Import PSE 3 catalog & images into PSE 9

I have a new PC (Windows 7 64 bit), with the trial download of PE9 (and Premiere Elements 9) installed.  My old PC is Windows XP 32 bit with PSE3 (and Premiere Elements 1) installed.  The images are in "My Pictures" in the old XP PC, generally in date folders but with some folders with names not in the date sequence.   I have a full backup of my photo images made using Photoshop PSE3 backup onto an external hard drive.
To check that my camera is recognised by the new PC I first downloaded images from my camera onto the new PC, and these have automatically been fetched into the Organizer catalog.  I have not yet formed any albums, or done anything else in Organiser or Editor.
Now, how do I import the catalog (and images) created with PSE3 from the external hard drive into the new PC, so that the folders are in My Pictures in the same format?  I have looked in Help and in Forums and seen comments about importing and converting from earlier versions of PSE to PSE 9, but it's not clear to me how to do this - can you please advise?
I have also downloaded some short video clips from my camcorder using Premiers Elements 9 trial.  These clips appear in Organiser in the Albums pane under a heading of Video Projects.  Does Organiser automatically put all video clips (or video projects) into Organiser in "Video Projects", and can this be disabled or  customised at all?  It seems at first a bit odd to me that Video clips and Still images are all in the same pane.
Thanks in anticipation of your help.

On the new computer, in PSE9, select File->Restore Catalog, and point it to the backup you made from PSE3. You will be given several options about restoring the photos, including one that is to original directory location.
More details are here: (which was written for PSE6, but applies to later versions of PSE as well)

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    how do  i import a jpeg image into premier elements 12?

    Just for background information, what computer operating system is your Premiere Elements 12 running on?
    The generalized answer is Add Media/Files and Folders/Projects Assets from where you drag the photo to the Expert view Timeline.
    But all that can generate a mountain of questions about the photo and the project into which it will be going
    a. what are the pixel dimensions of the photo - will or will I not have to resize or crop/resize the photo for the project
    b. is the photo going into a project that will consist of photos and videos
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    d. that leads to questions on the best size to have your photo before you import them into this project.
    So, one simple question generates a lot of side questions.
    Please let us know how we might help to sort out the details for your Premiere Elements workflow and its source media.
    Thank you.


    I have just got my self a Nikon D80 and find that I cannon import the NEF(RAW) images into iphoto6 - the files are not recognised - if I shoot in jpeg format it is fine
    Bit of a disappointment as I was really excited to see what the ophotos would come out like! I have not imported the software that came with the camera - but I didnt think that was necessary.
    Any help gratefully received

    What kind of computer do you have? What version of the OS? What version of iPhoto? Have you applied the RAW updates from

  • Incorrect colors after importing a RAW image into LR

    I shoot in RAW mode using Canon EOS 400D.
    After importing RAW images into LR, EVERY image I shot gets oversaturated with green-yellow colors. If I open same image in C1 Pro colors look fine.
    If I change shooting mode on my camera to JPG (using sRGB color space) and import image into LR, colors look same as on RAW image in C1 Pro. All settings in LR and C1 Pro are set to default.
    My guess is that LR applies wrong (camera?) profile when it imports a RAW image. I don't think it's a difference in RAW converters, because the difference in colors is really huge.
    In the Camera Calibration panel I see ACR 3.6 profile selected and all settings are set to 0. Using sliders I can correct colors on image, but I failed to make a generic preset that could be applied on all imported RAW images.
    My monitor (Samsung 940BF) is setup to use manufacturer ICC profile. I tried to change it to sRGB or Adobe RGB, it doesn't help. I'm running Windows XP SP2.
    Any thoughts on how to return colors back to normal?
    Here are 2 examples of the same image converted by:
    1. LR
    2. C1 Pro

