Importing edited/saved Garageband instruments from earlier version

I am wondering how to import the old instruments I created on a previous version of Garageband in GB '09, since it doesn't seem that the new version works from a Library. I have the .cst files in a library file that I named "GarageBand," (with the Master/Real/Software sub-folders) but no idea how to get GB to read these.

I don't know what you mean by "it doesn't seem that the new version works from a Library" - but GB sure uses the instruments in the Libary folders, both in your user Library and in the general Library folder. Your presets have to go into the proper subfolders in User/Library/Application Support/GarageBand/Instrument Library. Or in the HD/Library... folder, then they are available for all users.

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  • Opening projects in CS4 from earlier versions of Premiere

    I have various projects in Premiere 2.0. They work fine.
    I tried opening one in Premiere CS4. It mostly works, but I found a small hickup where a transition (cross disolve) is quite messed up. Otherwise, it seems the project is playing the same in CS4.
    My question is: how accurate is it to open projects in CS4 from an earlier version? I don't really want to have to go through every second of every project to make sure it works properly, yet I would like to upgrade to CS4.
    What's the normal protocol for this? I'm sure people deal with having to open projects from earlier version of Premiere all the time.

    Thanks for your answer -- it's helpful. I will follow your advice.
    What blows my mind is what the legions of editors out there do when they have to old up an old project? This must happen all the time!
    Do editors have to maintain two machines -- one with the old version of Premiere to open up their old project, and another machine to work on new projects? Oh, I guess they need one machine for each version they've ever created a Premiere project in. That's like 5 machines.
    Seriously, what to people do when they have to open up an old project for whatever reason? It's seems like if you open it up in the latest version of Premiere, you would have to go through every second of the project very carefully to make sure there are errors introduced -- way time consuming.

  • I installed the InDesign CC Testversion and now i try to open INDD-Files from earlier Version. Always i get the error "This file is made by an earlier Version...." but it´s CC that is the latest Version. What is the problem ? Should i have to convert the

    I installed the InDesign CC Testversion and now i try to open INDD-Files from earlier Version. Always i get the error "This file is made by an earlier Version...." but it´s CC that is the latest Version. What is the problem ? Should i have to convert the files ?

    Adobe has been using confusing version names for at least five years.
    There are now two versions labeled CC, version 9 and version 10 (also known as CC 2014). Version 10 is the latest, and if you attempt to open a version 10 file in Version 9 that is not fully patched you will get an error message telling you that the file cannot be opened. The latest patch for version 9 should use a cloud-based service at Adobe to convert version 10 files to IDML and allow you to open that.
    I suspect you may be using an older operating system. Version 10 requires that your system runs at least OS X 10.7 or Windows 7 SP1 and if you are not it will not even be offered to you.

  • Updating projects from earlier versions of FCPX to FCPX 10.01.3. FCP does'nt see the project i want to update.

    I've successfully updated projects that were already in previous version libraries, but have some archived ones from earlier versions of FCPX which the program does not see to update. Any ideas on how to do this!

    I am assuming you mean projects from 10.0.x
    You need to place them in the traditional location "Final Cut Projects" (at the root of an external drive or inside your Movies folder), and likewise your events inside a folder "Final Cut Events".
    Then use File->Update Projects and Events...

  • How do i import albums from earlier version

    how do i import albums from earlier version

    Import your bookmarks from IE. <br />
    PlainOld Favorites needs to be fixed for Firefox 22 by the developer of that extension, who had sufficient notice about the changes which were originally slated to be in Firefox 21 - six weeks ago, at least.

  • Missing title from earlier version

    Hello Apple, iMovie community,
    I am strageling to find a very useful 'title' animation that was once used in iMovie software.In the new one and in Final Cut I could not find it anymore.
    If I import an old iMovie project which has this 'title' and would like to edit it, iMovie crashes.
    Here is a link to a clip containing the above 'title':
    Could you help finding a way to use this 'title' animation again?
    Any help appreciated.

