Invalid Key code Error while installing crystal report server 11

While installing crystal report server 11,i am facing an erro which says Invalid Key code Error.I had raised this issue to SAP customer support and attaching the conversation that we had.PLEASE HELP me to resolve the issue.
MAILS--Dear Mohit,
Thanks for the patience.
We have received the below update from the Licensing Team.
You received your permanent key in respect of these licenses - the key is  for Crystal Reports Server XI.
You did not purchase these licenses for Crystal Reports Server, but purchased it for Crystal Reports and a 5-named user license for Crystal Reports was included as a special offer.  The software included was version XIR2, but you elected to use version XI instead and received key .
You would need to enroll the licenses in maintenance if you want to upgrade them.
In case of any queries please create a ticket via the Service Market Place.
Customer Interaction Center
SAP Active Global Support
Hello Jessy,
The customer received their permanent key in respect of these licenses - the key is  for Crystal Reports Server XI.
They did not purchase these licenses for Crystal Reports Server, they purchased Crystal Reports and a 5-named user license for Crystal Reports was included as a special offer.  The software included was version XIR2, but they elected to use version XI instead and they received key .
They cannot decide to upgrade now - they must enrol these licenses in maintenance if they want to upgrade them.
Kind regards,
Sent: 29 September 2009 05:49
To: Savage, Rosemary
Subject: FW: Crystal Reports Server Installation Issue
Importance: High
HI Rose ,
Need your assistance on the below issue.
Customer purchased Crystal Report Server XI R2 in 2005. When he is trying to install it now, he is getting an Invalid Key code Error.
He has provided us the Scanned copies of the Key code and the registration number.Can you please help and check if he can be provided with a Keycode.
CIC Team Lead
Customer Interaction Center
Global Support Centre India
SAP Labs India Pvt Ltd
Providing you with the required details to proceed further
Registration Number-
Registration Email
And also please find attached the scanned copy of the Registration key we got for the Crystal report server.
Dear Mohitk,
Thank you for your information.
I checked with the concerned colleague and received the below update:
Please check from where you got this key code. If from a paper, please scan it to us. Please let them track to the original paper or email.
If you have registered the key code, please provide us the registration number or registration email address so that we will try to check for you.
If you did not register before, as the promotion is over so the key code could not be replaced.
I request you to kindly check the same at your end and revert with the details.
Moreover, there are two ways for Crystal Report customer to get support.
One is customer with bundled product such like BOE and under maintenance. These customers will have an S-user ID and password to log a case in service market place via
A learning map was provided, listed on left column.
The other is customer with only Crystal report product, the support is via SDN. =>Crystal Reports and Xcelsius Support=>Crystal Reports and Xcelsius Forums
Customers can first check whether other customer has got the same issue and find the reply from our engineers.
You may also post your own thread for support.
Anything else I could help, please do not hesitate to contact again.
I am providing you with the details required to resolve the issue related to Crystal report installation,for reference of the issue please refer the mail below.
Please find attached the Scanned Document  containing the details as per the details required by you.
Hope to see a quick resolution for the issue.
Dear Mohit,
Thank you for your e-mail.
As discussed, I understand that youu2019ve procured Crystal Reports Server 11 in 2006. However youu2019re facing issues with key codes while reinstalling the same. We request you to kindly provide us with below details for further assistance.
Your customer number:
Your customer name and address:
Purchase order number:
Any other products purchased along with Crystal Reports Server 11
Any S-User Id:
Any old case ID:
Please feel free to contact us if any further queries.
I am raising this concern on behalf on Taxmantra project (Tata Consultancy Services noida).
We have bought licensed Crystal Reports Server 11 near by 2006.We are trying to install the crystal server but while installing ,we have encountered with an error message that:-
"The product key code you have entered is incorrect"
We are facing the same issue in 2006,I am attaching with this email the conversations that was held in 2006 to get the correct key code.
Please help us to resolve the issue as early as possible.
My contact number:
If you need any further information do let me know

  By design, the product is not able to be installed under the superuser account.
1.  Create a new user and specify a home directory for the user without a quota set.
2.  Copy or move the installation files to a directory that the new user can read.  I suggest you move the installation files directly into the new user's home directory.
3.  Logon as the new user (or su - newuser)
4.  run the installation shell script using that new user's account.
NOTE:  Ensure the system meets the requirements from the supported platforms documents.

