InfoPath Formula in the File Name Field

I used the Now() formula as it shows like this:  "2015-04-14T09_35_26".    I want to shorten the field name to display it in the list as "DD/MM/YYYY".
I was thinking of the String-length formula but not sure how to do it?

Hi Mike,
According to you description, my understanding is that you want to change the formula Now() to display as “DD/MM/YYYY”.
You could use the formula “concat(number(substring(now(), 6, 2)), "/", number(substring(now(), 9, 2)), "/", number(substring(now(), 1, 4)))” instead of Now().
A similar post for your reference:
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  • LabVIEW 2011 file selection fails to fill in the file name into the "File name:" field

    In LV2011 I am selecting a text file while my code is running. The "file name:" field is not populated with the selected file name.
    This is inconvenient, especially if I want to modify a file name by one or some few characters.
    How do i make LV 2011 behave like the previous versions?
    Scientia est potentia!
    File name is not filled in.PNG ‏72 KB

    Thank you fot your reply it causd  me to find the problem.
    I figured it out while I was trying to extract the applicable section of my code to send it to you.
    I had an asterisc wired to the "default name" input of the "File dialog" VI.
    Now I am not wiring anything to the "default name" input of the "File dialog" VI and it works just fine.
    I am sorry for your lost time.
    Scientia est potentia!
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  • How Does The Browser Know The "File Name" field in the "Save As" dialog

    I have a servlet called who reads a binary file from the server an sends it to the breowser.
    The Browser opens the "Save As" Dialog whith the value "" in the File name field, but and I need the name "SomeBinariFile.exe" instead.
    How can I change that value?
    Thanks All.

    Use <%
    response.setHeader("Content-Disposition", "attachment; filename=filename.2save");

  • I have difficulty pasting text into the file name field(prefix only) while saving files.

    OS: WinXP sp3
    FF: 3.6.3
    I have difficulty pasting text into the file name field (prefix only) while saving files. example: File name is Pic123.jpg and I want to rename it ABC123.jpg and I have ABC loaded into the WinXPsp3 clipboard. When I highlight\right-click\delete "Pic" then attempt to paste the ABC, I get either no reaction, or upon multiple paste attempts, the ABC is appended to the end of the file, after the extension, as "Pic123.jpgABC". If I delete this unwanted suffix, or repeat the process several times, eventually I can delete the unwanted portion of the prefix and paste the desired text. Sometimes it works fine first try, but mostly it takes several tries. I'm using Firefox 3.6.3 but the problem existed in whatever previous version I had too. This issue only occurs when using the delete/paste; I can always manually change the name by typing. Thank you for your help.

    Start Firefox in <u>[[Safe Mode|Safe Mode]]</u> to check if one of the extensions (Firefox/Tools > Add-ons > Extensions) or if hardware acceleration is causing the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox/Tools > Add-ons > Appearance).
    *Do NOT click the Reset button on the Safe mode start window or otherwise make changes.
    A possible cause is that the server sends a wrong response header.
    The server may not comply to RFC 5987 and sends a wrong Content-Disposition:attachment; filename header.

  • When downloading a file, only the first word of the attached file is included in the 'file name' field, not the entire file name, as it used to.

    Regardless of filetype, only the first word of the file is filled into the "Enter name of file to save to..." dialog box. I'm set up to 'save file' in the FF Options > Applications tab for the basic MS and Adobe files. To successfully use/find the downloaded file, I type in the remainder of the file name. Have I overlooked an additional setting? Running FF 18.0 on a Win7 PC.

    Start Firefox in <u>[[Safe Mode|Safe Mode]]</u> to check if one of the extensions (Firefox/Tools > Add-ons > Extensions) or if hardware acceleration is causing the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox/Tools > Add-ons > Appearance).
    *Do NOT click the Reset button on the Safe mode start window or otherwise make changes.
    A possible cause is that the server sends a wrong response header.
    The server may not comply to RFC 5987 and sends a wrong Content-Disposition:attachment; filename header.

