Issue in execution of Dynamic action on change event

I have scenario, where I have one select list (P_CATEGORY) and one shuttle control (P_ROOMS) on page.
The values of the shuttle list is being populated based on the selected value in select list.
The left pane of shuttle control's value based on LOV and source of the shuttle item is a plsql function, which returning colon separated value list.
So that returned values shown in the right pane of shuttle.
The LOV values are getting being populated using cascading LOV i.e based on the of Select List item. But the Shuttle source values not getting auto refresh and for achieving that I've created a dynamic true action on change event of Select list.
The dynamic action is with :
Action : Set Value
Set Type : PL SQL funciton body
Page items to submit : P_CATEGORY (this is select list)
Escape Special Character : Yes
Suppress Change event : Yes
Affected Elements -
Selection type : Item(s)
Item(s) : P_ROOMS
This is perfectly working on Firefox but not working on IE9 & Google Chrome.
I've debugged in both IE9 & Google chrome and found the dynamic action get executes ajax call and the values get back but not rendering on the screen. i.e not assigning to the item.
So can you please advice me what will be a workaround for this issue?
I am using Application Express .
I'll appreciate your prompt response.
Thanks & Regards,
Jaydipsinh Raulji

I don't understand why this is not working withouth seeing an example, there might be multiple processes working on the item.
Anyway if the value is returned check if the value is in the session aswell. If it is in the session but not on the page that means you will need to find a way to bring it from the DB to the page. You can do this by adding an action to your DA:
Action: Execute PL/SQL code
PL/SQL code: NULL;
Page Items to Return: your shuttle item

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  • Dynamic Action On change tabular form question

    Hi guys!
    I've wanted to add dynamic action on change (tabular form) to execute PL/SQL which checks if column of the tabular form has changed and if yes it changes walue of text field to Y or N. It doesnt work...and I don't know why. If I create validation with this PL/SQL it works. Can you help?
    On change - Tabular Form
       nazwa     VARCHAR2(4000);
       counter   NUMBER := 0;
       FOR i IN 1 .. apex_application.g_f08.COUNT
          IF wwv_flow_item.md5(nazwa) <>  wwv_flow_item.md5(apex_application.g_f08(i)) THEN
            counter := counter + 1;
          END IF;
       END LOOP;
       IF counter > 0 THEN
      END IF;
    END;Page items to submit: P5_IS_TABULAR_FORM_CHANGE
    What's wrong?
    With regards,

    Region static id shouldn be in bracketsYou missed the '#' informt of the region id.
    why my original PL/SQL process did not work
    FOR i IN 1 .. apex_application.g_f08.COUNTThis works only when the application array has values and that happens only when the page is submitted.When you submit the dynamic action , it isn't.
    This script combined with script to detect changes makes apex page running very slowIf you use that PLSQL code(assuming it works as expected) , then its going to take a server request every-time you change a field in the tabular form and loop though all the array values(if they would be submitted before) and recalculate and compare the checksums . Isn't that going to be very inefficient.
    As for that JS code, it only runs at the client side. You can do all the server side checks on submit, when the user expects some delay due to processing.

  • Dynamic action to change item label

    Hi All,
    How can I use dynamic action to change item label?