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    Is Tomcat started?  On your Start menu you should have an option to get to "Tomcat  Configuration" or, under the CRS menu you can run the "Central Configuration Manager" to start Tomcat.
    What URL are you using to connect to the web app?  By default Tomcat runs on port 8080 so your URL should look something like this:  "http://<servername>:8080/BOE/CMC" or "http://<servername>:8080/BOE/BI".
    If Tomcat is running and you're trying to access it from another computer, check to see if the Windows Firewall is turned on for the server - if it is, turn it off for "Domain" access.
    If Tomcat won't start, go to the folder where Tomcat is installed and then look in the "logs" folder.  There should be a file called "stderr.log" which you can open in Notepad to see what types of errors might be occurring (you can ignore any errors having to do with "persisted sessions".)  If there are other errors, post in the BI Platform space to get assistance.

  • After install Crystal Report Server 2011, can not access control tool

    After install Crystal Report Server 2011, can not access cntrol tool from web or from application. My server OS is Windows 2008 R2 SP1. I follow the fedault setting. How to fix it?
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    Seems like webapps are corrupted, Just redeploy the webapps.
    refer the below thread to do the same.

  • Cannot install Crystal Reports Server 2008 and Client Tools on same machine

    I am having trouble setting up Crystal Reports Server 2008 with Client Tools on a new Windows 2003 SP 2 machine. The Server 2008 package installs OK (built-in MySQL server, built-in Tomcat 5.5 server). Reports run okay. But my customer wants to run reports that use Salesforce as a data source, so I tried to install Crystal Reports Server 2008 Client Tools (needed  for Salesforce support, apparently). I receive this error:
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    Oddly enough, when I uninstalled Server 2008, the Client Tools installed successfully. Then I tried installing Server 2008, and I got the same error message as with Server 2008. What the heck?
    Any ideas on how I can get Server 2008 and Server 2008 Client Tools to live in harmony on the same machine? We were able to do this with a (otherwise overloaded) Win2K3 server before.
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    Typically the client tools are installed with enterprise by default. If not then you would want to use add/remove in control panel and select them. The installer thinks you are trying to install enterprise on top of itself and thus the error.

  • I installed Crystal Reports server 2008, i'm geting server not started erro

        I'm getting error with server not started or not available error (FWM 01003). If i check in CCM, i don't see any entry for CMS server entry. How to start CMS server??? Please advise me. i installed trail version of crystal reports server 2008.
    thanks in advance!!!

    I am a consultant for Business Object products and experienced the same exact problem. We were installing Business Objects Edge, which is similar to Crystal Reports Server 2008, with MS SQL Server 2000 SP4 for the CMS System Database on a server that was named <Numbers>-<Letters>.
    We discovered that some scripts that the installation and CMS run fail when the Server Name of the Business Objects Edge Server start with a number. When the CMS System Database is setup, a table called CMS_IdNumbers6 is created. It should have three columns, NameId, IdName and third column that is named after the server where you are installing Crystal Reports Server 2008, Business Objects Edge or Business Objects Enterprise. This column is called <ServerName>_iad_intensive_int_6400.
    This column fails to get created when your server name starts with a number and subsequent scripts that insert records into this column fail. Renaming the server where we were installing Business Objects Edge to <Letters><Numbers> (no dashes either to be safe) solved the problem. We were successfully able to install Business Objects Edge. Please note: This is the server where you are installing Crystal Reports Server 2008 that needs to be renamed and NOT the MS SQL Server--just making a note because we had to go back and forth with our server team a couple of times on this point.

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    Integration Repository Creation Assistant (IRCA)
    (c) Copyright 2006 Oracle Corporation. All rights reserved.
    ERROR: Cannot find library - /data/ora11g/app/ora11g/product/11.2.0/jdbc/lib/ojdbc14.jar
    Please verify that the ORACLE_HOME is set correctly.

    Hi Craig,
    Database 11gR2 could be used for Installing Application Server 10.1.3.x but with some limitation.
    So please review the note:-887365.1 Oracle Database 11g Release 2 (11.2) Certification for Oracle Application Server 10g (10.1.2, 10.1.3, 10.1.4)
    Section :- Oracle Application Server 10g Release 3 (10.1.3)

  • Which server do I install Crystal Reports Server On?

