Is there a way to remove existing music and upload new from a new itunes account without loosing previous apps. Itouch 32gb, generation: I don't know, has no camera...

Ok, so. My Uncle recently gave my family an itouch that he had owned previously. Which meant that it came complete with applications and music and such. But as I found out my uncle has a very different taste in music than us, so I am trying to add my music from My itunes account. But he already has 1620 different songs on there, some of which I would like to keep and others not so much. Is there a way to keep the applications, and some of the music, while removing many of the songs???? Feel free to ask anymore clarifying questions.

You should restore the iPod to factory settings/new iPod and add/purchase your own media. The media did not transfer with the iPod hardware. Using it would be stealing.

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    Are you referring to the Date and Time some cameras put right on the image?  If so there is nothing really good in iPhoto to do this. You could try the Retouch tool and see how that looks but I think you will need something more precise and powerful, like the clone tool in Aperture.
    Also something like PhotoShop or GIMP - The GNU Image Manipulation Program (free) should do what you want also.
    If your asking about some other date post back.

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    I've copied my itunes library onto an external hard drive.  Is there any way I can do this and delete songs from my PC without also deleting from the external drive? Already lost two songs!!!  I just want a back up - using a work PC and don't want others accessing my songs.  Hope someone can help.  Thanks!

    I see. To get a better idea of what is being stored where please download and run the script iTunesInfo which should output something like this:
    I'm interested in the block of 4 results starting ITL location. If your profile name shows up somewhere replace it with <Name>.  It is also worth checking under Edit > Preferences > Advanced to see where iTunes thinks your media is supposed to go. My script estimates the setting based on the location of the first media file it can actually find.

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    What version of the Mac OS X are you running. Go to the Apple in the upper left corner and select About This Mac and post the version.

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    Not with the most common email systems - webmail, POP, SMTP or IMAP. 
    The only email system I know of that can prevent forwarding (or copying or printing) is Lotus Notes (now called IBM Notes).  I believe it can technically be done within an MS Exchange environment, but I have never actually seen it implemented in one.

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    I have an old iphone 3g with ATT and have ordered the 4s with verizon.  Is there a way to save phone messages and text to new phone?

    Don't believe so - I don't believe it is possible to transfer the backup for a GSM iPhone to a CDMA iPhone and vice versa.

  • I have a different Apple ID but I have the same credit card thing as my dad's Apple ID. Is there a way to download the music and apps I bought on his account without buying them again on my Apple ID?

    I used to have the same Apple ID on my phone as my dad. I got a new iphone today and i wanted to have my own apple account. So i got one and used the same credit card as the one i used before. I bought a lot of songs and apps but now when i type it in it says i never purchased it since its a different Apple ID. Is there a way i can download them onto my phone again? please help ;-;

    Sorry... Apple IDs cannot be merged...
    I have multiple Apple IDs. Is there a way for me to merge them into a single Apple ID?
    Apple IDs cannot be merged. You should use your preferred Apple ID from now on, but you can still access your purchased items such as music, movies, or software using your other Apple IDs.
    From Here

  • Is there a way to remove the size and position readout when moving Lines in Keynote?

    When moving the endpoints of lines while creating a presentation, a size and position readout appears on the screen. This obscures details below it, often making it difficult to precisely position a line. Is there a way of disabling this? The option in Preferences for disabling this readout for objects does not work for lines. Is this a bug, or am I missing something?

    sberman wrote:
    I'm not completely sure I understand, but ...
    Might Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion = "On" do what the customer wants?
    I will tell him about that, but I don't think that would be it if that is related to animation.
    We're talking about the wallpaper background that get blurry during the phone screens like w.jpg (left side) and ... You can see there are background images that got blurred out.

  • I'm going from an iphone 4 to an iphone5, is there a way to sync my music and apps to the new phone without a computer?

    I am going from an iphone 4 to an iphone 5, is there anyway to sync my music and apps from the old phone to the new one without using a computer?

    if everything is purchased with iTunes, simply use this article:
    Good luck

  • HT201304 If I forgot my password is there any way to remove the restrictions and backup my iPod from the computer? I tried reseting it to factory defaults and then backing it up but it still has the restrictions on.

    I'm trying to remove my restrictions, and i reset it to factory default, but everytime i back it up the restrictions are still on. I don't want to have to register as a new ipod and loose everything i've bought and added.

    - Restore from a backup that was make before you added the Restrictions passcode. If you restore from a backup made with the Restrictions passcode the Restrictions passcode is also restored.
    - Restore to factory settings/new iPod.
    - If you are up to it see:
    How to reset forgotten Restrictions...: Apple Support Communities
    How to reset forgotten Restrictions...: Apple Support Communities

  • Is there a way to exclude title, heading and bibliography text from the word count in pages?

    I've just got the newest version of pages.
    The word count includes everything, from titles to endnotes - including the numbers in my sub-headings.
    I used to use open office where you could select a style i.e. 'body tex't, and get a word count that didn't include every single word in a document.
    Is there a way of doing something similar, or reseting the word count to only 'body text' so I know exactly how long my essays are?

    Unfortunately, no version of Pages has this fine-grained control over document components and their word count, so the answer is no, regarding user changeable settings.
    Programmatically, I just told AppleScript to count the words of body text in a currently opened Pages v5.2 document. The count matched the Pages word count for the document. So, no solution there either.

  • HT201209 Hi all..  Is there a way to transfer my small Apple Gift Card balance to my iTunes account?

    Is there any way to transfer my apple gift card balance to my itunes account.?

    You know you can normally redeem sucg cards under your normal iTunes account?
    I just don't think there's a way of transferring balance or purchases from one account to another.
    If you have portable devices, you can I believe authorise a single iTunes library for different accounts AND transfer different account material to a single iPod/iPhone etc

  • Is there any way i dont have too put a credit card on my itunes account?

    Is there any way i dont have to put a credit card on my account?

    You can set up a new App store account w/o a credit card:
    Create an iTunes App Store account without a credit card

  • Making separate iTunes accounts without losing previously bought music

    I used my Mom's account to buy songs off of iTunes for the last few years but now my Mom doesn't want me to use her iTunes giftcard to buy my songs anymore. Is there anyway I can create my own separate iTunes account that I can download my own music to WITHOUT losing the previous songs I bought under hers?

    Yes, you need to authorize the PC for both accounts. That means signing in and out of the itunes store with both accounts.
    itunes menu > Store > Sign Out
    Just make sure you are signed into your account when you buy stuff.
    If you ever switch PCs, you will need to authorize both accounts again.

  • I have 3 iPods on my iTunes account. Two of which are my daughters. I have purchased a new iPod touch for my daughter, and want to establish her own iTunes account WITHOUT having all of her music go away when we do this.

    I multiple ipods (3 different users) on the same itunes account. All of the music is either from cd's or purchased from iTunes legally. A new iPod has been purchased, and I want to open a new iTunes account for the daughter so I can actually use iClound myself. How can I open a new account without losing all of the music that is tied to MY account, that is hers. I would like not to lose all of that music. Thanks

    Content is permanently tied to the account that it was purchased with.
    Simply plug the iDevice into the computer and sync the content you want.

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