InDesign won't open for me

I've been trying to open InDesign again and I'm in an endless loop where it gives me the options of "show details", "OK" and "reopen" -- but when I click reopen it just does the same thing all over. FYI this is on an iMac with Maverick 10.9.3, and I still have InDesign CS5. I doubt that this matters but I just installed a new ergonomic keyboard -- I was just trying it out when this all occurred (I use InDesign everyday, so this whole glitch comes as a surprise.) Would appreciate any suggestions -- thanks!

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  • CS3 InDesign won't open a CS2 In Design .INX file

    CS3 InDesign won't open a CS2 In Design .INX file.
    I sent my graphic designer an .INX file created on CS2
    and he got an error message and said he could not open.
    He said it is not possible.
    He lost the job - because he didn't want to investigate further.
    I can't imagine ADOBE leaving this problem unsolved!
    What do I do??

    I don't recall that. I can visualise the situation, but then I would expect it to create the same lost feature problems as encountered in opening with an earlier version. So there would still be a risk that the file would lose something in translation.
    And then again, if a CS2 plug-in has been used and is required to open the file, I would expect the translation into XML to ignore anything that can't be translated, and for the depleted file still to open in CS3.

  • InDesign won't open at all and no error report is given, I can't even open up my existing files.  Any suggestions?

    InDesign won't open at all and no error report is given, I can't even open up my existing files.  Any suggestions?

    i have the 30 day trial because I'm doing a project for a college class. Im running the most updated version of windows

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    did free upgrade on game superslots - now game won't open for play can anyone
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    Me too... The other post relating to this was with a PC but the same is happening for macs too by the look of it. Has anyone got an idea of how to sort this out? I don't suppose it's possible to find an earlier version of iTunes to download? I'm going to have a search now cos I need iTunes to be working!

  • InDesign won't open. Photoshop

    InDesign won't open. Photoshop & Illustrator do. I tried to register my product (Adobe Creative Suite 6 Design & Web Premium) but it won't take my code.

    Smilessarah what specific error message do you receive when opening InDesign CS6?  Also which operating system are you using?

  • Quicktime won't open for me and I can't locate it in activity monitor. Haven't used it for a year or so.

    Quicktime won't open for me. It was fine about a year ago. Not coming up in activity monitor. What do I do to fix this?
    Would appreciate any help as I am not particularly computer savvy.

    Greyed imaged in the Import dialog box mean you have already imported the photos into Lightroom, so there is no need and no benefit to importing them a second time.
    Just go to the Library module, search for the desired photos, and resume working on these photos.

  • I upgraded to itunes 11 still won't open for windows 8

    I upgraded to itunes 11 still won't open for windows 8

    Are you trying to transfer the GarageBand projects or the rendered audio files? What version of GarageBand do you have on your iPhone?
    I do not think you can share your GarageBand projects from your iPhone to GarageBand on your Mac, unless you have iCloud, afaik, only the audio files.
    How did you transfer the song?
    To share from an IOS device the Projects or audio files, see:  Share GarageBand songs

  • ADE is minimized open on taskbar but won't open for reading.

    ADE is minimized open on taskbar but won't open for reading.  I had this problem one other time but don't remember what I did to fix it.  Any ideas?

    Try restarting your machine

  • InDesign won't open, help me!!

    I am doing some work for college in which I have to add text to a tif file in InDesign but for some odd reason when I click on the icon on my desktop it comes up with a message saying that it won't open, does anyone know why?

    You'll have to tell us the exact content of that error message to get help.

  • Indesign won't open

    I was using indesign yesterday for my school work and I think I ended up having to force quit it becuase it wasn't closing and today when I went to open it it won't open. It doesn't say why it just says indesign as quit unexpectedly. It won't even open in safe mode. Can anyone help me fix it??? I'm desperate as I have homework to finish on it!!

    You probably have a damaged file inthe recovery folder that is crashing as soon as ID restarts. With ID cloes, find the recovery folder -- since you haven't said what version, I'll send you to the Replace Your Preferences link and tell you that it is normall y in the caches folder wher you'd find InDesign Saved Data, and those locations are listed there for you -- and move everything in it to the desktop (you can probably delete it all later, but make sure you don't need it, first). ID should now restart, and if the original file is not damaged it should open at the last saved state, so you may have lost some work, but at least not the whole file.

