In Stock Transfer PO, storage location should be RECP

We have a requirement that when we make the Stock transfer PO, Order type is UB....then storage location should be RECP by default.
Means in every STPO storage location should be RECP. They should go through RECP location and this should be not changeable..
Please guide..

Thanks dear...
Our motto is not fulfilled from entering the storage location in material master MRP view in field "storage location EP". For this we have to maintain the Storage Location manually when creating STPO.
But our requirement is that when we select the Stock Transfer Order - UB option in ME21N, storage location comes by default RECP and non changeable.  We don't want change Storage location in any cost.
Plz. guide....

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  • Stock transfer between storage location in IS -Retail

    I want to have a Stock transfer order between two storage locations in the plant.
    I have activated the "Activate Stock Transfer Between Storage Locations", now i can create a STO and have the "Issuing SLoc" tab.
    Having that i get an error message "Not possible to determine shipping data for material XXX" Message no. 06280.
    I am trying to have the shipping data in customizing for set stock transfer  - "Define Shipping Data for Plants", but my site is not listed due to the use of IS Retail. Is there a way to configure it?

    Hello Lior,
    in Retail your distribution center is a vendor and a customer, and your store is a customer. Therefore when you create master data for your distribution centre and store, you also create the vendor and customer masters that are required.
    By this link of the DC / Store to the customer master the shipping data is derived. I hope this answers your question.
    If you have further queries related to this, please do post them.

  • Stock Transfer between Storage Location with Order

    Dear MM experts, 
    I am into SAP SD.
    Our client wants to Transfer Stock from one Storage Location to another Storage Location of the same Plant. (This can be easily done thru MB1B via Transfer Posting)
    But the unique requirement here is they require some kind of Delivery Order or Tansfer Order to be created first & only based on that document user can transfer Stock between Storage Locations of a same Plant. (Similar to Inter-Plant Stock Transfer where we create Stock Transfer PO & then move goods between plants).
    Can you please suggest on how to achieve the above scenario.
    Jignesh Mehta

    Stock Transfer between Storage Locations
    u2022 Function of stock transport orders between storage locations is available from ECC 6.0 onwards.
    u2022 As a result of which user can input issuing storage location with supplying plant.
    u2022 Facility of using different delivery types for different issuing storage locations is available.
    u2022 Shipping Point data can also be determined based on the issuing storage location.
    refer following

  • Stock transfer between storage locations and lead time

    We use stock transfer orders between different storage locations. Is it possible to maintain the transport lead time between storage locations somewhere or do in need to use routes and scheduling?

    Try using movement type 313 and 315
    313 -- Transfer posting SL to SL --- Remove from issuing SL
    315 -- Transfer posting SL to SL  -- Placing in Receiving SL

  • Stock transfer between storage location

    I have following requirement.
    I have material which is maintained in two different storage location in same plant at Storage location SLOC1 ( primary location)  and ( Storage location SLOC2). This locations are physically separated by 10 Km.
    My requirement is if stock at Storage location SLOC2 falls below then it should create stock transport order automatically
    Please give all details to be put to maintain configuration and masterdata.

    Refer the Link :
    Storage Location included/excluded from MRP
    To control whether a particular storage location will be included or excluded from the MRP run.  (MD02/MD41).
    To exclude it from MRP run :-
    OMIR - Define storage location MRP per plant
    Put the MRP ind. as.         1 - storage location stock excluded for MRP
    To include it from MRP run:-
    OMIR - Define storage location MRP per plant
    Put the MRP ind. as.      space - storage location stock also planned at plant level and save it
    Next go to transaction MM01 - tick only view MRP 2
    Key in Plant and Storage Location
    Look at the Storage Location MRP section
    change the SLoc MRP indicator to space  and save it
    MMD1 - Create MRP Profile - MRP profile is a useful entry aid and makes it easier to manage MRP data.
    You define which fields are filled with values when MRP data is entered in the material master record, which of these values can be overwritten and which not.   You use the information stored in a profile is standard information that is needed again and again in similar constellations when material master records are maintained.

