Installation of premiere elements stops just at the beginning

I try to install premiere elements, but just after starting I get an info about Windows Installer an nothing goes on.
The info:
"Windows ® Installer. V 5.0.7601.17514
msiexec /Option <Erforderliche Parameter> [Optionale Parameter]
    </package | /i> <Produkt.msi>
        Installiert oder konfiguriert ein Produkt.
    /a <Produkt.msi>
        Administrative Installation - Installiert ein Produkt im Netzwerk.
    /j<u|m> <Produkt.msi> [/t <Transformliste] [/g <Sprach-ID>]
        Kündigt ein Produkt an - m für alle Benutzer, u für den aktuellen Benutzer
    </uninstall | /x> <Produkt.msi | Produktcode>
        Deinstalliert das Produkt.
        Hintergrundmodus, keine Benutzerinteraktion
        Unbeaufsichtigter Modus - Nur Statusleiste
        Legt die Benutzeroberfläche fest.
        n - Keine Benutzeroberfläche
        b - Einfache Benutzeroberfläche
        r - Reduzierte Benutzeroberfläche
        f - Vollständige Benutzeroberfläche (Standard)
        Kein Neustart nach Abschluss der Installation
        Benutzereingabe, falls Neustart erforderlich ist
        Computer nach Abschluss der Installation immer neu starten
    /l[i|w|e|a|r|u|c|m|o|p|v|x|+|!|*] <Protokolldatei>
        i - Statusmeldungen
        w - Nicht schwerwiegende Warnungen
        e - Alle Fehlermeldungen
        a - Ausführung von Aktionen
        r - Aktionsspezifische Einträge
        u - Benutzeranforderungen
        c - Ursprüngliche Benutzeroberflächenparameter
        m - Informationen betreffend zuwenig Arbeitsspeicher oder schwerwiegendem Abbruch
        o - Meldungen betreffend zuwenig Speicherplatz
        p - Terminaleigenschaften
        v - Ausführliche Ausgabe
        x - Zusätzliche Debuginformationen
        + - An vorhandene Protokolldatei anhängen
        ! - Jede Zeile ins Protokoll aufnehmen
        * - Alle Informationen mit Ausnahme der Optionen v und x protokollieren
    /log <Protokolldatei>
        Entspricht /l* <Protokolldatei>
    /update <Update1.msp>[;Update2.msp]
        Übernimmt Update(s).
    /uninstall <Patchcode-GUID>[;Update2.msp] /package <Produkt.msi | Produktcode>
        Entfernt Update(s) für ein Produkt.
    /f[p|e|c|m|s|o|d|a|u|v] <Produkt.msi | Produktcode>
        Repariert ein Produkt.
        p - nur wenn eine Datei fehlt
        o - wenn eine Datei fehlt oder eine ältere Version installiert ist (Standard)
        e - wenn eine Datei fehlt oder eine gleiche bzw. ältere Version installiert ist
        d - wenn eine Datei fehlt oder eine andere Version installiert ist
        c - wenn eine Datei fehlt oder die Prüfsumme nicht mit dem berechneten Wert übereinstimmt
        a - Erzwingt die Neuinstallation aller Dateien
        u - Alle erforderlichen benutzerspezifischen Registrierungseinträge (Standard)
        m - Alle erforderlichen Computerspezifischen Registrierungseinträge (Standard)
        s - Alle vorhandenen Verknüpfungen (Standard)
        v - Führt von der Quelle aus und speichert das lokale Paket zwischen
Öffentliche Eigenschaften festlegen
Weitere Informationen betreffend der Befehlszeilensyntax erhalten Sie im Windows ® Installer SDK.
Copyright © Microsoft Corporation. Alle Rechte vorbehalten.
Teile dieser Software basieren zum Teil auf der Arbeit der Independent JPEG Group."
There is only a button "OK", but either I press or not the installation won't go on.
I'm using Win 7 Ultimate 64bit. The problem occurs at premiere elements 9 and Trial 10 (downloaded version).Changing compatibility to Vista or XP doesn't help too.
What can I do else?

Hi Mylenium,
stopping virus scanner and firewall before installing doesn't help. And I can't find a Windoes Installer package for Win 7 (Ultimate 64-bit), the last one I'm able to get is 4.5 and this can't be installed on Win 7 (the actual Version is  V 5.0.7601.17514 ).
I also tried "unregister/regserver" for msiexec and "sfc/scannow", both as administrator, but no results.