    The one problem with sending files from my, or anyone's, copy of PrE is that all of that material is © by Adobe Systems. They are not mine, per se, to send.
    When I am sent such files, usually Menu Sets in PSD, from versions of PrE, or Encore that I do not own, to test for the Forum, I Delete those, as soon as my testing is complete, as I do not have the rights to use those files - only if I had the version of the Adobe program, from which they came.
    I do not recall if the Additional Functional Content is available as a second install from the physical media discs in PrE 8 (never had that version), or whether it will install if another, later version of PrE is installed on a system, but if you have either the physical, or the second of the two download files, you might try to install that Additional Functional Content. One consideration is whether this Generic1 Title is in the limited Functional Content, that is installed WITH PrE, or is in the CAB (or other file type), in the Additional Functional Content.
    Knowing that it IS in PrE 4.0 does not answer the above question. Heck, until ATR did his research, I never thought that it might be in my older version, but with the PNG (necessary to display the PRTL file in the Library Display) elsewhere. Thanks to ATR for that work, and info. Not sure if that points to a mistake on Adobe's part, of if it is "hidden" for some other reason? We will probably never know.
    Why it was removed from later versions is just the way it happens. Adobe will add Additional Functional Content, from time to time, and will remove some, that they deem to no longer be useful. Though smallish files, they DO take up HDD space, and as most Additional Functional Content is now on Adobe hosted servers, I feel that someone decided that that particular Title was no longer popular enough to include.
    Good luck,

  • Edit pdf's with an earlier version?

    howdy!  tried to do some searches but came up empty.  If I have Adobe X and create a pdf with it--can I edit (even with limited functionality) that pdf with an earlier version? like 8?

    If the pdf can be read in Acrobat 8, it can be edited (as long as you are not talking about portfolios).

  • Template From Earlier Version

    My website was created using Dreamweaver MX in 2004 by someone who is no longer with our company. I am attempting to revise the site. I have loaded DW CS4 and am operating on Windows XP. I have created new pages using a template from MX version. The pages show up in my design view and in the local file list. They appear on the remote file list but the size says 0 KB (they say 10 KB on the local list). When I sync them, it says it works. When I "put" them for the upload, they will not. Is there a problem with using the template from the older version? Note: changes I made to existing pages (also created by this same template) upload fine and appear on the website.

    When it asked if you want to put dependent files, it is asking if you want to upload any linked/imported css files,
    any graphic files that might be used on the page, etc.
    I you insert an image into a page, you will have to upload that to the webserver (ftp). If you select yes to put dependent files, then that is done for you by DW, otherwise, you will have to do it manually (select the file in the "files" menu and "put".
    If your pages are on the web server, then it sounds like DW is doing what it is supposed to.

  • Keyword problem - assigned kw from earlier versions won't work in 1.3

    All of my images are organized by keywords and I've just noticed that most of the keywords assigned in earlier versions of LR are not working. The keyword palette is there, it says there's x amount of photos with each keyword, a thumbnail displays in the navigator window but nothing shows up in the main Library view. I get the message "no photos match this filter".
    Any ideas? I really don't want to have to go through and re-keyword everything.
    I have tried optimizing the db, and also selected all photos and hit Ctrl-S to write metadata and still no go.

    Now I feel like an idiot. I had a filter on. Thanks Kenneth.

  • Saving Indy file to earlier version

    I have CS3 and would like to share Indesign files with soemone who has CS2 - can I save back to an earlier version, or can they do anything that would enable them to open the file?

    Export your document as INX (InDesign Interchange) and provide that
    along with all of your linked file.
    The CS2 use MUST be fully patched to 4.0.5. The text if very likely to
    reflow, any new features in CS3 will be lost (text variables) or badly
    mangled (number/bullet lists).
    Not recommended for collaborative workflow.

  • GarageBand 3 is missing 3 loops from earlier versions

    I did a clean install of Garageband 3 (hid my old GBand 1&2 loops folder), and then compared the two folders.
    There are three loops missing from GBand3 that are present in my older loop folder:
    Club Dance Beat 052.aif
    Plucky Guitar Loop 01.aif
    Plucky Guitar Loop 02.aif
    Can anyone confirm this ommission? Why did they cut these out?

    there are also some quirks like missing AIFs
    "live funk horns " which i have working in GB2 on another G5 but not to be found in GB3... cannot understand this since the same samples/instruments are in both but this software instrument will not GB3 on 10.4.4 on a new QUAD

  • PS Elements Album import from earlier version

    I just upgraded to elements 12 from 8.
    Besides not being as intuitive as version 8 was, my Album titles have been imported but nothing displays when you click on it and if you try to drag a photo to it get an error with no explanation as to cause.
    tags don't seem to acts consistently either
    All the above is on a windows Vista Ultimate 64

