Is there an option to left click and open a bookmark in the same tab and right click to open bookmark in new tab?

I want to be able to open bookmarks in the same window without having to right click and then select open. I would like it to be like internet explorer where you have the option to open a bookmark in the same tab or new tab. I had downloaded an add on that solved the problem with a simple right click to open in new tab and left click to open in same tab. This makes things soooo much easier. Am I missing an add on or a configuration where I can solve this problem. Thanks for your time.

Very, very, very confusing!!!!! Exactly which is it that you want to do????? Left-click = same tab or left-click = new tab????
Your initial subject line:
'''''Is there an option to <u>left click and open a bookmark in the same tab</u> and <u>right click to open bookmark in new tab</u>?'''''
Your last post (3rd post):
'''''Is there a way I can <u>left click and automatically open a bookmark in a new tab</u>...'''''
'''''''''...rather than having to left click and then select "open in new tab."'''''''''
Right-click, '''<u>not left-click</u>''', has the "Open in new tab option".
Easy answer is listed in my initial reply; left-click, same tab; middle-click, new tab!
What are your Extensions?
-List them.
-You obviously set up some extension with some kind of conflict.
To find out which Extension is causing the problem, <u>'''enable one-at-a-time'''</u>, restart Firefox for the change to take effect (File > Restart Firefox), test. When the problem re-appears, you know the extension causing the problem.
'''[[Troubleshooting extensions and themes]]'''
'''[[Troubleshooting plugins]]'''
'''[[Basic Troubleshooting]]'''

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    Is there a way to "Quit" all running apps in dock at the same time verses right-clicking each one individually?

    IIRC, OPTION-click on the Apple icon on the menu bar and select either Restart or Shutdown. Alternatively,
    Quit all applications (after giving you a chance to save changes to open documents), then restart the computer
    Control Option-Command-Eject
    Quit all applications (after giving you a chance to save changes to open documents), then shut down the computer

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    Is there an issue with the hitachi hard drives in the MacBook Pro's ?  Got a 15 inch and a 13 inch at the same time and both drives have failed in under two years. I have heard from a few other people with same issue. Other drive I have had have lasted at least 5 or more years.

    there is a dylib you can put in the springboard if jailbroken but if not you have to find an apple store

  • Me and my sister were  using the same apple id but know i'm using a new one and i want to change also the icloud account but i'm afraid if i deleted the icloud account it would be also deleted from her iphone, so can i delete it ?

    me and my sister were  using the same apple id but know i'm using a new one and i want to change also the icloud account but i'm afraid if i deleted the icloud account it would be also deleted from her iphone, so can i delete it ?

    You can delete it.

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    After Installing the mac os x update for 10.6.8 ive recentley in the last couple of days the bluetooth mouse and keyboard going off at the same time ive looked at some help but i feel like this is a software bug after installing so any other suggetions than taking it into an Apple Store,
    I hope apple fixthis problem in there next patch update.

    Welcome to the    Discussions
    Does the App launch form the Applications Folder rather than the DOCK ?
    The icons in the DOCK are links to the App. Sometimes this link can get broken.
    8:37 PM Sunday; December 27, 2009
    Please, if posting Logs, do not post any Log info after the line "Binary Images for iChat"

  • How to open 2 playlist at the same time and have them in two diferents windows?

    until iTunes 10 i can open more than one playlist at the same time, and have this playlist in diferents windos but since 11 i cannot do it anymore.. is anoying if i need to fast switc music froms playlists.. so it become usseless...
    i think the aim of the previous itunes (before 10) it was to give a service of arranging librerys of musics.. but now, it becomes a sell party program...
    and only to you to know, if i dont put my credit card on my account i cannot even buy FREE programs on appstore...
    thats bad... very bad..
    if you need some tips how to do it proprerly here you got one..
    if is not broken... dont fix it...
    now i have my iphone 6, my ipad and the iphone of my wife, but i have itunes 10 because is the one who have the multi windows possibilities.. and now i cannot sync the devices..
    thats very bad..
    i hope you can help me...
    if you dont understand my problem i can show you via video..

    You could create an applescript to do it.
    tell application "Dreamweaver's Full Name"
    end tell
    tell application "BBEdit's Full Name"
    end tell
    tell application "Acrobat's Full Name"
    end tell
    Replace the quoted text (leaving the quotes) with the full name of the application, and save the applescript as an application bundle, and put it in your dock.
    NOTE: You may have to put the full path to the application for it to work (I.E. /Applications/ If you do, encase the full path in quotes.
    Good luck!
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  • Why is it telling me that I do not have my itunes account and my apple tv on the same network and will not run my library?

    Why is my apple TV  telling me that my itunes and apple tv are not on the same account and will not load my computer library?

