Is it possible to show years in duration?

Or to use formulas to do the same thing using todays date and a column with various dates?

Thanks for the feedback.
As I wrote many times, don't use the online help which rely upon indexed words.
If your brain doesn't behave like the designer's one you will waste your time.
Download Numbers User Guide and iWork Formulas and Functions User Guide.
They are PDFs so we may search freely without relying upon preselected indexed words.
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  • Is it possible to show the day of year in iCal?

    Is it possible to show the day of year in iCal?  There are 365 days of year and for example today april 22 is number 112.
    If it is possible - how is it done?
    thank you!

    The Apple iPad apps don't. Check out Photo Manager Pro
     Cheers, Tom

  • Is it possible to show a 'My Activity' web part on a SharePoint site if 'My Sites' is not available?

    Is it possible to show a 'My Activity' web part on a SharePoint site if 'My Sites' is not available?
    For example, say there's a SharePoint installation dedicated to particular (custom) SharePoint site. The users go to the site to carry out their tasks. There's no 'My Site' set up in this installation (and for other reasons I'm told it's not an option).
    Is it possible to show a web part here that shows the user's recent activity? The built-in web part for this fails with the error 'Invalid URI: The URI is empty', and the details of it appear to say it's looking for the user's My Site to find out what to show:
    SPMicrofeedContext.SetMySiteHostForContext failed System.UriFormatException: Invalid URI: The URI is empty.     at System.Uri.CreateThis(String uri, Boolean dontEscape, UriKind uriKind)     at Microsoft.Office.Server.Microfeed.SPMicrofeedContext.SetMySiteHostForContext()
    So, while I'd be happy to write a web part (or app part) to display the information instead of using the default part, I'm not sure SharePoint is even storing the activity in a way I can access.
    Some pages like the following: make me think it won't be possible - it says: 'The major change from 2010 is that all the [activity] content is stored in the user’s personal site, not
    in a common database.'
    Are activity feeds dependent on 'My Sites' or is there a way to access the information when 'My Sites' is not present in the deployment? I can't find a definitive answer in Microsoft's documentation.

    To clarify, do you have the User Profile Service (including MySite Host) up and running on this environment? That's subtley different to the full MySite experience which is clearly not applicable...
    Interesting question - thanks for that. Until now I didn't realise there was a difference.
    The User Profile Service is up and running, but no MySite Host is set. (I don't believe MySite will be available anywhere here. I guess that means there's no valid MySite Host for me to use.)
    Many thanks,

  • Possible to show bottom of scrolling text first when icon is displayed?

    Does anyone know if it is possible to show the bottom of
    scrolling text when the display comes up? For instance, let's say
    you have 20 lines of text in a scrolling display, but it only has
    room for 10. By default, Authorware shows the top 10 lines in the
    scrolled display, not the bottom 10. I want to show the bottom
    10--is this possible?

    Well, I decided to have the most current information at the
    top of the display. For instance, if it were a chat, the most
    current chat info would be on top instead of on bottom. That fixed
    the problem adequately.

  • No posting possible in fiscal year 2015

    I am getting below pasted error while performing AFAB (Depreciation Run). This is the first time we are running the depreciation in the production system. We did not encounter this error in quality or development. This is a gap implementation project, where in FI-AA was not implemented earlier. But all the GL accounts related to Asset GL, Accumulated Dep GL and Depreciation GL were created and has been in use till date since 2005!!. And client has been acquiring assets manually, posted depreciation manually. So I have reused the same GL accounts during our implementation as per client's requirement.
    I have closed all the previous period and opened the new fiscal year up to 2015 (From 1st August 2014 new fiscal year starts i.e 2015).
    Kindly help.
    No posting possible in fiscal year 2015
    Message no. AA688
    No posting is possible in the fiscal year 2015 specified. The fiscal year
    specified differs by more than a year from the fiscal year in which the last
    postings were performed.
    Correct your fiscal year specifications

    Asked abaper to write this code
    *& Report  YTEST_FIXED_ASSETS*&
    Tables T093D.
    Update T093D
    Set  AFBLPE = '000'         " <=== correct period
              AFBLGJ = '0000'        " <=== correct fiscal year
              AFBANZ = '00'
              STATUS  =    ' '
      Where BUKRS  = '1000' and   " <=== company code
              AFABER = '01'   and   " <=== depreciation area
              AFBLPE = '012'  and   " <=== wrong period
              AFBLGJ = '2008'.      " <=== wrong fiscal year

  • Is it possible to show a presentation from the original iPad via wireless on an older projector with no HDMI input?

    is it possible to show a presentation from the original iPad via wireless on an older projector with no HDMI input? If so, what equipment is needed?

    The ipad not support wireless projector yet.
    The workaround is you are using computer that connected wirelessly [needs 2 wireless adapter] / via cable to projector and connected also to the wireless router.
    You are controlling the computer via wireless connected to the router using remote desktop app like splashtop, teamviewer, logmein, vnc, etc. You must set the remote desktop port and app at the computer too as ipad app support.

  • Is it possible to show data from two different sql tables?