    First off, have you tried updating to 12.1 ? - select Updates from the Help menu
    When looking at the thumbnail grid, do you have Media tab selected at the top? If you click on one of your album names do you get the message "No media to be displayed"?
    It could be that you have a filter applied. Click on the All Media button at the top and then click on the album name again.
    The problem with trying to add a new image into an existing album is usually resolved by first creating a new dummy album. You don't need to add anything to it and you can delete it later but it should then allow you to move new images into the album.
    The way you filter by tags has changed since version 8. In version 12, if you hover over a keyword tag, you will see a small > appear to the right, click on that to select that tag as a filter.
    Hope that helps

  • How to import bookmark bar shortcuts from earlier version to 4 beta 12?

    Is there a way to import my bookmark bar shortcuts?

    OK finally I have an answer:
    Open CP7 File with Default & custom styles
    Copy all slides
    Create new CP8 file & save
    Paste all slides to this new file & save
    Object Style Manager : Export all styles of all objects
    Create / Open a CP8 file
    Object Style Manager : Import styles created in step 5

  • InDesign CS6 can't read EPS files from earlier version of InDesign

    I have a series of six violin method books (Kaleidoscopes for Violin) that I created in InDesign CS2. 
    Having now upgraded to InDesign CS6, all of the EPS files used in these books -- hundreds and hundreds of files -- are unreadable by the program.  I receive the error message, "Error encountered while reading TIFF image. Image may be damaged or incompatible. Resave the image with different settings and try again."
    Another user, ratgui, reported this problem on February 2, 2013 (two months ago) and has received no response.  This user's files are also music files, imported from InDesign CS4 (more recent than mine).
    Needless to say, there is nothing wrong with my EPS files, given that every single one of them was read correctly (and is still read correctly) by the older, supposedly less-advanced version of InDesign!  The only work-around currently is to save each image in PNG format (luckily Sibelius exports to PNG).  For 600-800 files, this represents three or four full days of unnecessary work, and will double the number of images on my hard drive.
    The EPS issue is a remarkably serious flaw in a software package that costs many hundreds of dollars, especially given that I posted the same problem in response to the release of InDesign CS5.  A response (and, I daresay, a software update that fixes the problem) would be greatly appreciated. 
    As a side note to the developers -- it is super, duper cumbersome that this error arises in a separate pop-up box for EVERY affected image.  These pop-up boxes must be dismissed one at a time.  Worse yet, once you have dismissed the error message for a given image, the message appears AGAIN if you return to the same page!!  This unnecessary hassle makes it impossible to even work with the underlying document.  Placing the error message in the links palette would save a great deal of headache.  It is fairly obvious that the images aren't being read properly ... they all appears as gray boxes.

    Hi Peter
    Many thanks for your advice; I re-defined the printer presets and now it works fine.
    Andi A

  • Difficulty viewing recordings from earlier version of MVP

    I have a HDX18 laptop about 6 weeks old. From new I was able to record TV and saved these in the standard location.
    Yesterday I updated the MVP software as a result of a prompt from "HP Health Check". (I had more problems with the so called Health Check - see other posts.) The MVP problem is that HP media centre will not recognise the old recordings from within HP media centre. I can record new recordings and play them back with no problem. I can see the old and the new recordings in Windows Explorer in the given location and can play the old recordings from Windows Explorer using "Open With" and selecting "HP MediaSmart Video Main Program" but the old ones refuse to display in the list of recordings within HP Media Centre. What is going on and how do I get them to display?

    Okay, sounds like a simple matter of trying to jump to the HD video editting before my technoloogy is ready .  I don't have the blu-ray player/burner yet, but was hoping to edit my movies in the HD format and eventually choose the HD output when I'm ready.  I've been making progress on my test movie, but its been frustratingly slow with the crashes and choppy rendering so I don't think I'll continue with the higher def source.
    My exact machine settings are: AMD 64x2 dual core 6000+ 3Ghz with 3GB of RAM (I was off by 1gb before).  I'm running 32 bit Vista, and am using a Hitachi 456gb scsi hard drive (not sure of the speed unfortunately - never really had to worry about it before this).  I have external drives that I use for backups, but not for hot usage.
    I'll try the HDV approach - thanks a lot for the suggestions on that and the trial banner.  I'm hoping the HDV runs smoother then an ice cold one with the big man and his VP.
    Any idea about the problems with the track difficulties and lack of PIP features??
    Thanks again!

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