  • How to set the Initial path in the FILE name field of a JFilechooser?

    as title

    try this....
    File file =null;
    JFileChooser fileDemo=new JFileChooser();
    fileDemo.setCurrentDirectory(new File("e:\\test"));
    instead of "e:\\test" you can specify your path.

  • File name field not generating dynamic file name for report printing

    Hello Folks,
    I have a report region on a page and have enabled report printing. I would like to have the file name generated dynamically. So, I add the substitution string, say "&P1_CUSTOMER_NAME." (no quotes). The output file I get is literally named "&P1_CUSTOMER_NAME..pdf" (no quotes).
    I have seen several posts suggesting the file name field should accept this syntax but, I cannot get it to work.
    We are running Application Express and BI Publisher.
    Any suggestions?
    Thanks for your help.
    -Markus B.

    I was finally able to make it work using a page process and the APEX_UTIL.DOWNLOAD_PRINT_DOCUMENT with a submit button.
    -Markus B.

  • How can I modify ONE CHARACTER in the file name???

    I have in right side meta tag panel a file name , original name and copy name fields.
    The file was already renamed. So i am not interested original file name ,anyway i cant click on it.
    I would like to modify ONE +"!/"%/"+! CHARACTER in filename field which is 50 characters long.
    If I click on it gives me an batch rename window.
    If I click copy name I have to write all from zero BECAUSE I CANT COPY the filename field.
    so here we are in 21st century
    I have a solution: i copy the filename from vista explorer and paste it in copy name BUT what if I have to do this hundreds time???

    First, what has the copy name to do with file name? I think you're misunderstanding the purpose of the copy name field. It is for giving a virtual copy a distinctive name.
    Now for file naming... if I understood correctly, you want to edit the name right in the Metadata panel, but the file name field is non-editable. This is a bug. It is exhibited when you have multiple files selected and change the metadata panel view. You can temporarily fix it by selecting a single file in the grid and changing the metadata panel view from All to Default or vice versa (see the attached screenshot). Now that the field became editable, you change on character.
    If you want to do it for hundreds of files using a template, then would be nice if you provide your source and target filename templates.

  • When I save a PDF report the file name is xdo instead of "report name.pdf"

    I started a new project with BI Publisher integrated with OBIEE, I builded a set of reports that are working properly (these are the first reports on this OBIEE/BIP server)
    Accessing Oracle BI Cataloge I can run the reports and change the output format to pdf.
    when I press the right mouse button and select "save as" a dialog box appears.
    On the "File name" field, the default name that BIP writes is "xdo" I would like it to be the "name of the report.pdf".
    It seems that if I create a new report the file name is correct but if I change the name of the report then BIP always selects XDO as the default file name.
    Is there any place where I can configure the default name.

    Thanks for the quick reply.  I figured out how to get the desired results by using tagging.  For anyone who may reference this post in the future, I went to "Customize" in the top right corner of Adobe, then selected "Create new tool set...", looked under "accessiblity and found the "tag" option.  Hit ok, tag is added to the toolbar.  Then I highlighted the dataset in the PDF that was relevant to the output format, then clicked "tag", saved as spreadsheet.  Sorry I can't provide more details on how tagging works or if there's a more elegant solution available, but I'm sure one's out there.

  • JFileChooser "File Name" field

    I am trying to use a JFileChooser as a component within a JDialog, and everything works fine, except that I do not understand how I can get the value of a filename typed into the "File Name:" field on the form. I've read the "JFileChooser" Java doco about five times and I can't see anything that would give me access to this field. GetName() appears to be a red herring.
    Anyone got any ideas?

