Is there a way to switch between workspaces in Spaces from the command line?  I want to write a script to set up certain applications in certain workspaces (without having to do it manually each time)...

Is there a way to switch between workspaces in Spaces from the comnand line?  I use several workspaces from Spaces, each workspace having a certain number of fixed applications running.  Rather than set all this up each time I log on, I'd like to write a script from the command line (I use gawk) to automate this. Currently I have a gawk script that, given a directory, opens a few xterms whose working directory is the given directory, and opens "preview" applied to a certain file in that directory.  However, at present I have to manually move an xterm through each workspace and run my gawk script in each workspace (applied to each directory that I'm working on).
There must be a better way...

Addendum: Can this be done via:   open -a Spaces --args xxx  , where xxx is some set of arguments (or something like this)?

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    There are a few things you could try like phase inversion or possibly some EQ stuff, but at best you're going to get the instruments a little softer.
    It's virtually impossible in most cases to eliminate specific elements of a full mix.

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    Hi cor-el, Thanks for responding;
    I am accustomed to seeing this type of pop up on occasion and understand why they are necessary to prevent duplicating orders, payments, etc. I am not using a back button, I wanted to use an auto-refresh app to search for reservation openings on a certain web site and can not because this pop up requires me to manually push a button every time the page refreshes. I am resending the same information every time (a date range) via the POST form, so, was hoping there was a way to either disable, override, or set up and auto response so I can use the auto-refresh app. Your description of how to avoid the pop up didn't entirely make sense to me, but If I have to do a bunch of manual steps in between each refresh attempt it doesn't matter because I'm no better off.

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    You must be in a country with a carrier that does not support visual voicemail with the iPhone.
    I'm not aware of a way to do so. Before the iPhone and visual voicemail access, I always had to enter my voicemail password when having to call for voicemail access regardless the carrier.
    How did you do this with your previous cell phone with this carrier?

  • I have had my iphone 5 stolen and last backed up approx. 2 months ago. I don't think I've ever gone through and set up PhotoStream however it has always appeared on my phone. Is there any way of getting back messages/photos/etc from the past 2 months?

    I have had my iphone 5 stolen/have lost my iphone 5. I haven't backed it up for a while (2 months?!) and I am not sure that I actually set up  Photostream however it's always been on there from what I can tell (icon is there). Is there anyway of getting back contacts/messages/photos/anything from the phone onto my new replacement phone if it hadn't been backed up recently? I've got everything up until the last backup - contacts and messages aren't such an issue for me but the photos mean a lot!!!

    If you are logged in to icloud with your same Apple ID. Go to setting on your phone>Photos & Camera and turn ON my Photo Stream.

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    Is there any way to do that sort of thing with Verizon?
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    Michael_F wrote:
    So, the SIM card contains all the info necessary for the new phone to ring when called, etc?
    yes, assuming the phones use the same size SIM card (otherwise, you'll need an adapter or a new SIM card; the cards are free at your local Corporate Verizon store).
    4G SIM Information | Verizon Wireless

  • Is there a way to switch between different tabs using your keyboard (eg CTRL+T) instead of clicking with the mouse?

    I would like to you use the keyboard to switch between tabs but I couldn't find if this is possible.

    Ctrl + Tab

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    Is there a way to keep email address  list open when sending to multiple people. List closes after choosing one person, then have to open to send to next person, etc. etc.

    There is a way to create a mailing list.
    In the notes app create a list of email addresses separated by commas, i.e. [email protected],[email protected],[email protected]
    Copy the address list
    Create an entry in contacts for the list
    In the email field paste the address list
    When you send an email using the email list, you may get a message saying the email address appears to be invalid, select to send anyway.

  • Is there any way for a basemap to be manipulated from the client side?

    Essentially, we have a basemap (+basemap A+) that contains boundary geography (i.e., county, tract, block boundaries) and we have a theme (+theme A+) that contains housing unit points.
    The idea is that theme A will be a layer that the user will be able to switch on/off. We know how to do this, but the problem comes in where performance is concerned.
    Previously, theme A was actually included in basemap A, and performance was not an issue, but the problem then was that the user was not able to turn that layer on/off.
    Also I have done everything I know in terms of caching as well as using the mapviewer API
    but rendering the theme on the client side is still way too slow (even at zoom level 5).
    So, my question boils down to this. Is there any way for a basemap to be manipulated by a user? I.e., Is there a way for a user to pass parameters to a basemap, essentially telling it which themes to turn on/off?
    I know you can specify which zoom level the basemap's themes are visible, but again, we want the user to be able to have control of when a certain theme is shown or not.
    Thank you for any help you can provide,
    Edited by: user641525 on Mar 18, 2009 10:29 AM
    Edited by: user641525 on Mar 18, 2009 10:30 AM

    What you may try is to replicate your base map but take the point theme out of its definition. Then create a second tile layer for the new base map. You can add both tile layers to the client (but set only one of them to be visible). Then simply switch the tile layers' visibility on/off based on user turning on/off the point theme. The built-in Oracle Maps tutorial #22 (Multiple Base maps) has some sample code you might be able to re-use.

  • Is there a way to print/convert a file to PDF from the Command Line? If so, how?

    I'm trying to do something that I imagined would be really simple, but I haven't found a good resource on how to thus far. I'm trying to do something along the lines of this:
    Acrobat.exe /print inputfile.xls outputfile.pdf.
    Does anything like this command exists?

    For automating Acrobat there are many interfaces for programmers, but no command line like that. (Microsoft declared command lines dead almost 20 years ago, but they've been an unconsionable time a dying).

  • I live in Europe France can I only download movies from the French Itunes site or is there a way for me to get english movies from the USA

    I live in Europe, France, I want to use apple TV, but people tell me that the english movies on the French Itunes are very limited, do I have a way to get more English movies downloaded from Itunes?

    There have been three or four questions like this one today relating to the apple stores in various countries.  You have to have an account, credit card and address in the country in which the store resides.  So you need a US store account, credit card and address to use the US store.
    Since I used to live in France, have been frustrated trying to buy books and music from the French app store.

  • Is there any way to recover lost iTune I purchased from the itunes store?

    Is there any way to recover my iTunes Library without re-purchasing all the songs-library was lost in PC problems.

    Go to the iTunes Store, log into your account, and click the Purchases link under the Quick Links. From there you should be able to re-download some or all of your purchased content. Note that not all content has been licensed for re-downloading in all countries at this time; you can see what content you can download here:
    You can also re-download content using an iOS device.
    For more information, see:
    Forum Tip: Since you're new here, you've probably not discovered the Search feature available on every Communities page, but next time, it might save you time (and everyone else from having to answer the same question multiple times) if you search a couple of ways for a topic, both in the relevant forums and in the Apple Knowledge Base, before you post a question.

  • Is there a way to generate job execution scripts from the command line?

    The customer is planning to change DI production server configuraiton and needs to regenerate job execution scripts for hundreds of jobs. Their question is - instead of going through web admin and doing it one by one, is there a way to run a batch command and generate all jobs with the same job server information from one repository? I looked at the "al_engine" command but didn't find the options to do so. Did I miss something? This is for a DI 11.5.3 on HPUX.

    I also suggested that but the customer was so afraid of messing things up that they wanted to find out if there is another way. Thanks a lot for the confirmation.

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