IOS7: IMAP path prefix is not saved

After updating to iOS7, at first I could still see all the folders on the IMAP server (Sent, Trash, etc. which are all on the level below Inbox, e.g. Inbox/Sent Items, Inbox/Deleted Items -> therefore the IMAP path prefix is "Inbox" - without quotes of course), but then at some point they randomly disappeared. So I checked the IMAP path prefix, which was set to "Inbox" (which worked just fine on iOS6, as it should because of the folder hierarchy on the IMAP server). I tried deleting the Mail account from the iPhone, rebooting, then creating the Mail account again. I tried INBOX, inbox and Inbox/ for the prefix. I noticed that the settings frequently delete the IMAP path prefix (I would type it in, save the Mail settings, check if the prefix was still there and it was gone).
This is the really the first time the IMAP settings on the iPhone are giving me so much trouble and I have no idea what else I could do. The exact same Mail account with the exact same settings worked perfectly with iOS6. Any advice is much appreciated.

Also, the iMAP Path Prefix is entered, but is grayed out, so I get the error message, as above, that the window "cannot be empty."  Very frustrating.

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  • Emails from camera roll saved to wrong folder -- IMAP Path Prefix Problem

    I think there's a problem with the behaviour of the way picture emails are saved when you have an IMAP Path Prefix.
    I have an IMAP Path Prefix of "INBOX"... i.e. my sent folder is Inbox/Sent. Any plaintext emails I send from the email application from the iPhone are correctly saved to that folder and I can see them in that folder immediately via the iPhone's interface.
    When I navigate to the camera roll or photo album and send a picture email to somebody, and use the iPhone to go view the sent folder, they never appear in the sent folder. For a while I thought they weren't being saved at all, but I just discovered from my home PC that the camera roll app is indeed saving them somewhere: in Inbox/Inbox/Sent.
    That's right--I now have a new Inbox folder inside my Inbox folder, with just a Drafts and Sent folder. Drafts is Empty, Sent has all the picture emails I've ever sent with the iPhone.
    Bug? I think so... Emails emanating from the camera app are taking the IMAP Path Prefix twice instead of once, and then creating that Path Prefix folder if it doesn't already exist.
    Anybody else with an IMAP Path Prefix experiencing this with picture emails from the camera roll?
      Windows XP Pro  

    Ahhh interesting to find someone else with the same problem! It definitely happens when you send a photo message. My mac mail it shows my Inbox with a new nested sent items folder. I am using fusemail and the iPhone seriously messes with the folder structure. All sent items folders vanished for some reason on the mail server (but not in mac mail oddly) and I had to call technical support to make them reappear. I think this happened when I altered the Settings, Mail, Advanced settings, Mail box behaviour folders after having this problem with sent photo messages.
    Now fusemail's webserver shows TWO Inboxes, one nested inside the other, and a "Sent Items" folder within the "new" inboxes.
    Totally strange. I think there is a bug or two in the iPhone's IMAP software. Hoping for a bug fix soon, but until then perhaps a good work around might be to set the iPhone to store sent messages locally?

  • Multiple IMAP Path Prefixes in Mail

    Is there any way I can put mutiple IMAP Path Prefixes under Accounts in Mail? Furthermore there is a pulldown under my INBOX full of mailboxes that are already deleted on the server... when I select delete there is a popup that says they're already deleted... ok...

    This being an IMAP account, you may just delete it and set it up again -- beware that doing that with a POP account would cause all your mail stored in the account’s mailboxes to be deleted as well, though.
    Is there any way I can put mutiple IMAP Path Prefixes under Accounts in Mail?

  • Mail 3, smtp, IMAP: sent messages are not saved on server

    I had problems using Mail 3 after I upgraded to Leopard, so I used Thunderbird for the time being. With the update 10.5.1 I tried again: most problems solved BUT: sent messages are not saved on the server in mailbox "Sent".
    Some background: I deleted the folder "<User>/Library/Mail" and "<User>/Library/Preferences/" and configured Mail from scratch.
    To be sure: I still have Thunderbird installed, and when I send with Thunderbird: a copy is placed in "Sent".
    Another thing I noticed: it takes more than a minute to send from Mail 3 and a few seconds when I send from Thunderbird. I have another Macbook Pro with 10.5.0 installed: same problem with sending.
    Any help is appreciated.

