Is it possible to configure Mail in a 'push' configuration?

'push' as I understand it, means the client is always in connection with the mail server- so when new mail comes in, it doesn't sit on the server until the client's schedule tell it to check for new mail (this applies to both POP and IMAP).
Does anyone know if this is possible? I'm pretty sure the iPhone, and most mobile devices have this capability, and I think MS Entourage (from Office 2008) has something called a 'live sync'- which I believe is the same thing as 'push'.

What you mean is IMAP IDLE and mail does support that in Leopard, as far as I know there is no such thing for POP though.
Setting this up in your IMAP account is done by opening the settings for the account (so Preferences and then Accounts).
Select the account choose advanced and select the:
Use IDLE command if the server supports it

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  • How to configure mail accounts with a DualSim Card

    Hi all!
    I have a BB 8520 and a Dual Sim Card (two lines in the same SIM, the work one and the personal one).
    I have a corporate account Lotus Notes mail (with BES server) configured with the work line and i want also to configure my private mail account in my personal line, but when i think it's done, i get no messages in it nor i can send anything. Is it not possible? It is, to configure the work mail in the work line and when i boot my personal line, to receive via BIS my personal mail.
    I need your help.
    Thanks in advance

    You can only have the PIN/IMEI of the device associated with one SIM or BIS/BES account at one time.
    Each time you swap lines you will be required to re-enter/re-register the device with the associated account.
    So, it is possible... I would never want to go through that hassle.
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  • Configure Mail to have only the 50 last messages.

    Is it possible to configure Mail to have only the 50 last messages, as it is on iPhone?

    Ok, thanks for the tip.
    But It is not exactly what I want to do. Maybe it is not possible.
    In th iPhone mail app, you can configure your imap acount to be synchronised with your mail sever loading only the 50th last messages, in order to save spaces in your iPhone. I am looking for this opotion on my macbook, for the same reason.

  • Configured Mail in 10.4.11 to iCloud specifications and get error messages

    Configured Mail in 10.4.11 to iCloud specifications and get error messages and still cannot send and receive. Get error messages, "does not recognize password" etc. Have working on Snow Leopard, iPhone iPad but not 10.4.11 PPC Mail. Any help? I used Apple support set up. I originally had a .mac account and have tried both [email protected] and as username. I Upgraded my password to stronger suggested strength. (one cap and one letter minimum 8) I verified Keychain. I have even deleted everything including Keychain and account and started over numerous times, still no joy.  Ports are incoming 993 and outgoing 587.  Will not be upgrading this machine due to production software issues but was told I could stll use the .mac email
    Any help here?

    Give the date there is another probable solution. Were you originally a MobileMe subscriber? If you weren't, then please ignore the rest of this post.
    MobileMe subscribers who migrated to iCloud received complimentary extra storage up until September 30 2013. This has now expired. If you have less than 5GB data in iCloud then your storage simply reverts to 5GB.
    However if you have more than 5GB data, Backup, Documents and Mail will stop working until you either delete sufficient data to bring you within 5GB or purchase additional storage. Possibly this is what has happened to your - you should have been sent an email about this.
    For instructions on purchasing additional storage please see
    For help in reducing your iCloud data please see
    Your problem is that you cannot access iCloud to do this because you have no iCloud preference pane. Your only options are to use a compliant Mac (Lion or Mountain Lion) or an iOS5/6 device to purchase extra storage; or to go to and delete as much as you can there (you may not be able to access this page on Tiger, but you would be able to do so from any more recent computer).

  • Auto configure mail

    I would like mail to be automatically configured when a new user logs in for the first time.
    Is it possible to do this in a managed LDAP / ODM environment?

    Wow, thanks a lot, I think I got it working now.
    Is there a website / wiki / knowledge base where I can find all the differences between Snow Leopard Server and Lion Server?