    there is no such options as "import settings into LR" you have to put the ACR-settings-file into the "~/Library/Adobe Lightroom/Develop Presets" folder (on a Mac). I think in the end its faster to just copy the numbers manually from ACR and save the preset from within LR.
    No, I don't think that calibrating has anything to do with profiles, at least not from what I understand as a profile (like sRGB or ProPhoto profile). It is kind of changing the stored default calibration values for a given camera type (something which one of course could also call a profile). It is definitive not like doing any double profiling or so.
    @Lee Jay,
    on different forums you can find values for ACR camera calibration of different cameras, googling should reveal some. Problem is that the numbers for the calibration change with the lens and, more important, there seems to be a lot of leeway regarding the behaviour of individual cameras of the same model. I found a lot of numbers on the net which didn't work with my D70, in the end I had to calibrate it myself. But your experience might differ, so I would suggest that you just have a look at what google offers.
    One last thing: You don't need to buy a PS version which is compatible with ACR 3.7 or 4.0. You can use the 30 day trial version of PS for this. Afterall you most probably only need to calibrate each camera once and I doubt that Adobe disapproves this use of a trial version as long as it helps to sell LR. ;-)

  • Importing Photoshop RAW images into Aperture

    When I import Photoshop RAW images that I have made adjustments to, into my Aperture library, they show up as the original RAW files and not with my adjustments. Is there a way to get the RAW adjustments imported as well.
    The only reason I need to import them into Aperture is to post them in a web gallery. Or is there a way to create a ME web gallery directly from Photoshop files? How about creating a ME web gallery directly from Lightroom? Anybody have a clue?)
    (Btw, in attemtpting to research this topic, I find I am totally unable to do a search of the discussions. Even with a search word like "Aperture", I get no messages. Not matter what search word I enter I get no messages found. ???)

    Thanks for the reply Allen.
    I am saving them all as TIFFS now. I was just trying to avoid that time-consuming step. I do not really need them as TIFFS right now. It is to show edited RAW files to a client. Later, when selections are made, I would save that much smaller number of images as TIFFS. But it seems that there is no other way to import the RAW files with the edits into Aperture.
    I used to create all of my web albums for clients in PS. But once I got a .mac account, I love and prefer the look of the .mac web galleries. But of course that necessitated importing all my PS files into either iPhoto (not an option) or Aperture. But can these PS web galleries be exported to a .mac web gallery?
    Jim Cox

  • Batch importing tga still images into iMovie HD 6

    I need to import a whole series of still images that are stored as *.tga files so I can edit them together, frame by frame, into a moving sequence. I have tried importing them into my iMove HD and I get a 5 second frame that is red.
    My questions are this:
    1) How do I batch import all the stills into iMovie
    2) How do I ensure each still that is imported runs for only 1 frame as opposed to the default 5 seconds? (I can't seem to find how to change the duration of all stills that are imported anywhere and the idea of editing each of the hundreds of images I need to import to run only 1 frame doesn't seem like the easiest way of working
    3) How do I ensure my iMove HD can play the still instead of showing the still covered in a red colour wash?

    Hi, I realize this is a little late, but a few days ago I found this link.
    Basically, you just have to make sure your images are in either JPEG or TIFF format. I converted my BMP photos to JPEG and the problem was solved.
    iMac G5   Mac OS X (10.4.9)  

  • Importing CMYK still images into PE12

    I am very disappointed that Premiere Elements 12 does not import CMYK still images as it is time consuming to have to keep converting to RGB. Does Adobe propose to remedy this? Also, a 'generic failure' message is not exactly helpful. And it would also be helpful it the official Adobe list of acceptable files made it clear that CMYK coulod not be imported. I always thought that Adobe were experts when it came to file formats. How would we manage without Adobe Photoshop?

