Insufficient disk space during index build?

Hi All,
  I have a library of pdf documents on a network share that I am indexing weekly from my laptop (overnight).  Recently, the index build has failed with the error message "insufficient disk space".  I have contacted the server admin and I have been assured that we have many hundreds of gb free.  In any case, the available space is much larger than the size of the document repository.  As a test, I copied the entire library to my local hard drive and the index build worked perfectly.  I'm concerned that there is another network issue at play here that isn't apparent from the error message.
I haven't found anything on Adobe's website on this error.  Can anyone help?

Try emptying the TEMP folder. A lot of applications, including Acrobat use the TEMP folder as a temporary work space and it is limited by Windows.

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  • "Insufficient disk space for encoding" There is!!!!

    I've got a problem that is really driving me crazy.
    When ever I write an .img or even burn to disk, the following comes up:
    "Insufficient disk space for encoding. Please free up disk space on your encoding target drive"
    This is untrue. I have 6.95 GB left on my hard drive, plenty on my LaCie drives and enough on my DVD-R. I really don't know what the problem is. I've written DVDs with less than 6.95 GB before.
    Can anyone help?
    Many Thanks,
    Pete Cooke

    That's not enough, when your hard drive gets about 80% full, then you may begin to see this issue. There is alot of files that are temporary, that also use disk space during the build process.
    You really need alot more space than what you currently have left, (like 20GB) or more.
    Look, I know that some here are on a shoe string budget, but the prices that ATA firewire drives are at now, there cheep. I just saw one on, (250GB ATA, internal) for $80.00 and a 160GB for $40.00. You could replace your current firewire drive, for not much.
    I know, you don't want to open the external firewire drive inclosure, that's ok, I also have a solution for that. It's a one time expense, but get a firewire bridge, like the one sells for $120.00 and from then on, you can just purchase raw internal HD's on sale as the need arises and plug those drives in via the 6pin firewire bridge from Wiebetech. This has saved me allot cash on purchasing the fire interface over and over, (as you have to do when purchasing an external firewire drive.)
    I just move the Wiebetech drive dock firewire bridge from drive to drive as needed, I now have 4 of them. It also allows me to quickly archive off footage to an ATA drive quickly, as well as use that footage from that drive while authoring a DVD or FCP project.
    I have looked at other solution like this, but this seems to be the lowest cost per GB & buck, ($.)

  • Error: Index Build Failed - Insufficient Disk Space

    I am unable to create a full-text index for a set of PDF files (Full Text Index with Catalog function).  The initial build worked a few months ago, but all attempts at a rebuild are met with the following:
    Error: Index Build Failed - Insufficient Disk Space
    I have over 5GB of disk space. I have cleared my general temp folder.
    I am using Acrobat XI Pro Version
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    "5GB of disk space"
    Disk space is the space on the Hard Disk Drive.
    A 5GB HDD, in today's computer environment, is effectively so small as to be next to nothing.
    Perhaps you have 5GB of RAM?
    That'd indicate a 64-bit computer (if in Windows). But, Acrobat (in Windows) is a 32-bit application and as such cannot make use of the extra RAM a 64-bit computer can carry.
    The alert/error speadks to "disk space" which is the space available on the HDD.
    If your computer's HDD has about at or less than 12-15 % space available you'll need to make more available (defrag or whatever) or you'll need to move up to a larger HDD.
    Be well...

  • Insufficient Disk Space error during installation of OEPE

    I tried to install OEPE under Oracle Linux 5. During the installation, I got the "Insufficient disk space error" saying there is only 0MB available at my home directory. I checked my disk space and found that was not the case. I have no clue why I got this error and how to solve the issue. Any help would be appreciated.
    [lixuxu@slc01pne ~/download]$ df -h
    Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
    /dev/xvda1 144G 19G 118G 14% /
    tmpfs 5.8G 0 5.8G 0% /dev/shm
    6.0T 3.5T 2.6T 59% /home/lixuxu
    96G 5.9G 91G 7% /usr/dev_infra/platform
    96G 5.9G 91G 7% /usr/dev_infra/generic
    1.1T 1023G 58G 95% /usr/local/remote/packages
    1.1T 1023G 58G 95% /usr/local/redhat/packages

    Are you using the the all-in-one installer or the one which includes WLS as well. Do you face similar issues when installing Eclipse JEE package ?

