Is Font Book a font management software?

Is the built-in facility in Leopard OS "Font Book" a replacement for third party font management software (e.g. Suitcase)? Or is it still advisable to manage fonts using a third party software on a mac?

Leopard's Font Book provides simple font management software. It's definitely improved from the Tiger version. It would probably meet the needs of someone who had a relatively small font collection without the need for frequently opening and closing fonts.
For larger collections, or if you open and close fonts frequently, I'd recommend a more full-features application.
A good and inexpensive eBook from TidBITS on Fonts in Leopard gives you a lot of info about how it works:

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  • My Extensis suitcase 11.0.4 is no longer working with my system OSX10.6.8, what is the best and cheapest font management software to use that's compatible with this system and CS software

    my Extensis suitcaseX 11.0.4 is no longer working with my system OSX10.6.8, what is the best and cheapest font management software to use that's compatible with this system and my existing CS design software?

    If you upgraded to Snow Leopard, then it would seem that Suitcase 11 is not compatible with Snow Leopard and you'd need to buy Suitcase Fusion 3 for $99.95.

  • What is the best font management software to use with CS6?

    I currently use Extensis Fusion 3 but it cannot auto-activate my fonts in CS6. It looks like Fusion 5 is also limited. Is there a better font management software to use with CS6?

    Get rid of Norton a/k/a Symantec. It is one of the worst pieces of trash you can install on a Mac.
    You do not need any additional anti-virus software than is already designed into OS X to protect your Mac against malware. I assume you paid enough for your iMac and that's part of what you paid.
    If you use Windows, or are concerned about harboring viruses that target Windows, or care about friends who use Windows, then get ClamXav. It's in the App Store and it is free.
    Since friends don't let friends use Windows, I have no use for it.

  • Which Font Management Software Do You Like?

    I currently use Suitcase and am a little frustrated with it, mostly because I find it difficult to manage client fonts and your own font library and make sure that the correct font is activated. I dont' like the concept of the font vault.
    So, I'm shoppping around for other font management software. I'm curious to hear which ones you all think are best? I've heard great things about FontAgent Pro and Font Xplorer. Which do you recommend for a graphic designer needing to manage client's fonts and a very large font libarary (20,000+ fonts)?

    Look into the "Sets" feature of FontAgent Pro.  You can create Sets for each of your different (arbitrary) classifications.
    Command+click on the thumbnail to open full-size image in a separate window.

  • Best Font Management Software?

    I'm currently using Adobe CS4 and FontExplorer X 1.2.3 with Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6.3). I recently found out that FontExplorer X 1.2.3 is no longer being supported or updated. Which font management software works best with OS X and the CS4 suite of applicatiopns?

    I use LFX, the free one, same as you. It works fine of 10.6.3 with CS4 and CS5 applications. Of course, since it is no longer supported, the auto-activation plug ins haven’t been updated to work with CS4 or CS5, but that doesn’t prevent the program from activating fonts manually or allowing me to use them in InDesign or Illustrator or any other program I try.

  • Creative Suite CS4: Problems with font managing software

    It seems that there are some issues of the applications of the creative suite CS4 with the font managing software MainType (
    With standard settings, CS4 no longer recognizes PostScript Type 1 Fonts loaded by MainType (which did not occur with CS3 and older versions). The only solution so far is this workaround:  Within MainType enable under "Tools -> Options" the option "Copy Type 1 Postscript fonts to Windows fonts folder" and CS4 will load these fonts again.
    This seems to be a bug of CS4. Are there problems with other font managing programs?