    From a Kappy  post
    The Best Alternatives for Security Questions and Rescue Mail
    1.  Send Apple an email request at: Apple - Support - iTunes Store - Contact Us.
    2. Call Apple Support in your country: Customer Service: Contact Apple support.
    3.  Rescue email address and how to reset Apple ID security questions.
    An alternative to using the security questions is to use 2-step verification:
    Two-step verification FAQ Get answers to frequently asked questions about two-step verification for Apple ID.

  • Open and Save downloaded files at the same time (in one click)

    OVERALL GOAL: To click on PDF links online, save the files to my Downloads folder, AND open them in Acrobat Pro, all in one click.
    Does anyone have a suggestion for how I would tell Firefox to both Save and Open my downloads? I'm using OS X, if it helps/matters.

    That happens automatically with both my Macs. I have one using 10.4 and another using 10.6. I use PDFView rather than Adobe, but I doubt that makes much difference. You are using Adobe as a helper application, not a plugin, right?

  • TS5192 After updating with 4.09 my photos which I store on an external hard drive will load into Aperture for 15 or so photos and then I just get the same photo repeating despite clicking on a different one in the group.  I have to stop working and come b

    After installing the 4.09 fix to process RAW from Sony RX100 (after updating to 3.5.1), photos do not continue to load into Aperture from the external hard drive where they are referenced.  The same photo is stuck in the adjustments frame to be worked on and the photos will not advance, no matter what I try, so i can work on the next one.  I can only work on a few at a time and then i have to go away and come back another day.  4.09 does fix the barrel distortion but it has completely gummed up the uploading of the referenced photos.  It's taking me days and weeks to process a couple of hundred photos.

    The Macbook Air is a low end Macintosh for graphics apps and you are asking it to perform a heavy pro workflow using a pro application. The integrated GPU of MBAs is a serious limiter to heavy graphics. Personally I would expect flaky performance with certain operations. In general I recommend that Aperture users choose boxes with independent GPUs and capable of taking 16 GB RAM if necessary.
    It will be important to carefully optimize workflow. How much RAM is in the MBA? The most Apple specs is 8 GB but you can check OWC to see if you can go to 16 GB. My Aperture/Photoshop workflow paged out at 8 GB RAM before I upgraded to 16 GB RAM.
    You should evaluate whether or not you have adequate RAM:
    Look at the Page Outs number under System Memory on the Activity Monitor app before starting a typical Aperture/Photoshop work session and write the number down. Recheck the Page Outs count after working for a few hours and write the number down again. If the page outs change (manual calculation of ending page outs number minus starting page outs number) is not zero your workflow is RAM-starved.
    Ignore the pie charts and other info in Activity Monitor because they can be misleading regarding RAM usage. For RAM analysis, manually count page outs before and after a work session.

  • How can I open multiple instances of the same folder and web browser in different desktops in Lion?

    I've selected "none" for association but it doesn't work. In other words, I have a Dropbox folder on my desktop. I'd like to be able to open that same folder using the same shortcut on different Lion desktops. However, whenever I try to use the same shortcut on a different desktop, it switches to the one where it's already open. Same problem with web browsers; if I try to just click on a web browser to create a new window, it will take me back to the other desktop.
    I didn't have this problem before I had to replace my hard drive and update everything again. I am aware of the "restart Finder" option as well as associating programs with individual desktops. All of the things in question are currently selected as "none."
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    I just set Safari's option to None. That is I right clicked on the dock, selected options, and chose none. Also, in Mission Control's tab of System Preferences I clicked Off When switching to an application, switch to a space with open windows for that application. That let me open a new Safari window no matter what desktop I was in. But I had to do both. Just setting the desktop option to none didn't seem to do it. Finder seems to work okay with just the none option set.

  • My Airport Extreme and iMac appear to have the same IP address as a result of installing a new ATT modem via direct ethernet connection. How can I reset the Airport IP without disturbing the iMac setting if the iMac can't reach the Airport?

    My provider's (ATT) modem recently went bad and though I usually use an Airport Extreme connection to the modem I had to start up their new modem via a direct ethernet connection from my computer to the modem. In trying to restart my Airport to modem via ethernet connection I was told that my computer IP and Airport ID are the same and so now my computer will not connect to the Airport. How can I best get out of this situation?

