IPhone and Windows 7 Upgrade Help

Hello im a PC user, currently have 2 computers running windows vista, and have two iphones linked to them, 1 iphone 3g and 1 iphone 3gs. The problem i have is i want to update them to windows 7, but if i do that, then it will clear my handset, as i can i only register one iphone to one pc. im not bothered about the music/videos/photos, im worried about my apps and contacts etc. Is there not like a cheeky way of copying files from the c:/ and placing them back on the c:/ when windows 7 is installed, to say trick it into thinking its still linked etc or is it likely i will have to face totally wiping my iphones. Any help would be great!

You can actually pop an iPhone to as many computers as you want. It's all in how you do it...
The main thing you need to keep is the iTunes library file, which is an *.itl file. Mine is stored on an external hard disc drive, and has been for quite some time, but if I remember correctly, it should be in "+C:/Documents and Settings/YOUR USERNAME/Music/iTunes+".
If you back this file up, and all other files with the correct file structure, then when you install Windows 7, put them all back exactly where and how you found them (in other words, the same folder structure, with the same names, etc.), your phone won't realize anything happened.
I actually have all my iPhone media stored on my external hard disc drive and jump seamlessly between my laptop (XP), my work computer (Vista Pro) and my girlfriend's computer (Vista Home Premium). My phone never seems to realize anything. I can update everything on one computer, and the changes and effects show up on the others as well. *The important file to keep is your iTunes library file.* This is what iTunes will be looking for, and what will associate your phone with your iTunes.
Also, make sure that you deauthorize the computer, install Windows 7, then reauthorize your computer again. Not necessary, but a little easier in the long run.

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  • I have an iphone and after upgrading it`s system i can not open videos now.Please help me

    I have an iphone and after upgrading it`s system i can not open videos now.Please help me

    Trash the prefs in the preferences folder.
    Important Directories

  • My airport extreme (generation 5) was set up using wifi and has worked flawlessly (on macbook pro 2 iphones and window 7 HP pc)until recently. I have reset to factory defaults over and over but still cannot get on the internet. Any suggestions?

    My airport extreme (generation 5) was set up using wifi and has worked flawlessly (on macbook pro 2 iphones and window 7 HP pc)until recently. I have reset to factory defaults over and over but still cannot get on the internet. However I can then take my DSL cord and insert it in a different Ethernet port other than the WAN port and I can get internet on my Mac and iphones but only wifi on my husband's PC.  I hate to spend another $179 if this is just something I'm doing wrong. Please help

    I'm having a bit of trouble confirming that the ZyXEL is a combination modem & wireless-N router. If it is, then you really won't get any advantages of using the 802.11g AirPort.
    If the range of your ZyXEL is limited, you may find that doing either or both of the following will help: 1) Move the ZyXEL so that it is higher vs. lower in the room, that is away from any closed areas or placed in a metal cabinet, and 2) Changing radio channels. The latter is especially important in you live in an area where there are a number of competing Wi-Fi.
    A good utility to find out, is iStumbler. You would use this to find these other Wi-Fi and find which have the strongest signal value. Those that do, you would also want to note which channel they are operating on, and then, change yours to one that is at least 3-5 channels away. So, for example, if you find strong ones on channels 1 & 6, change yours to 11.

  • Iphone and windows 8 compatibility?

    When is apple going to fix the iphone and windows 8 compatibility? All I get is the "waiting for changes to be applied" message. I can't sync my phone.

    I have  no issues with Win 8 working fine with the latest (win 8 compatible )

  • IPhone and Windows 7 64 Bit - syncing issues

    Just wondering if anyone is able to help. I have updated to Windows 7 and am having problems syning my iPhone. It comes up with a multitude of errors but the most common is:
    'The iPhone "Michael's iPhone" can not be syned. The required file can not be found.
    I have restored the iPhone and after it resets, it sits at the Setup Window in iTunes for ages, then clicks over, starts syncing (it is doind that now) but also displays the error. Will be interesting to see if it actually finishes the sync and to see if the apps work on the phone.
    I have also removed iTunes, Quicktime, Mobile App Supprt, Apple Software Updater, Bonjour and reinstalled and still the sync issues coninue. I also ran the diagnostic tool in iTunes on syncing and detecting the iPhone and it reports everything is ok.
    Microsoft Windows 7 x64 Business Edition (Build 7600)
    Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. P55-UD6
    QuickTime 7.6.4
    FairPlay 1.5.18
    Apple Application Support 1.0
    iPod Updater Library 9.0d11
    CD Driver
    CD Driver DLL
    Apple Mobile Device
    Apple Mobile Device Driver
    Bonjour (118.5)
    iTunes Serial Number E400D*7E1<Edited by Host>
    Current user is an administrator.
    The current local date and time is 2009-10-23 19:56:37.
    iTunes is not running in safe mode.
    Video Display Information
    ATI Technologies Inc., ATI Radeon HD 5800 Series
    ** External Plug-ins Information **
    No external plug-ins installed.
    Genius ID: cecad029456cdd284aef514988f34808
    ** iPod/iPhone Connectivity Tests **
    iPodService is currently running.
    iTunesHelper is currently running.
    Apple Mobile Device service is currently running.
    Universal Serial Bus Controllers:
    Intel(R) 5 Series/3400 Series Chipset Family USB Enhanced Host Controller - 3B34. Device is working properly.
    Intel(R) 5 Series/3400 Series Chipset Family USB Enhanced Host Controller - 3B3C. Device is working properly.
    FireWire (IEEE 1394) Host Controllers:
    Texas Instruments 1394 OHCI Compliant Host Controller. Device is working properly.
    Connected Device Information:
    iPhone, iPhone 3GS running firmware version 3.1.2
    Serial Number: 88924**3NS <Edited by Host>
    Most Recent Device Not Currently Connected:
    iPod nano (5th Generation) running firmware version 1.0.1
    Serial Number: YM937**72D <Edited by Host>
    ** iPhone/iPod Touch Sync Tests **
    Sync tests completed successfully.
    I have applied all software updates and the latest chipset drivers for the motherboard. My Nano syncs without a problem. It just seems to be my iPhone.
    I have iTunes installed in the defualt directory on C:\ with the mobile apps etc. Music is located on my E:\
    I am not sure what to do now....

