Insert several dates for the same event

Hey guys,
I have two tables joined. 1 with dates and venue, the other
with speakers.
How can I add more dates to the same speaker during his
programme of appearance. i.e. Speaker A will be appearing for the
following dates: 20/02/2007 - 27/02/2007 & 5/03/2007.....
I was thinking of a Date fiels and a dropdown dynamic field.
But I'm having problems figuring it out...
Any help would be very much appreciated..

Thanks Sabaidee,
Please find below the whole code:
<cfset CurrentPage=GetFileFromPath(GetTemplatePath())>
<cfif IsDefined("FORM.MM_InsertRecord") AND
FORM.MM_InsertRecord EQ
<cfquery datasource="utcg302">
INSERT INTO speaker (speakerName, venue, eventDate)
<cfif IsDefined("FORM.speaker") AND #FORM.speaker# NEQ
<cfqueryparam value="#FORM.speaker#"
<cfif IsDefined("FORM.Venue") AND #FORM.Venue# NEQ "">
<cfqueryparam value="#FORM.Venue#"
<cfif IsDefined("") AND NEQ "">
<cfqueryparam value=""
<cfquery name="rsInsert" datasource="utcg300">
SELECT speaker.speakerID, speaker.speakerName, speaker.venue,
speaker.eventDate, review.reviewID,
FROM speaker INNER JOIN review ON speaker.actID =
ORDER BY speaker.eventDate
action="<cfoutput>#CurrentPage#</cfoutput>" id="insert"
<label for="textfield">Date</label>
<input name="date" type="text" id="date" />
<table width="200">
<input type="radio" name="Venue" value="Stoney" />
<input type="radio" name="Venue" value="William Edwards"
William Edwards</label></td>
<p> </p>
<label for="select">speaker</label>
<select name="speaker" id="Speaker">
<option value="">Choose One</option>
<option value=""></option><cfoutput
<label for="Submit"></label>
<input type="submit" name="Submit" value="Submit"
id="Submit" />
<input type="hidden" name="MM_InsertRecord"

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    Thank you
    Don P.

    Hi Sue,
    Thank you for your response. I am not sure if the event has been triggered erroneously. The client told us that it didn't happen in the dev system when he tested it, but it only happen in the prod system. This project went live a little bit over a year ago without any issues, but it just happened the first on 6/22.
    The event is about to notify the user to review a new incident report (EHS), and it's same event id for all 20 email notifications. We will a client to look into their system about how this event raised?, what does the event log reveal? and if he uses the event queue. Again, thanks for your response.
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    The "SC 1" has to be always the same, we cannot create (request of the client) different plans to sort this issue. Also one student can be registered for both type of plans (the standard ones and the no-standard ones)
    The first plans are regular plans (semesters) but the second type can be shorter or complementary to his main SC.
    Is it possible to use a BAdI during fee calculation process to create a function module which allows to select the kind of due date payment each time? and only for the type second kind of category?
    or is it possible to use a BAdI which allow us to insert manually due dates before the fee calculation document is created for this second category without interfering with the first category which works fine?
    Thank you
    Sergio Artinano

    I am sorry, but I don't really understand your question.  It seems contradictory.  On the one hand, the customer want the same Program of Study used for both options.  But then, you say that one option is administered by Semesters while the other has different shorter sessions.  In that case, you really need different Session Variants for each case, which means you also need different Programs of Study.
    What is the basis for requiring them to be the same Program?  Couldn't it just be two programs that confer the same Degree/Qualification?
    I guess I don't understand the fundamental nature of this 'second option'.  For example, is it just a spearate registration 'option' for the program?  If so, you could model it as a Specialization.
    However, based on what I gather so far, I am thinking you need two programs.  Can you explain further what the two program options really are, and what they have in common with each other that makes the customer want to use a single SC object?