  • Insufficient disk space error during export

    I've been exporting approximately 1,200 photograghs (975 MB) to a Desktop folder which I copy and then burn to a DVD for playback on a Windows PC without difficulty for the past several months. However, I'm now receiving an error message stating "insufficient disk space for that operation". What's happening? I receive the error even when attempting to export 50 photograghs (25 - 30 MB).
    iMac G3, 600 MHz, 768 MB SDRAM, slot loaded   Mac OS X (10.3.9)   Netgear WGR614 v6 wirelrss router, Dell Dimension 510 PC, HP 6980, cable modem, Epson 3490 scanner
    iMac G3, 600 MHz, 768 MB SDRAM, slot loaded   Mac OS X (10.3.9)   Netgear WGR614 v6 wirelrss router, Dell Dimension 510 PC, HP 6980, cable modem

    I have edited most of the JPEG files with PE4. Could this be causing the trouble?
    Possibly. Check your Edit->Color Setting menu window and see if you've got color management turn one. Mine looks like this. If it's not set to manage then some of those files may not have a profile. To correct this you can either reedit each and save to embed the profile or, much easier, download the Automator application "Embed sRGB Profile" from Toad's Cellar, unzip and drag the original files that need it onto it. It will automatically embed the profile.
    Were the files you tried to export the same as before or a new bunch? Had then been editied?

  • Insufficient disk space for SunStudio 12

    I am fairly new to Solaris (was on Linux before) but anyway I tried to install SunStudio 12. Prepare went well but when I ran install script:
    *./batch_installer -p all --accept-sla*
    or even GUI installation:
    *./installer &*
    there was following report displayed:
    Installation failed: insufficient disk space.
    Then i did df -kh to check disk space and got output as follows:
    Filesystem size used avail capacity Mounted on
    /dev/dsk/c0d1s0 4,6G 4,4G 98M 98% /
    /devices 0K 0K 0K 0% /devices
    ctfs 0K 0K 0K 0% /system/contract
    proc 0K 0K 0K 0% /proc
    mnttab 0K 0K 0K 0% /etc/mnttab
    swap 2,2G 692K 2,2G 1% /etc/svc/volatile
    objfs 0K 0K 0K 0% /system/object
    /usr/lib/libc/ 4,6G 4,4G 98M 98% /lib/
    fd 0K 0K 0K 0% /dev/fd
    swap 2,2G 48K 2,2G 1% /tmp
    swap 2,2G 24K 2,2G 1% /var/run
    /dev/dsk/c0d1s7 33G 1,2G 31G 4% /export/home
    Then I tried to redirect installation to /export/home just to test what report will
    be now. There was same report again regardless of *31GB* of available space.
    So, am I missing something here ?
    Any idea would be welcome. Thank you.

    I think the problem is that there is not enough space in / filesystem:
    /dev/dsk/c0d1s0 4,6G 4,4G 98M 98% /
    It has only 98 Mb free. By default Sun Studio is installed at /opt, which is a directory in / filesystem.
    I'd suggest you to extract Sun Studio Express from the tar.gz file. You can download it from this page:
    Extract it somewhere (say /export/home/ss12), set PATH and run compilers and tools.

  • Insufficient disk space in Windows XP SP2

    Hello... Helpme
    Under Windows XP SP 2, I'm getting the following error when trying to start asmt.
    My desktop have 3GB of free disk space...
    C:\asmt\bin>asmigrate.cmd -c sourceserver as70 targetdirectory C:\ --targetserver sjsas9 C:\workspace\ASOFONDOS\build\Asofondos_EAR.ear
    sun.iasmt.user.cmd.backendenablers.InputArgException: 204:Insufficient disk space. File: C:workspaceASOFONDOSbuildAsofondos_EAR.ear needs: 1163 bytes available: 0 bytes at sun.iasmt.supervisor.util.InputDataPreprocessor.insufficientDiskSpace
    (Unknown Source) at sun.iasmt.supervisor.util.InputDataPreprocessor.processJ2eeArchive(Un
    known Source) at sun.iasmt.supervisor.util.InputDataPreprocessor.exec(Unknown Source)
    at sun.iasmt.user.IASMTMain.runTool(Unknown Source)
    at sun.iasmt.user.IASMTMain.<init>(Unknown Source)
    at sun.iasmt.user.IASMTMain.main(Unknown Source)
    Error 107:Tool can not recover from error.
    Bug State:      Closed, will not be fixed
    May be there is way to solve this problem? Anybody know?
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  • Insufficient disk space for encoding?