  • Interrupted while setting about:config. Came back and now firefox won't open for more than 1 second.

    As above. looked up and was late to work. never 'closed' file or settings.
    Came back from work and now firefox opens for about 1 second and automatically closed
    down immediately. I've removed it. uninstalled it. redownloaded it. still does same.
    Now I can't go back in and recheck the config settings, because it won't stay open long enough
    to even work on it.
    I had remotely saved my bookmarks, so that's the most valuable thing.
    I'd be happy to wipe it off my disc and simply replace it and start all over.
    How can i get that done? I'm not a super pro, so direct steps would be really useful.

    You can try to delete the prefs.js file in the Firefox profile folder.
    */Users/<user>/Library/Application Support/Firefox/Profiles/<profile>/

  • PDF Won't open for my colleagues from Mavericks.

    Hey everyone I have a pretty interesting issue that I have contacted Adobe and Apple about but to no avail...
    PDF's won't open when I send them via email (all email clients) on OS X Mavericks, but will open when I send them via PC (all email clients), flash drives or any other means.
    Note: Will open on every other platform; OX Mountain Lion, PC, and all email clients not using Mavericks. I have sent out these PDF's for months now (before upgrading to Mavericks) and never had this problem.
    The file is 155kb but when emailing from Mavericks it says 0 bytes.
    "Acrobat could not open "file name" because it is either not a supported file type or because the file has been damaged (for example, it was sent as an email attachment and wasn't correctly decoded). To create an Adobe PDF document, go to the source application. Then print the document to Adobe PDF."
    Adobe Reader (Not sure what versions my colleagues have)
    Tested on Both Windows xp/vista/7/8 and OS X all versions
    Resaved the file.
    Stored it in a different location.
    Sent from different email clients on Mavericks
    Rebooted and tried again
    Updated everything
    If anyone has any idea on how to identify a fix for the issues, I would greatly appreciate your help.  The problem with the idea that the files are corrupt, is that there I have tested out every possible way to prove the file is curropted and to no avail.
    Thanks in advance for any assistance.

    Well I found out the update I reinstalled Safari from(the latest combo update) wasn't working because it was installing an incomplete copy of the application. My friend sent me his copy of Safari and it worked again so my issue is solved. It had to have been user-specific because Safari still worked for other users but in the process of removing my user's Safari related things I probably went too far and that's why I messed it up further. Copying his Safari into my apps folder(and fixing the accounts in its privileges) has solved my problems for that.

  • Dreamweaver and Indesign won't open, Adobe Creative Suite 6 Design & Web Premium

    Installed Adobe Creative Suite 6 Design & Premium on MacBook Pro which uses OS X Version 10.9.5 with Intel Core i7.
    The Dreamweaver won't open at all, click on icon and nothing happens no response.
    InDesign Keeps showing an error code message when try to open.

    Dreamweaver CS6 wont' open in Mavericks 10.9

  • Webcam from websight won't open for me

    My son's preschool has a webcam set up for his classroom so we can watch his class.  However, the window won't open on the imac or my iPhone.
    Any ideas?

    It would help if you'd describe exactly what happens when you try to load it ....
    Sometimes the .plist file gets scrambled and can cause odd program behaviour. You can try renaming to something else, for example Then try loading idvd again (it will create a new default plist file).  If it loads, then delete the renamed file.

  • DESPERATE... Indesign won't open most of my Indesign files???

    Sorry if my message sounds panicked but I am going out of my mind with worry. I am working late on a deadline to get a job done, my inDesign has decided to give me the following message when I open any of the many 100 inDesign files I have made: 'Cannot open the file "nameof file.indd". Adobe InDesign may not support the file format, a plug-in that supports the file format may be missing, or the file may be open in another application.
    Please can anyone tell me what is going on. I am sitting at my desk in tears. If I don't make my morning deadline i'm fcked!!!! to be quite blunt :-(
    Does anyone know how to fix this? Everything was working up until about an hour ago and a old inDesign files work but not the ones that I need.
    Help me, i'm seriously in despair here :-( :-( :-(

    Sounds very much like these files were edited with a newer version of ID
    than you're using.
    What version are you using? If it's earlier than CS3, you can email me
    one of the files that won't open and I'll try it here. If I can open it,
    I'll let you know what the history of the file is.
    Click my name, go to my website and you'll find contact info there.

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