    I'm new to crystal reports server and preparing to install 2008.  I've been through the Crystal Reports Server 2008 Quick  Installation Guide for Window and it does not refer to which server it should be installed on.  I'm currently running a SQL server Business One is located on, a web server for Web Tools and an Exchange Server.  I'm assuming I would install it on my SQL server that has SAP located there also.  Is there a recomended location or suggestions for specific location?

    not sure what you mean but let's summarize:
    Task: Building reports that fetch data from SAP sources
    Software needed: Crystal Reports Designer 2008 + BOBJ int.Kit for SAP (client installation option)
    Task: Publishing and scheduling CR reports that fetch data from SAP sources
    Software needed: BO Edge XI 3.1 or BO Enterprise XI 3.1 + BOBJ int.Kit for SAP (server installation option)
    You mentioned that you want to install Crystal Reports Server 2008. It provides almost the same functionality as BO Enterprise and BO Edge but it DOES NOT support scheduling and publishing reports in the InfoView (kind of BOBJ portal) which fetch data from SAP sources.
    I would suggest to install the BOBJ server software on a separate machine, as long as the machine resides on the same domain as your SAP server.

  • Licence Key error re-installing Crystal Reports Xi

    CR Xi was installed and working on an employeeu2019s laptop.  This laptop crashed an I am now installing Crystal Reports on another employees laptop.
    However, the licence key wonu2019t register for him and he has to input it everytime he opens Crystal reports.
    Is there anyway to free-up the licence so the new employee can register it?
    Or alternatively have a new licence key issued?

    Hi Brian,
    Below number, for worldwide Global Support Customer Interaction. Note the phone numbers marked in the note that are available worldwide (24 hours 7 days a week).
    Use your Customer Interaction Center to submit support requests and service requests for problem messages and remote service postings.
    Use the Customer Message Wizard to enter problem messages on SAP Service Marketplace. If you do not have online access, the relevant Support Center can create a message on your behalf, ask then to create a new incident for license issue.
    A service message is create using the same process that is used for creating regular technical support messages with the only difference being in the component that is selected. These components begin with XX- (e.g. XX-SER-LIKEY-BOJ) instead of BOJ-.
    Component Usage
    XX-SER-LIKEY-BOJ: Business Objects License Keys / Keycodes
    XX-SER-SAPSMP-SWC-BO: Missing/Corrupt software or patches
    XX-SER-GEN-CONTR : Missing/Invalid Installation, Contract issues
    Customer Interaction Center, call the following number:
    +49-6227-744969 (available worldwide)
    For a new key:
    Request key codes for new orders via SAP Marketplace (SMP), will  receive a download letter on new purchases providing them with their SMP login credentials.  Using these credentials you can login and click in the "Keys & Requests" tab > Request a License key.
    If your  Key code does not work
    You need   create a customer message [] using component XX-SER-LIKEY-BOJ. 

  • How do I resolve error 1310 while installing crystal report version for visual studio 2010.

    How do I resolve error 1310. I try to install crystal version for visual studio 2010, but I got this error message. Error 1310. Error writing to file. mcf80.dll.verify that you have access to that directory. My pc is window 7 (32 bit). Please I need help
    urgently to work with this program in my system successfully. Please help.

    Hello Dorohidea,
    Do you mean that when you install crystal report in virtual studio 2010, you receive the error message about error 1310?
    Please take a look at the following KB.
    Support for Crystal Reports for Visual Studio
    In Visual Studio 2010, to create a Crystal Reports project or Web site or to import existing projects or Web sites that were created by using older versions of Visual Studio or Crystal Reports, you must first install a version of Crystal Reports that is
    compatible with Visual Studio 2010.
    For more information about how to use Crystal Reports in Visual Studio 2010, visit the following SAP Crystal Reports website:
    Best regards,
    Fangzhou CHEN
    Fangzhou CHEN
    TechNet Community Support

