Issue with imported video in after effects!

Let me start by saying I am putting together a video editing portfolio.
I have the final video edit complete and have brought it into after effects, after exporting it as a current settings out of Final Cut Pro 7. I then, accomponied it with motion graphics that include my contact info all within after effects.
The problem starts here in AE: when I press play on the timeline the entire video moves very sluggish.. Then I exported out of after effects and the final export is still sluggish with the audio cutting in and out (viewing in quicktime player) !.. Is the video supposed to be imported into after effects by a certain format and if so what? or is it supposed to be exported out of after effects by a certain format or way, and if so what? Basically I'm at the end of this process and just need to export the final video with the motion graphics out correctly so that it plays smoothly without complications.
I've looked all over and can't seem to find a steady answer to this problem. Thanks in advance, much appreciated!

When previewing, make sure that you're using RAM preview to get real-time playback: nd_audio
See this regarding the issue with your output file stuttering:
Most important, start here to learn the basics:

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  • Importing video into After effects, premiere pro and media encoder result in freezing

    I have been trying to import a 17 minute long mp4 video shot with a go-pro into after effects and premiere pro with the result of the program locking up each time. My next thought was try to import it into media encoder and change the file format but it is causing media encoder to lock up as well. Any thoughts would be sincerely appreciated

    Sounds like something might be fishy with the video file.  You might try converting with different software, which can often be more forgiving than Adobe tools.
    XviD4PSP 5.10.346 / 7.0.124 Beta
    XMedia Recode

  • Still Having issues with importing videos into imovie..

    OK, having heard that Apple took care of all the issues in Imove 08, I shelled out the money and I am still having the same **** problems. I now have a canon Vixia avc video camera. If i pull the card out after taking vids, imovie will import them. Now, the problem. For a year, I would just copy the stream folder containing the mts files. Imovie will not import them. I have even tried making the folder structure and then making a .dmg and mounting it. I also tried putting the .mts files onto a card that had the structure. Still no luck. I also used Toast Titanium 10 to convert the files to .movs and .mp4. It still will not import. How in the **** is this software supposed to be this user friendly if you cant even get the videos into it to work on them. hopefully someone has some answers.
    Thanks in advance

    I had certain formats not working for me either. I may not be getting the jist of your importing problems but as long as you can get the files onto your computer, I would use the free software "Mpeg Streamclip" to convert everything. Once I used that I had instant success. Also make sure Perian (the free plugin you can get on apple's site) installed.
    Good luck!

  • Issues with Imported Video

    I have tested video that i have encoded in m4v and all of them that worked fine in 6 now have stuttering and are choppy. Audio plays fine, but the video is sluggish and unwatchable.
    When the video is copied to the desktop OUT of itunes, it plays fine in QT. Purchased movies/shows from iTs work fine, but for some reason, playing these converted videos in iTunes 7 is an issue.

    I was on another forum and a contributor said that he had choppy video with the same situation. He said that he narrowed it down to a 3vix quicktime codec in his quicktime library. I also had the 3vix component. When I removed it, all my problems went away. It's worth checking.

  • Problems with importing video to imovie

    I have a Sony Camorder and i'm having issues with importing video files to my Macbook. The message I'm receive is:
    Error occured during import
    There was a problem importing 1 of 1 clips from your camera. Please review the imported movies carefully.

    While we all have MacBooks in this forum not all of us use iMovie. There's an iMovie Support Community where everybody uses iMovie. You should also post this question there to increase your chances of getting an answer.