  • Stock transfer between storage locations

    Hello All,
    We have a scenario wherin ONE PLANT has MULTIPLE SLOC's across INDIA.
    Now we need to transfer some manufactured machines to these various storage locations which are actually stockyards.
    How do we go executing this??
    I know about the STO between sloc's...but how is the excise angle covered here, since when the materials are transported across various states this would include the EXCISE component as well.
    A detailed description is expected please.

    Hi Manoj,
    You can use the S. loc to s. loc STO for this issues.
    Since it is exciable use below steps.
    Create STO ME21N.
    (Pricing procedure) (Invoice Tab u2013 Mention the Excise Tax procedure)
    Outbound delivery : Vl10B
    PGI:  Vl02N
    Outbound Excise Doc. For PGI material Doc. :
    Billing u2013 Vf01
    MIGO at Receiving S.LOc u2013MIGO
    Inbound Excise Invoce : J1iEX (W.r.t GR Material Doc )

  • Error stock transfer from storage location to storage location.

    i used transaction code mb1b i got error NUMBER RANGE OF TRANS/EVENT TYPE WA IN YEAR 2011 DOES NOT EXIST can anyone answer how to solve this error?

    I think this is a configuration issue.Please check below thread your issue will get resolved,
    Number range for trans./event type WE in year 2011 does not exist

  • Transfer project/ SO stock between 2 storage locations of same plant

    We have a requirement in which the we have to transfer  project/sales order stock between 2 storage locations of the same plant.

    Transfer between storage location.
       311 Q - Project Stock
       311 E - Sales Order Stock
    Transfer between storage location to own stock
       411 Q - Project stock to own
       411 E - Sales Order to own

  • Define Shipping Data for Stock Transfers Between Storage Locations

    Hi Guru,
    Can i know what is the purpose to maintain Customer, SHipping data for each storage location for the STO between storage location?
    Purchasing --> Purchase Order -->
    Set up Stock Transport Order-->
    Set Up Stock Transfer Between Storage Locations-->
    Define Shipping Data for Stock Transfers Between Storage Locations

    The Sales org, Distribution channel, Shipping point, Vendor and Customer are maintained to created the delivery.
    It is for the transfer of stock between storage locations with any movement type.
    Eg: When you do a 311 movement type from Sloc A to Sloc B, then it will create a inbound delivery with the Vendor specified for Sloc A and an outbound delivery from Sloc B with the Customer specified assuming the customer and the vendor as the Plant.
    You have to create a internal Vendor and Customer.
    Hope it helps.

  • MD04 - Display the stock on one storage location particulary.

    The transaction MD04 allows seeing the stock of the plant in the first line of the Stock/requirement list.(MD04)
    When the plant includes several storage location (e.g MAG1, MAG2, MAG3), we don't have the detail of the quantity one each storage location.
    We can use the filter (by using SETTINGS and FILTER ON) that controls the display of the MRP list and the stock/requirements list but this function don't allows seeing only the stock on one storage location particulary. We have to go the tcode MMBE in order to know the stock on each storage location.
    Thanks in advance for yours reply.

    What is your real problem?
    Display the stock storage location-wise is one thing and do MRP without certain storage location(s) (=exclude storage locations from MRP) might be another.
    If you only want to display stock of certain storage locations in MD04 but use all you stock for planning, I think there's no reason for it.
    If you really want to exclude certain storage locations, then you have to be aware that MRP won't consider that stock (for the plant segment). It will also have impact on ATP (atp won't use that stock too).
    So, there's a big difference between exclude a storage location from MRP and to exclude its stock from display.
    (You can exclude storage locations from MRP via material master --> MRP4 view --> you have to enter both plant/sloc as organisational level and you will see the suitable tab. It is also possible to control this indicator via config for to be created material masters - you can search and find threads)
    You should describe your exact requirement and maybe forum mebers can give you advice.