    fac586 wrote:
    Why and when do you want to dynamically change a label? This would have a detrimental effect on usability and accessibility.
    Consider a visually impaired user of your app using a screen reader. The screen reader identifies a checkbox labelled "Free Cake". They like the sound of that, so navigate to the checkbox to tick it. Your dynamic action fires when it gets focus and changes the label to "Give all my money to Fadi".I think this would confuse even a sighted user! I don't know the OP full requirements or constraints but I can bet the OP does not want to change the item label when the user navigates to it.
    I have to say that I don't like forms that change as the user enters data. I think that enabling and disabling fields is OK, but not hiding or showing or changing labels or field types.
    In any case, if you have to do it, an alternative to changing an item label is to have 2 separate items: one hidden and one shown. Then, using some triggering event, you can hide one and show the other.
    Because there are built-in dynamic actions to hide and show items but not to change item labels, one might thing that one approach is more acceptable than the other. However, if those 2 separate items occupy the same spot in the page, from a user point of view (or screen reader for that matter) I don't see any difference between those two approaches (in my view, both bad practices.)
    And because of its lots of nested tables, lack of headings etc, apex pages are not screen-reader friendly anyway... This is an interesting plugin for firefox that shows how your page would be read by a screen reader:
    fac586 wrote:
    You can use an "execute javascript" dynamic action type to do it.Yes, you can. But should you?I don't know. As I mentioned above, I don't like the idea. However, as I also mentioned above, I don't know anything about the OP constraints or requirements.

  • Dynamic Action on change automatically submit

    I have a tabular form (manually handled) with a text item that can be changed (Apex
    Each time the user changes the value of the text item, the changes automatically will be submitted.
    Therefore I defined a dynamic action:
    selection type: region
    with javascriptcode: apex.submit({request:'SAVE'});
    When I leave changed text item with tab-key everything works fine.
    But when I leave changed text item through a button Click only the submit of dynamic action is performed and the button functionality is ignored.
    The button click initiates the onchange event at the changed text item and then ignores everything after this event.
    The enduser will not be able to understand the behavior of the application.
    I have less experience in Java and JavaScript.
    Is it possible to get the information if and which button was clicked, so I can decide at javascriptcode of the dynamic action what is to do?

    Region static id shouldn be in bracketsYou missed the '#' informt of the region id.
    why my original PL/SQL process did not work
    FOR i IN 1 .. apex_application.g_f08.COUNTThis works only when the application array has values and that happens only when the page is submitted.When you submit the dynamic action , it isn't.
    This script combined with script to detect changes makes apex page running very slowIf you use that PLSQL code(assuming it works as expected) , then its going to take a server request every-time you change a field in the tabular form and loop though all the array values(if they would be submitted before) and recalculate and compare the checksums . Isn't that going to be very inefficient.
    As for that JS code, it only runs at the client side. You can do all the server side checks on submit, when the user expects some delay due to processing.

  • Dynamic action on "Change" of Radio group value

    I'm using Apex 4.1 on XE 11G.
    If I create a simple dynamic action which shows/hides a field on the change of an item of type select list this works great.
    So for example if the value of the select list is 1 then show another field and otherwise hide this other field.
    If I change the type of the first field ( the select list ) to a radio group the dynamic action stops working. It looks like the value of the radio group does not get changed when I click another value in the radio group.
    I'm somehow able to bypass this by using a dynamic action which fires when the radio group is clicked and then evaluatie it's value via JS, but that's not really the ideal solution.
    Is there some basic difference in radio groups and select lists when it comes to storing values and/or dynamic actions which are based on the change event on that item ?
    Edited by: Bas de Klerk on 31-mei-2012 6:42

    Take a look at the Radio group item in HTML DOM using FF/Firebug or IE/DevTools, and you will see the difference.
    If you have neither of the 2 debug tools , time you get one.

  • Dynamic Actions: background execution

    here below the Dynamic Action that I have customized:
    0000                   04     310     P     T001P-MOLGA='15'
    0000                   04     315     P     PSPAR-MASSN='Z1'/X
    0000                   04     316     P     PSPAR-MASSN='Z2'/X
    0000                   04     317     P     PSPAR-MASSN='Z3'/X
    0000                   04     318     P     PSPAR-MASSN='Z7'/X
    0000                   04     319     P     PSPAR-MASSN='ZC'/X
    0000                   04     320     I     INS,0016,,,(P0000-BEGDA),(P0000-ENDDA)/D
    0000                   04     325     W     P0016-EINDT=P0000-BEGDA
    The background execution works correctly for Action Types Z3 and Z7 which are not linked to Recruitment.
    The execution of Dynamic Action DOESN'T WORK in the background mode but it works in foreground (even if in the dynamic action I've wrote /D) for Z1-Z2-ZC: these actions are linked to Recruitment.
    Can you help me?
    Edited by: Pizeta on Mar 2, 2012 10:59 AM

