Is there or will there be a way to draw accurate measured lines and curves in Line?

I am very excited about the new Line app and Ink & Slider; however it would be far more useful for me and many others to be able to measure line length, angles, curves, radii, etc.  Will this function be introduced in the future? This functionality would be a great addition for technical drawing on iPad to Illustrator.

Thanks, davidmacy .  Natedogchc and tmhenton have made some of the suggestions I had in mind and very well - thank you both for your well thought out responses.
I primarily draft custom garments & sewing patterns where, the need for accuracy down to at the very least 1/16th inch or .25 mm is critical, and also textile & interior design. Within all of these disciplines, Line & Slider looks like it has the potential to be THE mobile application we've been waiting for, enabling accurate drafting on the go and making fine adjustments when back at Illustrator.  Given the restrictions of the iPad, it would be feasible to work in both imperial and metric scales from ¼:1 to 1:1 at a minimum.  Accurate line length and measuring distance between straight/angled lines, the ability to measure the length of curves drawn with the french curves or freehand are also desirable for accurate drafting.
The ability to import/export files in order of priority: .ai; .psd, .pdf, .eps, .svg would make workflow between desktop and iPad ideal.  Most of us work in layers, so their portability is a must.  It would be great if Adobe CC desktop and mobile apps plans to take advantage of the "Hand-Off" feature announced for the upcoming release of iOS 8. 
I realize there are limitations and that we are not going to get a full fledged CAD/illustrator iPad version, but without being able to draft accurately the app as it stands now is useful only for conceptual drawings - but the potential is there for it to be so much more.
Exporting to Dropbox and other cloud-based services in addition to CC would be a great addition as well.
As Tracey mentioned, if any of these features already exist and I've missed them please let me know.
Thanks very much.

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    Why is there no esay way to delete emails on ipad and iphone?  Why is there no junk mail setting for ipad and iphone? If there is let me know, if not can I make a suggest that it be developed as an APP.   Can't believe this opportunity [problem] has not been address before now.  Love to hear comments... or is it just me...

    To delete emails you just wipe from right to left on a particular email and you will see the delete button.  Or you can you the trash icon on the bottom of the emails to delete it.
    Two very easy options.  Not sure what problem your having.

  • Does anyone know if there is a way to share files between Mavericks and Mac OS 9.1 operating system?

    Does anyone know if there is a way to share files between Mavericks and Mac OS 9.1 operating system? When I try to connect from my iMac I get a window that says "The version of the server you are trying to connect to is not supported." Is there a work-around to this problem or is it just not possible? It would be largly appriciated for a solutin beings my business is a small town newspaper, and we have some important files on the older computer that need to be acessed daily.

    Actually to share files between OS 8-9 and OS X, all versions, is quite easy from what I read. Look here for some details.
    And here. .x&aqs=chrome..69i57.20706j0j1&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
    Or since both OS 9 and OS X can do SMB Windows sharing you could use that protocol to share files from one to the other.
    Doesn't really matter what OS you are using. Mac OS/OS X shar files with Windows computers of all types and versions of Windows so the same applies for the different versions of Mac OS/OS X.
    Each Operating System takes care of reading and writing files to there respective file formats of the hard drives so that does not have to be the same. They both just have to be able to do Ethernet with the same files sharing protocol.

  • Is there a way to draw a straight line from one point to another?

    Is there a way of drawing a straight line from one point to another please?

    Yes.  First click on this icon:
    Now select the line drawing icon:
    Now press a shift key and drag your mouse on the image to draw a straight line.
    These instructions are for Windows system so you need to adapt the method for Macs.  I can't afford to by an Apple Mac!!!!!
    Good luck.

  • I am a final cut pro user and i recently started using adobe premiere pro. for anyone firmiliar with fcp, there are interesting ways of doing introductions on it and im wondering if anyone could tell me if premiere pro has preset introductions i can use

    i am a final cut pro user and i recently started using adobe premiere pro. for anyone firmiliar with fcp, there are interesting ways of doing introductions on it and im wondering if anyone could tell me if premiere pro has preset introductions i can use.