    rogerinlymm wrote:
    Ooops, sorry if I'm in the wrong forum after all that!! To be honest, I hadn't even realised there was a Photoshop Elements as I use the full Photoshop myself. But I'm even more surprised at the suggestion that Photoshop Elements will also not accept CMYK files as even hobbyists presumably often use Photoshop Elements for print for which CMYK is better.
    You are wrong. Hobbyist very rarely use CMYK for excellent reasons. First, CMYK is the normal color model when you want to print on professionnal offets presses or similar. That's not a common output for hobbyists... whether they use home printers, local labs or web labs, RGB is required. If you send CMYK to those devices, they will convert to RGB before using their own color model which may be a variant of CMYK...
    Since you are starting with RGB from your cameras, any conversion will lose information. CMYK is inferior in that case.
    Presumably Abobe's view is that people who want CMYK should stop grumbling and buy for the 'full' programme, whether it is Photoshop Elements or Premiere Elements. Not very helpful!
    There, I think you are right

  • PS Elements 5 (Making images clearer and importing images into PSE)

    My boss just took a class on elements 5. He said that his instructor brought up a slighlty below average photograph of a fish in a tank and instantly made it clearer and brighter in just a few clicks. Could you tell me the steps to do that?
    Also, he says he is sick of going on his desktop to get his photos. Is there a way you can import them into PS Elements 5.0, so that they are right there in the program on the right?
    Please let me know when you can. I really appreciate the guidance.

    Hi L.S.
    The problem with something like that is... the person doing the instruction
    could take what is called a "stock image" that is used to demonstrate a
    "fix" technique. This technique, as I think Colin is pointing out won't
    necessarily work for another image.
    As for the images on the desktop, PSE can move images for you, but it sounds
    like you might want to take a course in Windows so that you understand how
    to move files around.
    If you are thinking of something specific, we can definitely help you
    here... just tell us what you want to do... for example "fix a picture" is
    not really that specific, but "lighten" or "darken" colours is a little
    easier for us to help you with.

  • I can't open image files, or even drag images into PSE 12 Editor

    So, this is very weird.  I had PSE 10.  About a week ago, it suddenly developed weird problems.  Like, it wouldn't let me use Auto Levels, or let me crop an image, etc. 
    In frustration tonight, I bought PSE 12.  Same exact problem, except worse.  It literally won't let me open a JPG file.  
    I can use the File -> Open menu.  I'm on a PC, so the usual file opening dialog appears.  I select a JPG and click Open.  And... nothing.  The window closes, I'm back in the editor, but nothing's happened.  (Oddly enough, it does appear in the "Open Recently Edited File" menu, but can't open it from there, either.)
    I've tried dragging a JPG from a browser onto the editor's workspace.  Doesn't work.
    Anyone have any ideas?

    Bueller?  Bueller?  I'm frustrated that I just spent $99 to upgrade and I am completely unable to use my software.  I have work to do!
    According to the Customer Support page, this forum is the "best way to contact us" and "Our community and staff are at your service 24/7".  Is that not correct?

  • How do I scan an image into PSE 11?

    I have moved the legacy Twain plug-in into the Plug-Ins folder, but the "File > Import" menu still just shows "Frame from Video".

      You can scan directly into the Organizer but need to do the set-up in Prefs from the Organizer menu:
    Edit >> Preferences >> Scanner
    Then use the menu:
    File >> Get Photos >> From Scanner (Ctrl+U)
    Your scanner software should open on top of the Organizer interface.

  • Cant import NEF RAW images into Photoshop Elements 9.

    before anyone says i have the updated camera raw plug in because i have already looked so it should work, but it doesnt.
    i took the images with the Nikon D3200 i NEF RAW format.
    but photoshop kept on saying that the format was not supported, i was opening them up through FILE, OPEN, then i was browsing for the photos, but it would keep ion saying that the file was not supported.
    but then i saw some where that you ha to open the image up through OPEN AS, so i did it that way, and for a moment it looked like it was working but then photoshop elements 9 crashed and it said it couldnt open up the image due to problem, can someone help me.
    for the time being i will just use the JPEG images because i took and NEF RAW image and a JPEG image at the same time, which later on i will just replace the image with the NEF RAW image when i get it to work.
    but until then cam some one help me try to get it to work, thank you.

    before anyone says i have the updated camera raw plug in because i have already looked so it should work, but it doesnt.
    The problem is that PSE9 will not support the version of camera raw that is needed for D3200 RAW files.
    To make use of these D3200 RAW files, you need to download the FREE Adobe DNG Converter (version 8.2) and then use that software to convert the RAW to DNG.
    Alternatively, you could purchase PSE 12, and then your D3200 RAW files will open properly without need for a converter.