    Hello, when I burn my DVD in DVDSP I get this message:
    "Insufficient disk space for encoding. Please free up disk space on your encoding target drive. Build cancelled"
    I couldn't find anything in the documentation about this. I have 26 GB on my hard drive, which is set in the Encoding dropdown of the Destinations preference tab.
    My project is showing 3.0 GB as the size.
    Any idea what's going on?

    Michael Trauffer wrote:
    How big is your source file?
    Not large, less than 3 gigs. It turns out the problem was the disk where the quicktime movie lived was short on disk space. I would think the encoding would happen on the drive specified in the Encoding preferences, but DVDSP must think otherwise. Anyway problem solved.
    Personally, I prefer to use Compressor to encode my video and audio to m2v and ac3 before going into DVDSP.
    Yes, me too, but I had some old QT movies I needed to get onto a DVD and it was easier just to drag and drop than recompress.
    Thanks for the response.

  • Insufficient Disk Space for Encoding but 49.7 GB free on drive???

    Attempting to build a DVD project, but I keep getting an error that there's insufficient disk space. There's almost 50GB free on the drive. What gives?

    Permissions should be fine, considering I burned a DVD not more than 6 days ago, same drive.
    I import video from my camcorder, create a menu screen, import the screen and video into DVD Studio Pro 3, build the project, then burn to DVD with Toast (I never have been able to burn straight from DVD Studio Pro for some strange reason)
    But as of yesterday, DVD Studio Pro tells me there's not enough disk space to Encode the files. The full DVD is only 3.9 GB, and with 49 GB of empty disk space on the hard drive, that should be more than enough room to build!!!

  • Insufficient disk space for encoding. disk space on encoding target drive?

    I keep having this message when I try to burn\enconde\build a DVD with DVDSP 4, I'm setting the Build folder in a external hard drive with 300Gigas free, so for sure is not the porblem...
    Insufficient disk space for encoding. Please free up disk space on your encoding target drive
    What should I do?? its kind of urgent!

    Ah Ha!
    I found this in a 2-pop forum - it may be the solution...
    "Are you both using the DVDSP Background encoder? If so, make sure the *DESTINATIONS PREFERENCE for ENCODING is pointing to the disk drive that actually HAS the free space* - normally, it points to the SAME FOLDER where the asset is living. If you're short on space on that drive, that will trigger the condition you describe... - always maintain this free space "

  • IPhoto 11' insufficient disk space error on EHD

    I have read previous discussions on this error, which did not fix my own problems.  I have recently moved my iPhoto library to an EHD. The move went smoothly and I began importing more photos into the library. During one of the large imports I accidentaly unplugged my EHD which halted the import.  I noticed it created an album in iPhoto saying "recovered photos".  There were about 3,000 of them, and in the folder the photos thumbnails were not appearing. So I moved that folder to the iPhoto trash and emptied the trash.  I also tried emtying the Finder trash as well.
    At this point I started recieving the error "Insufficient Disk Space iPhoto cannot import your photos because there is not enough free space on the volume containing your iPhoto library."
    My EHD has 1.76TB free of 2TB, and my MacBook Pro has 407.29GB free of 499.25GB. So this is not a space issue at all.
    I noticed that there was discussion of problems with deleting large amounts of data at one time, I believe this is what I did.  What can I do to resolve my issue?
    Thank you,

    As a test launch iPhoto with the Option key held down and create a new, test library.  Try to import a new batch photos and test to see if the same problem persists. Does it?
    If it doesn't then give this a go on your existing library:
    1 - launch iPhoto with the Command+Option keys held down to open the First Aid window.
    2 - Run Option #4, Rebuild Database.

