Issue with challan mapping utility

We are upgrading to new ECC 6 version.
The challan mapping program PC00_M40_CMAP ,when executed with details of challan no and tan no and payroll area with pyrl period , results in showing correct challan amount with 0 personnel nos mapped.
What do I do....?
We are at  support pack 41 and CIN 41.
What is to be done next???

While debugging the program I found out that in include PUMAPIN5,Abkrs is not passed as a parametre for structure PME01.As a result the TAN number value from feature is not being fetched.Pls let me what is correction note instruction or any other solution.
FORM GET_TAN_NUMBER CHANGING P_TAN_NUMBER.                                                                               
LOOP AT P0001 WHERE BEGDA LE PAYDATE             "PKT01290595    
                  AND ENDDA GE PAYDATE.                            
          PME01-BUKRS = P0001-BUKRS.                               
          PME01-WERKS = p0001-WERKS.                               
          PME01-BTRTL = p0001-BTRTL.                                                                               
  Get the employer details from feature 40ECC                    
     CLEAR: ECC_TAB, TAN-NUMBER.                                   
     REFRESH ECC_TAB.                                              
                FEATURE                     = '40ECC'         
                STRUC_CONTENT               = PME01           
                KIND_OF_ERROR               = '3'             
                BACK                        = ECC_TAB         
            STATUS                      =                 
            DUMMY                       = 1               
            ERROR_OPERATION             = 2               
            NO_BACKVALUE                = 3               
       IF SY-SUBRC = 0.                                         "#EC *  
         CLEAR ECC_TAB.                                                 
         READ TABLE ECC_TAB INDEX 3.                                    
         TAN-NUMBER = ECC_TAB-BACK+0(15).                               
  ENDFORM.                    " GET_TAN_NUMBER

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  • Issue with challan mapping

    Hi All,
    During challan mapping, while executing the 4th step (I.e; futher processing) normally on the right side of the screen which is for Tax Deduction Details table, all the employees mapped will be displayed.  But in my case that entire coloum is empty. could anyone help me with this issue?  Also the following note is not implemented yet.  please advice if this is required:
    Note 1580248 - SAP_HR CLC - IN 2011 (Legal changes for Form 16 FY 2010-11)
    Edited by: Ayyaps sukumar on May 17, 2011 12:04 PM

    Please make sure your current SP level should be 66 and applied the following notes
    a) 1528165
    b) 1546949
    c) 1520182
    d) 1566288
    e) 1568324
    f) 1573538
    g) 1576504
    h) 1573538
    i) 1571048
    j) 1580476
    Also, make sure, feature 40ECC & 40ACK are maintained.

  • Issue with heat maps refresh process in EID 3.1?

    Issue with Heat Maps in EID 3.1? Heats maps don't refresh unless you go back to home page and then again go back to the Endeca app.
    In Oracle Sample app if we open the Map tab we will see that Milwaukee is really hot in the heat map. now if we filter the data to just show data from 100 miles within Orlando, FL then the map will get refreshed to show that area but the colors on heat maps do not change.
    Now if we keep the refinements same and go back to home page and again go back to sample app and maps tabs then it will still show area of 100 miles within Orlando, FL which is good but now heat map would have updated and it would show us correct color.
    Now if we remove the refinement then it would show complete US map as hot which is again wrong.
    I have observed this issue in chrome browser as well as firefox.
    Is there anyway to overcome this issue?

    This issue was resolved after applying latest patch from Oracle.