    Singenu wrote:
    I tought about looking in Monitor Activity to see what happens...
    Well, when I start working (should I say try to work with FCPX, activity monitor in the %processor column for FCPX jumps rapidly over 100% and reaches more than 200% ??? What the **** is that ?
    200% or more is not strange. Remember that your mac has 4 cores (you say it's 3 months old, so I assume it is a new model), so 200% amounts to using 2 of these 4 cores to the max.
    Regarding the question of creating a new admin user: while it sits in the same system, it may help if the problem is caused by some user-specific preferences or settings. Not likely in your case, since you seem to have reinstalled from scratch, but still it is worth a try. It takes 5 minutes and may help pinpoint the problem.

  • Is there a way to draw a dash line that follows the curve in Photoshop?

    Is there a way to draw a dash line that follows the curve in Photoshop (See image)?
    I know how to make a dotted line, but not a dash line, in photoshop.

    Use a vector shape and a dashed stroke in Photoshop CC.

  • I can no longer change my song names like i used to. i use to be able to right click and go to "get info" and then change the song name, artist and album, now i can't is there any other way to change the songs name and info

    When I get songs and put them on my itunes accout on my computer I used to be able to rename them right clicking, going to "get info" and then renaming everything I wanted like song name, album and artwork. I also use to be able to click on the song then click and hold on it and be able to rename it. But all the songs I have gotten after the last update have not been able to be renamed in any of the old ways I use to be able to. Is there any other way to rename songs because I know I can't undo updates and that seems to be whats causing it.
    Thankyou for your time

    You are describing an iTunes problem, not an iPod touch problem. Try posing in the iTunes forum.

  • Is there a quick way to get permission to read and write all files betweem my macs on my own ethernet network?

    I have a  desktop,mini(os10.5.8)and macbook pro(os10.7.2)
    etherneted together.
    I'd like to be able to read/write files without having to get permission
    in 'get info' each time..
    Is there an easy way do that?

    I have the same question, but I would also like to add:
    How can I create a new user on my laptop with IDENTICAL rights to all files as my main user?  Like above, without having to go in and change the info.
    Thank you
    MacBook Pro  with Lion

  • Do there is any way to redefine styles by find and replace or script

    I have a some styles and i want  to change same things in all styles like language, align and numbers digit and etc....,
    So I ask if  there is an easy way  to do that except modify each style manual, like script?, I use inDesgin CS3, and CS4
    Like in Find Font there is option to redefine styles but that for fonts only, So there is way to do that by find and replace ?

    I'm not a "scripter" and I don't have a huge knowledge of what scripts are available, unlike some on here, but this is how I'd do it if I couldn't find what I wanted by googling.

  • Is there an easier way to draw a shape in 3d to match X,Y, Z of photo?

    I usually start a project in 2d and import photos, draw shapes and text in this 2d environment. I find it easier this way because they all start out on the same plane, and when manipulating in 3d later, this initial plane acts as a reference plane that I can shift X,Y,Z and rotation paramaters from. I then add a new camera and turn everything into 3d. However, as I work further in the timeline, I sometimes want to add a rectangle that overlaps exactly on top of a photo lying in 3d space as to cover it. When I start the shape command in the active camera view and draw the rectangle to match the outline of the photo, it seems like the photo and rectangle are on the same plane in this view. However, when I check this by going to the perspective view and checking from other angles I see that the rectangle was placed on an arbitrary plane and the rectangle is not overlapping the photo.
    To correct this, I open the inspector of the photo and write down it's X,Y,Z positions and also it's X,Y,Z rotation parameters. Then I go to the rectangle that I have already drawn and in the wrong plane, open it's inspector properties, and replace with the X,Y,Z and rotation parameters of the photos. Then fine tune the orthogonal positions and scaling within the plane with the 3d tranform tool. This seems like a lot of work, especially when I have to do it a 100 times. Looking for an easier way to draw a shape on the same plane of a photo in 3d space.

