IPad suddenly no longer detected by iTunes

The cable works on my iPhone 5, so it's not the USB port nor the cable itself. My iPhone 5 and iPhone 4 are both recognized by iTunes and iPhoto, however suddenly today I couldn't sync my iPad.
Any solutions, gratefully accepted.

Cheers. Leroy. At the very same moment that you posted this... I discovered the answer: jamming the cable into the iPad a tad harder than normal. Months of air travel and general knocking around of the device has obviously made the connection a bit tetchy. I'm very shame-faced for such a schoolgirl error!
So, again, thanks for your support. Much appreciated.

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  • IPad 3G no longer detected by iTunes (Win Vista), only charging when battery V. Low

    This appears to be a software issue: my iPad 3G (32GB) is not detected by iTunes (yet my iPhone is), nor by Windows Vista.  Furthermore, it does not charge from the wall charger until it shuts down in low battery, and only charges to 2%, after which it switches on again.  Tried switching off and charging, which only causes it to switch back on again.  Also tried cold resetting, but problem persists.  Was working fine previously, no updates, additions or subtractions were made to either PC OS, iPad or iTunes immediately before problem started... and there doesn't seem to be any mention of this on the internets (including this forum).  Any suggestions? 

    Soft boot, hold down top button and middle bottom button at the same time, with the iPhone connected to your computer and iTunes will recognize the phone on reboot.

  • IPad suddenly no longer shows in iTunes

    Up until about a week or two, any time I would open iTunes (Windows 7 PC) my iPad would show up on the left as a wireless device.  Now it no longer shows unless I directly plug it in, and my iPad is definitely connected to the WiFi.  I did just update to the most recent iTunes and that didn't change anything.
    I did also try restarting both the computer and the iPad.
    EDIT:  Looks like it works now.  It just takes about a minute for it to show up.  It used to be almost instant.  I was going to remove this post but I don't see an option to do so.

    Cheers. Leroy. At the very same moment that you posted this... I discovered the answer: jamming the cable into the iPad a tad harder than normal. Months of air travel and general knocking around of the device has obviously made the connection a bit tetchy. I'm very shame-faced for such a schoolgirl error!
    So, again, thanks for your support. Much appreciated.

  • HT4137 my ipad is not being detected on itunes or my computer what do i do?

    my ipad is not being detected on itunes or my computer what do i do? like the homescreen on the ipad says to connect to itunes and won't go to a different screen I just want to reset the whole thing without using my computer how do I do that or is there another solution

    iPad not appearing in iTunes
    iOS: Device not recognized in iTunes for Mac OS X
    iOS: Device not recognized in iTunes for Windows
    iTunes for Windows: Device Sync Tests
    IOS: Syncing with iTunes
    Apple - Support - iPad - Syncing
    If iPad appears as camera:
    See 1st link above.
    iOS: Disabling digital camera notification in Mac OS X
    iOS: Disabling digital camera notification in Windows
     Cheers, Tom

  • IPad suddenly reads only "connect to iTunes"

    My iPad was working fine, then all of a sudden went dead with the apple logo only.   I pressed Home button and power button at same time and "connect to iTunes" was displayed only.   I connected to my laptop and it gave me only the option to restore to factory settings.   Will this completely wipe all of my photos and apps OFF of my iPad?   Is there any other way to unlock or salvage all of my data?

    Hi allyworm,
    I'm sorry to hear about the issues you are having with your iPad. A Factory Restore will remove all data and settings from your iPad, but so long as you have been backing up to either iCloud or iTunes, you should be able to restore your data from the backup. If so, you may find the following article helpful:
    iOS: Back up and restore your iOS device with iCloud or iTunes
    - Brenden

  • Iphone is no longer detected on itunes/computer it is synched with.

    One of my Iphones is no longer detected by the itunes/computer that it is synched with.  The computer/itunes does detect other devices.  The iphone in question is able to be detected on another computer/itunes.
    I updated software oof iphone on another computer.  I updated itunes on the computer that does not detect the phone.  I rebooted both.  I tried software conflict.
    Does anyone have an idea how to resolve?  I have all of my contacts, apps, photos, music etc on that computer. 
    When I updated phone software on another computer to see if that was the problem it wiped out all music,apps, photos etc on the phone.  I have thee devices with one apple id and they are synched to different computers. 

    You should try another USB cable, charging and sending data through the cable is not completely the same, sending data is using other contacts inside the plug or docking connector.

  • Ipad 1 no longer connects to itunes

    Updated both my iTunes to the most current and my iPad 1 to 5.1.1. Now it no longer connects to iTunes and gets an error message.