  • Special characters issue with Nokia Maps on N95

    Hi there,
    when using Navigation in conjunction with Nokia Maps on my N95, all streets and towns which contain any special character in their name (for example: é, è, ü, ä, ö, etc…) do appear as unreadable garbage on the screen of the N95.
    I only noticed the problem after having purchased the 3 years license Navigation upgrade (EUR 99.99) and immediately notified Nokia. That was back in October. Since then I have called them at least 10 times and ultimately I have asked for a refund as no solution is still available.
    In all these calls with Nokia, the only reasonable argument I heard was that maybe (!!!) the new software update version 20.0.015 released back at the end of November could solve the issue. Unfortunately, for my phone (which is a branded one) the update is not yet available.
    Today, after calling them again, I was told that Nokia’s policies do not foresee refunds and therefore my request has been rejected. I was told to bring my phone to a Nokia Store and see if they can help me (I don’t see how). I was also told that maybe I would have to send-in the phone for repair.
    This is soooo frustrating that despite the 3 months of patience and all the money spent for the N95 (not quite cheap), the navigation upgrade and the phone calls to Nokia, I still have the same issue. I will probably end up filing a complaint with a monthly consumer’s magazine in the hope they will publish my story.
    After all, it may not even be Nokia’s fault but rather the guys who are responsible for the maps, but if Nokia accepts to have a commercial venture with a vendor, than they also accept liability for the joint product. And by turning down my legitimate request for refund, they have proven not to give a **bleep** about people like you and me.
    Forgive me for the long post - needed to release some of the frustration...

    I have been using an N95-8GB since Nov.'07. From my experience with this phone that has a built-in mass memory besides the phone memory. I had trouble retrieving some of the softwares I have installed. For eg. I have saved some themes in the mass memory & I could not find it when I want to delete it. There are some 3rd parties games software inside where I cannot even delete
    This is what I don't like about the phone. I have bought an N82/Black recently as it uses an external memory card.
    Coming back to Nokia maps. Personnaly, I don't think they are that good & I have problem downloading it into my phone from my PC after having downloaded it from Nokia.
    By the way the Nokia map is not even the latest map 2.0. Is still a 1.0
    I used Navfone map software & it works OK in the 8GB. You have to purchase it.
    I have used a couple of N-series phones in the past ie. N-90, N-70, N-71, N-73, N-80/Black, N95, N-95/8GB & now N-82.
    Common with all N-series phones. After you have disconnected when you are done with your call you have to wait for a while before the word "disconnected" disappears.
    The more features it has, the more problem you are gonna to encounter.
    Unless you want to download softwares into your phone & have a good camera thats where the N series phones come in.
    For normal usage, a 40 series phone will suffice.

  • FDM: Issues with importing mapping using excel files

    Hi All,
    I am trying to map ICP Entries using an excel file.
    I have made 2 mapping (explicit) entries, manually and exported it in Excel and then added all the Mappings in the same file, in proper format. when I am importing, I am not getting any error but the mapping is not getting updated and the new entries are also not getting added. so Ideally no Change in the tDatamap table.
    Environment details: FDM Version is getting used. Target App is Essbase able to connect to Essbase, no issues with connectivity.
    Has anyone face this issue.

    The section of the admin guide I reference will tell you how to create a properly formatted excel workbook. Import XLS will work if the excel workbook is set up properly. The import XLS functionality will not change existing records, only add new ones.
    Your template requires that the first cell is the table name. The second row is the table field names and rows 3 through X are the values to be inserted into the table. The named range beginning with UPS needs to highlight all of these rows and columns.
    Quite honestly, if you take the time to review the admin guide, I'm sure you'll find the answer that you need. Please understand that, like you, most of us that post on this board are consultants. We share knowledge to help the community better utilize the product. It's frustrating to hear that none of the answers that I previously provided you were at all helpful.
    Edited by: TonyScalese on Nov 30, 2010 3:23 PM

  • Ipsec Stateful Failover issue with Dynamic-Map

    Hi all, I have an issue with a couple of Cisco ISR 2921 in Ha Ipsec Stateful Failover configuration.
    With static crypto-map, stateful works good, Ipsec sessions are correctly trasmitted from Cisco Active router to Cisco Standby router.
    With dynamic-map and profile, stateful fails, Ipsec sessions are not correctly trasmitted from Cisco Active router to Cisco Standby router.
    I tried different IOS version:152-1.T3, 152-3.T2 and 153-1.T but I have the same behavior.
    Could you help me?

    Yes it is supported. It is supprted on VAM, VMA2, VAM2+.