    Well, the new gigabyte bios fixed the issue.

  • Iphone and Windows Vista problem

    Okay, so I have windows vista and the iphone seems to be having a hard time with that.
    When I plug my Iphone into my computer it recognizes the apple device and asks if I want to import picture. In itunes it shows the button that the Iphone is plugged in and synced, however, when I press that button nothing happens. I can't add any photos to it because everytime I try there is some kind of error. What can I do?

    Same exact problem!
    Upon returning home after picking up the long awaited iPhone 2, I discovered that my iTunes and/or Windows Vista would not detect the iPhone, and I’ve been searching the Internet for a solution since (going on day two now). Apparently, Vista and the latest iTunes have had this problem quite a lot.
    It’s really a shame, as I think Apple is missing a singular opportunity to use the iPhone as a transition drug to more Apple products. I for one have been looking for a reason to dump my Dell and pick up a MacBook Pro, and the iPhone seemed to be it.
    However, if I get caught in the middle of a ******* match between Apple and Microsoft, well, they both lose.
    When you spend this kind of money, it is imperative that the thing works out-of-the-box. I will never purchase a Dell again for just this reason. Now, if I purchase a Lada, well, I'm expecting to put in some hours and blood to get the thing air born, but an Apple product? No way.
    Please help me become an Apple customer.

  • Sync outlook with Iphone and windows 7 64 bits

    I have a new computer (HP DV7 3080ef) with windows 7 64 bits, itunes and one iphone 3Gs 3.1.2.
    I succeed to import from XP 32 bits my library on my new pc, including my outlook (2007) file.
    I can synchronize my computer with iphone, thanks to this forum for the help, but only my outlook data are not transferred from pc to iphone and iphone to pc...without any error message and during the sync process, on the header of itunes we can see the sync for calendar, contacts and notes...Other topics are syncronized without prob.
    I am totally lost and would like to continue to use my iphone as I did with my old XP computer.
    thanks for your help

    ok I succeed. Maybe it can help somebody. solution is to recreate a new PST file, copy and paste all folders form old to new one (contacts, calendars, notes etc...). Then in outlook open Tools/options/data file, and select the new one as default file.
    sync now works, I can use my precious with my laptop.
    Hope this topic will help.
    Greetings seasons to all.

  • Iphone and Windows XP Pro

    Hi and new to the forum. After upgrading to os 4.2 on Iphone 4, when I sync to the computer it "finds new hardware Iphone" and "finds new Digital Camera" and then the add wizard pops up and nothing is working from there and it doesn't install. There was a fix on the Apple site which hasn't worked for me to follow through the add and upgrade usb driver for apple.

    You dont have a webcam on the computer... Well I'd still check Add/remove Programs for any Webcam software.
    Alternatively it could be security software Norton/Kaspersky/NOD32/ ect...
    Something you can try is using MSconfig on the computer
    to use Msconfig on windows you would
    Click Start>Run>  in the box type Msconfig - click run or ok..
    When the system configuration utility appears you choose selective Start up - Click the startup - click Disable all.
    After disabling All items it will uncheck every item in the list. You will want to go through the list and Re-check anythign apple or iTunes/Quicktime related.
    Once you have done that click the Services tab - Click Hide All microsoft services -then click disable all.
    After you have done that same thing here look for anything Apple, Quicktime, Bonjour, iTunes, iPod related and recheck them - once you have done so click ok - the computer will prompt for a reboot - Restart the computer and test.

  • Iphone and Windows 7

    I have no trouble with itunes. I had no trouble seeing and connecting both laptop and iphone with VISTA.
    In Windows 7 the laptop pairs with the iphone fine but will not connect with it.
    I have gone into network settings and it just will not connect. I have the exclamation mark in device manager but i had that in vista as well.
    Can anyone connect with Iphone in Windows 7 to use the laptop speakers etc.
    Thanks for any help.

