Importing Stereo File to Two Mono Tracks?

I have a stereo audio file. I'd like to put it into GB2 with one side of the stereo file as one mono track and the second side of the stereo file as a second mono track.
Is there any way to do this?

Leon, Here is a file explaining what Monomaker does.
Monomaker is a simple mono-merging and stereo-recentering utility plugin.
You can use the mono merge parameter to progressively merge your stereo audio channels into a single mono signal. Turning mono merge all the way up to 1 will make your sound completely mono. Turning mono merge all the way down to 0 will leave your audio unaffected.
You can then recenter your signal using the pan parameter. The panning is equal power (meaning that as you move further over to one channel, sound from the other channel is copied over to the first channel in order to keep the total volume consistent).
Also, in case it's useful, you can re-route the 2 input streams in a variety of ways by using the input selection parameter. "Left-right" means that everything is normal, "right-left" means that the left and right streams are swapped, "left-left" means that you lose the right stream and get the left stream copied to both inputs, and "right-right" means that you lose the left stream and get the right stream copied to both inputs.
Monomaker's signal path is input selection first, then mono merge, then pan.
I have just downloaded it myself and have not looked at it yet. I apologize in advance for not checking it first before posting it. It may or may not help you, and I do not know if it works in Garageband.
Here is the site I got it from

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  • How to put two mono tracks into the usual stereo view in Edit view of Audition 3 ?

    Hi guys,
    Previously I have had no issues simply using Adobe Audition 3 for simple stereo recording and editing of a stereo feed taken from a mixer... well nearly no issues....  :-)
    Today, I'm having a bad day or else it's because I'm getting used to being retired.. :-)  ......
    Query :    How do I put two mono tracks into the usual stereo view in Edit view so they both display correctly there?
    Put simply I have two mono wav files. Let's call them Left_wav and Right_wav.
    I cannot seem to get them imported into a new clean Edit view (Normal stereo track layout) so that Left_wav is on the top half and Right_wav is on the bottom half.
    Whenever I try, I just get either Left_wav or Right_wav taking up the whole of the edit view. i.e. it just shows one track.
    Can anyone familiar with Audition 3 kindly help? I'd appreciate a simple step by step... I just can't see where I've been going wrong, and it's driving me bananas :-).

    There are various ways to do this in Audition 3. here's one.
    Open both mono files separately in Edit view. Then convert Left_wav to Stereo by going to Edit/Convert Sample Type and under Channels select Stereo with Left Mix at 100% and Right Mix at 0%. This will give you a new stereo file with Left_wav on the top channel. Next go to the Right_wav and copy to the clipboard using Edit/Copy. Return to your new stereo file and enable Edit Right channel only in Edit/Edit Channel/Edit Right Channel. Then make sure that the cursor is at start of the stereo file and Paste Right_wav into the bottom channel of the new stereo file. Finally Save As.

  • Possible to Join Two Mono Tracks to Stereo, Or Change Panning of a Stereo?

    In the new Garage Band 11, is it possible to Join Two Mono Tracks to Stereo, or Change the Panning of a Stereo track, or split a stereo track into two mono files?
    Sometimes it would be convenient when I have a lot of tracks to combine two mono tracks into one stereo track to eliminate an additional track.
    Also, I find that I often want to change the panning of a stereo track to either make it wider, or merge the two channels, even reverse L&R. If no way to change the panning of a stereo track can a stereo track be split into two mono tracks to be panned differently?