  • Issues with patch wizard utility

    We downloaded the infobundle manually due to issues with metalink credentials, When we go to run a patch recommendaiton report (with the second filter in the list) it is still giving the error in the log:
    "WARNING: The MetaLink Credentials have not been set up.
    Please use the MetaLink Credentials page to enter the login credentials you use to connect to the Oracle MetaLink.
    The MetaLink Credentials page can be accessed from Setup (Icon on the top right) > MetaLink Credentials link."
    Why would it fail if you have already downladed the bundle manually.
    Also it shows further down the error log:
    "Error : Not able to download the infobundle
    Not able to find infobundle in staging area
    Infobundle not already uploaded
    Hence Failing"
    Edited by: user599292 on May 7, 2013 2:37 AM

    ;) ApPsMasTi ;) wrote:
    user599292 wrote:
    All that link essentially says is download the infobundle file - then run the report. yes we've done both and it still doesnt work.
    How can you tell if its in a directory that "patch wizard" can access? who is the owner of the staging directory
    please post the the path of staging directory and the owner directory and
    "Zip file needs to be copied to a system which can access the Patch Wizard staging directory. If the staging directory is on local disk, it must be copied to the system where you run Patch Wizard. If the staging directory is on shared (network) disk, it can be copied to any system with access to the shared disk"
    "Make sure the Patch Wizard can read from and write to the staging directory. " - how can you test this?create a file by application user on the stage directory
    ;) APpPSMAsTi ;)
    Sharing is Caringthe server side of the application isnt really a strong point of mine, the staging directory is set up to be backup/patches/apps
    I am not to sure what you mean by "owner", or the application user.
    here is the error log if of any use:
    "Start of the concurrent Program .. [################]
    .........PARAMETERS ..................
    Parameter name :CRITERIAID::Parameter value : Recommended Patches
    Parameter name :ImportPatchInfo::Parameter value : Y
    Parameter name :useproducts::Parameter value : Y
    Validating Staging directory '/backup/patches/apps'
    Calling InfoBundle Upload Program for Patchlist.... [##############]
    Starting Upload Process...
    Program Execution Start time: [#################]
    Stage Dir is /backup/patches/apps
    Infobundle Path /backup/patches/apps/
    Downloading InfoBundle starts: [##############]
    NOTE: MetaLink Connection setup not found. Please manually download Infobundle zip file to staging directory.
    WARNING: The MetaLink Credentials have not been set up.
    Please use the MetaLink Credentials page to enter the login credentials you use to connect to the Oracle MetaLink.
    The MetaLink Credentials page can be accessed from Setup (Icon on the top right) > MetaLink Credentials link.
    Downloading InfoBundle ends: [##########]
    Checking for Infobundle in Staging Directory ...
    Warning: InfoBundle doesn't exists in /backup/patches/apps
    Trying to Recommend using previously uploaded Infobundle ...
    **Warning: Request Completion**
    Warning: Request Completion
    **Warning: Request Completion**
    Program Execution End time: [###############]
    End of InfoBundle Upload Program ...... [##################]
    Error : Not able to download the infobundle
    Not able to find infobundle in staging area
    Infobundle not already uploaded
    Hence Failing
    Start of log messages from FND_FILE
    End of log messages from FND_FILE
    Executing request completion options...
    Output file size:
    Finished executing request completion options.
    Concurrent request completed
    Current system time is ####
    Edited by: user599292 on May 7, 2013 4:33 AM
    Edited by: user599292 on May 7, 2013 4:35 AM

  • HP Officejet 4500 Wireless Printing Issues with Online Maps & Financial Institutions

    I have an HP Officejet 4500 Wireless printer that I have wireless connection to my HP G72 Laptop running Windows 7 (64 bit) with Internet Explorer 9.  I am having trouble printing online maps from either Bing Maps or Google Maps.  It seems the print jobs get stuck in the print que and always show an indefinite status of “Printing” in the que but never get printed.
    I’ve tested my other applications including Office 2010 and all other jobs seem to print just fine.  I do use the “Print” button located in each of the online Map sites (Bing, Google).  This is when the jobs get stuck.
    I do also have the HP Bing Bar installed with Smart Print.  The Smart Print feature seems to work with the online maps just fine (seems I’ll just use it instead).
    Another separate printing issue is that I can never get any of my online financial transactions to print from any of my online financial institutions with either the Internet 9 print features or the HP Bing Smart Print feature.  I can never get those to print (have to wait for the PDF statements to be available).
    Any ideas as to why I can print the maps or online financial transaction?  I get no error messages either.