    This is a really good question about one of the bigger challenges of building a 3D project. When you add objects to the Canvas (including drawing), they get added in the camera's viewspace, facing the camera and sharing the same up-vector (i.e. positive Y is up). This is all well and good, but what about doing what you ask, where you want to add an object in the localspace of another object? Let's look at your example: adding a shape that is coplanar to a photo, with the camera not necessarily aligned with the photo.
    As Mark suggested, you can draw the shape in the camera's viewspace and then drag-and-drop the Position and Rotation channels from the photo onto the shape. This will replace the shape's Position and Rotation values with that of the photo, making them coplanar and located in the same place. The shortcoming of this method is that you draw the shape at a size that seems correct in the Canvas, but once it's moved to the same place as the photo, it will often turn out to be too small or large. Then you have to make further tweaks.
    Another solution is to use the Isolate command. Isolate temporarily aligns the current view to the selected object and solos that object. So you could isolate the photo and then draw the shape in the Canvas and it will be coplanar with the photo. The only caveat is that the moment you finish drawing the shape, it will disappear. This is because the photo is still isolated (and soloed). As soon as you de-isolate the photo, everything will reappear.
    The easiest way to use Isolate for new photos—not ones already in the project—is to place the photo in a 3D group, position the group where you want the photo and shape to be, then isolate the group and add anything you want to it (shapes, image, text, etc).

  • Is there actually a way to back up attached drives and have it work?

    I have 2 identical 500GB drives attached to my Mac Mini (media computer). One of them contains nothing but my iTunes library (a little over 120GB) and I was just manually copying that to the other once a week or so. After reading up on Time Machine it sounded like the perfect way to keep my data backed up with little or no effort on my part so I committed to using it on the Mini, allowing TM to format (erase) the second drive and use it exclusively for TM.
    Now the problem; I went into TM preferences and found my iTunes drive in the exclude list. I unchecked it and my "Total included" went from 50GB to 170GB as I would have expected. The issue is, I've forced it to backup several times now and I've let it run for a couple of days, but it still just shows the 50GB while it is doing it's backup and if I browse TM and go to the iTunes drive, I can only see the current files, no historical at all (I can confirm there are no iTunes files on the actual backup drive as well). So now I have no backup of my iTunes library (actually I did a manual copy to a little FireLite drive) and I'm running out of guesses as to how to get this to work properly.
    I really like Time Machine and it works great on my MBP once I excluded all of my Parallels directories. It seems like what I'm trying to do with my iTunes should work based on what I've read and what the application is showing me, but it just doesn't. It doesn't even make an attempt from the progress dialog (always out of 50GB instead of the 170GB the preference panel is showing). I do have hostnames on all my Macs.
    Does anyone have any suggestions? I saw some similar issues but nothing exactly the same. Is this, in fact, a bug I'm seeing? Am I misunderstanding something in the, relatively simple, interface?
    Thanks for any advice.

    Just checking back in. There have been some software updates and I've played around some more, but I still can't make Time Machine (on one external USB drive) backup both the internal HD and another external USB drive.
    I guess I'm still a little vague on whether or not this is even supported. Is it? Based on the control panel it would seem I'm doing everything correctly (unchecking the skip this drive option) but it just never even starts to backup my iTunes drive.
    Anyone able to make this work or at least able to confirm that it doesn't / can't work?

  • For CS6 is there an easier way to redirect all my files and folders for all of the programs?

    Hey adobe people, Im wondering, I know you can setup each preference individually, but I want to redirect all the catched space, storage of brushes, and etc for all my programs into another disk volume as in changing c/ to e/. Is there a way to do this with in one program to make it easier? I don't want to accidently delete files that all the adobe programs can't find.
    The reason is I don't want to store anything other then the programs on the SSD, and in theory I want the other drive, so it can run faster.

    There is no global option for this.

  • I need to know if there is a way to restore newly deleted photos and videos on my ipad. I am new at this and I have no idea if they were backed up.

    I am a new user of the ipad.  I have some photos and especially a recent video that was accidently deleted from my ipad. is there any way to restore them?

    Here's how to back up and restore.  There are two methods: iTunes, and iCloud.  Read both restore methods.  If you created neither backup, you're out of luck.
    By the way, you should carefully learn about backups from this article and do (one or both of) them in the future.