    I have only noticed the iPhone being the primary speaker when I connected any BT tongle to my computer and not the other way around. You can attach a 2.5mm cord to the PC and iPhone and that will work, but to make the iPhone play into the Sony via BT I don't recall there being a way.
    You can purchase a BT Stereo Headphones deal and hook up a BT dongle to the PC and pair both the PC and iPhone and it will work that way. Only problem is only one device per headset can be used at once.

  • IPhone and windows system recovery

    hi i have an iphone and i did a system recovery recently (windows xp) and i was wondering if when i connect to itunes to sync it says delete all files. will it delete my photos, contacts and notes and music or just my music

    If you put at least one contact into Outlook or Address Book, you will get the option to merge the contacts with your computer. Notes are not synced with the computer at all, so those should remain unchanged.
    Hope this helps,
    Jennifer B.

  • Syncing Google Calenders in IPad Iphone and Windows PC

    I have a google mail account on my Ipad Iphone and my Windows PC. When I make an entry on the Google Calender on the PC it syncs successfully to my IPad & Iphone. If I make an entry to the Calender on either my Ipad or my Iphone this info does not get synced to my Google Calender on my PC. Why please

    Hey fleegreen,
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    Both of these will help you setup iCloud on iOS devices and on Windows.
    iCloud: Set up iCloud on your devices
    Have a nice day,

  • IPhone and Windows XP

    How does the iPhone perform syncing with Windows XP? Can music, photos, contacts be synced with XP-based programs, just as with Mac OSX? Thanks.

    In addition if you don't have Outlook, contacts can be synced with Outlook Express. Outlook Express does not offer a calendar application so there is no calendar data in Outlook Express to sync with the iPhone.
    Hope this helps,
    Nathan C.

  • Iphone and Windows 7 64 bit

    I am using the RC of windows 7 64 bit and I have trouble connecting my iphone or ipod. I installed the 64 bit version of itunes and it works, but it doesnt install the mobile device services and drivers as it seems. my iphone gets detected as a camera, but i can't synch it with itunes. Is there any solution to this?

    Okay, I'm throwing in the towel for now. I unplugged every USB device, turned off my Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, unplugged the wireless router and unplugged the cable, turned off wifi on the iPhone, and using a USB mouse I started iTunes. By the way, it seem to take an awful long time just to start up besides not seeing the iPhones.
    Then I plugged in my iPhone and waited. Nothing at all. No error messages but no iPhone. I turned it off and on, left it hooked up while I restarted iTunes, did a hard reboot while it was plugged in. NO reaction whatsoever from iTunes.
    Then I happened to notice that Skype was doing something in the system tray so I (for the heck of it) disabled it and immediately got the old error message that an iPhone has been detected but can't be identified.
    This eco system is too fragile. Even if I got my iPhone identified once I could never be sure that I wouldn't breathe the wrong way and knock it out again. I'm going to live with my bizarro work-around of connecting to a spare XP tower (no keyboard, mouse or monitor) that can sit on my network at home and control the iTunes sync via GoToMyPC. This was the PC I was using before the Vista machine. I guess I'm using it as a iTunes 8.2 server.
    This has to be an issue that Apple addresses in the not too distant future, one would hope. I'm going to try and wait it out.

  • Iphone and windows media player

    I just got the new iphone and would like to load songs from my pc which is windows xp pro. I have windows media player 11. The player does not recognize the device when hooked up. Hope there is an easy solution.

    Hi Dean and welcome to Discussions,
    to use you iPhone with a Windows PC you have to use iTunes for Windows http://www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/apple/windows/ and also get the iPhone Configuration Utility from there.
    The Windows Media Player is not supported with the iPhone (see requirements here http://www.apple.com/iphone/specs.html )

  • Will Iphone and windows calendar ever sync.

    Will Iphone and the calenar in Windows Vista ever be able to synce? or will Iphone continue to make you use Outlook?

    rvrsmtns wrote:
    My real dissappointment is with Apple Support...they should be more upfront on an issue this big...just say it...the iPhone calendar will only sync with Outlook 2003 & 2007 but NOT with its Vista successor "windows calendar".
    They do say it. From the iPhone Get Ready page:
    +iPhone uses iTunes to sync with the calendar application you already use on your computer — iCal or Entourage on the Mac, or Outlook on a PC+
    No mention of Windows Calendar.
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  • Iphone and Ipod problem help me!!

    I just bought a iPhone and I want to give my iPod to my boyfriend but I only have one computer there for I only have one way to get to my iTunes,me and my boyfriend have different tastes in music and he doesn't want my music and vise-versa I've tired to change our apple IDs but I cant seem to figure it out :-( Please someone help me I want to try and not go to the apple store
    Thank you!!

    The iPhone and the iPod sync characteristics are configured separately.  The iTunes application keeps track by S/N.  Apple ID doesn't matter.  (I currently have two IDs and the only problem is very minor - log out/in to update apps obtained with the "wrong" ID.)

Maybe you are looking for