    Please use the following tips/instructions to fix:
    Good luck.
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    Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem.

  • Issue with user mapping and SAP reference system

    Hello Gurus,
    I have this strange system behaviour when preparing my system for single sign-on using user mapping.
    Case 1.
    In the user management property category, I have the following defined.
    Authentication Ticket Type - SAP Logon Ticket
    Logon Method - UIDPW
    User Mapping Fields  -
    User Mapping Type - admin, user
    In the alias editor, I defined the default alias as SAP_PRD
    Result= when I go to identity management to assign the reference system (the default alias - SAP_PRD)...I do not see the system alias there.
    Case 2:
    In the user management property category, I have the following defined
    Authentication Ticket Type - SAP Logon Ticket
    Logon Method - SAPLOGONTICKET
    User Mapping Fields  -
    User Mapping Type - admin, user 
    In the alias editor, I defined the default alias as SAP_DEV
    Result, when I go to the identity management to assign the refernce system (the default alias - SAP_DEV), I see it there.
    What might be my issue? Does it mean I can't assign SAP reference if I am using UIDPW as logon method?
    Please help me.

    Hi Mahesh,
    Thanks for the feedback. I am relatively new to please I won't mind if you can guide me on how to go about this.
    This is what I did...
    I chose System Administration > Permissions
    In the PCD, I located my system with the alias, SAP_PRD
    It opened up the permission assignment area.
    Now I have these permissions set
    Administrator - Full Control
    Administrators - Full control - Full control
    Everyone (built in group) - Full control
    Everyone (Everyone role)- Full control
    super_admin_role - Owner
    For all the above End User box is checked.
    I can't find anyone end user group .
    Once I pick UIDPW, the alias disapperars from the reference system list.
    Please help.

  • Issue with java mapping in a multi-mapping scenario

        We have  a 1:n multiple mapping scenario in XI and the source is R3 proxy and target side is files. So, creating multiple file from a single message from R3 .
    R3 --> XI --> Multiple files
    Structure of the output of the multi-mapping is
    - <ns0:Messages xmlns:ns0="">
    - <ns0:Message1>
    wherein each Transaction node represents a file.
    Now, we need to introduce a constant /string like
    <!DOCTYPE Transaction PUBLIC \"-//XXXXXX//DTD BatchReceiptAuthorization//EN\" \"\">
    on each of the files at the very beginning - i.e within each transaction node , in the above structure, we need the above DTD string to be written.  To do this, we added a java mapping as the second mapping after the message mapping that creates this string. Is this the right approach and would it produce what we are expecting ?
    import java.util.Map;
    public class ModifyRootAndDelay implements StreamTransformation {
         AbstractTrace myTrace;
    public void execute(InputStream input, OutputStream output) throws StreamTransformationException {
                   BufferedReader reader = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(input));
                   String NameSpacePrefix = "<!DOCTYPE Transaction PUBLIC \"-//innotrac//DTD BatchReceiptAuthorization//EN\" \"\">";
                   String sLine = null;
                   StringBuffer XmlMsg= new StringBuffer();
                   String Result,PayloadBody;
                   int indexOfFirst;
                   while ((sLine = reader.readLine()) != null) {
                   String StartingTag = XmlMsg.toString();
                   indexOfFirst = StartingTag.indexOf("<MerchantID>") ;
                   PayloadBody=new String(XmlMsg.substring(indexOfFirst));
              /*     Thread.sleep(200000); */
              }catch(Exception e){
                   myTrace.addWarning("Exception raised in the""\n The Exception Message: " e.getMessage());
                   throw new RuntimeException(e.getMessage()) ;
            }     public void setParameter(Map param) {
              myTrace = (AbstractTrace) param