    All the Actions are for Personnel Administration.
    Z1-Z2-ZC in T529A-FUNCH are customized like "7 Initial hiring and transfer of data from Recruitment" --> the dynamic action works but in foreground
    Z3-Z7 in  T529A-FUNCH are customized like "0     Other actions"  or  "1     Initial hiring" --> the dynamic action works correctly in the background

  • Help with Dynamic Action Construction

    I want to create a dynamic action that will disable a field called P1_TBRN when any of the following conditions in the form are true:
    :P1_TRIAL_STATUS in ('Off-Trial','Unknown') or
    :P1_INSTITUTION ='Unknown' or
    :P1_CONSENT_EXISTS <> 'Y';
    I assume I use a "Change" event but I can't work out how to enter the 4 condtions so that they are all checked each time. If I create 4 separate dynamic actions, when I change one of the fields, it does not take into consideration the other field values.
    An alternative I've tried is to set up a Read Only condition on P1_TRIAL with the above condition. The only problem is that I have to submit the page each time there is a change in one of the 4 fields above. It would be better if I didn't have to submit the page each time so I'd like to use a Dynamic Action.
    thanks in advance
    Paul P

    Hi Paul.
    If you want to evaluate 4 variables in 1 dynamic action you have to post the value of these 4 items on each change of one of these items as far as I know.
    I had a form with multiple checks of this kind and ended up having serieus performance issues.
    My way around was to evaluate in javascript. You creat a dynamic action on change of any of these 4 fields and set the condition to a javascript expression. The expression looks something like (quick edit so there might be some typos):
    $v('P1_INSTITUTION') =='Unknown'||
    $v('P1_CONSENT_EXISTS') == 'Y'
    If this evaluates to true the true action of the dynamic action is executed, otherwise the false action.

  • Dynamic action not working

    Hello All,
    I have created a dynamic action for cascading select list.
    I have a select list(List_1) item and and a tabular form containing a select list(List_2), this tabular form List_2 is dependent on List_1.
    So I have created a dynamic action on change of List_1, this is the code I used
    var l_Return = null;
    var get = new htmldb_Get(null,html_GetElement('pFlowId').value,
    var treat_id = document.getElementById('P533_TREATMENT').value;
    gReturn = get.get('XML');
    var l_Count1 = gReturn.getElementsByTagName("qntity").length;
    var l_Select = html_GetElement('f30_1');
    l_Select.length = 0;
    for(var i=0;i<l_Count1;i++){
      l_Opt_Xml = gReturn.getElementsByTagName("qntity");
    appendToSelect(l_Select, l_Opt_Xml.getAttribute('value'),
    If you can see there is a alert in between, if I enable it cascading list is working but when I comment that alert it is not working.
    As I can see we don't have "Page Item to Submit" for Execute javascript Action.
    Please let me know where I am going wrong.

    Hello Tauceef,
    I am having similar issue.. see following thread.
    Report refresh, Strange behaviour
    The DIRTY work-around I have used is to put some delay using setTimeout function.
    Try to put following code in other JS function and schedule it to run after 30 secs.
    var l_Count1 = gReturn.getElementsByTagName("qntity").length;
    var l_Select = html_GetElement('f30_1');
    l_Select.length = 0;
    for(var i=0;i<l_Count1;i++){
      l_Opt_Xml = gReturn.getElementsByTagName("qntity");
    appendToSelect(l_Select, l_Opt_Xml.getAttribute('value'),

  • Help using a dynamic action to update tabular form items (specifically radio button) based on collection