    Howdy Graham Burnette,
    It sounds like you’re tapping Trust when you see the Trust This Computer alert on your iPad, but the device isn’t appearing in iTunes. Take a look at the two articles linked below, and Reset Location & Privacy settings if you see the alert each time you connect your iPad to your iMac, then follow the suggestions in the second article to resolve the iPad recognized by iTunes issue.
    'Trust This Computer' alert on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
    If you tap Trust, the computer will be trusted until you untrust all computers or you erase the device. If you tap Don't Trust, you'll see this alert each time you connect your device to that computer.
    If you're using iOS 8 or later: To untrust all computers, tap Settings > General > Reset > Reset Location & Privacy. This will also reset your location and privacy settings. You can also untrust all computers by tapping Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. This will also reset your network settings.
    iOS: Device not recognized in iTunes for OS X
    I hope this helps,

  • I have dropped my ipad and have cracked the screen. Now the ipad will no longer detect or connect to wifi signals. Any solutions would be greatly appreciated

    I have dropped my ipad and shattered the screen badly. A new problem that has only come since the cracking of the screen is that the ipad will now no longer detect or connect to ipad signals. I have tried all the solutions i have found online but none worked.

    It will cost approximately US$219 to US$299 depending on the model.
    Apple will replace the entire iPad; they don't repair.
    If you had purchased AppleCare+ when you bought the device, you would be entitled to up to two replacements over a 2 year period for $49 each.

  • AirPort Stopped Working Suddenly - No Longer Detected

    Hi guys,
    I've been using my iMac 20" duo core for just roughly a month, and have been connecting online via my Airport Express wireless to get online. This morning, while using iTunes and listening to my music wireless, my iTunes froze up, and all my wireless connections were lost. I tried to restart my computer, but after that, I have been unable to connect to my wireless connection. I have checked my Network status and Internet Connect, and apparently my AirPort is no longer detected (Msg: No AirPort Hardware Found). I am still able to connect via the Ethernet, but that's the best I can do. I have tried checking updates and all, and have ran the Hardware Test, but have not been able to fix this problem at all. Pulling the plug and restarting have done nothing either.
    Can someone please advise whether it can be solved, or if it's a hardware issue that I have to bring down to the retailer?
    Ying Loong

    Hi -
    in response to the original question as to whether or not the problem can be solved, I am curious if the original poster did in fact solve the problem?
    I asked these same questions back when I got my 20" Core Duo and had a very similar problem. I went so far through the AppleCare phone calls that they finally told me to take it to the local Apple Store and have them fix it. The tech did nothing. I got the computer back with a "no problems found" answer and to this very day it still has the same problem. In my case however, the computer will "see'" the network again if I unplug the computer for 15 seconds.
    I have worked around the issue by connecting the iMac to the router with an Ethernet cable, but what's the point of having a wireless router and a wireless computer if the wireless doesn't work?
    It's very disappointing to me, considering this is the 4th Apple computer I have owned that had AirPort built in, and it is the ONLY one that has EVER had issues. It has to be a hardware/firmware issue, because I have other AirPort-enabled computers currently on the network and they work fine and have NEVER lost the network. This is ridiculous, really - it is embarrassing to show non-Mac users my fancy new iMac, and tell them "it's great... only the wireless card doesn't work."
    I haven't visited these discussion forums in a long time (essentially after realizing my problem wasn't going away I just gave up) but I see that a large number of people are still having wireless connection issues with these Intel Macs. I hope Apple is doing something to correct this issue, but I won't be holding my breath.

  • IPad Gen 1 Not detected in iTunes or Computer

    Yesterday I purchased an iPad Gen 1 running iOS 5.1.1 (Model: A1337
    Upon plugging it into my laptop running Windows 8.1, it was never detected either in my computer or in iTunes
    I am running the latest version of iTunes 12, and my laptop is running Windows 8.1 with all of the required and optional updates.
    Steps I have undertaken:
    Restarting my iPad
    Restarting my Computer
    Swapping the USB cable (tried 3 of my cables and they work fine with my iPhone 4S running 7.0.1)
    Tried connecting into the other USB ports
    Uninstalling and Reinstalling iTunes
    Tried connecting my iPad to another two computers (One Windows 7, one windows 8)
    I have tried ALL of the steps outlined HERE: iPhone, iPad, or iPod not recognized in iTunes for Windows - Apple Support
    I have tried using msconfig and running iTunes in Safe Mode
    I have tried Restarting, and starting the Apple Services, Bonjour Service etc
    I have deleted iTunes, Bonjour, iCloud, and all Apple related folders (in Program data) and emptying the Recycle Bin
    Things of Note:
    My iPad does not appear in Device manager in ANY category (not even as an unknown device), so Updating Device Drivers is not an option
    Any help would be appreciated


  • IPAD usb no longer recognized by itunes

    Why does the windows 7 PC not recognize USB from the iPAD in iTunes?