    Hi XI Gurus
                       In my scenario, I sent the inputstream that is being passed to the Java execute method - to trace and I see that the whole of the xml file - as shown below  - which is the output of message mapping ( from the first mapping step ) in sent to the execute method of the java mapping a single call
    <ns0:Messages xmlns:ns0="">
    <Transaction> </Transaction>
    <Transaction> </Transaction>
    So, I modified Java mapping program to look for multiple occurences of <Transaction> tag and prefix them with my constant DTD Literal - which is the primary reason , why I had to use Java mappings after the message mapping.
    Now, I get an error is XI- SXMB_MONI
    - <SAP:Error xmlns:SAP="" xmlns:SOAP="" SOAP:mustUnderstand="">
      <SAP:Code area="MAPPING" />
      <SAP:P1>unexpected symbol; expected '<', '</', entity refe</SAP:P1>
      <SAP:P2>rence, character data, CDATA section, processing i</SAP:P2>
      <SAP:AdditionalText />
      <SAP:ApplicationFaultMessage namespace="" />
      <SAP:Stack>The exception occurred (program: CL_XMS_MAIN===================CP, include CL_XMS_MAIN===================CM00A, line: 609)</SAP:Stack>
    Should I create multiple outputs - as many as the numberof target split files ( of type outputstream ) from the execute method in the java program ?

  • Issue with Transporting Mapping

    There is a strange issue that we are facing while importing a mapping from one PI server to another.
    Source PI server : PI 7.1
    Target PI server : PI 7.1 EHP1
    For the first time the softwarecomponent was import successfully. However eventually there were certain changes in the mapping and the mapping was transported to the target system.
    While doing so we encountered an issue stating :-
    The source structure, target structure, or a function library has been changed or could not be
    found in the Enterprise Services Repository. The mapping definition contains elements or attributes
    that does not exist in the changed structure, or function that were changed in a function library.
    The relevant entries will be deleted
    calculate122222222222222 function not found
           Signature of field  'a'  has changed
           Signature of field  'b'  has changed
           Signature of field  'c'  has changed
    Howerever there is no such udf in the original software component. Also there is no Udf with name calculate.
    There is no common udf for all the 3 target fields as well.
    There is only an RFC lookup that is common among the 3 fields, but without any field 'calculate'
    Kindly advice in case anyone has encountered such an issue.
                Milan Thaker

    > calculate122222222222222 function not found
    This is a default name, when the function is not found. You don't find the real function name in the error message.
    If you use a standard function and this is no longer available after import -> OSS ticket.
    If it is a global UDF, import it before the mapping.

  • Import Server issues with SP4 maps

    While using the Import Server, I have a newly created map using Import Mgr 5.5 SP4. (I used a schema created by XI v.7 SP9). When it runs, it throw and exception with the following error message:
    <b>"Encountered a pre-SP4 map. The map needs to be upgraded to SP4.
    Solution: Please, Launch the Import Manager GUI using the same source file and simply save the map"</b>
    It appears to not like new entries on the Partners table and balks at auto-mapping values for the compound field for the qualified lookup table at the Customer main level. The input record is outlined below. I have set the CONFIGURATIONS to "Replace/Replace/None" and "Automap values in batch" and in the map they are set to "Create/Update (ALL MAPPED)/Update (ALL MAPPED)".
    Thanks in advance. Don
      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
    - <ns1:CustomerCreateResponseTest xmlns:ns1="urn:bp:xi:up:re:cust_mdm:cmdm:pr5:100">
    - <CUSTOMER>
      - <item>
       - <RETURN>
       - <PT_CONTPART_RETURN>                    qualified lookup table
        - <item>
            <MDM_CONTACT>0000000002</MDM_CONTACT>           non-qualifier
            <CONTACT>0002111119</CONTACT>                qualifier
       - <PARTNERS>                              qualified lookup table
        - <item>
           <CUSTOMERNO>0099999989</CUSTOMERNO>           non-qualifer
           <PARTNER_FUNCTION>RE</PARTNER_FUNCTION>          non-qualifer 
           <PARTNER_NUMBER>0090098989</PARTNER_NUMBER>      non-qualifer
           <DEFAULT_PARTNER>X</DEFAULT_PARTNER>           qualifier

    For all watching this thread:
    We were running MDM 5.5 SP4. We applied Patch 2 (not patch 3) to our 32-bit system and we no longer get this error. We now get an error that the "Source File does not conform to the XML Schema", an entirely new issue. I will open a new question regarding that.
    Thank you. Don