    Well, be stumped I did all that, but to be sure, I did it again:
    I have a lot folders with subfolders and they are shown under my account name.
    I created a new folder "test" in my IMAP account and designated it to be the new "Sent" folder. It replaces my previous Sent folder in the group Inbox, Drafts, Trash. My previous Sent folder now appears under my account name as a "normal" folder.
    I send a message and the Activity monitor says: +"Delivering message: copying message"+. After a minute Mail is done. I check my (new) "Sent" folder and it's empty. I double check in webmail: it's empty.
    So I go to the Finder and look in my IMAP folder: <user>/Library/Mail/<IMAP-account>/test.imapmbox and there is no folder "Messages", only Info.plist.
    Then I try to move a message to the "Sent' folder: for a minute the Activity moinor says: Copying messages: copying message" and then Mail prompts: +"The message "testing" could not be+
    +The connection to the server on port 143 timed out"+.
    So it looks like Mail has a problem with the default "Sent" folder: it cannot copy messages to that folder at all! Aha!
    But then I try to move a message to a "normal" IMAP folder: same thing! Mail cannot copy to any folder!
    In both instances Mail says: +"The message "..." could not be be moved to the mailbox "..."+
    +The connection to the server on port 143 timed out"+
    Last thing: I try to move a message to a folder in the same account again. But in the process I quit Mail. I open Mail again and Mail is performing pending operations: copying message. After a while Mail prompts: +"Operation could not be completed. (MFMessageErrorDomain error 1028.)"+ and crashes... I open Mail again and it tries to peform pending operations. Again: an error message and Mail crashes. This keeps going on so I delete the whole account and set it up again. Nothing's changed...
    I can receive and send, but sent messages are not copied to the "Sent" folder and I cannot move messages around within a IMAP account. But TADA!!!: I can move messages from account to account.

  • IPhone IMAP Gmail mailbox behaviors not saved

    I setup Gmail as an IMAP account so I can send mail from my own domain.  It works, but I cannot get the mailbox behaviors to be saved.  I go into Advanced then under Mailbox Behaviors I set  Deleted Mailbox to All Mail (on the server), but it will not save that setting.  It keeps defaulting back to Trash.  I want to be able to delete a message on my phone and have it archived on the server.
    I'm running OS 6.0.1 on an iPhone 5

    Yes, good question about not playing nice with gmail.
    Regarding your iPads, if you do backups to iCloud from them, those backups may occur at random times (e.g., middle of the night). Maybe the thing to do is record your iPads' (plural) gmail account settings, overtly set them the same as your iPhone's, and see if that works.

  • Imap path prefix

    having problem sending mail, says cannot send message using the server Aol Imap. the server "" cannot be contacted on the default ports.

    Google and your ISP should help provide answers for your IMAP questions.

  • Where can I find my IMAP  Path Prefix for MAIL?

    I am unable to send mail from my IMAC OS X v 10.6.8. I use Airport Extreme and Use a WiFi Network.  This only happened recently but whenever I try to sent a message it says “Can’t send message using the server" This is what I use and if I hit connection doctor both aol mail and are both green and says able to connect to the interenet. So what is the problem with my Apple Mail or what am I doing wrong.  I also tried setting on mail on my IPOD Version 6.1.6.  I am unsure what is causing this. Any help will be greatly appreciated.  Would this have anything to do with Icloud.  I have Icloud mail but right now it’s shut off on my ipod.

    Settings match below. Have you tried deleting the account and adding it back?
    AOL Settings

  • Not saving Sent or Draft emails

    Help, I'm using 2 IMAP email acount in mail and it won't save any of my sent messages or drafts, even though I have the setting set to store them under the mailbox behaviors.
    Am I missing something?
    These are two new mail accounts I've set up, you'll see from my last two posts earlier there have been some othe issues, now thankfully resolved.
    My preference would be for the mail to be saved on rthe server and of course appear in Mail app.
    I also haver a .Mac email which does this fine.