    Hi Everyone, I have posted this question in the past and made huge progress with Denes Kubicek's help: based on my earlier question posted:
    I am struggling with one item in my tabular form.  It is a radio button.  The choices all appear properly, but the value is not saved in the collection (and hence, not saved in the table).  All other items in the tabular form save properly.
    here is what I have for the query.   It is item c024 (which maps to ;'f03'), which is defined as a radio LOV based on an existing LOV.
    Currently I have:
    2 page items:
    Dynamic action called CHANGE COLUMN:
    event: CHANGE
    selection type: jQUERY Selector
    jQuery Select = input[name='f03'],select[name'f08'],select[name='f09'],input[name='f10'],input[name='f11'],input[name='f12'],select[name='f40'],input[name='f21'],input[name='f22'],input[name='f23'],input[name='f50']
    event scope: Dynamic
    true action#1: set value P110_ID javascript expression
    true action#2: set value P110_VALUE javascript expression this.triggeringElement.value
    true action#3: execute pl/sql code
      v_member number;
      v_seq number;
      v_member := TO_NUMBER (SUBSTR (:p110_id, 2, 2));
      select ltrim(substr(:p110_ID,5,4),'0') into v_seq from dual;
    true ation#4 refresh region :LANDINGS_COLLECTION
    the tabular form is based on the query:
    apex_item.text(1,seq_id,'','','id="f01_'||seq_id,'','') "DeleteRow",
    seq_id display_seq_id,
    apex_item.text_from_LOV(c004,'SPECIES')||'-'||apex_item.text_from_LOV(c005,'GRADE')||'-'||apex_item.text_from_LOV(c006,'MARKETCODE')||'-'||apex_item.text_from_LOV_query(c007,'select unit_of_measure d, unit_of_measure r from species_qc') unit,
    apex_item.select_list_from_LOV(8,c008,'DISPOSITIONS','onchange="getAllDisposition('||seq_id||')"','YES','0','  -- Select Favorite --  ','f08_'||seq_id,'') Disposition,
    apex_item.select_list_from_LOV(9,c009,'GEARS','style="background-color:#FBEC5D; "onFocus="checkGearPreviousFocus('||seq_id||');"onchange="getAllGears('||seq_id||')"','YES','3333','-- Select Favorite --','f09_'||seq_id,'') Gear,
    apex_item.text(10,TO_NUMBER(c010),5,null, 'onchange="setTotal('||seq_id||')"','f10_'||seq_id,'') Quantity,
    apex_item.text(11,TO_NUMBER(c011),5,null,'onchange="getPriceBoundaries('||seq_id||')"','f11_'||seq_id,'') Price,
    apex_item.text(12, TO_NUMBER(c012),5,null, 'onchange="changePrice
    ('||seq_id||')" onKeyDown="selectDollarsFocus('||seq_id||',event);"','f12_'||seq_id,'') Dollars,
    decode(c013,'Y',apex_item.text(14, c014,30,null,'style="background-color:#FBEC5D;" onClick="onFocusAreaFished('||seq_id||');"','f14_'||seq_id,''),'N','N/A') Area_Fished,
    decode(c017,'Y',apex_item.text(18, c018,4,null,'style="background-color:#FBEC5D; "onBlur="setUnitQuantity('||seq_id||')"','f18_'||seq_id,''),'N','N/A') UNIT_QUANTITY,
    decode(c017,'Y',apex_item.text(19,'CN',3,null,'readOnly=readOnly;','f19_'||seq_id,''),'N','N/A') UNIT_COUNT,
    c024 hms_flag,
    decode(c050,'Y',apex_item.checkbox(21,'Y','id="f21_'||seq_id||'" style="background-color:#FBEC5D; " onClick="alterYes('||seq_id||');" onKeyPress="alterYes('||seq_id||');"',c021),'N','N/A') FinsAttached,
    decode(c050,'Y',apex_item.checkbox(22,'N','id="f22_'||seq_id||'" style="background-color:#FBEC5D;" onClick="alterNo('||seq_id||');" onKeyPress="alterNo('||seq_id||');"',c022),'N','N/A') FinsNotAttached,
    decode(c050,'Y',apex_item.checkbox(23,'U','id="f23_'||seq_id||'" style="background-color:#FBEC5D;" onClick="alterUnk('||seq_id||');" onKeyPress="alterUnk('||seq_id||');"',c023),'N','N/A') FinsUnknown,
    decode(c050,'Y',apex_item.textarea(28,c028,3,null,null,'f28_'||seq_id,''),'N','N/A') Explanation,
    decode(c024,'N',apex_item.select_list_from_LOV(29,c029,'HMSNATURE','onchange="saveNature('||seq_id||')"','YES','A','-- Select Nature of Sale --','f29_'||seq_id,''),'U',apex_item.select_list_from_LOV(29,c029,'HMSNATURE','onchange="saveNature('||seq_id||')"','YES','A','-- Select Nature of Sale --','f29_'||seq_id,''),'Y','N/A') Nature_Of_Sale,
    'N','N/A') HMS_AREA_CODE,
    'N','N/A') Sale_Price
    from apex_collections
    where collection_name = 'SPECIES_COLLECTION' order by seq_id
    I have noticed the following:
    when I change column C011 (price) the following values are set in the dynamic action:
    P110_ID = f11_1
    P110_VALUE = whatever I change the price to.
    when I change the column C024 (hms_flag), the following values are set:
    P110_ID = f03_0001
    P110_VALUE = whatever I change hms_flag to.
    the region is refreshed in my dynamic action, and the change for hms_flag does not hold.  I have tested the SQL query that generates the value for v_SEQ in the dynamic action.   In both a change to price and HMS_FLAG it appears valid
    select ltrim(substr(:p110_ID,5,4),'0') into v_seq from dual;
    if f11_1, v_seq:= 1
    if f03_0001, v_seq := 1
    thank you!