  • Getting a 'Runtime Error' while launching Crystal Reports

    I have Crystal Report XI R2 installed on an XP machine. However, while launching it, I get the following error:
    Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library
    Runtime Error!
    Program Fils\Business Objects\Crystal Reports 11.5\crw32.exe
    This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
    Please contact the application's support team for more information.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    Hi Alok
    Are you logged in as Administrator?
    If not try logging in as Administrator,is still the issue persists then you need to manually uninstall Crystal Reports and reinstall it again.
    This issue happens because the installation of Crystal Reports has not been successful, despite a message stating that it has been  successfully installed.
    Manual Uninstalling Process:
    Crystal Reports XI is installed on your computer. You need to manually uninstall Crystal Reports XI for one of the following reasons:
    u2022 To verify that all Crystal Reports XI components have been completely removed prior to installing a later version of Crystal Reports.
    u2022 To remove the remaining Crystal Reports XI components that have not been removed using the 'Add/Remove Programs' command (Start > Settings > Control Panel).
    u2022 To remove the remaining Crystal Reports XI components that have not been removed using the Setup.exe file from Crystal Reports XI installation CD.
    How do you manually uninstall Crystal Reports XI?
    Before getting started, uninstall Crystal Reports XI by launching the Setup.exe file from the installation CD or by using the 'Add/Remove Programs' command. If either of these methods fails to remove all Crystal Reports directories, files and registry keys, then continue with the resolution of this article.
    This resolution can be applied if Crystal Reports XI is the only software installed on the computer that uses the Business Objects directories, files and registry keys.
    For example, Crystal Analysis, Crystal Enterprise and BusinessObjects Enterprise XI are applications that may share the same directories, files and registry keys.
    Removing these directories, files and registry keys may cause other software to function incorrectly.
    1. To manually uninstall Crystal Reports XI, delete the following directories:
    u2022 C:\Program Files\Common Files\Business Objects\3.0
    u2022 C:\Program Files\Business Objects
    Do not remove the directory C:\Program Files\Common Files\Business Objects\3.0 if you have BusinessObjects Enterprise XI or Crystal Reports Server XI installed. These files are shared by both applications and removal of these files will cause Business ObjectsEnterprise XI and Crystal Reports Server XI to function incorrectly.
    2. Delete the following registry keys:
    The following resolution involves editing the registry. Using the Registry Editor incorrectly can cause serious problems that may require you to reinstall the Microsoft Windows operating system. Use the Registry Editor at your own risk.
    For information on how to edit the registry key, view the 'Changing Keys And Values' online Help topic in the Registry Editor (Regedit.exe).
    It is strongly recommended that you make a backup copy of the registry files (System.dat and User.dat on Win9x computers) before you edit the registry.
    u2022 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Business Objects\Suite 11.0\Crystal Reports\
    u2022 HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Business Objects\Suite 11.0\Crystal Reports
    u2022 HKEY_USERS\S-#-#-##-...-####\Software\Business Objects\Suite 11.0\Crystal Reports
    (The number signs (#) represent a series of numbers that are different on each computer.)
    After making changes to the registry, restart the affected service or application as required.
    Hope this Helps,

  • Error while executing Crystal report in client computers

    I got this error message -2147206460 Crystal Reports Activex Designer invalid directory. any idea guys how can i fix this. I tried using Crystal Report viewer in the server and its working perfectly.

    Michael Litiatco 
    is your report working on SAP from server machine or it only works on Crystal Report on server machine
    IF your report is working  on SAP server then, the problem is on sharing the .rpt file with client
    Place the .rpt file in shared folder whichi is accessable from all the clients then use that .rpt file in SAP CR addon and update it
    updating the path from each client system SAP towards shared .rpt file
    do you have any firewall installed, try disabling within your network and check
    This should Fix your problem
    make sure the printer is shared and correct printer is set as default printer
    if possible give a test print page from client to make sure the printer is online

  • Getting error while running crystal reports on SAP BW Query

    I have installed Crystal Reports 2008 SP3 and then SAP Integration Kit. I'm able to connect to SAP BW but after adding the query to crystal and while refreshing the report i'm getting an error
    Database Connection Error: 'BAPI Error #:0' Error occured when starting the parser: timeout during allocate/CPIC-CALL:'ThSAPCMRCV'.
    Please help how to overcome this error.

    Check the following SAP note

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