IPhone 4S won't charge, but is recognized by the computer and shows that my iPhone is charging?

Hi. I have a problem with my iPhone 4S
So today, I connected the iPhone 4S with the wall charger, since my battery is low. My battery percentage is at 8 %. The funny thing is, it shows on the status bar that my iPhone is charging. But it has not gone pass the 8 %, it is still showing me 8 %!
Also, I tried connecting it to the computer and the same thing happens. It will however, connect to iTunes and all.
What can be the problem? And yes, I tried restoring my iPhone and resetting it by holding power and home button for 10 seconds. No progress, it is the same problem occuring.

I also tried blowing the cleaning the connector. No progress.
It is kind of weird that it shows the charging icon on the status bar, but it does not actually charge (since it gets stuck at the percentage it was). Now it has gone to 7 % and does not increase at all.

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