    Thanks for your swift reply.
    Unfortunately perhaps I wasn't quite clear - I have added the JFileChooser as a component to a JDialog, not run it standalone via showDialog() or similar.
    I am trying to get the user to select a directory and type a file name that a new file can be saved into.
    Here is the code that displays the chooser:
       private JPanel saveFilePnl(String folder)
          JPanel panel = new JPanel(new BorderLayout());
          panel.add(new JLabel("<html>Select the folder to save the new sequence into,<br>" +
                               "and type in an appropriate File Name:<br>"),"North");
          saveFileChooser.setCurrentDirectory(new File(folder));
          SimpleFileFilter filter = new SimpleFileFilter("xml", "Nucleotide Sequences"); 
                                 BorderFactory.createEmptyBorder(8,8,8,8) ));
          panel.add(saveFileChooser, "Center");
          return panel;
    }This panel is added to a card on a CardLayout JDialog. After the user selects a folder and types in a filename I want to verify that they have done so before moving on to the next card. So I need to ensure that there is a name in the "File Name:" field on the chooser.

  • FileChooser - "switch off" file name field and file type drop down choice..

    Hi there,
    I'm wondering, is there a simple way of not displaying the file name field and file type drop down choice that anyone knows of?
    Reason being; my FileChooser is embedded in an application window and does not pop up as a dialog - the users are only acessing one file type, but it could be in any folder on their machine.
    many thanks,

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  • How can I add form field value to the file name in save as dialog box

    I do not want the form to be saved automatically, just want the form to auto populate the "file name" only.
    A little background on the forms I want to use:  My company has 70 retail outlets, I'll use one of our pdf forms called an "Incident Report" as an example.  I would like for a store manager to be able to complete the form, then email the form to the main office (I already have javascript to add field values and form name to the email subject line), once the main office receives it, I want for them to be able to file the pdf electronically on our server.  We have mutliple forms that we use so I do not want any of the forms to automatically save anywhere, (at this time anyway) I just want the office personnel to be able to click "save as" (or whatever they will need to click) and the form automatically add certain field values from the pdf they have received, of which will be different each time the form is sent to the office (Date, store #, employee name etc.) in addition to the name of the form in the "File name" of the "Save As" dialog box.  The main office employees will decide into which server file the pdf should be saved.
    I'm using Acrobat 8 professional, the stores and office personnel use Adobe reader.
    One little note:  We currently print and file a lot of paper on a daily bases, as soon as I can get this to work, we are going green.
    Me and a lot of trees in this will really apprecitate any help you can give with this!  :-)

    You might want to take a look at the document "Developing Acrobat Applications Using JavaScript" (js_developer_guide.pdf) which is part of the Adobe Acrobat SDK, which can be downloaded here. Read the "Privileged versus non-privileged context" (p. 45ff.). You will find an example for "Executing privileged methods in a non-privileged context". Should be almost exactly what you are looking for.
    Small Outline: For security reasons ("the user always has to know what's going on") you are not allowed to use the "Doc.saveAs"-method without the user permission (--> in a non-privileged context). In order to reach the goal of a privileged context you can use a trusted function. You do this by creating a JavaScript file (*.js) in either the Application-JavaScript-Folder (default location on Windows systems: "%ProgramFiles%\Adobe\Acrobat 10.0\Acrobat\Javascripts") or the User-JavaScript-Folder (default location on Windows systems: "%AppData%\Adobe\Acrobat\10.0\JavaScripts"). Add the following content to the new file:
    myTrustedBrowseForDoc = app.trustedFunction( function ( oArgs ) {
              var myTrustedRetn = app.browseForDoc( oArgs );
         return myTrustedRetn;
    myTrustedSaveAs = app.trustedFunction( function ( doc, oArgs ) {
              var myTrustedRetn = doc.saveAs( oArgs );
         return myTrustedRetn;
    The developer guide actually wants you to add this content to the existing "config.js" file. I recommend creating a new file, since its easier to deploy in a network. Either way, every client/user who needs to be able to save documents this way, needs this JavaScript Code in his Application/User-JavaScript-Folder.
    Within the Acrobat Document, which you want to obtain a certain file name, you can now use the trusted functions "myTrustedBrowseForDoc" and "myTrustedSaveAs" to store the file. To call the trusted functions and deliver the file name you can either you use a form field (button) or you add a new menu item. Add the following JavaScript Action to the button/menu item and change "Roller Coaster" to the name of the field which contains the value which you want to become the new file name:
    var fileName = this.getField("Roller Coaster").valueAsString;
    try {
         var oRetn = myTrustedBrowseForDoc({bSave: true, cFilenameInit: fileName + ".pdf"});
         try {
              myTrustedSaveAs(this, { cPath: oRetn.cPath, cFS:oRetn.cFS });
         catch(e) {
              console.println("Save not allowed, perhaps readonly.");
    catch(e) {
    console.println("User cancelled Save As dialog box");
    Good Luck!