  • QI stock from one Storage location to other

    I have a scenario where QM is implemented and Material is received in storage location "A" against purchase order through movement type 101.But for testing we need to send material to storage location"B"for testing. I want to send the material under inspection lying in storage location "A" to "B" for testing purpose. Is it possible to move stock under quality inspection , If yes through which movement tyep. Is there any process in QM which allows the stock under quality inspection to move.
    Thanks in advance

    Goto MB1B and try with this movement types
    311 Transfer posting storage location to storage location in one step
    The quantity is transferred from unrestricted-use stock of the issuing storage location to unrestricted use in the receiving storage location.
    Possible special stock indicators: E, K, M, Q
    313 Stock transfer storage location to storage location in two steps - removal from storage
    The quantity is transferred from unrestricted-use stock of the issuing storage location to stock in transfer in the receiving storage location.
    Possible special stock indicators:
    • K Goods receipt for purchase order to consignment stock
    • O Goods receipt for purchase order to stock of material provided to vendor
    • E GR for purchase order or order to sales order stock
    • Q GR for purchase order or order to project stock.

  • Stock in 3 storage location..

    Hi Friends,
    I have 3 storage location where I place stock. As you know that we have only one defualt storage location in Production Order. When system not able to find a stock at that storage location then it will create missing part list msg.
    I would like system should pick the stock up automaticaly from another storage location, if stock in not available in default storage location.
    I would appriciate, if you could write in steps to do config.

    There may be requirement to withdraw the material from different stocks for goods issues and stock transfers based on some criteria or strategies. To meet this requirement in SAP we have stock determination strategies which determine how and when the material should be withdrawn, and from which storage locations and stocks. We can include the following stocks for the purpose of stock determination: unrestricted-use stock u2022 vendor consignment stock u2022 pipeline material u2022 sales order stock u2022 project stock.
    Based on the stock determination strategy you define in configuration, the system makes decisions on material withdrawal depending on the material, plant.
    SPRO > Materials Management > Inventory management and Physical inventory > Stock determination
    Define a stock determination strategy, according to which stocks should be reduced. Each strategy is determined at plant level based on a stock determination group and stock determination rule.
    Assign a stock determination group to the material in the material master record.

  • Need to display the Stock Values at storage location level - 0IC_C03

    Hi All,
    I am developing Stock Movent Report on 0IC_C03 - Material Stocks/Movements.
    I have more than one storage location for plant. Stock quantities are calculating at storage location level and Stock Values are calculating at plant level.
    I have no issues with quantities. Only problem with Values.
    2LIS_03_UM is not picking the starage location, so that the revaualtion values are falling under unassigned nodes. When i set filter on storage location these values were not showing as they are under un assigned nodes (#).
    I want to get the Stock Quantity and Stock Values at Storage location level in my report.
    I found that soulution for that is Applying SAP Note : How to Realize summarized display of stock values on storage
    I have done development as per the document. But when i run the Query it is going to debug mode first and then it saying This program cannot display the webpage
    Can any one faced the same situation, Please help me if so.
    Thanks in Advance.
    Gopal N

    Hi Sachein,
    I am getting this An exception(CX_RSR_PROPAGATE_X) occured when debugging, and then it leads to next screen saying that:
    This program cannot display the webpage
       Most likely causes:
    You are not connected to the Internet.
    The website is encountering problems.
    There might be a typing error in the address.
       What you can try:
         Check your Internet connection. Try visiting another website to make sure you are connected. 
         Retype the address. 
         Go back to the previous page.
         More information
    Please let me know you need any more information.
    Thanks in Advance
    Gopal N

  • No Stock value at Storage location level in BW report

    I am facing problem in getting stock valuation at storage location level.
      The problem is that, in R/3 Stock valuation is done at plant level, when we do storage location to storage location movement , only stock quantity gets changed and no FI entry is getting generated . So there is no movement of stock values at all. when we load this transaction data into BW , obviously i will arrive with wroung value . so what to do in this case ?
    Thanks & Regds,

    Hi Kavan,
    Could you please explain the scenario & provide the Ds you are using.
    Thanks & Regards,

  • Report on QI, Blocked, Returned Stocks at Plant & Storage location level

    Would like to know any reports which gives QI, Blocked, Returned stocks at Plant & Storage location level.

    What do you exactly mean say by "Returned  stock"..
    Also go through by MMBE tcode ...

Maybe you are looking for