Installing iCab and Stuffit to iMac OS 8.6 from CD burned on Windows XP

Hi there
I used to have an iMac as you can see from my details but swapped over to the dreaded Windows about 4 years ago now.
My brother was given an old iMac recently, which is running OS 8.6 He couldn't get IE to work as the version was too old, so he couldn't get on the net to download iCab, which I suggested (used to have it on the iMac I had). So, I downloaded iCab and Stuffit for OS 8.6 from the net onto my Windows XP laptop and then burned a cd for him. Trouble is, my brother says the cd won't work on his iMac. He said it makes a whirring sound like it's trying to read it but then stops and nothing happens.
I said I didn't think it was a compatibility problem between Windows and Mac, as the files dowloaded were Mac files.
Any help would be appreciated. It's amazing how quickly I've forgotten how to do things on the Mac but I still feel loyal to Macs rather than Windows!
Thanks in advance.
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Hi Esther,
The original browser was an old version of IE and my brother couldn't get onto the net at all with it.
Was it possibly Internet Explorer 4.01 (in an Internet folder)? Usually, nearly all browsers will work to a certain extent, but an old version may prevent you from opening many web pages and from using some functions. An Internet service provider may require proxy data (under the web browser preferences).
an error message coming up that Microsoft no longer supports that version and to download the latest version
That almost sounds like a message appearing once you actually are on the Internet.
so, that puts paid to the e-mail idea as well, as he can't get a connection at all.
A browser would, of course, be needed for web mail. However, a separate email application (e.g., Eudora or Outlook Express) should be fine, as long as the Internet connection as such is working.
The connection is a dial-up one.
For the Internet connection, the things to check would be that the TCP/IP control panel has been set to connect via PPP and that everything in the Modem and Remote Access control panels is OK (the ISP should be able to help with details).
I did check the cd after I'd burned it to make sure the programs were on it
As indicated earlier, that CD should (normally) be readable in an iMac.
Thanks for the info about the extensions.
The extensions are important. Otherwise, the iMac may not properly show discs and/or contained files.

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  • I plan to buy iMac w/Mountain Lion How do I un-install FCE and MSoft Office 2011 from old iMac and reinstall

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    Can I re-install on new iMac I plan to buy with Mountain Lion?  I have install FCE CD.

    Michael Griffith wrote:
    I couldn't remember from my earlier experience what the software was that worked, but I found FCS Remover on my Mac in Applications, so that's what I plan to try.
    That will do the job removing all the FCE related files.
    Michael Griffith wrote:
    And I was surprised to learn the new iMacs don't have a DVD burner which I use all the time on this iMac and my newer Macbook Pro.  I suppose that's why the prices start at $1299?  I will look, but does the Apple store sell DVD burners?  And assuming so, do any of you have recs?
    As Keith mentions Apple sells one as an optional extra.
    There are others on the market as well.
    My experience is to do some serious homework before buying any unit to make sure it is compatible with your specific Mac. Some users have been very disappointed.
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    Advice: Read the manual and unlearn FCE. Search the FCP X forum or ask a specific question, the info there is mounting.
    Question 2.
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    Without a bootable backup/clone or a Time Machine backup of your previous Snow Leopard installation or a saved copy of Lion's install app, you'll have to upgrade your Leopard volume to Snow Leopard (10.6.6+) so you can waste another hour or more DLing the Lion thing again.

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    I have installed iLife a few times and because of photostream, the version on the disc must be updated.  Software update usually takes care of it.  It sounds like you installed an old version over a new version.  I've not tried that.
    You have a late 2012 machine, if you open the Mac app store from the dock, you should be able to go to the purchased tab and download/install the right version of iphoto.  Honestly, you should not have used that disc on this new of mac or at least only installed iDVD & iWeb but not garageband, iphoto, and iMovie.
    If the Mac App Store shows iphoto as installed already, drag the app from your applications folder to the trash and reinstall it again from the Mac App Store.  That is the version you need.  You may find garageband and imovie have similar problems.
    good luck.
    PS.  your photos are in your photo folder in your home folder.  don't touch those, I'm talking about the app "iphoto" in the applications folder.

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