    After reading tons of forums about this issue, it does seem to be an issue with CS4 not recognizing fonts the way that CS3 did. Wish they had mentioned that little feature when they released it. They even go as far as to say they do not support certain programs for type handling in Windows. Copying them to the system folder is a workaround, but it is not available easily in programs like Extensis' Suitcase, which is long overdue an upgrade. LinoType beta tested a new application for Windows, but when I sent an email to them asking about the release date for the their final version, their ignorant customer support sent me a link to their website pointing out that it is not yet available, and not answering my initial question of when.
    I don't entirely blame Adobe, it seems as though a lot of companies have dropped the ball on this issue, and since many people have Type 1 fonts they've been using for years, they will have to repurchase (if available) those fonts in the newer OTF format which everyone seems to support. OTF is a much nicer format and more portable cross-platform, but it's simply inconvenient to not be able to use all of your fonts at your own discretion easily. I'm not sure what the big deal was with not including support for Type 1 fonts, unless that's most of the reason that the Adobe apps were crashing before... corrupt versions of the fonts they talked us into purchasing, etc... Adobe used to make ATM for managing postscript fonts, but it doesn't work on Vista to my knowledge. It would be nice if they would recommend a font manager other than the Windows system folder.
    I figure Adobe was hoping that it would not be a major issue since their wonderful PDF format has taken hold for printing. Print shops do not have to install fonts before printing a piece anymore. Most people will read in these forums about the loss of support, throw up their hands and shake their heads, but do nothing about it. After all they too probably purchased the CS4 suite without knowing about this issue and have already spent their money. It doesn't look as though it's an issue on the Mac, but by the time you throw $3000 at an entry level Mac workstation and $1600 at the basic adobe apps, that's not a solution either. Especially when you have to go out and buy all new fonts anyhow, since the macs will not support the Windows postscript typeface formats either.
    After doing a little price shopping for typefaces, I'm trying to try to keep using the few OTF and TTF fonts I've purchased since they're still working, since the prices of fonts these days are astronomical. I've installed a few fonts in the system folder, but too many and Acrobat distiller crashes. It's not cost effective to spend all of your income from design on $1600 font family sets, just to make changes to a document where you might have used a postscript face. Especially in this economy... It's another case of the investor getting rewarded for the release of an application and the customer is left holding the bag. Hopefully it's a bug, but not likely. It's probably some mandated decision by the higher ups in Adobe.
    I'm sure larger companies with hundreds of employees probably have site licenses for typefaces in the OTF format, so for them it's not a problem, and since most people using PCs to do design opted for that platform because of the cost issue, Adobe probably doesn't care about them either. Maybe a solution will arise in the future, but it doesn't look likely. You will probably have to get the new formats of typefaces one by one.

  • Font management software?

    Is there a well recommended application for managing fonts? I use the native Font Book but not sure it's the best? Use Linotype FontExplorer too. Ideally, I want to be able to print a catalogue of all my fonts, there must be software that caters for this?

    Not sure it'll help, but start with Font Management in OS X.

  • Font Management Software Switch

    I recently ran into a font problem after installing Adobe Photoshop upgrade 12.0.4.
    The process of reconciling this required that I uninstall my old copy of FontExplorer X, organizing my 4,500 fonts into a single and the proper location, and then validating all of those fonts in Font Book, as well as a type test script from Adobe.
    Long story short, I now have thousands of fonts enabled and loading into my applications, and need to upgrade to either Font Explorer Pro of Suitcase Fusion. I should have done this in the first place and saved myself a lot of time, as I suspect that the absence of a working plugin for Photoshop CS5 upgrade was what done me in. But, back to our story.
    My question is, once I've installed the new font managment application, how do I disable Font Book? Do I "simply" disable all but the system fonts?

    Not sure it'll help, but start with Font Management in OS X.

  • Font management software with CS5

    I am currently using the Font Book, but it is autoactivating every font in my libray --even though they are disabled. So each program is trying to display every font and crashing the programs. Anyone have this issue? Does Suitcase fix and does it work well with CS5 apps?

    Any advice on what font manager works well under windows 7 without bloating the windows/font folder or mess up windows 7's build in 'windows font manager'? What do graphic designers working with a w7 machine use as a font manager? I've read that a font could also be installed temporarilly by opening the font file and keeping its window open, but that doesn't seem to work anymore. There doesn't seem to be many font managers around for windows. And the few that do exist aren't updated to include cs5 auto activation plugins or compatible with w7.