    Anytime you change networking hardware, it is always a good idea to perform a complete power recycle of your networking components.
    I would recommend that you do the following as a minimum:
    Power-down the modem, AirPort base station, and computer(s).
    Disconnect the AirPort base station from the Internet broadband modem.
    While all of the devices are powered-down, perform a "factory default" reset on the base station. This will get it back to its "out-of-the-box" configuration and make setting it up much easier, especially if you use the "Assist me" process within the AirPort Utility. (ref: Resetting an AirPort Base Station or Time Capsule)
    After the base station resets, go ahead and power it back down.
    Reconnect the AirPort base station to the Internet broadband modem. For the Extreme and Time Capsule, be sure to connect the cable to the base station's WAN (circle-of-dots) port.
    Power-up the modem; wait at least 10-15 minutes to allow it adequate time to initialize.
    Power-up the AirPort base station; wait at least 5-10 minutes. Note: The AirPort's status light may continue to flash amber after it has intialized. That is because, there may be some additional configuration items necessary, like setting up wireless security, before the overall setup is completed to get a green status.
    Power-up your computer(s).
    In this basic configuration, the AirPort base station will broadcast an unsecured wireless network with a Network Name (SSID) of Apple Network NNNNNN. Network clients, connected to the base station either by wire or wireless, should now be able to access the Internet through the ISP's modem. Once Internet connectivity has been verified, you can use the AirPort Utility to configure the base station for wireless security and any other desired options. Please post back your results.

  • Excisable and Non Excisable plants for the same customer and same material

    Hi All,
    We have a customer who purchases the SAME goods from two different plants, one plant is Excisable and another plant is Non Excisable. So sales area of the customer is same for both the plants. When customer buys from Excisable plant Excise Duties should applicable and when the same customer buys from Non Excisable plant Excise Duties should not be applicable. If I maintain the Excise indicator as 1 in customer's J1ID then Excise Duties are applicable for the customer from wherever he buys the goods.(If he buys the goods from Excisable and Non Excisable plants Excise Duties are flowing).
    So, my query is: if the customer buys from non-Excisable plant, Excise Duties should not flow.
    So I am planning to create a new sales org for Non Excisable plant, then the sales area of the customer will change.
    Is there any other way to over come this issue? Plz guide me.

    Dear Ramu
    My suggestion is creating a new sales organization is not  required just to fulfill this excise requirement.
    Let us assume you have two plants
    -  1000 is excisable and
    -  2000 is non excisable
    for material ABC
    Now go to J1ID, select the tab "Material and Chapter ID combination"  and maintain the excise tax indicator for plant 1000 only.
    By doing so, while creating sale order, you input the delivering plant and based on the settings you maintained in J1ID, excise duty will be determined in that sale order.
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • Can Touch Events and Swipe Events exist in the same frame and/or movie?

    After having fully tested a file with touch events I decided to add both a touch event and swipe event to a frame.
    I started by importing the following statements:
    Multitouch.inputMode = MultitouchInputMode.TOUCH_POINT;
    Multitouch.inputMode = MultitouchInputMode.GESTURE;
    I then added th appropriate code but only touch events worked. I fiddled so more and only the gesture events worked. So before I move any further, I'm wondering if I'm wasting my time trying to get them to work together.
    So my questions are:
    Can Touch Events and Swipe Events exist together in the same frame?
    Can Touch Events and Swipe Events exist scene?
    A reference to more information about this would be helpful, if you know of any.

    I am aware of the latest releases of the components along with the plug-ins.
    This note is applicable to your scenario but you might face some issues related to organization rule wizard, custom user group creation and EAM DB log collection, as mentioned at the bottom of the note. No matter on what SP level you are with GRCFND_A at 10.1, you would face these issues.
    And so far, i don't think there is any more update from SAP on co-existence of plugins of 5.3 and 10.1

  • Convert word document to pdf in the same directory with right-click

    Hi everybody,
    With Adobe Reader X Standard, I want to convert word documents I have in a directory.
    I do a right-click on a file, but when I try to convert the file I would like to save in the same directory (where the word document is). By default it suggest default documents location.
    Thanks for your help.
    Best regards,

    Moved to from Reader forum.
    Note: There is no Adobe Reader Standard X program. There is Adobe Reader X or Adobe Acrobat Standard X. Reader cannot create pdf files, Acrobat Standard can. Please let us know exactly what software you are running together with OS.

  • Change to Muse and BC, want to keep the same domain and email

    I have become a new site builder for an existing website that has another host. How do I get the domain name and email address back to me and the owner so that we can begin publishing and using Muse and BC as our host for the site and email?
    Thanks everyone,

    Hi there,
    The information you need can be found in the Business Catalyst Help & Support area. Indeed the Muse tutorials don't walk you through all the BC set up steps, but there is a BC help section for Muse users: s.html .
    Please let me know if this article helps out:
    For the webBasics plan that you use when publishing from Muse, the BC documentation can be found here:
    For aditional help, the general BC documentation can be found here:
    I hope this helps out. Please let me know if I can further assist you.

  • Can 2 remote panels control the same VI without right-clicking to get control?

    Is it possible for multiple remote panels to be able to actively interface with a single running VI without having to manually request and release control by right clicking?  I am using Labview 8.2 Professional Version.
    Thanks for any help.

    No. Only one client can control a remote panel at a time, see LabVIEW Help ->
    "Controlling an Application or Front Panel Remotely Using a Browser"
    You might create a copy of that VI and provide 2 web pages as a workaround.
    Regards, Guenter

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