  • Error -32810 occurred at The FieldPoint server initialization failed. Possible causes: 1. Missing or corrupt configuration file; 2. Failed to create callbacks. : FP

    I have two cFP-2120 RT controller. They both have NI-Serial RT2.5.6, DataSocket for LV RT4.2, NI-VISA 3.6, FP Drivers 5.1.0, FP VI Manager 3.1.0 LV RT 7.1.1 installed. But one same vi can run on one controller but not another.
    the error message got when it runs on another controller is "Error -32810 occurred at  The FieldPoint server initialization failed. Possible causes: 1. Missing or corrupt configuration file; 2. Failed to create callbacks. : FP"
    I wonder by what it is caused?

    Hi Matthew,
    As mentioned previously, this KnowledgeBase article may be of some help. Also, if your code is being run on an embedded controller and then a network controller (not embedded), you will need to run the program differently. On the embedded controller, you should deploy your VI in a Project Explorer or programmatically (as described here.) However, you do not need to deploy the program to a network controller, but simply run the VI.
    I would also suggest creating a new .IAK file. Do you still see the same error? Also, double-check that the software installed on the controller matches the software installed on the host PC. If you have any file paths associated with one FieldPoint controller, ensure that you are changing them to match the second controller.
    Please keep us posted on your troubleshooting steps. Have a great day!
    Amanda Howard
    Americas Services and Support Recruiting Manager
    National Instruments

  • Is there any way to configure Mail to send mail only, not receive?

    I am very new to the world of Apple. I currently use Yahoo and I want to keep using Yahoo for my main email program, but I want to take advantage of the neat features on Mail (i.e. stationary, sending pictures, etc.). I don't want to keep any of my messages on the hard drive of my computer, and when I have tried setting up Mail, the messages are downloaded. So, I would like to know if it is possible to set Mail up so that I can only send, and not receive mail.
    I do use Yahoo, and it seems like there are some tricky things about using Yahoo and Mail, so I want to keep that in mind. Thanks!

    For each account under the ADVANCED tab, UNCHECK the "Include when automatically checking for new mail."
    This will stop the program from getting your mail.

  • After 1st Gen iPod touch reset, cannot configure mail for Mobile Me or iCloud account

    I recently reset my iPod touch 1st Gen, v. 3.1.3 (7E18) and have not been able to configure Mail to check the Mobile Me or iCloud mail server.  I get an error msg that the user name or password must be incorrect, but they're not.  I assume this is due to the old IOS not being up to date with iCloud technologies, but I was able to get mail on this device before resetting.  I don't use it much for email, but do carry it on trips as a backup access device to get to mail and calendars.  I dont really want to use Safari to check mail when there is a mail app for doing so.
    Any suggestions?

    Try here:
    iCloud: What if my device or computer doesn't meet iCloud system requirements?
    The above or its links sya how to use/configure mail.

  • HT1277 How many mail accounts can I configure in "Mail" on my mac book pro ?

    Im trying to open multiple mail accounts in "Mail" but am unable to. How many mail accounts can I configure ?
    should be as many as you want

  • Do I need to configure Open Directory before I configure mail?

    I am doing a slow step-by-step configuration of a new 10.6.2 box and I am marginally skilled. Before I migrate a handful of accounts from the old server to the new, I want to make sure mail services work on the new server. Later I would like to try experimenting with Open Directory. Since I will be creating local user accounts on the server to configure mail, will these migrate to Open Directory later or will I need to reconfigure the accounts? If the latter is true, it suggests I should install Open Directory first.
    (I apologize if this belongs in another discussion group.)

    I have discovered that the answer is that I do not have to configure Open Directory first. Found this on the OD discussion area:

  • Is it easily possible to synchronize mails sent from iphone 3GS with MacBook Pro retina

    is it easily possible to synchronize mails sent from iphone 3GS with MacBook Pro retina

    Read through this: sync-across-devices.html

  • How to configure mail server

    Hi All,
    we are in a process of configure mail server in one of our sap instance.
    i have done the following settings,
    1. In t-code sicf      under virtual host SAPCONNECT, 
    2.   I  have added  in host data * : *
    3.under handler list CL_SMTP_EXT_SAPCONNECT.
    4. now in scot i have added my deault domain under "settings -> default domain " <company>
    5.on double clicking on SMTP i have added the following entries
      SMTP CONNECTIONS : mail host :
                                               port : 465
                                           code page : 0
    SUPPORT ADDRESS TYPE : i have set internet address to *
    did i miss any of the steps in configuring the SMTP mail server.
    after sending the mail when i look in to t code  sost the message number displays "672"
    please advice how can i  configure mail server for incoming and outgoing
    Thanks in advance,