  • Which font management software to use?

    Hi friends
    Can some one suggest a font manager application for TTF & postscript font.
    Is Corels 'Font navigator' good?
    I used to use Adode ATM deluxe but they hav discontinued it.. which one is the latest?

    But tell me.. if this app manages font in the way where only a certain selected fonts are loaded into the windows when its boots and the rest just stay on the hard disk till they are selected? Like wat ATM deluxe used to do...

  • Font management software windows7

    I'm using Windows 7 now and CS5. Used to use suitcase for my temporary fonts needs, but I hear of users having problems with it now. Problems deactivating, ghost fonts in de windows/fonts folder etc. So I'm looking for alternatives.
    Which are the best font managers for windows 7? I want to be able to temporarily install fonts from e.g. cd's or usb drives. But without it touching the windows/fonts folder so when I deactivate the font it won't make the windows/fonts folder bigger or mess up my windows installation in other ways. Preferably it should have auto-activation plugins for cs5 too. Don't know if suitcase 3 has improved much? Can it really make the windows/fonts folder bigger when installing temporary fonts? Or mess up the build in Windows Font Manager like it's said in forums?
    Anyway, don't know of other, better, most used tools but basically it should do the same as suitcase dit. Organise font sets with the fonts being located in my own folders instead of windows/fonts. Activate/deactivate them. Add temporary fonts from e.g. cd. All without enlarging my windows/fonts folder.

    Any advice on what font manager works well under windows 7 without bloating the windows/font folder or mess up windows 7's build in 'windows font manager'? What do graphic designers working with a w7 machine use as a font manager? I've read that a font could also be installed temporarilly by opening the font file and keeping its window open, but that doesn't seem to work anymore. There doesn't seem to be many font managers around for windows. And the few that do exist aren't updated to include cs5 auto activation plugins or compatible with w7.

  • Font Management Software for PC

    Hi folks, I'm new to the adobe forums so excuse me if this question is redundant.  I was wondering if anyone here knows of something like font suitcase for windows that lets you activate and deactivate fonts but a less expensive/free version   Help is much appreciated!!

    If you want a round-up of the many options for Windows, see this blog post I did when I was back at Adobe a couple of years ago. Some of the details of versions are going to be off, but for identifying the cheaper options and getting a few ideas of what they're like, it might be helpful:
    Of course, now that I'm the product manager for font solutions at Extensis, I'd rather you bought our brand-new Suitcase Fusion 2 for Windows, which is pretty cool. 

  • What is the best FONT MANAGEMENT software???

    Any other front runners other than "Suitcase Fusion 2"??? - it comes free with your Mac!!!

  • Does Adobe CC include a font management system?

    Does the Adobe CC include a font management system? My company currently uses Font Explorer X and have problems here and there. We're looking to upgrade to CC and were hoping that it came with some sort of font management software.

    If you're looking for another font server, I'd recommend testing out a free 30-day demo of Universal Type Server.
    Jim Kidwell

  • Woeful state of font management on windows

    anyone out there who has font managment software that
    autoactivates in indesign at least
    doesn't make your system slow or unstable even with 5000 fonts.
    doesn't slow down opening of documents
    I've now tried font agent pro (no auto activation in cs6), really crap support, auto activation made photoshop cs5 unstable, failed to activate type 1 fonts in x64 adobe software, clunky
    Type DNA manager (no official support for windows 8, no autoactivation, slow, no support?)
    Extensis suitcase fusion 4 (delays photoshop docs opening by 25 seconds, delays photoshop opening by 15 seconds, clashes with other software, buggy, crap support).
    I'm just about to try maintype, but notice on their support forum issues that havn't been answered for over a month. 
    Really this is pathetic

    FYI for anyone who stumbles on this thread.  Maintype font activation does not work with indesign CC and may not ever.
    which means that the only windows 8 solution for font activation is suitcase.
    If anyone knows different, post here!
    EDIT: me, I know different! - Apparently this one offers autoactivation, I'm trialing it now

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