Is their any tutorials on how to make a navigation bar with drop downs in Dreamweaver CC now ?

Is their any tutorials on how to make a navigation bar with drop downs in Dreamweaver CC now that they do not have the spry option?

bbull2005 wrote:
Preran, why wouldn't Dreamweaver include it's own menu/navigation bar widget?
I can't answer on Preran's or Adobe's behalf, but I think you'll find at least part of the answer here:
Adobe decided to discontinue development of Spry in August last year, and Dreamweaver CC made the switch to using jQuery UI widgets and effects. One reason for dropping Spry was that it failed to work correctly in some browsers. Judging from the fact that the jQuery UI menubar is now "on ice", creating a flyout menu that works reliably across all devices is proving more difficult than originally envisaged.
Because all other widgets in Dreamweaver CC use jQuery UI, it's a reasonable assumption that Adobe hoped the jQuery UI menubar would be ready in time, but it wasn't.

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    "[email protected]" <[email protected]>
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    I am relatively new to Muse and hardly an expert, but I just did what you are describing.  Go to the Widget Library, Compositions > Blank.  In the Target, insert a Vertical Menu (also in the Widgets Library).  In the Options menu, under Menu Type select All Pages.  If that doesn't work the way you want it to, you might have to select the Manual menu option.
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    No, not really. I used to work with XARA up till now. And being an Adobe Cloud user I think it a bit silly using two different systems. In XARA I can create a custom button and turn them into a navbar. For your information I include a few links to sites I created with Xara and I would like to know if I can create the same type of navbars with Abobe Muse. I already found out that all the other functions are available and some work a lot better in Muse, but I’m stuck on the navbar issue. I know I can create a button in Adobe PS and use it in Muse. But I didn’t manage to figure out how to create a navbar in Muse on basis of a button created in PS. or or
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    How to create a navigation bar with custom made buttons?
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    Edited by: mohammed ibrahim on Oct 10, 2008 8:43 PM

    1) let drop down box be g_dd.
      if g_dd is initial.
      g_dd = option2.
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    Edited by: Amit Gupta on Oct 11, 2008 11:36 AM

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    I hope I have made my problem a bit more clear. I would appriciate if any of u can tell me what am I missing in my process.
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    Being a rookie in the field, please do not mind my basic querries.

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    your requirement is not very clear..
    but if you are adding a  field and want drop down with values....... it is possible by providing search help for that field.
    Hope the requirement is same.

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    I'm using Dreamweaver CS4, and if you need to see any of my code, just let me know
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    Without getting into all the effects used on the site you linked above, simply create your menu container and apply an overall  background image behind your menu with CSS
    background: #fcf url(images/menubg.jpg);
    If on the other hand, you want images within your menu itself, this tutorial is particularly helpful in showing exacly where to apply the images.
    And yes, seeing your code is invaluable, and by far the best way to do this is to upload your work on a server,
    We usually need to see ALL your files to solve your issue quickly and accurately without a lot of guessing and questions back-and-forth.
    Just rename a copy of your problem page  (such as "test.html")  and upload it to your server (with any associated files) in whatever folder the original page was located, and simply post a link in the Forum and tell us your problem.
    This saves you having to cut and paste miles of code into the Forum for the page and all the dependent CSS, JS etc. files.and saves us from having to recreate all your files, find your images and then repair your code and test the solution for you.
    I trust this is helpful.

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    ''How do I get the Back Button drop down menu back?''
    * "'''Back/forward dropmarker'''" extension<br>
    I do prefer Right-click on tab for tab history, or hold a couple of seconds, as the drop-down marker takes up space and had been removing it myself. Although I think it should have been an option.

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