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    I just purchased adobe premiere elements 12 and at the end of the installation it mentioned to go to apple . com and get quick time? I'm interested in doing time lapse video. Not sure as what to do... Any and All help would be Greatly Appreciated, Thanks, in advance.

    What computer operating system is your Premiere Elements 12 running on? Have you updated 12 to the 12.1 Update? If not, please do so using an opened project's Help Menu/Update.
    The latest version of QuickTime is a requirement for Premiere Elements. Among other things, without it you will not have QuickTime export presets when you get to the Publish+Share/Computer/QuickTime exports. So, please download and install latest version of QuickTime to computer with Premiere Elements 12/12.1. QuickTime like Premiere Elements requires that it be run with you as Administrator. Is your User Account one with Administrative Privileges?
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    Some reading material if your interest is in Premiere Elements and Time Lapse video
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    Please update us on your progress when you get a chance. Any questions or need clarification, please do not
    hesitate to ask.

  • I bought the Mac version of Premiere Elements, can I get the Windows version for free or cheap with my serial number?

    I bought the Mac version of Premiere Elements, can I get the Windows version for free or cheap with my serial number? I'm about to migrate back to PC soon and I'd love to not have to buy the program again since I just bought it. Under my order history though it only shows it for Mac so I wanted to make sure.

    The boxed packaging is not sold by Adobe direct. If you want to explore that type of purchase which offers the perk of a Windows and a Mac installation disc, you need to purchase from an authorized reseller who is not going to offer you "upgraded pricing". The seller would be its own entity with its own pricing and own return/refund policy. Sometimes the authorized reseller price may be less than the Adobe"upgraded pricing".
    Did you purchase your Premiere Elements 13 Mac from Adobe direct and are within 30 days of purchase? If so, you can contact Adobe Chat Orders to ask for return/refund. And, then you can explore the authorized resellers for pricing and availability of the box packaging. Maybe check out the pricing all around before making any final decisions.
    Please review and consider.
    Thank you.

  • I am downloading the premiere elements 12 file on the adobe page and my error message says the file archive is missing??

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    you need the 7z file in addition to the exe
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  • Blocage d'installation de Premiere Elements 12 (shared technologies)

    j'ai acheté photoshop elements 12, le programme s'installe sous windows 7, puis se bloque sur shared technologies. J'ai pourtant suivi la procédure et désactivé mon pare feu windows. Pouvez-vous m'aider ?

    Bonjour et merci de votre réponse rapide.
    j'ai acheté le logiciel d'installation hier et donc avec le cd
    d'installation et le S/N.
    Le programme s'installe bien  sous Windows 7 ( photoshop elements 12 et
    elements organzer )  puis me donne un message d'erreur ( copie en annexe )
    lors de l'installation de shared technologies obligatoire.
    J'ai désactivé mon anti-virus et essayé plusieurs fois, même la version
    d'essai. Rien à faire je reçois toujours le même message.
    A noter que j'ai acheté aussi premiere elements 11 le mois dernier et que
    je n'ai eu aucun problème a l'installer !
    D'autre part, la page d'aide que vous me proposé est hors service !
    Que puis-je faire?
    Merci d'avance de votre réponse
    Bien à vous
    2013/12/6 PECourtejoie <[email protected]>
        Re: Blocage d'installation de Premiere Elements 12 (shared
    technologies)  created by PECourtejoie<>in *Forums
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  • How do I get premiere elements 13 to read the video of my .mov files?

    I am working on a PC.  How do I get premiere elements 13 to read the video of my .mov files? I hear the audio but don't see any video.Thank you.

    Thanks for the reply. Glad that QuickTime install resolved the Premiere Elements 13/13.1 video playback problem.
    When you double click any of the thumbnails for your .mov file in the Elements Organizer 13/13.1, does the Elements Organizer 13/13.1's player open to play back the .mov file contents for both video and audio?
    You wrote
    in the browser, the preview is an audio file, not a QT preview.
    I was not sure if you were just going by what appears in the thumbnail, namely film strip with music note, or whether you had gone through the actual playback there. In the Apple Pro Res footage that I have, I get the same thumbnails that you are seeing for Windows Explorer. In Elements Organizer 13/13.1, the thumbnail for my Apple Pro Res file is just a film strip on gray.
    I think what you are seeing is "normal" for the situation. But, please verify your observation with 13 updated to 13.1 if you have not done that already.