    You’re welcome.
    So do you recommend that I typr INBOX in the IMAP preference box?
    Will it be enough to just do that now or should I delete and recreate the new account?
    It doesn’t really matter. If you do it without re-creating the account, Mail may lose track of which mailboxes should be used for what, but you can fix that by just doing Mailbox > Use This Mailbox For again.
    Would you look at this image of my Mailapp setup and comment please
    The appearance of your mailbox list is normal except for the black triangle to the left of the IMAP Inboxes, which is a consequence of the INBOX prefix issue.
    There isn’t a pre-defined Junk group with the brown bag icon probably because you have the junk filter set to something other than Automatic mode, which in turn explains why the Junk mailbox on the .Mac server appears as a generic folder.
    The two Junk-named folders that appear there are a “glitch” caused by some changes made on the .Mac server some time ago. You can get rid of them if you want. Mail will create the one it needs when it needs to if it isn’t already there.
    Here’s a more thorough explanation of how mailboxes are supposed to appear in Mail:
    1. Instead of grouping mailboxes by account, Mail groups mailboxes by purpose first, regardless of whether they are stored locally or on the server, then groups by account the mailboxes that don’t serve a specific purpose in Mail. If you have more than one mail account, each has its own Inbox, Drafts, Sent, Trash and Junk mailboxes, which appear under the respective group showing the account name instead of the real name of the associated mailbox in the filesystem.
    This has the advantage of letting you choose at any time, and independently for each mailbox, whether you want to look at your Inbox, Sent, Trash, etc. mailboxes as if you had just one of them shared by all accounts (i.e. an aggregate), or look at each of the corresponding individual mailboxes separately.
    2. Each mailbox under a pre-defined group is associated with a mailbox in the filesystem whose name may or may not be exactly the same as the name of the corresponding mailbox group. By default, the name of the actual mailboxes in the filesystem associated with Sent and Trash, for example, would be Sent Messages and Deleted Messages, respectively.
    3. The association between a mailbox in a pre-defined group and the actual mailbox in the filesystem is fixed for POP accounts, but can be changed for IMAP accounts by means of Mailbox > Use This Mailbox For or the corresponding Preferences > Accounts > Mailbox Behaviors > Store messages on the server setting.
    4. Mail may defer the creation of a pre-defined mailbox until actually needed to store messages there. Also, in some circumstances Mail may be unable to create or locate the actual mailbox in the filesystem (see #10 below for an example), but the association does still exist in those cases from a logical point of view, even though Mail may be unable to display or store messages there.
    5. Each and every mailbox appears once and only once in the mailbox list, be it (1) under one of the pre-defined groups with an icon that conveys its purpose and the name of the account it belongs to (if you have more than one mail account), or (2) with a generic folder icon and the real name of the associated mailbox in the filesystem if it serves no specific purpose as far as Mail goes. Under no circumstances can the same mailbox appear both ways; it’s either one or the other, depending solely on whether it serves a specific purpose in Mail or it’s treated by Mail as a generic mailbox like any other.
    6. By itself, the name of the mailbox is no indication of whether it serves a purpose in Mail. If it appears in Mail with a generic folder icon, then as far as Mail goes it’s a generic mailbox like any other, no matter what its name.
    7. A mailbox with a generic folder icon can “disappear” and become associated with one of the pre-defined groups as a result of changing the corresponding Store messages on the server setting in Preferences > Accounts > Mailbox Behaviors or doing Mailbox > Use This Mailbox For on it (server-stored IMAP mailboxes only). This, in turn, would cause the mailbox being previously used for that purpose to become dissociated from the corresponding group and “appear” as a mailbox with a generic folder icon.
    8. In addition to the account-specific mailboxes that appear with the account name under each of the pre-defined groups, Trash and Junk may also have an “On My Mac” mailbox. This is where messages deleted or marked as junk are moved if they were previously stored in a custom “On My Mac” mailbox or in a locally stored mailbox associated with an IMAP account (i.e. a mailbox for which Store messages on the server has been turned OFF in Preferences > Accounts > Mailbox Behaviors).
    9. Generic mailboxes that don’t serve a specific purpose as far as Mail goes (i.e. mailboxes that appear in Mail with a generic folder icon), appear below the pre-defined groups. In principle, “On My Mac” mailboxes (i.e. locally stored custom mailboxes) would appear as top-level folders, whereas server-stored mailboxes would appear grouped under a globe icon for each IMAP or .Mac account. However, if there is no need to differentiate between “On My Mac” and server-stored mailboxes (e.g. because you only have one IMAP account and no custom “On My Mac” mailboxes), Mail will display the server-stored mailboxes as top-level folders instead, just as if they were “On My Mac” mailboxes.
    Note: In Mail 1.x, generic mailboxes always appeared grouped, never as top level folders. “On My Mac” mailboxes, in particular, appeared under their own On My Mac group. In Mail 2.x, this changed to offer greater flexibility in how the user wants his/her custom mailboxes to be organized — see Mail Help’s “My mailbox organization was lost after upgrading Mac OS X” article. This allows the user to have multiple top-level “On My Mac” hierarchies, for example.
    10. Some IMAP accounts use a NAMESPACE feature that Mail doesn’t handle properly and that causes server-stored mailboxes to appear as subfolders of the account’s Inbox, even though they really aren’t — see “Can't create folders, only subfolders of INBOX” in the Courier FAQ, for example. Those IMAP accounts require INBOX to be put in Preferences > Accounts > Advanced > IMAP Path Prefix for Mail to handle them properly.
    Finally, you may also want to read the following article:
    Blue and white Mail folders explained