    solved.  sort of. 
    field c024 references f03.
    the Dynamic ACtion, step 4 calculates v_member by taking a substring of P110_ID...and in all other fields, the column and the field (fxx) are the same value....except for c024.
    I am not certain exactly how to resolve, but see the problem.

  • Dynamic Action on new row in Tabular Form

    Hi Guys,
    APEX version is 4.1
    I created a dynamic action on change of a select list, if changed then disable the related fields on the same row.
    This is working fine for all EXISTING rows on the tabular form.
    However, if I click on ADD ROW button, a new row is added to the page, but the change event on select list is
    not triggerred from the dynamic action.
    Is there any thoughts or workaround on this interesting problem?
    Thanks in advance,

    I got it working by adding a onchange event which is triggering js function on the page.

  • Execute javascript from plsql in a dynamic action.

    Is it possible to execute javascript with htp.p from a plsql block in a dynamic action (on change).
    I have tried it but I get a JSON error.
    The reason I want to to this is:
    I have to check something with plsql and depending on the result I want to do something in javascript.
    I now going to try it with ajax from javascript, but if somebody has a other way to do this i like to hear it.

    Very neat, many thanks.
    I now have a 'Set Value' 'Javascript Expression' action of ';' to set a hidden *but unprotected* page item. This is followed by the 'Execute PL/SQL' action which simply calls a package procedure and passes the name of the triggering item. The procedure then sets the session state(s) as required.
    Thank you!