  • PXI-1031 Realtime no longer working with labview. "Insufficient disk space to perform backup"

    The realtime labview project was working until a couple weeks ago and the only error that is being shown on the PXI is this error message.
    "NI Configuration Manager: Insufficient disk space to perform backup" Everything before that looks like it's starting up just fine. I recently removed the hard drive and deleted the 4gb network log file because it seemed that a 4gb file on a fat32 file system was probably causing the problem. After doing this the project worked when I tested it but others in my lab said that it was broken again the next day.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated because I'm not all that familiar with the equipment.
    Go to Solution.

    In this situation, we actually want the PXI controller to be in safe mode. When the controller is reformatted, it will stay in safe mode until the proper software has been installed. Software installation is done from within safe mode, so being stuck there is a good thing.
    The networking issues you’re seeing are independent of the controller being in safe mode. Most likely, the network settings were not retained during the reformatting, and your computer needs to reconnect with the device. First, make sure that your computer is set to obtain its IP address automatically. In Windows 7, this can be configured by going to the Network and Sharing Center and clicking on Change adapter settings. From there, right click on Local Area Connection and select Properties, then select Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4) and click Properties. In this Window, make sure that Obtain an IP address automatically is selected.
    Once this is configured, remove your PXI controller from the chassis and flip the IP reset switch to ON. Put the controller back in the chassis and connect the PXI directly to your computer via an Ethernet cable. When you turn your PXI chassis back on, the chassis and computer should find each other and configure themselves to be on the same subnet. From there, you can set your desired network settings and install the necessary software.
    If this doesn’t work, the next step would be to check for any firewalls or antivirus that may be running. These could potentially interfere and block communication.

  • Adobe Bridge CS5, error when creating contact sheet "There is insufficient disk space..."

    I am running Bridge CS5 for the first time and I receive this error when attempting to create a contact sheet. "There is insufficient disk space to complete this operation." The image files I am using are web optimized and very small. The error even occurs when attempting one small image. I have gone back to using Bridge CS4 and it works just fine. Any help?

    I think I narrowed this down to having a network volume mounted with a share name of "Users".  The strange thing is even you if unmount the volume you will still have problems.  However, if you avoid mounting the volume entirely (from boot) it will be OK.
    The solution, it appears, is to rename the sharepoint to something other than "Users".  This worked for us.  I'm not sure if it matters whether the server is Windows or Mac OS.  In our case the sharepoint was an AFP volume on Mac OS.
    We had other errors related to Bridge such as "unable to create folder" and the path in the message appeared to be /Users/currentUser/.....  which made no sense at all.  However, if Bridge was internally trying to use /Volumes/Users (the mounted sharepoint), it would not only not find "currentUser", but it would not have permissions to create that folder either.
    So, another possible solution could be to grant file creation rights on the network volume "Users".  Another not-so-great idea.
    Hope that helps someone else!

  • Insufficient Disk Space: What do I do? I do not want to delete all of my projects. If I delete them and then empty the trash it will free up some space but I have deleted way more than I am tryig to import.

    I keep getting a message when I try to import pics. Insufficient disk space. What do I do? I do not want to delete all of my pics!

    Easiest thing to do would be to buy an external hard drive and move your Aperture library to that drive.

  • Can't import photos from camera -"Insufficient disk space on volume"?

    Please excuse my ignorance if there is a fix for this that I haven't found here.... I reinstalled iLife '11 yesterday because iPhoto would not recognize the camera. Now it recognizes the camera but it won't import the photos. I've tried all the suggestions, trashed the cache, the preference file, restarted, created a new library and I still can't import the photos from the camera to iPhoto because it says "insufficient disk space on volume." I have plenty of space on my hard drive. I can import through Image Capture but why go the extra step when importing to iPhoto was so very easy before? Can anyone help with this?

    This has been reported - not sure if there ever was a solution or not - search the forums to find the threads
    you can try renewing the iPhoto preference file to see if that helps -
    A good general step for strange issues is to renew the iPhoto preference file - quit iPhoto and go to "your user name" ==> library ==> preferences ==> and trash it - launch iPhoto which creates a fresh new default preference file and reset any personal preferences you have changed and if you have moved the iPhoto library repoint to it. This may help
    This does not affect your photos or any database information (keywords, faces, places, ratings, etc) in any way - they are stored in the iPhoto library - the iPhoto preference file simply controls how iPhoto works - which is why renewing it is a good first step.

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