    Is it possible to show data from two different sql tables? Either to show combined data by using a join on a foreign key or showing a typical master detail view?
    I have one table With data about a house, and another table With URL's to images in the blob. Could these two be combined in the same Gallery?
    Best regards Terje F - Norway

    Hi Terje,
    If you have a unique key, you could use one of the following functions for your scenarios:
    If you only have one image per house, you can use LookUp:
    If you have multiple images per house, you can use Filter:

  • Is it possible to show the campaign name in the opportunity page?

    Hi Everyone,
    I'm wondering if its possible to show the campaign name in the opportunity page as a referrence as to which campaign the opportunity as associated with.

    there is a Source Campaign field on oppty.

  • Is there any possibility to show English interface in Chinese windows-xp?

    I'm using English Windows-XP, but "Language for non-Unicode program" setting has to be set as "Chinese(PRC)" to show Chinese word correctly in my laptop.
    ODI interface in this environment always show in Chinese, but all the manual is in English, so it's difficult for me to make clear which word in ODI interface is the meaning in manual.
    My question is, Is there any possibility to show ODI English interface even "Language for non-Unicode program" setting in my Windows-XP is "Chinese(PRC)"?

    OK, I got the answer.
    set lines below in odiparams.bat in windows and in unix:
    set ODI_ADDITIONAL_JAVA_OPTIONS="-Duser.language=en" "-Duser.region=US"

  • Is it possible to show Nikons raw files (.nef) in the organizer as thumbnails?

    Is it possible to show Nikons raw files (.nef) in the organizer as thumbnails?
    Best regards Dieter

    Yes it is possible, depending on your camera and version of PSE

  • Is it possible to show clips as Red when offline?

    Does anyone know if it is possible to show clips in the timeline as Red when they are offline? Much like the way Avid does.
    I know that in the browser it marks the clips as being offline, but In a large complicated project with lots of Bins it's not practical to go through and look at every clip. And I find the online green and offline grayed out kind of green as difficult to notice at a glance on the timeline.
    Is there a way to change it or have I just got to get used to it?

    This may or may not help, depending on what you are wanting. Find the offline clip(s) in your Browser, select it/them, then press OptionCommand3 (on the top row of numbers). Assuming you have not changed your key combinations, this will change the offline clip names to red in your sequence. You can choose between 2-6 for different colors. The clips will still be white, but have the text highlighted in your chosen color.

  • Is it possible to show the count of number or rows in table on the Home page Tab button.

    Is it possible to show the count of number or rows in table on the Home page Tab button.
    On home page there is a Tab called Count and I want to show the count on the right corner of this tab button.
    Please help

    Create an application item. APP_HOME_COUNT.
    Create an application process:
      make the application process type "on new instance" if you only want this to run once
      make it "on load before header" if you want to have the value set every page load
    application process source:
    select count(*) into APP_HOME_COUNT from <your table>
    modify the tab name to reference the app item, maybe something like "Count(&APP_HOME_COUNT.)"
    result should look like this "Count(5)"
    Good Luck,

  • Possible to show the WBS element in the down payment request?

    We have a

    We have a Plant maintenance order with a WBS element.
    We have created a PO for a vendor. The WBS element is not shown on the PO.
    Is it possible to show the WBS element on the down payment request of that vendor?
    Thank you for your feedback.
    Kind regards,

  • Report Painter: Possible to show Report with Zero (not No records were sel)

    Report Painter: Possible to show Report with Zero (not No records were selected)
    Dear Guru,
      is there any way to make Report Painter to show Report with Zero / 0 when there were no record were found. (No records were selected).

    hummm, I dont think so
    THats not possible, as far as I know
    Ajay M

  • ME57 transaction with possibility to show in ALV layout

    Hi experts,
    I need change the alv grid in  the transaction ME57. To this, I copied the program RM06BZ00 (scree, includes... )
    When I try execute the program with ALV layout the message ''Scope of list ALV not defined (please correct)" shows.
    To resolve this problem I change the parameter im_service in the ME_REP_GET_TABLE_MANAGER function (Way to function: program ZSAPFM06B / include ZFM06BF04 / Include ZFM06BF04_PRUEFEN_LSTUB)
    When I change this parameter on Debug (manual change) the ALV shows correctly, but when I change in program code the message remains.
    How the way to copy the Me57 transaction with possibility to show in ALV layout?
    Follows the code change:
            im_service = 'RM06BZ00'
            im_scope   = l_scope
            ex_manager = gf_factory.
    Thank you!
    Edited by: Andréa Molina on Aug 4, 2011 5:12 PM
    Edited by: Rob Burbank on Aug 5, 2011 9:22 AM

    I solved my own problem...
    The change in im_service was right.
    The problem is that:
    The gf_factory back empty in some places and in standrad transaction back with values. The memory clean the gf_factory result.
    So... the only way to show ALV is fill the gf_factory in anywhere the gf_factory is check.
    The places are:
    1. sapfm06b - fm06bf04 - fm06bf04_pruefen_lstub
         Call in RM06BZ00 - perform pruefen_lstub(sapfm06b) using p_lstub.
    2. sapfm06b - fm06bfsl - fm06bfsl_ban_aufbauen
        Call in RM06BZ00 - ban_aufbauen(sapfm06b).
    3. sapfm06b - fm06bf01- fm06bf01_submit
       Call in RM06BZ00 - perform   perform submit(zgb_sapfm06b) using sucomm.
    If the gf_factory is filled in this places... The ALV will show!

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