  • I have a Canon EOS T2i Camera and I want to import the RAW images into Aperture.  How do I import them as RAW images instead of jpeg ?

    How do I import RAW images from my Canon EOS T2i camera into Aperture and have them show up as RAW images and not jpeg images?

    See the list of supported raw formats:
    The footnote ** for the cameras  EOS Rebel T2i EF-S / 550D / Kiss X4**  says, that the raw format is only supported with Aperture 3. So you will have to upgrade to Aperture 3, to be able to import the raw from from your camera.

  • Keep transitions intact when importing mult. iPhoto images into iMovie HD?

    Is it possible to import a completed iPhoto album show with hundreds of images with random transitions between each into iMovie while still keeping the random transitions between the iPhoto images intact?
    If not, is there a way to select random transitions between the still images in iMovie once they get there rather than select and create each and every one of the transitions myself?

    Because iMovie and iPhoto serve different purposes, each has features not found in the other. There is no way in iMovie to automatically add random transitions to slideshows, for example, while iPhoto offers that feature. (In iMovie, the assumption is the user wants absolute control over such features, wants to control each frame of the slideshow.)
    That doesn't prevent you from having your cake and eating it too, however. Remember, many of the iLife apps allow you move stuff around between them.
    For example, you can create a slideshow containing random transitions in iPhoto, export it to a QuickTime movie, import that movie to iMovie, add titles and songs, add some video from a video camera, add a voiceover narration, add some Chapter Markers, add an iMovie theme to introduce each chapter, then send the iMovie project off to iDVD to burn a DVD that plays on a TV.
    So, check out the File > Export command in iPhoto. Set the exported movie to 640x480. The command will export your iPhoto slideshow to an MPEG-4 type QuickTime movie. Create a new MPEG-4 type iMovie project and import that movie to it. (Use the disclosure arrow towards the bottom of the window where you name the new iMovie project to select the MPEG-4 project type.)

  • Importing full-page images into iBooks Author (without image degradation)

    Hi ,, I have had little success importing images created with paint programs such as Corel Sketchpad, Photoshop, Corel Painter, etc. Everything seems to work just fine, but there are pixelated artifacts in the final image that shows on the iPad. I create the orginal images at 1024 x 768 ... and save them as high-qulaity jpgs and pngs .... but still poor qualiting especially where large blocks of solid colors are adjacent to one another.
    When I use a vector program such as Flash or Illustrator and export those images as jpgs ... they look perfect on my iPad. I don't want to use a vector program however ... I want to use paint programs.
    Anyway have success with paint program images? If so, what is your step-by-step process? Hopefully Apple will fix this bug so that paint program's exported jpgs don't have pixelated artifacts at edge areas. There is also a very noticeable color shift in the imported image .. much ligher and less saturated colors.
    In the image below you can see the imported image showing artifacts and the orignal image is not showing artifacts.
    Thanks, Frank

    An iPad 2 screen is 132 - new ipad is 264.
    In cases where you're seeing noticable degradation I wouldn't work with less than 132.
    Start high and reduce....don't try to make low do something it can't by simply adjusting the resolution up.
    I tend to avoid those 'paint programs' And remember, this isn't just about iBooks Author....iOS does the heavy lifting, but sure, it can only do as good as iBA spits out. I think they're working to trim the sails on compression etc. and it will only get better over time.
    The @2x scheme is working well for iOS - I have some stunning graphics for the new iPad in my latest app.
    Good luck.

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