    I had this problem with my PC (windows 7, 64-bit) and my iPad. After messing with it for a long time, I finally found the answer (bad USB driver). The following two step process should help resolve these kinds of problems more quickly.
    The first step is to verify that the iPad (or iPhone) is really connected to your computer. This can be (really) checked using a program called USBDeview. You can get this (very small) program from http://download.cnet.com/USBDeview/3000-2094_4-10614190.html or http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/usb_devices_view.html. Don't worry, it's not Spyware or Malware.
    Just run the program and sort on the 'Connected' column. If your iPad or iPhone doesn't show up as Yes (under 'Connected') then your iDevice is not properly connected to your computer. Could be a cable problem. Could be an iDevice problem. Could be a USB hub problem. Note that your iDevice might be listed as what it is (iPad or iPhone) or it might be listed as 'Apple Mobile Device USB Driver' in the 'Description' column.
    Apple has a number of ideas to resolve this sort of basic connectivity issue, including switching USB ports, resetting your iDevice, rebooting your iDevice, rebooting your computer, etc. You will need to try them until your iDevice shows up in USBDeview as 'Yes' under Connected.
    If you iDevice shows up as 'Yes' under connected, it should also be visible in the Device Manager (found in the Windows 7 Control Panel under Hardware and Sound). You might find it under Portable Devices or it might be under Universal Serial Bus controllers.
    The iDevice may or may not show up in the Windows Explorer. On some machines it does, on others it does not. Why is not clear.
    If the Idevice is properly known to Windows and iTunes can't see it, then any number of other things could be wrong. Apple has a list. See the very useful page over at http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1538. Testing shows that the Apple Mobile Device service must be running. Check this using Task Manager (started by right clicking the taskbar). Note that the iPod service and the iphlpsvc service must also be running. These services have different names under the Processes table versus the Services tab of Task Manager.
    AppleMobileDeviceService.exe - Apple Mobile Device
    iPodService.exe                      - iPod Service
    ItunesHelper.exe                     - iphlpsvc
    Step 4 of http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1538 checks if the Apple Mobile Device USB is installed. This is essential and a common source of problems. In at least some cases, Windows will install the 'MTP USB' driver. Indeed, Windows will reinstall this driver if you uninstall it. The MTP USB driver is essentially a Windows bug (possibly caused by Microsoft). You must replace the MTP USB driver with the Apple Mobile Device USB Driver. Step 4 explains how to do this. Note that you must use the 'Have Disk' approach. Otherwise, Windows will just reinstall the invalid MTP driver.
    The Apple doc indicates that you can find the correct driver at C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\Drivers. Perhaps this is correct on some systems. You may find the correct driver in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\Drivers.
    iTunes could make this a lot easier by checking if the iDevice is known to Windows (what USBDevier does) and if the Apple Mobile Device USB driver is properly installed for the iDevice. Sadly it doesn't perform either check. Note that iTunes does if some of the related services (see above) are actually running.

  • After upgrade to IOS 8.3  iPad Air no longer connects to iTunes

    Today I upgraded my Macbook Air to Yosemite 10.3 and my iPad Air to IOS 8.3
    After upgrading the iPad I was asked to connect it via cable to iTunes in order to allow for wireless sync.
    When plugging the cable in, the iPad starts sending endless alert beeps and the top line of the screen is shaking. On iTunes the error message "iTunes could not connect to this iPhone. This device is no longer connected." appears with every alert beep from the iPAD. No matter how often the OK button is pressed, the message appears rightaway again.
    I made a full backup of the iPad Air before upgrading to IOS 8.3 but I am very reluctant to reset the iPad as the same error might come up when connecting the iPad after reset to iTunes and then I would not be able to restore it at all.
    Does anyone had a similar experience and/or is there any known workaround?
    Many Thanks for any suggestion.

    Thanks for your further consideration, much apreciated. I tried a different cable, different port and did reboot and soft reset. I also did reset of settings on iPad, just in case.
    As  I can with no problems use the same USB cable and USB port with my iPhone to connect to iTunes, the issue must be somewhat with the iPad Air and iTunes on my Macbook Air. I also can connect the iPad with the same USB Cable to iTunes on a different Macbook with no issues.
    I think, best is to do a full backup on a different machine and then setting back the iPad to initial state, followed by a restore.
    This I can (hopefully successfully) do with iTunes on a different Macbook.
    Many thanks for you kind support.

  • TS1538 iPad will no longer sync to itunes on PC.

    I can no longer sync my ipad with my iTunes on my PC. I was able to sync it all right when I first got it a year ago but now when I connect my ipad to my PC via the USB cable I can't see my ipad on iTunes and so can't tell it to sync.  I did update to IOS 7 and I'm running the current version on my iPad. Could this be the problem? I followed troubleshooting instructions all to no avail. Can anyone help?

    Check your  i tunes version on the PC.  you need the most recent version. 
    Other potentials -
    try a different usb port,
    try a different cable.

  • HT203128 My iPad is not being detected by iTunes after I updated to the latest version of iTunes.  What should I do?

    After updating to the new version of iTunes, my iPad 2 is not being detected when I tried to sync.  Any solutions?

    A few things to try. Any one or a combo mayhelp
    Reset your iPad.
    Hold down the sleep and home keys for about 20 seconds. Then plug it back in and see if it is seen now.
    Try a different USB port
    Reboot your computer
    If you have a PC:
    If that doesn't fix it, go into the control panel, add/remove programs. Uninstall iTunes, apple Mobile device service, apple application support.
    Then redownload and reinstall iTunes. then try again.

  • After software update ipad is no longer recognised in itunes? just sign on screen showing cable. othewise dead...

    after syncing i was asked to update software to %.01. Now itunes no longer recognises ipad and screen on ipad only shows cable...otherwis dead..

    Try the information found in this link;

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