  • Issue with iphone configuration utility: eap-tls certificate selection

    I am a new Apple user so if there's anything obvious, please bear with me. I also tried to search in the forum but didn't find any solution.
    here's my issue:
    I use iphone configuration utility v2.1 for windows. I added 2 certificates(one user cert and one CA cert) under 'credentials'. then i configured one wifi network (eap-tls using the certificate i justed added). then i synced with my phone. everything worked fine so far. however, when I tried to connect to wifi, i got error and found out that iphone was using a certificate issued by IPCU CA instead of the certificate i uploaded.
    this behavior could be corrected by manually change the certificate from wireless setting. however, this has to be done every time I try to connect to wireless network which is quite frustrated. a workaround is to email me the certificate and install it from iphone. but i can't install the CA certificate via this way.
    i am wondering if anyone has similar issue and how to fix this.

    the configuration utility doesn't allow you to select the iPCU cert which is kind of a self signed by the software. you could only select the cert that you imported.
    upgraded to ipcu ver 2.2 today and it seems to fix the problem. will monitor it for several days and report back.

  • OIM 11g - Issue with Bulk Load Utility for Account Data

    We are trying to load the account data for users in OIM 11g using bulk load utility.
    We are trying to load the account data for resource "iPlanet". For testing purpose, we made one account entry in csv file and run the bulk load utility. After the bulk load process completes, we have noticed that resource is provisioned to the user multiple times and multiple entries have been created in process form table.
    We have tried to run the utility multiple times with a different user record each time.
    The out put of the below sql query:
    is coming as follows:
    Number of Records Loaded: 126
    Number of Records Loaded: 252
    Number of Records Loaded: 504
    Number of Records Loaded: 1008
    Number of Records Loaded: 2016
    Number of Records Loaded: 4032
    We have noticed that each time the number of records loaded is increased to double from the records loaded in last run even when the csv file contains only one record.
    Provided below are the parent and child csv file entries.
    Parent file:
    KPETER,Peter,Kevin,Peter Kevin,
    Child file 1:
    Child file 2:
    Can you please throw some insight on what could be the potential cause for this issue and how it could be resolved?
    Edited by: user10955790 on Jun 25, 2012 6:45 AM

    Hi Deepa,
    I know from 'User load' perspective that is required to restart Oracle Identity Manager when we need to reload data that was not loaded during the first run.
    So, my suggestion is restart it before reload.
    I hope this helps,
    Thiago Leoncio.

  • Help Installing Leopard and issues with partition maps.

    Hi, i've been trying to install leopard on my MacPro G5 to no avail, as my super-drive had failed, i've tried pulling out the HDD and mounting it via an external enclosure and connecting the mounted HDD to my Intel based mac and installing Leopard from a disc running from my Intel based mac to the mounted HDD from my MacPro.
    The problem i've encountered is with the partition maps, OSX installer does not allow me to install Leopard onto the external HDD with Apple Partition Map and insists i re-partition it as GUID which i can't do so as it'll mean i wouldn't be able to boot it from my MacPro G5, thus i'm wondering if anyone have an idea on how to get Leopard installed in such circumstances.

    Welcome to Discussions!
    First, let's get the terms straight.
    There is a Mac Pro, which is an Intel processor, using EFI and utilizing the GUID partition map.
    There is a G5, which is a PPC processor, using Open Firmware and the APM scheme.
    There is no Mac Pro G5
    A Mac Pro can use an APM mapped drive to boot from, but cannot install an OS to it.
    In order to install an OS to a drive while installed in or connected to a Mac Pro, the drive must be formatted using the GUID scheme.
    A G5 must use an APM formatted drive to boot.
    To install Leopard on a G5, one must use a retail version of Leopard (not a gray disc that shipped with an Intel Mac), boot to the install disc, format the drive and install.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Display flashes white when I hit 0 on numeric keypad...why?

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  • Migrating theme from Apex 3.1 to html db 2.0

    Hi, I wanted to know is it possible to migrate a apex 3.1 theme to html db 2.0? i have an export file of theme in apex 3.1 which i wanted to import it in html db but its giving an error of not compatiblity. Please help.....

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