  • Mail not saving sent messages, not moving Junk messages

    Hi everyone, I'm having a bit of trouble with OS Mail. I've set it up to use an IMAP account, and have set my preferences such that Mail should save all my sent messages in the Sent folder (I assume the Sent folder on my computer, not the one on my IMAP server). Regardless, neither my IMAP server's sent folder nor my computer's sent folder contain any messages that I've sent, and I have confirmed that these messages have in fact been received by the recipients (therefore successfully sent). I am unsure of how to resolve this issue, as there is no obvious setting change for me to persue. I just received this computer (new) a few days ago, so I wouldn't expect this problem to be due to disk maintenance/management, etc.
    Also, I have noticed that Junk messages remain highlighted and in my inbox. I changed my prefs to have these messages be placed in my Junk Mail folder. Mail asked me whether I wanted to apply that preference to older messages marked as junk that have yet to be put in the folder; I indicated yes. Nothing happened, and the Junk Mail folder remained empty (until I manually moved the messages to it). Any ideas?
    I have searched the forums for related issues and could only find problems that had an associated error message with it; my issue is different in that there are no error messages; Mail is simply ignoring my preferences. Thanks in advance,

    In OS X Mail, this sent folder appears as a subdirectory
    (sub "mailbox"?) under my "Inbox" mailbox along with
    other folders that are mapped on my IMAP account.
    This means you haven't set up your account properly. You probably should set Preferences > Accounts > Advanced > IMAP Path Prefix to INBOX, or something like that.
    After putting the right string in the IMAP Path Prefix field, either the IMAP folders will appear somewhere else in Mail (i.e. not as subfolders of Inbox), or your problem will have already been fixed. Let me know what happens.
    I should probably mention (just realized) that in my
    account settings, my outgoing SMTP server is set to
    be my ISP's server (which is different from my IMAP
    I wonder if, by selecting "save messages on server"
    I am saving these messages somewhere on my ISP?
    Mail should still save the sent messages where you've told it to. It's Mail, not the SMTP server, that stores the sent messages. The SMTP server has no bearing on this, but it was a good idea to consider that possibility, nevertheless.
    When I uncheck this option, perhaps my mail will
    be stored on my local computer instead?
    Yes, that's what would happen, but don't uncheck that option if you really want your sent messages to be stored on the IMAP server, or do it temporarily, so that Mail does at least save them somewhere until we fix the problem, but I believe I already know what the problem is.

  • Mail not saving IMAP drafts or outgoing messages

    I've searched the HELP topics and have not seen how to solve this problem. I have multiple accounts set up in Mail; a couple are accounts and a couple are through two different companies for which I work. Most of them are set up as POP accounts, and they are behaving properly. The problem is with the one that is set up as an IMAP account. It successfully sends and receives mail, but it will not save drafts or the outgoing mail. I realize I can blind-copy myself and have the messages saved as incoming, but I'd really like them saved as drafts and outgoing. Thanks for any advice!

    Hi Dantedelg,
    If you are having an issue with your MacBook Air's Mail application not saving the Sent mail, you may want to check your Mail Preferences under Accounts > your account > Mailbox Behaviors > Sent. What is the setting for Delete sent messages when: set to? You may wish to change this setting. See this article -
    Mail (Yosemite): Set up Mail with your email accounts
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    Brett L 

  • Imap to mail, read messages not saving

    Hi -- I keep asking this of the "mac geniuses" and in the other discussions and I am getting nowhere.
    I use Mail to access my AOL mailbox (I know, I know). AOL uses IMAP.
    Mail does NOT save read or sent mail more than the X number of days specified by whatever AOL sets it at. My mailbox keeps synching with AOL and then NOT saving my read messages. Why aren't my read messages saved into my IN box? I do not want them saved ad infinitum on AOL's server, I just want them on my computer, automatically, so I can peruse read messages and make use of them six months from now. Why won't Mail let my read messages remain? Why must it overwrite my in box with what's in my AOL mailbox? HOW DO I AUTOMATE THIS?
    This seems simple, yet I have had two Mac geniuses argue with me that "it's already doing that" and one mac support person say "I can try to troubleshoot that for $49.95" and I am getting nowhere.
    How do I get Mail to SAVE MY READ MAIL?
    Thanks in advance. But I am not very hopeful. This kinda *****.