  • How to get the file name in one of the Xml node field?

    Hi Experts,
    i have one requirement with file name in xml file.
    i need to get <b>the file name of file</b> in one of the node in xml content of that file.
    how can i achieve that req?
    treat this as Very Urgent.

    Hi Bheem,
    Explain your scenario in detail..
    >>i need to get the file name of file in one of the node in xml content of that file.
    1. Create an node <b>Filename</b> in the target datatype.
    2. Check the Option Filename in the Adapter Specific Message Attributes in the sender file CC.
    3. Use the following UDF and map it to the Filename field in the target message type.
    public String getFileName(Container container)
    DynamicConfiguration conf = (DynamicConfiguration) container.getTransformationParameters().get(StreamTransformationConstants.DYNAMIC_CONFIGURATION);
    DynamicConfigurationKey key = DynamicConfigurationKey.create("","FileName");
    String ourSourceFileName = conf.get(key);
    return  ourSourceFileName; 

  • Return the file name of the field type BLOB

    How can I create the PL/SQL procedure that return the file name of the file insert into the record with a field file_date BLOB.
    I have this table:
    with this item:
    file_name varchar2(20)
    file_date blob
    I have insert with the OraclePortal Form a record:
    file_date Upload the file c:\test1.pdf
    I want that the my PL/SQL procedure insert into the field
    file_name the value test1.pdf
    Basilisco Giorgio

    You may be confused by the error in Excel saying “another user”. Actually Excel cannot tell who (the real human) is editing the file. Based on my research the No.1 possibility of the error is KB2626998.
    2626998  Connection to a network document is lost in the 2007 Office system or in Office 2010 after the computer resumes from standby
    For Excel 2010, follow these steps:
    a.  Click Start , click Run , type regedit in the Open box, and then click OK .
    b.  Locate and then select the following registry subkey: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\14.0\Excel\Options
    c.  On the Edit menu, point to New , and then click Dword Value .
    d.  Type NetworkAvailableTimeInSeconds , and then press Enter.
    e.  Right-click NetworkAvailableTimeInSeconds , and then click Modify .
    f.  In the Value data box, click Decimal , type a number value, and then click OK .
    Note This registry subkey sets the time, in seconds, that Excel waits for the network to resume. For example, if you type 15 for the number value, Excel waits 15 seconds for the network to resume. You might have to do some tests in your own environment to
    determine an appropriate value. You may have to try multiple numbers.
    g.  Locate and then select the following registry subkey.
    h.  Repeat step 2C through step 2F again. Reuse the same value that you used previously.
    i.  Exit Registry Editor.
    Feel free to post back. Thanks.
    Tony Chen
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  • How to include the file name as an XML field

    I'm using a file adapter for process a flat file and convert it into an XML. Does anybody knows how to include the file name into an XML field.
    I process the file named <b>XXIMN21022007.txt</b> and I need an XML like:

    Just go for dynamic configuration.
    Check the sender file adapter to write the filename in the header (as explained in Michal's blog) and then read that header in some mapping.
    U can use that even in simple message mappings.
    Your code for the filename tag would be something like:
    <i>DynamicConfiguration conf = (DynamicConfiguration) container
    DynamicConfigurationKey key = DynamicConfigurationKey.create(
    return conf.get(key);</i>

Maybe you are looking for

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