    Woodwyn wrote:
    is it possible to Join Two Mono Tracks to Stereo
    only by exporting the two tracks
    or Change the Panning of a Stereo track
    you can pan a stereo track in every version of GB with the pan knob
    or split a stereo track into two mono files?
    (Let the page FULLY load. The link to your answer is at the top of your screen)
    want to change the panning of a stereo track to either make it wider, or merge the two channels
    that's different. no, you'd have to split the track into two mono files as described above.
    even reverse L&R.
    same answer

  • Moving stereo file from two tracks to one track in timeline

    I have a project that I imported from FCP7 to PPCC. The problem is that some of my stereo audio files got placed onto two audio tracks (like they are in FCP7).
    I'd like to move these stereo files onto single audio tracks in PPCC. How do this so I can minimize the clutter on my timeline. Please see here:

    These may help
    Stories Audio Selection
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  • Split Stereo to Two Mono Tracks - Need Help

    We're having trouble with STP working with two non-stereo tracks.
    We have footage that we're editing in Final Cut Pro that was captured with two separate mics providing the audio. (A wireless lav and a shotgun.) The sequence is set up with two mono tracks.
    When sending the project to SoundTrack Pro, it's opened up as a pair of stereo tracks. We cannot find a way to edit just one of the tracks without it affecting both at the same time.
    How can we separate the tracks so they can be tweaked individually and then sent back to Final Cut Pro?
    Thanks for any help you can provide.

    ...and when doing that, make sure when you export, you don't fall over one of the many bugs in STP:
    You will probably find that the clip with the right channel selected actually plays the left channel after being exported (sound fine on the timeline - problem only on the exported file).
    The solution is to
    1) duplicate the stereo file and place on new track (as suggested)
    2) select left channel on first clip (control/right click the file)
    3) select second clip and swap the L and R channels around (Process-> swap channels)
    4) select left channel on first clip (control/right click the file)
    Oh the joys of STP!

  • Stereo -- two mono tracks

    I had a question about importing a stereo track. I'm in a stereo multitrack right now, and open a stereo track in that, but 
    I'm still not sure how to split the stereo track into two mono tracks.
    Right now it's just playing on the Left side of the headphone. How do I get it so that there are two tracks - one on top of the other?
    Thank you for bearing with my training wheels here!

    trailmixalot wrote:
    I had a question about importing a stereo track. I'm in a stereo multitrack right now, and open a stereo track in that, but I'm still not sure how to split the stereo track into two mono tracks.
    I'm not sure why you want to do this. If you put a stereo track into a stereo session, then it will play in stereo. If you want to alter the relative left and right levels of the track, you use the Pan control in the mixer. If you can't hear both channels, then you need to check the mixer's master output options (where it says Default output at the top) and make sure that you have a stereo option selected - if you don't have this selected properly, you'll definitely only hear one channel.

  • Convert two mono tracks into one stereo?

    I've imported a clip from my DV camera into Final Cut. For whatever reason, the clip audio is two mono tracks rather than one stereo track. Is there a way for me to convert this to a stereo track after the import?
    Thanks very much,
    G5 Dual 2.5 GHz   Mac OS X (10.4.6)  

    Select both clips in the Timeline, then go to Modify->Stereo Pair (Option L). But if both clips contain the same audio information, it won't really be stereo ... just two tracks panned left & right.
    If you want the audio to come in as stereo when you capture next time, make sure that you have the Capture settings for the audio set to "stereo."

  • Two mono tracks - one stereo

    How could I join two mono tracks (wav pcm) to one stereo without quality loss using ST Pro 2.0? If there is no good way to do this, could you recommend something, that can. Thanks

    Not sure what you mean by joining 2 files, but if you export as the same bitdepth and samplerate and leave the faders at 0 VU there shouldn't be any quality loss.

  • Making two mono tracks from one stereo track?

    I've used the M-Audio MobilePre USB device to record  vocal and guitar at the same time. In GarageBand, this inputs as one track, with guitar on the left channel and vocal on the right.
    I'd like to separate this one stereo track into two mono tracks for further mixing and editing.
    Any ideas on how to do this?

    therealkenrg wrote:
    I'd like to separate this one stereo track into two mono tracks
    (Let the page FULLY load. The link to your answer is at the top of your screen)

  • Two mono tracks

    I think I may have a blind spot, but here goes...
    I'm attempting to export an audio clip into Soundtrack Pro, but am unable to because I either recorded/captured the audio as two mono tracks (L & R). Is there a solution to editing the audio in STP, such as creating a stereo track? I'm not especially proficient in sound editing (as my post suggests), but I'm assisting on a project that needs the noise reduction feature in STP badly, and due to the track settings.
    Suggestions, comments?

    hi there,
    Select your clip in the sequence and hit alt+l.
    Then you can use the sent to soundtrack pro function, wich you can find under File, sent to.
    good luck!

