Database. If yes then i would like to know what is the name of the BSP.

    Dear friend,
    Have you done all the customizing via spro->scenario specific->service desk->solution database.
    There is a note SAP note 951145
    also you have to build the index..check via SAF tool...all the doc is there in IMG.
    Secondly...there is also a troubleshooting option.....
    This will help u....
    Pls assign pts

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