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    I want to search several keys in one secondary database.
    select * from adb where a=6 or a=9 or ....
    certainly, this can be done by running several queries, but it is definitely slow.
    wondered if it is possible to union these several cursors together, then fetch the data from the primary database at once? seems this is not supported in current BDB implementation.
    trying to modify the bdb code to support the cursor union operation. but get lost in the code. (seems java version is simpler than the c version. )
    can some friend from Oracle, Ron, Bogdan, Andrei,Alexander
    shed me some light on how a cursor in bdb is implemented. did not find too much detail in the document.
    and hope this is in the to-do list of next version.

    The idea of joining cursors on the same secondary db presents no logic since you don't want to identify common keys within the records corresponding to each cursor.
    A join cursor works the following way: the first cursor on a secondary db within the cursor array is analyzed and each primary key that the cursor refers to is searched within the next primary keys refered to by the next joined cursor in the array, and so on, leading to identifying the primary keys that each of cursors within the array refer to (the common keys).
    What you want to achieve on a secondary db can be accomplished by positioning several cursors on the records that you want, begin reading sequentially with each of them, go to the other when you have finished reading with one cursor. A faster approach, which shouldn't involve any locking issues since the acquired locks are shared/read locks and you'll not perform any writes at that moment, may be that of spawning several threads and open a cursor within each thread, thus performing multithreading cursor read operations. You'll have to analyze each approach with regard to how many duplicates the cursors will refer, time consumed to spawn the threads etc.
    Let us know if you need further information, regards,

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    If this is a once off exercise, you can speed things up in DW in Code View if you insert the code by hand.
    If the structure is identical (e.g. in a table), you can easily cut-and-paste the repetitive code and change the name of each file to suit.
    For example:
    However if you're doing this continually, as Nancy says, sounds like you might be better off with a 3rd party dedicated photo gallery tool or Dreamweaver extension, with a very efficient, automated front end for large numbers of images, whose code output you can insert into the Dreamweaver.
    There are plenty out there.

  • Multiple event handlers registered for the same event and error when adding users to sec groups

    Project Server 2013 CU April (May) 2014
    I've created and installed two event handlers (separate dll:s) and both are triggering on Project Published - initially, both are working fine.
    After an IISReset, trying to create a new security group (or add a user to an existing group) will result in an error on the page and a corresponding error in the ULS log - the latter indicating an error in the method security.creategroups, and specifically
    a problem 'An item with the same key has already been added.'
    An SQL trace reveals a break in execution after executing the proc 'pub.MSP_ADMIN_ReadEventReceivers' which returns all registered event handlers.
    In my case, the result of that proc execution shows that there are two event handlers registered with an EVENT_ID of 53 (Project Published) and with ORDER_FIRED set to 1 and 2 respectively.
    I tried removing one of the event receivers using the Central Admin PWA interface and then everything worked just fine - I added the event receiver back again, and everything STILL worked! IISReset and I got the error back again. :-(
    Since there's obviously some problem with reading multiple entries from that table regardless of the ORDER_FIRED differentiation, I tried temporarily modifying one of the '53' entries in the table directly and then the sec group was created just fine!
    I would like to know if anyone else has seen this? I've seen this on three separate installations now after deploying a second event listener onto those systems.
    /Lars Hammarberg
    //Lars Hammarberg

    Hi Lars,
    yes I have seen the same issue. It is not related to April CU. I had the error before with SP1.
    It is not only an issue with the security groups. At least in our case nothing worked at all. No custom field editing, all Queue Jobs failing.
    For your case I suggest you consolidate your code in one eventhandler.
    Theory says that you can have more than 1 (up to 999) eventhandlers for one Event ( but that seems not to
    work. Not sure, if it worked in earlier versions.
    Kind regards
    Christoph Muelder | Senior Consultant, MCTS, MCSE, MCT | SOLVIN information management GmbH, Germany

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    It's hard to say how you got so many duplicates in the first place without knowing your workflow.
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