  • Joining two mono tracks

    How do I join two mono tracks to create a stereo track? Somehow when I exported my project from FCP, the stereo music clip ended up as two mono clips... Instead of showing up on track A7&A8, they show up individually on track A7 and track A8, which makes changing levels and keyframing a pain!
    In the same vain, how do I split a stereo clip into two mono clips?
    thanks in advance!

    Yeah, too far in on my STP to go back to FCP and re-export. Did find, however ctrl-clicking on the clip, and selecting channels that way to be of help.
    Thanks for the reply!

  • QT H.264 files with two audio tracks. Quicktime plays 2nd track first. ***?

    I've been experimenting with H.264 (AVC) and my DVDs. Using Handbrake, I ripped a DVD to MP4 (H.264) and including the director's commentary as the second track.
    When I play the MP4 with Quicktime Player, it plays the director's commentary instead of the main soundtrack. VLC, however, correctly plays the first track (main movie audio track) and it allows me to select the second track via a menu.
    To get Quicktime to play the proper track, I have to open "Movie Properties" and manually uncheck the second track. This was never a problem with DivX/XviD encoded files with two audio tracks; Quicktime Player correctly played the first track.
    Why does Quicktime ignore the first audio track in MP4s (but not AVIs) and is there a way to correct this?

    I do have QT Pro.
    H.264 files are usually saved in a MP4 container. That's what Handbrake, ffpegX, and D-Vision create, anyway.
    The "Choose Language" option is greyed out (unavailable) when I open this H.264 MP4 in Quicktime. If I try to change the settings in "Movie Properties," it says that I must save it with the .MOV file suffix.
    It makes no sense to me that Quicktime Player can correctly identify the main audio soundtrack in a XviD file with an AVI container but not in a H.264 video with a MP4 container which Apple has been touting as the latest, greatest thing. Even VLC, an open source product still in beta, gets it right.

  • Help making stereo track two mono tracks

    I imported a stereo aiff with dj cuts on the left side and the music in the right side. I copy/converted the file and when saving as a wav I selected interleaved to split and added to the bin. I then had a L and R version. Both files play a mono version of left and right together. I drag the L into arrange and it has a little stereo symbol on it and plays both sides only in mono.. I also tried saving the audio as a split file and the same thing happened. I remember in 7 I did it really simply with a couple clicks. Going crazy with this simple task. What am I overlooking?

    Yes, there is a clever way of doing this but I can't bring it to mind at the mo.
    However, a slightly less clever but still quick way is as follow:
    Make the Output channel mono (right hand of the two channel mixers in the channel strip area)
    Pan your music track hard left and bounce
    Pan your music track hard right and bounce
    This uses the fact that the pan knob on a stereo is a balance control, not a panning control.

  • I want to export a video file with 6 mono track for surround sound and the 7th track to be stereo.

    I want to give my friend a video file, so when he imports it into avid, premiere, final cut etc. he would recieve 6 mono tracks (L,R,C,LE,Ls,Rs) and the last one to be stereo. but every time i export it comes as 7 mono tracks. and in the setting thats the only option

    i think you would have to go with 8 mono tracks, 6 for the 5.1 mix and 2 more for the stereo. that or try to use 4 stereo pairs, but that would combine parts of the 6 mono (5.1 mix).
    The Video Road – Multichannel Audio in Premiere Pro

  • Two mono tracks to create a stereo tracks

    I have a series of piano music a cousin made, but it is all mono. Is there anyway to double the mono track to make a stereo track for CDs?

    Yes, you can fake a stereo recording. Duplicate the track, option-drag the region into it, then offset it slightly from the original, and finally pan one track left some, and the other right some.
    --HangTime [Will Compute for Food] B-|>

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