Is iTunes 10.3.1 compatible with Windows Vista? Every time I plug in my iPod iTunes pops up a window saying "iTunes cannot connect to this device because an unknown error occurred. Ex8000001."  Any Solutions? Please Help.

It happened once before, but it fixed itself. I read about it online and people say they brought their iPods to Apple and they said its Windows causing the error. Its not one of their error messages.

1st : Install SP1,SP2 and ALL Microsoft Online Updates. There were known issues in Vista with Apple ipods usb syncing feature in Vista, but in the lifetime of Vista it was fixed several times, so update the OS.
2nd : If you have a x64 version of Vista you MUST use itunes also in 64bit, because it installs drivers into the OS. 32bit drivers wont work properly in 64bit OS, even if the application itself will start.
See the "Welcome Center" in Vista for computer details.
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