Is the latest update to the 6th gen nano a software download or does it come with the new watch faces and larger icons out of the box

Apple shows the new 6th gen nano with the new selection of watch faces and lager icons etc as per new update, but stores still have the 6th gen nano with just 3 watch faces and smaller icons etc. Is the newer spec just a software update that i do after purchase or does it come updated out of the box?

It should come out of the box with the new 1.2 update, but if it doesn't you can simply connect it to iTunes, download, and install the update from there.

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    You need to upgrade the computer's OS. Choose About this Mac from the Apple menu and check the processor.
    If it's a PowerPC Mac, it can't sync that device.
    If it's a Core Duo Mac, click here, install the DVD, and run Software Update.
    If it's a Core 2 Duo or better Mac, upgrade it as if it was a Core Duo Mac, and once done, if desired, open the Mac App Store and try downloading Yosemite. If you get told it's incompatible, go to the online Apple Store and order a download code for Lion 10.7.
    Mac OS X 10.7 and newer don't support PowerPC software such as Microsoft Office 2004. If you upgrade the OS, back up the computer first.
    Some device models require Mac OS X 10.7.5 to sync.

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    The method for setting up file sharing is described here:

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    I also don't know the operating system.

    See the method in my reply in this discussion for how to place the iPod in Recovery mode w/o buttons
    Turn on without Home/Power Button

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    Had the same problem; would have been nice if they had told s that we need an intel processor on our older Macs! I am up and running again.

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    I can't open ANY pdf file attachments on my email since the latest download.  Even those on older saved emails.  I have done the troubleshooting suggestions.  What now?

    We need details such as what version of Reader you have, what email client, are these links to a pdf from your email or are they attached pdf documents, what troubleshooting suggestions did you try (there could be many you missed)...etc.
    The more info you give the better for us.

  • After updating the latest update re wifi by battery is draining quicker than it was before even with the wifi turned off? Has anyone else got this problem?


    Did anyone ever suggest you reset your PRAM?
    Also might want to try resetting the SMC, although I
    doubt there's an issue there.
    I'm getting tired of people who supposedly know what
    they're doing simply guessing that resinstalling the
    OS might solve the issue. It's like trying to dissect
    a frog with a sledge hammer, and wondering why you
    didn't learn anything about anatomy in the process.
    These sorts of things, although bizarre, should be
    (and probably are) fixable without major surgery.
    Thanks for the suggestion... but I think my first question would be why these parameters would need re-setting? This is a new machine... It has never been shut down hard. It is used at most 10 hours per week... mostly using Office 2004 for MAC. I need to figure this out as I will soon need it as a Cs2/CS3 - Aperture workhorse.
    I too agree that it is best not to use a sledge when a scalpel is needed... but as a novice to the MAC world I may have been misled by Apple support. I seems to have fixed the symptoms ( some) but appears NOT to have addressed the cause... which is what I am after.
    Would TechTool Pro detect a bad HD or RAM?

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    Safari 4.0.4 or 4.0.3 ??  your profile shows you are running v10.6.8.
    If you are running v10.6.8, click your Apple menu  / Software Update. The current version of Safari is 5.0.5.
    Then if necessary, reinstall Flash.

  • HT1329 I have changed from windows to apple how do I convert my music on my iPod shuffle 3rd gen to my mac iTunes liabary I have also bought a new ipod touch and would like to transfer the music from the old iPod to the new one, no longer have the cd's

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    Download a free app called expod( Click on the link or google search, as this app is not available through the app store.

  • NTFS Confusion - my new macbook reads and writes fine out of the box

    I just purchased my first Mac and was a bit worried about having to format all my external drives to FAT32 or use a third party program. However, after copying all my backup files from my external, I then discovered that I was also able to drag and drop files back onto the drive just fine.
    Is this a new function built into recent Macs or what? The drive says its NTFS and even says on the box to reformat to work with Mac.
    Anyone else experience this?

    black562 wrote:
    Well this is interesting. I got home and decided to look at the drive properties and, even though it says NTFS on the box, its actually that answers alot of questions.
    I guess the good news is that I don't have to change it now....its nice when problems work themselves.
    Unless you want to use it with Time Machine (either as a source or destination), or put any files larger than 4 GB on it.

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    Can you tell me how to go back to the version of Firefox I had before. I'm sorry, I can't tell you which one it was, I never paid attention. I've literally been crying in frustration for hours and I'm not good with computer lingo and my dad is out of town for several days. Is there any way to go back to the other version?

  • What is the "other" content on my 6th gen nano?

    16 gig nano with only selected music and podcasts is showing 6.4 gig of audio and 8.4 gig of "other" content.  What is the other content and how do I remove it?

    Other usually consists of specific files and that are not readable by iTunes such as the iPod's operating system, files that may be stored on the iPod (when using it as an external hard drive), album artwork, and in the case with older iPods, games.  However, sometimes, it always consists of corrupt files that are leftover from sync operations with iTunes that went bad.
    The only way to reduce the size of the Other category is to connect the iPod to iTunes and restore it to factory settings.

  • My 6th gen nano screen will not rotate, stuck perpendicular to buttons

    All of a sudden, my 6th gen nano screen will not rotate. I have it on a watch band and it is perpendicular to the buttons (and my view of it).

    planb77, you have truly taught me a lesson, and after all these years, I finally see that it is very helpful to READ THE MANUAL.  I was having this issue, and it was spell out for me all this time.  I never liked to look at the manual to resolve my technical issues, but I will always go there first to see if I can resolve any issues. 

  • Since installing the latest update I can no longer get on my wifi network

    Help! Since installing the latest update I can no longer access wifi.

    Yes, see:
    10.9.3 kills third monitor: Apple Support Communities

  • Populair Podcast doesn't work since the latest update

    Mine populair podcast does not work anymore since the latest update. Every-time I try to access this menu-item I get an error in French that this isn't available from the iTunes Store.
    The error message is very strange because that's the only item displayed in French. All the other menu-items are in the language that I want (Dutch).
    Are there some other having the same problems with populaire podcasts?

    On Vista Home premium, uninstalling and reinstalling buth iTunes and Apple Applicatioon Support did NOT work for me.
    What did work for me was manually copyting CoreVideo.dll from the Apple Application Support folder into my iTunes folders (actually, to both of them - under Program Files and Program Files (x86)) as per advice posted in a Windows forum, found after an hour or more of frustration and failure.
    This appears to be a bug in the 10.1 installation scriptimng - what's going on?

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