  • Premiere Elements 12 I get the error ..\..\Src\Core\Preferences.cpp-347

    When I try to run Premiere Elements 12 I get the error ..\..\Src\Core\Preferences.cpp-347, I've uninstalled and reinstalled as an admin, tried running as an administrator, and every single time I open the program I click on video editor and then new project, I get the black and purple candy cane loading bar, shortly (sometimes instantly) after I get the error message.
    Any help is much appreciated

    James Neston
    Since your duplicate thread has been closed and all replies directed to this one, I wanted to make sure that you did not miss my message going between threads.
    The following is a copy/paste of what I wrote in your now closed thread:
    James Neston
    Please avoid duplicate posts since they tend to confuse the person writing them as well as the people trying to respond to the question.
    I have seen the error that you present appear often, but I have not seen an agreed on the resolution, if a resolution at all.
    What I would do first is to update your Premiere Elements 12 to 12.1. See the opened project's Help Menu/Updates. If the problem persists after the update to 12.1, then let us look at the Scratch Disk set up and situation.
    When you go to Expert workspace, Edit Menu/Preferences/Scratch Disks, where are all the categories directed to on the computer hard drive and how much free space is at the location(s)?
    Did you install Premiere Elements 12 to its default location or other. If other, where?
    There are a lot of Troubleshooting avenues to go down (some old, some new, some questionable), but let us start with the above and then decide what next.
    But before all that, please respond to the questions already asked you by SG.

  • Premiere Elements 13 issue with the mouse on When I select a clip of video and move to a different place in my time line, Premiere Elements 13, will not release the clip rom the mouse.    The clip follows my mouse movements and goes to other places in my

    Premiere Elements 13 issue with the mouse on MAC OSX Yosemite 10.10.1
    When I select a clip of video and move to a different place in my time line, Premiere Elements 13, will not release the clip from the mouse.
    The clip follows my mouse movements and goes to other places in my time line.
    I try to delete these extra insertions, but the mouse will not release the clip.
    Action I’ve taken: I’ve re-installed Premiere Elements 13. Problem remains.
    This issue has consumed too much of my time and does not go away.  It ruins my video.
    Help please.

    I tried using the Guest Account on my Mac. In the Guest Account, Illustrator works perfect!
    Then I started wondering what processes (tools/tweaks) I run by default on my account. Turned out the problem was called by a little background tool called RightZoom. RightZoom let's the green 'zoom' button always maximize your current window.
    So thanks! Problem solved!

  • Question: Installation of Premiere Elements 10 in Windows 8.1.

    I have installed Premiere Elements 10 on my new PC with Windows 8.1.
    But I didn´t get any Icon to start the program with? At the same time I
    installed Photoshop Elements 10. Then I got an Icon to start that program with.
    How shall I get an Icon for  Premiere Elements 10?
    Best regards

    Go to
    Local Disk C
    Program Files
    Adobe Premiere Elements 10
    then, in the Adobe Premiere Element 10 Folder, scroll down to see the files
    Adobe Premiere Elements 10.exe  (will open to Welcome Screen)
    Adobe Premiere Elements.exe (will open and bypass the Welcome Screen)
    Right click the one you want, select Sent to: from the pop up list, and then select "Desktop (create shortcut)".
    Please let us know if you are OK with the information.
    Thank you.

  • Why does my Premiere Elements 9 install bypass the serial number phase and the kick out disk?

    Why does my Premiere Elements 9 install bypass the serial number phase and the kick out disk?

    Windows or Mac, and are you 100% sure you are using the appropriate Windows or Mac disc?

  • Can anyone help with the installation of Premiere Elements 10 from disk onto a Mac?

    I have tried to install to a Mac from DVD. The installation fails at 51% on Disc 3 (the first disc for Mac) and returns Error 7. I have tried to download a trial version, but it is no longer available for PE 10. I've also tried to run the Premiere Elements 10 Installation Fix, but it won't run, returning an error that says the Certificate has been revoked. Can anyone help?

    Adobe - Lightroom : For Macintosh

  • Is there a problem with the 32bit installer for Premiere Elements 10.0?