    Since an AOL account must be created as an IMAP type account in Mail and the same with other email clients other than the AOL program, mailboxes stored on the server for IMAP type accounts in Mail and with other email clients are synchronized with the server.
    This is an AOL setting or problem at their server. You need to contact AOL regarding changing this setting for automatically removing messages from the server. There is no setting in Mail that causes this. When AOL automatically removes messages from a server stored mailbox after a designated period of time, the is only synchronizing server stored mailboxes with the server.
    When creating an IMAP type account in Mail, the only account mailbox that is stored on the server by default is the account's Inbox mailbox which cannot be changed.
    You have the choice to save the account's Drafts, Sent, Trash and Junk messages on the server or locally on the hard drive which is available under the Special Mailboxes tab for the account preferences.
    To fix the Sent messages problem, do not store Sent messages on the server. When storing sent messages locally on the hard drive, it doesn't matter what AOL does.
    For messages received by the account, utilize an existing or create a new "On My Mac" location mailbox which is stored locally on the hard drive. Once a week or so or daily, transfer messages from the account's Inbox mailbox to a user created "On My Mac" mailbox which will store the transferred messages locally on the hard drive and remove the messages from the server at the same time.


    Personal Hot Spot setting not getting saved

    Idem on my iPhone 4 with iOS 7.1 (successfully surfing with 3G) the personal hotspot APN entry is not saved. The iPhone wifi hotspot can be joined by an ipad or a macbook but there is no internet available on them. Same problem with a bluetooth pairing : no internet.

  • Image is not saved in jpeg/bmp file but ok with png

    Hi i am unable to save the image in disk in jpeg format.
    Here is the code.
    public void saveImage(){
    //if no filechooser is there means no image file opened.
                    errorWindow=new ErrorWindow(XXX.getPrimaryStage());
                errorWindow.showErrorWindow("There is no image to save !!\n");
                fileChooser.setTitle("Save The Image");
                File saveFile=fileChooser.showSaveDialog(XXX.getPrimaryStage());
                    System.out.println("saveFile path= "+saveFile);
                    //get the extension of output image to be saved.
                    //XXX: is the main class name(say)
                    //if user does not give extension: set default extension as jpg
                        String newPath=(saveFile.toString())+".jpg";
                        saveFile=new File(newPath);                   
                    Task task = new Task<Void>() {
                        public Void call() {
                                    new Runnable() {
                                        public void run() {
                                            try {
                                                //The image is inside ImageView->inside ScrollPane-> inside TabPane.
                                                Image curImage=XXX.getCurrentImage();
                                                int width=(int)curImage.getWidth();
                                                int height=(int)curImage.getHeight();                              
                                                System.out.println("cur image width= "+width+" ht= "+height);
                                                bufferedImage=new BufferedImage(width, height,BufferedImage.TYPE_INT_ARGB );
                                                //set the current image to awt Buffered Image
                                                SwingFXUtils.fromFXImage(curImage, bufferedImage);
                                                    Tab tab=imageTabPane.getSelectionModel().getSelectedItem();                                    
                                                    TabPane childTabPane=(TabPane)tab.getContent();
                                                    ScrollPane sp=(ScrollPane)childTabPane.getSelectionModel().getSelectedItem().getContent();
                                                    final ImageView imageView=(ImageView)sp.getContent();
                                                    WritableImage wim = new WritableImage(width,height);
                                                    imageView.snapshot(null, wim);
                                                    System.out.println(" snapShot width= "+wim.getWidth()+" ht="+wim.getHeight());                             
                                                    *ImageIO.write(SwingFXUtils.fromFXImage(wim,null), outExtension, saveFile);*
                                                       //<------ its not working  for png,jpeg,bmp,gif                                          
                                                    // the below lines are working only for png and gif
                                                    OutputStream out = new FileOutputStream(saveFile);                                                
                                                    ImageIO.write((RenderedImage) bufferedImage, outExtension, out);
                                            } catch (Exception ex) {
                                                Logger.getLogger(FileMenuController.class.getName()).log(Level.SEVERE, null, ex);
                            return null;
                    Thread th = new Thread(task);
                    System.out.println("File is not saved");
        }//saveImageNote: The above code is executed in ubuntu(10.04) using Netbeans 7.2(Javafx(2.2), java(1.7.0_11).
    When i run(from terminal) separately in a new class with an image in an Imageview( inside a Vbox) and take the snapshot
    of the imageview and write into the file using ImageIO.write(SwingFXUtils.fromFXImage(wim,null), outExtension, saveFile);
    with any extension (jpeg,png etc) it is working fine.
    Please help me.
    Any small hint is also helpful.Please feel free to comment or give suggestion.
    Edited by: 963038 on Feb 17, 2013 7:14 PM