  • IS there an easy way to execute a shell command and capture its output...

    From an application? I am thinking of using fork and then waiting for the PID to finish and write the output to a file which I then read, but this seems clunky. Also there are big warnings about frameworks getting hosed if you use fork, although the "Forked" process will exec the shell command and the one that gets the PID the original process might be 'safe' from this framework corruption. I am not certain of this, it is just a guess.
    If there was something like a process class where I could specify the executable and parameters, and read from it's std out until the process completed, that would be better. Or even get a callback when the process exited and an asynchronous callback for each line of data it produced.

    That was just in response to OrangeKay implied accusation that I was some kind of hard-core Microsoft programmer that sneered at apple programmers.
    You may want to book mark this, I will go over a brief history which should clear a lot of things up, about me, and about what I am doing.
    Lets turn the clock back to 1998: I graduate from a university with a BS in Computer science. I had been interning at a local defense contractor writing missile testing software. This was on a proprietary hardware and so there was no "Microsoft" involved. At this point I think Bill Gates = Satan. Microsoft = Kingdom of Evil.
    I get a job as a video game programmer. I write code from the Playstation, then the Playstation 2 and Gamecube. I do this for several years and again I have zero interest / knowledge of the Microsoft world beyond it being the OS which I am forced to use to play my games on. I had fought this by trying to use OS Warp and other things, but eventually since I mainly had a PC for games I had to get a windows OS, the first being NT 3.51 and then Win98 cause NT4.0 didn't support past directx 3 and everyone was using directX 5 or 6 (I do not remember).
    As video game companies go, they do not last. Everyone wants to write video games, anyone with some cash wants to start a company. 1 in 1000 will make it 5 years. Needless to say, as our company began to tank, I got laid off, along with my entire team. I have cash in the bank, no big deal, right?
    Well the economy started to suck, video game developers were closing down like crazy so the market was saturated with x-video game developers. 2 Years go by, no job, and almost no money. Then I get a call from some guy who wants me to come for an interview about 75 miles away. It is in a place I do not want to go. So they interview me, and ask me a bunch of general programming questions.
    I leave the place, and by the time I get home there is a message on my machine asking me if I would take the job at a ridiculously high salary (I live in an area where the cost of living is very low). Well I am about out of money and its a job offer with a huge salary, so I take it.
    I get there and guess what? I get to work on this "agent" that runs on windows boxes. I have NO IDEA how to program on windows. Windows is evil, why would I want to taint myself with this vile Microsoft APIs? I really have no choice, I have to learn how to develop on windows. I get to use visual studio 6, which I do not understand because I used the Borland compilers (Borland != Microsoft).
    Well I start to slug through it all and get familiar with MSDN and CodeProject and CodeGuru. As the years pass, I begining applicate the examples and detailed documentation that MSDN has. I have a start page on MSDN which covers every category of operation which will take you through a tree of choices and lead you to the exact area related API calls you will need to use to do whatever you want. Now I do not think MS = Evil anymore. I switch to DevStudio 2005 which is really nice. The debugging, IDE, and everything is great.
    Now the other half of this application resides on a server. That server is a Linux box, and the server app is written in Java. My stuff is still C++.
    One day, I get a request, and a eMac with 10.4 PPC to make a Mac version. Now I am at the point of Mac programming as I was with Windows when I started. I didn't know anything about it. I was looking for CodeWarrior cause I used that in the past, but alas, CodeWarrior is no more. I get XCode. I see all sorts of options to make a project. BSD project, Carbon, Cocoa, etc... What the heck any of these. I can guess the BSD one is very basic, but I do not understand Carbon vs Cocoa.
    So what do I do? I make a basic carbon app and make a basic Cocoa app. The carbon app looks like some kind of C++ framework. The Cocoa app? "Is this another language like Java or C#? It doesn't look like a C++ language."
    Guess which choice I make. Carbon. I struggle through this looking at the docs, posting on CodeGuru and whatnot until someone finally tells me about these forums and warns me about how unfriendly people are. So I make an account and start asking questions. I eventually get my app to be multi-platform to run on windows and Mac by using some API abstractions which are easy to do since I had abstracted the Windows API by my own class wrappers.
    I ask a lot of questions, very few are ever answered because I am not asking about simple things, like making windows and how to get button clicks and that stuff. I am asking stuff like, "How do you change the DNS? or How do I know when a user is about to log out?" Currently on my side list as I type this, I have 27 unresolved questions. I probably found workaround for most of them, or figured it out eventually.
    On this forum mostly people are helpful when the do respond, except for OrangeKay. He definitely has a chip on his shoulder.
    Over the past few years my Opinion of MS has improved greatly while my opinion of Macs (from the programmer's point of view) has dropped considerably. XCode still isn't as good as VS6 which is like 15 years old, never mind Dev studio 2005 or 2008. The documentation is scattered, not easy to find, occasionally wrong, or simply missing. The examples may not even compile or contain non-existent functions. It is unbelievable how bad it is.
    If Steve Jobbs wants to really get a large coder population he ought to spend some of those billions (or is it trillions) of dollars on a team that will re-write the current documentation in a correct, easy to understand, with full examples, arranged in a logical manner for everyone to use. He should say, "See MSDN online? I want something like that, only better, it has to be MUCH better." Then he should say to the XCode team, "Look at DevStudio 2008. XCode should do EVERYTHING that does. Once that is done, IMPROVE XCode even more to make 2008 look like a joke."
    To bad the Developer aspect of the "Apple Experience" has not gotten "End User" treatment. Then it would be a joy to develop on Macs.
    So here I am asking for help on certain things. You wonder why I do not use Cocoa. Maybe I should, maybe I shouldn't. My first look didn't look promising, and a quick look at the docs is all about GUI's. My app has NO GUI. Again, Cocoa? Maybe it will still work, but the examples and stuff I see are all about GUIs.
    When I get time, I will look at cocoa even further. MFC on windows is MOSTLY about GUI stuff, but there is a small section of it that does not deal with GUIs. CString is a great MFC class. I had to get rid of it though cause Mac's do not have a similar class. I use CStdString which is a platform agnostic CString replacement.
    I hope you are all a little more enlightened. BTW my Application which runs on Mac's and PCs on no less then 3 MILLION Machines has not crashed ONCE in the past 2 years. There have been bugs, but nothing that crashed it. The bugs were mostly unforeseen situations, like what if the guy has 15 network adapters that are all LIVE? I didn't plan for that, there were complications, the server got some strange data, but it didn't crash (My app, not the server. It crashes on occasion still). Are there bugs in my code? I am sure there are, but I do not know of any, because if I did, it would be fixed.