  • Performance issues with dynamic action (PL/SQL)

    I'm having perfomance issues with a dynamic action that is triggered on a button click.
    I have 5 drop down lists to select columns which the users want to filter, 5 drop down lists to select an operation and 5 boxes to input values.
    After that, there is a filter button that just submits the page based on the selected filters.
    This part works fine, the data is filtered almost instantaneously.
    After this, I have 3 column selectors and 3 boxes where users put values they wish to update the filtered rows to,
    There is an update button that calls the dynamic action (procedure that is written below).
    It should be straight out, the only performance issue could be the decode section, because I need to cover cases when user wants to set a value to null (@) and when he doesn't want update 3 columns, but less (he leaves '').
    Hence P99_X_UC1 || ' = decode('  || P99_X_UV1 ||','''','|| P99_X_UC1  ||',''@'',null,'|| P99_X_UV1  ||')
    However when I finally click the update button, my browser freezes and nothing happens on the table.
    Can anyone help me solve this and improve the speed of the update?
    P.S. The code for the procedure is below:
    create or replace
    (P99_X_UC1 in VARCHAR2,
    P99_X_UV1 in VARCHAR2,
    P99_X_UC2 in VARCHAR2,
    P99_X_UV2 in VARCHAR2,
    P99_X_UC3 in VARCHAR2,
    P99_X_UV3 in VARCHAR2,
    P99_X_COL in VARCHAR2,
    P99_X_O in VARCHAR2,
    P99_X_V in VARCHAR2,
    P99_X_COL2 in VARCHAR2,
    P99_X_O2 in VARCHAR2,
    P99_X_V2 in VARCHAR2,
    P99_X_COL3 in VARCHAR2,
    P99_X_O3 in VARCHAR2,
    P99_X_V3 in VARCHAR2,
    P99_X_COL4 in VARCHAR2,
    P99_X_O4 in VARCHAR2,
    P99_X_V4 in VARCHAR2,
    P99_X_COL5 in VARCHAR2,
    P99_X_O5 in VARCHAR2,
    P99_X_V5 in VARCHAR2,
    P99_X_CD in VARCHAR2,
    P99_X_VD in VARCHAR2
    ) IS
    l_sql_stmt varchar2(32600);
    p_table_name varchar2(30) := 'DWP.IZV_SLOG_DET'; 
    l_sql_stmt := 'update ' || p_table_name || ' set '
    || P99_X_UC1 || ' = decode('  || P99_X_UV1 ||','''','|| P99_X_UC1  ||',''@'',null,'|| P99_X_UV1  ||'),'
    || P99_X_UC2 || ' = decode('  || P99_X_UV2 ||','''','|| P99_X_UC2  ||',''@'',null,'|| P99_X_UV2  ||'),'
    || P99_X_UC3 || ' = decode('  || P99_X_UV3 ||','''','|| P99_X_UC3  ||',''@'',null,'|| P99_X_UV3  ||') where '||
    P99_X_COL  ||' '|| P99_X_O  ||' ' || P99_X_V  || ' and ' ||
    P99_X_COL2 ||' '|| P99_X_O2 ||' ' || P99_X_V2 || ' and ' ||
    P99_X_COL3 ||' '|| P99_X_O3 ||' ' || P99_X_V3 || ' and ' ||
    P99_X_COL4 ||' '|| P99_X_O4 ||' ' || P99_X_V4 || ' and ' ||
    P99_X_COL5 ||' '|| P99_X_O5 ||' ' || P99_X_V5 || ' and ' ||
    P99_X_CD   ||       ' = '         || P99_X_VD ;
    EXECUTE IMMEDIATE l_sql_stmt;

    Hi Ivan,
    I do not think that the decode is performance relevant. Maybe the update hangs because some other transaction has uncommitted changes to one of the affected rows or the where clause is not selective enough and needs to update a huge amount of records.
    Besides that - and I might be wrong, because I only know some part of your app - the code here looks like you have a huge sql injection vulnerability here. Maybe you should consider re-writing your logic in static sql. If that is not possible, you should make sure that the user input only contains allowed values, e.g. by white-listing P99_X_On (i.e. make sure they only contain known values like '=', '<', ...), and by using dbms_assert.enquote_name/enquote_literal on the other P99_X_nnn parameters.

  • Dynamic Action character issues.