    When i download and unzip the program there is not setup.exe in the folder.  There was no problem with the 64bit version.

    Have you already installed Premiere Elements?  If so there is no need to try to install the 32-bit version.  The installer detects and installs the version appropriate to your operating system.

  • I just downloaded and paid for Premiere elements but now want the combined Premiere and Photoshop elements. How do I do this?

    My headline says it all. I would like to turn my Premiere Elements order into the combined Premiere and Photoshop Elements download offer. I have already paid for Premiere Elements but would like to take advantage of the combined offer for only another $40 or so. How do I do this?
    I only downloaded and paid for the Premiere Elements package about two days ago.
    Todd Sauve

    Todd Sauve
    Did you purchase Premiere Elements 13 from Adobe Direct? If so, are you within 30 days of that purchase? If the answer to both of those questions is Yes and it appears to be, then you should explore
    Contact Adobe Chat clicking on the following link
    Contact Customer Care
    Premiere Elements
    Membership, Account, Payment
    Payments, Invoices, Orders
    Chat Panel
    If the link does not hold its set, then you will need to navigate to the Chat Panel using the above titles as guides.
    Under the conditions mentioned at the beginning of this reply, I am speculating that Adobe should be able to give you your money back for the Premiere Elements 13, allowing you to purchase Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements which are sold together, but are still really standalone products. How Adobe opts to do that is at its discretion.
    Best wishes

  • Unable to complete the installation of Premiere Elements 12

    I am the administrator on my windows 7 box, 64 bit system. PC is clean, runs smooth, run CCleaner several times a day and have no problems downloading and installing other software.
    I see others have this issue as well.  Error says my machine is not up to date and I need a 64 bit system but my system is a 64 bit system.  It shouldn't be this difficult.
    Any suggestions on why the download takes place and when it hits 100%, I get this error?

    Hi Steve:
    Thank you for replying.
    I will try to provide all the answers to your questions.
    Q: Have you ensured that the version of the program you've downloaded is for 64-bit Windows? 
    A:  Yes see screen captures attached below.
    Q: Have you gone to Windows Update and ensured that your computer will get Microsoft Updates as well as Windows Updates and have you installed all of the updates, even the non-critical ones that don't install automatically?
    A:  Yes up to date. only update not loaded was the bing tool bar and I don't want it.
    Q: Have you ensured you have the latest version of Quicktime from Apple? 
    A: Version 7.7.4 (1680.86)  latest version
    Q: Have you got at least 4 gig of RAM? How much free, clean, defragmented space is on your hard drive? 
    A:  I have 8 gig of RAM with a 1 Tb hard drive with 723 Mgb free disk space, none fragmented.
    I have also tried a clean boot and reinstallation of Premiere Elements trial version and still can't make it work.and I still get these messages.
    Thes eare the two screenshots associated with this install.
    What do you think?

  • Installation problems Premiere Elements 12,

    I simply cannot install it.  first it tells me it can't install 64 bit as the setup defaults to 32 bit (I guess it would take some sort of magic box to be able to detect that, or a programmer with super powers to give me the option to directly install 64 bit.)  I go to the 64 bit folder  in the explorer and find setup.exe which runs installs successfully then disappears,there is no follow through, I am just left hanging.  What was the point in that? I've been to regedit which was equally pointless     I have tried converting a trial download, and tried to install from disk more times than I can remember.  I have this theory: You put the disk in and, lo, it installs.
    I have purchased two Photoshop Elements versions and Lightroom so i am neither a newbie nor more antagonistic toward adobe then the average guy but this is very frustrating.  The read-me was of no help as it did not address the 64-bit, so here I am hoping someone can help me find a way to install it.
    thank you in advance.

    Given that your Premiere Elements version is 12. On what specific computer operating system are you trying to install it?
    More Details
    Are you using installation files from an online purchase from Adobe or installation disc from an authorized reseller or other?
    If installation files from an online purchase from someone, to what operating system were installation files downloaded?
    The Usual Drill
    Are you running the program from a User Account with Administrative Privileges?
    Do you have the latest version of QuickTime installed on the computer involved?
    Does the problem exist with and without the antivirus and firewall(s) disabled?
    Is your video card/graphics card up to date according to the web site of the manufacturer of the card?
    Let us start here and then decide what next.

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