  • Is there a quick way to turn Cellular Data on and off?

    I just sent this suggestion in to Apple:
    I have limited data on my Iphone 4s, well 2gb and I try to use my wifi as much as possible while home especially.  I don't know the technical term for it, but when you swipe up from the bottom of the phone and : wifi, airplane mode, bluetooth, do not disturb comes up to quickly turn those functions on and off wouldn't it make more sense to replace airplane mode with cellular data?  That way we can quickly access and turn cellular data on and off instead of going through the settings, cellular data on/off.  Just thought this would make our lives easier and hope you will consider it on your next update. 
    Does anyone know if I have the cellular data turned on, but the WIFI is being used first, if that still uses up my Cellular data?  I think I know enough that if the "verizon" is in the upper left corner that the wifi is being used through my router but then if my 3G is displayed than I'm going through my cellular data.  Sorry, I'm new to the Iphone scene so I'm still learning. 
    Ok, thanks in advance. 

    Actually, all the display of Verizon on the phone shows is that you are connected to their network, it does not show that you are on wi-fi, or cellular data. If the wi-fi fan is displayed, then you are on wi-fi. If the phone is displaying 3G then you are using cellular data. If you are connected to wi-fi, the phone defaults to wi-fi and will use that instead of cellular data. However, if the phone is not actively utilizing data and the phone goes into sleep mode, then wi-fi is disconnected. It will connect immediately after being awoken.
    Does this answer your questions?

Maybe you are looking for