    I have an issue in Application Express
    I am using a dynamic action to populate a field value.
    When I have a £ symbol (ascii 163) it is converted to &#65533; (ascii 65533).
    As far as I can see the issue would be the character set for the ajax request to/from the database.
    How can I change this and get my £ symbols back?

    Hi Michael,
    your PlsqlNLSLanguage setting is the problem. As per the Oracle APEX Installation instructions
    The PlsqlNLSLanguage setting determines the language setting of the DAD. The character set portion of the PlsqlNLSLanguage value must be set to AL32UTF8, regardless of whether or not the database character set is AL32UTF8. For example:
    PlsqlNLSLanguage            AMERICAN_AMERICA.AL32UTF8...Regards
    My Blog:
    APEX 4.0 Plug-Ins:

  • HR PA Dynamic Actions: Generate mail to the admin when 0002 & 0021 changed

    Hi gurus!
             My client wants us to generate a mail to the Admin when an employee changes his 0002 or 0021 infotype
    through ESS. I believe we could do this is Dynamic Actions. Can you please tell me how we do it?
    Thanks and Regards,

    Some good write-ups : (look for "Dynamic Action Mail for Infotype". This will require registration but free.
    Kir Chern

  • Dynamic action on text box change does not working

    i have a page with following components.
    a report that has and edit link.
    a text box to catch the primary key from report link when it is clicked
    a number of elements (text boxes, check boxes and LOVs) which are used as data entry form.
    Now my design is that user enter values save them and no sooner did they save, the report depicts new
    values. if user want to edit any record, they click on edit link and the data entry form elements
    should now bring all those values from DB on page. i m successful to pick primary key and bring
    it in a hidden text box and wrote a dynamic action on its change event that will bring values from
    DB and set all page elements. but but but.........the change event doesnt work. it only work
    when focus is lost from the text box...!! offcourse user wont want to click in that "hiddent" text
    box and then click some where else to bring values in page data entry form......
    help is humbly requested from forum or if any other solution approach is to be used easier than
    one i m using, would be appreciated.
    thanks in advance for reading my bore question :)

    bundles of thanks for reply. i m going to elaborate.
    1. My page no is 3.
    2. Hidden Item name is P3_EDIT_ACTIVITY_ID
    3. Data entry form, hidden item and the report are on the same page.
    4. on the edit link of report, i have used following settings.
        Target: Page in this application
         Page: 3
         and i set hidden item as follows......
         Item 1   P3_EDIT_ACTIVITY_ID         Value #ACTIVITY_ID#
       well, when i click the link on report it does bring Activity_Id in the hidden box (which is not yet hidden for debugging purpose)
    Next i wrote Dynamic action which fires on the change event of P3_EDIT_ACTIVITY_ID and run PL/SQL code with in it which is as follows
      Dept varchar(50);
       select my_dept into Dept from activity_main ACTIVITY_ID = :P3_EDIT_ACTIVITY_ID;
       :P3_Dept := :Dept;          (i did use :P3_Dept := Dept also but this wont work)
      insert into testdynamic (stamp) values (Dept);  (I did this to check whether correct value is brought from DB, yes it works correctly, correct Dept is being inserted in stamp column)
      i have created another true action to check when the dynamic action is fired. its very simple alert. and the problem is, it only fires when focus is lost from the P3_EDIT_ACTIVITY_ID. i mean, when u keep changing value inside the text box, nothing happens, when u go outside, the alert is fired and so the pl/sql procedure. but the line
        :P3_Dept := :Dept;       OR      :P3_Dept  := Dept;         arent working which is the actual requirement.
      I m not using set value here as i have to set a lot of values on page not one. further. plz let me get rid of this lost focus thing as i want the form to be populated with correct values related to P3_EDIT_ACTIVITY_ID as the user click on any edit_link in the report.
    Thanks for persistence. i hope i have provided all the details.
    looking forward.

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