    When i omit the line OutputStream out = new FileOutputStream(saveFile);
    and write only
    ImageIO.write((RenderedImage) bufferedImage, outExtension,saveFile);
    then saving the image even in "png" also fails.
    The following is the error code:
    Note : FileMenuController is my file where the saveImage() is wrtten.
    javax.imageio.IIOException: I/O error writing PNG file!
         at com.sun.imageio.plugins.png.PNGImageWriter.write(
         at javax.imageio.ImageWriter.write(
         at javax.imageio.ImageIO.doWrite(
         at javax.imageio.ImageIO.write(
         at *$1$*
         at com.sun.javafx.application.PlatformImpl$
         at Method)
    Caused by: Operation not supported
         at Method)
         at com.sun.imageio.plugins.png.ChunkStream.finish(
         at com.sun.imageio.plugins.png.PNGImageWriter.write_IHDR(
         at com.sun.imageio.plugins.png.PNGImageWriter.write(
         ... 9 more
    javax.imageio.IIOException: I/O error writing PNG file!
         at com.sun.imageio.plugins.png.PNGImageWriter.write(
         at javax.imageio.ImageWriter.write(
         at javax.imageio.ImageIO.doWrite(
         at javax.imageio.ImageIO.write(
         at com.sun.javafx.application.PlatformImpl$
         at Method)
    Caused by: Operation not supported
         at Method)
         at com.sun.imageio.plugins.png.ChunkStream.finish(
         at com.sun.imageio.plugins.png.PNGImageWriter.write_IHDR(
         at com.sun.imageio.plugins.png.PNGImageWriter.write(
         ... 9 more

  • Sent Messages are not saved in Sent Mailbox

    It was working correctly but suddenly all my sent messages are not saved in the Sent Mailbox. I follow all the Mail Help instructions but nothing seems to work. Hope that someone can help me. I asked for help on december 14 but it was not helpful

    The mailboxes drawer contains all mailboxes under In, Drafts, Sent, Trash and Junk (if you have Junk Mail set to automatic).
    If you have a .Mac or IMAP type account, you also have an account named icon for the .Mac or IMAP type account at the bottom of the mailboxes drawer. It is named by the Account Description you provided/entered for the account under the Account Information tab for the account preferences.
    If you select save Sent messages on the server for a .Mac or IMAP type account, the account's Sent mailbox will be available under the account named icon in the mailboxes drawer along with all other server stored mailboxes.
    To open the account named icon for your .Mac account to reveal the server stored mailboxes including the account's Sent mailbox, select the black triangle beside your .Mac account icon in the mailboxes drawer pointing it down.
    Select the account's Sent mailbox and at the menu bar, go to Mailbox > Use This Mailbox For and select Sent.
    If you deselect store Sent messages on the server for the account preferences, the account's Sent mailbox will be available under Sent in the mailboxes drawer and you can't use "Use This Mailbox For" for mailboxes stored locally on the hard drive. It can only be used for .Mac or IMAP type account mailboxes that are stored on the server.

  • Voice memos app not saving properly

    I am using an iphone5 running iOS7.1.1 and performing the following actions will cause Voice Memos app not saving recordings. I have sent a feedback to Apple but is wondering if anyone else is found having similar problems.
    1) Run Voice memos app and start recording
    2) At lock screen open camera app and take a picture
    3) At same lock screen delete the picture taken
    4) Lock screen will show RECORDING in progress
    5) Open Voice memos app and it will also show RECORDING in progress
    6) Save voice memo from app and the duration FROM the point of picture deleted WILL NOT be saved

    same here ... iPhone 3gs/32 gigs ram/ios 4.3.1 ...
    the app doesn't seem to work any more, and hasn't for some time:
    "buttons" are unresponsive, or they appear to respond, but don't perform their function ... erratic behavior ...
    very disappointing as this has gone on for some time ...
    We appear not to be the only ones ...
    Anyone with a solution?

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