    Hello Vardhan,
    I suggest you to go through the below links and cross check the configuration.
    Siva Kumar
    Edited by: Siva Kumar Arivinti on Jan 19, 2012 3:16 AM

  • How to configure mail client to only download headers(titles) of emails

    Hi there?
    I have 10 different email accounts (for some weird reasons that i think irrelevant fir this question), and i want to use Mail app as my main client. iCloud, hotmail, yahoo, gmail, other imap and pop etc.
    Now the mail client is trying to download everything from the servers which is gigs of storgae space. I need to configure mail to only download titles of emails, not the entire email with attachments etc.
    I can do that very simply in MS Outlook, and even in the old outlook express client.
    How can i do that in Mavericks mail client please? I looked everywhere

    Try going to the web based site and see if you can set up a temporary folder there. Move anything you don't want to download to that folder.

  • How to configure Mail Users aliases

    i have installed OS X Lion Server and after after a short while i was very dissapointed.
    One of my goals was to get a easy GUI to adminstrate my mail Server.
    So, after installing Server App i configure and activate a Mail Server.
    Then i wanted to add aliases to my User and tried to start The Workgroup Manager.
    Within i searched for a the mail tab in order to configure the User Aliases.
    But there was no Mail tab there, so i have to create the aliases through the command line (edit /etc/postfix/aliases, newaliases).
    I cannot believe that there is no gui for configuring mail users. Is this really so or is it in another place or have i forgotten to check or to do something else.
    How do you setting up and configure mail and mail users in OS X Lion?
    I am looking forward to you answers and expiriences,

    You can configure mail aliases, the same way you did in Mac OS 10.6 Server... Make sure you have Installed Server Tools for 10.7. Run Workgroup Manager. Under the User, Select Short names on the 2nd or 3 line add [email protected] etc .etc

  • How to configure Mail to send from off-site

    I am trying to configure Mail on a laptop that will send and receive email both went it is connected to the servers ISP (on site) and when the laptop is connected to a non-site ISP. In other words when I am in the office I am connected to the ISP that is hosting my mail server. When I am out of the office and using an ISP that is not hosting the mail server. I have configured Mail such that I can send and receive email when I am onsite. When I am offsite I can receive email but not send it. In order to fix the problem I have tried configuring the SMTP to require password authentication using a couple of different server ports (i.e. 25, 110 & 587) but have been unable to send from off site. At this point I am at a loss as what to do. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    Mac Book Pro   Mac OS X (10.4.9)  
    Mac Book Pro   Mac OS X (10.4.9)  

    If the off-site ISP doesn’t let you send no matter what port you use, there is little, if anything, you can do about it. Many ISPs, however, only block port 25 for all traffic outside their own network. Something that usually works in those cases is changing the outgoing server port to 587 instead of 25 in Preferences > Accounts > Account Information > Outgoing Mail Server > Server Settings, but the outgoing server in question must listen to that port for this change to work.
    If the off-site ISP allows sending on port 587, but the outgoing server you want to use doesn’t listen to that port, you may solve the problem by using an independent authenticated SMTP server that allows sending from any mail account no matter where you are.
    A Gmail account, for example, would allow you to do this. Instructions for setting up a Gmail account are provided here:
    After setting up the Gmail account in Mail and checking that it works, you can use Gmail's SMTP server to send from your other mail accounts as well:
    1. Log into your Gmail account on the web.
    2. Go to Settings > Accounts.
    3. Enable the addresses you want to be able to send from, and let Gmail validate them by verifying that you do indeed own them.
    4. For each mail account you want to send from using Gmail’s SMTP server, in Mail go to Preferences > Accounts, and choose Gmail’s SMTP server from the Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) popup menu.

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