  • Problems importing iPhone 4 video into After Effects CS5 - Audio sync out

    Hi there,
    I am currently experiencing problems trying to import iPhone 4 video into After Effects CS5.
    Firstly i'd like to note that the video plays perfectly fine on the iPhone, VLC and in Quicktime Player. The audio and video is in sync.
    When I add the footage to After Effects the video becomes slightly out of sync with the audio. I have noticed this in RAM preview and also in renders I did just to test.
    I also want to note that, both my iPhone and After Effects have latest software updates.
    Thanks for your help

    Thanks Rick and Mylenium
    Thanks that worked!
    I thought that changing the frame rate in the composition settings would have worked.
    Instead what I should have done is to go the the footage in the Project Panel then right-click on the footage > Interpret Footage > Main... then Conform to frame rate: Frame rate: 23.986607 (or whatever more accurate frame rate your footage actually is)
    I used the more accurate frame rate reading from VLC which went to 5 decimal places. I got that info from the top menu in Tools > Codec Information
    Its a shame AE doesn't  pick up on the more accurate fps. It seems that all the videos from my iPhone 4 have slightly different frame rates and I guess I will have to interpret each clip properly.
    I hear that the frame rate on the iPhone 4 is different depending on the lighting? I wonder why that would be the case?
    Hope this helps anybody else that might face this problem.

  • I always get an ERROR when I import avi videos in After Effects !!

    Hi There
    As I said in the title ,,
    I always get an error when I import an (avi) video into After Effects CS5.5 ,,
    and I don't Know why ,
    in other hand I can open the same video I imported it in many media programs like : Windows Media Player-Quike Time-Windows Media Center- Real Player ,, except After Effect !
    Although the same Program I used before Formatting the computer ,, but after Formatting the Projects file for Adobe After Effect didn't Open as well !!
    The Picture I attached shows the Error ,,
    the question marks in the pictures are for the Arabic name of the avi video ,,and this version of Adobe After Effect CS5.5 is trail ,,
    I hope to find a solution for my problem ,,
    and I'll Be Thankful

    It worked , both what you said worked ,,
    First I placed them on the desktop ,
    Second I changed the names of the videos ,,
    and both of them worked ,,
    thanks a lot for your help ,
    Mr. TimeRemapper & Mr. Mylenium
    have a good day

  • A strange issue with importing avi video

    I have a rather strange issue with importing avi files (which playback normally in other programs) into CS4. When I import an avi recorded from my camera into CS 4 in the preview the sound is played back normally, but the video itself is weird. Pretty much roughly first 5% of it are stretched over the whole spand and slowed down to fit. So the video of 4 minutes will play sound normally for 4 minutes, but replay only 10 seconds of video VERY slowly. I'm a bit puzzled because I've used the same camera with CS3 and never encountered this problem. breaking apart and speeding up the video obviously didn't work because the video only displays the first 5 recorded seconds no matter the speed, tweaking with presets didn't work either.

    subtlemolotov wrote:
    I obviously know it's a photo camera, I own it.
    The point is it's something we needed to know to answer your question.
    subtlemolotov wrote:
    Well I've found a very unprofessional solution.
    "An unprofessional solution?" Kind of like shooting video with an still camera.....

  • Hi, i am having an issue with a basic motion scroll effect.  I already watched and read every tutorial out there regarding this topic and even tried the adobe chat support, but the guy on the other end of the line disconnected me-, probably he didn't unde

    Hi, i am having an issue with a basic motion scroll effect.
    I already watched and read every tutorial out there regarding this topic and even tried the adobe chat support, but the guy on the other end of the line disconnected me…, probably he didn't understand what i wanted from him because english is not my native language, so a will try to be very, very clear about this one..
    please note, that i am new to muse, this is my first project ever.
    my idea is as following:
    when the customer comes to our companies site, he just sees our logo on a white Background. the logo consists of, say, four elements. when the customer scrolls down, the logo starts to disassamble: first the first part of the logo flies out the left side of the site, then the second part of the logo vanishes down, then the third part of the logo flies to the right, then the fourth part of the logo flies to the top and out of the customers view. given what i have seen, it is possible to do that….
    now i have the four parts of my logo imported as png files into muse and assembled them in design view to build our companies logo. I select every one of the four parts and go into the scroll effects tab left beside the layers tab. first i enter the same values for every one of the four parts: initial motion: 0x and 0x again for the left and right motion; key position ( t-handle) : 0px; final motion: 0x and 0x again for the left and right value.
    now i hit "preview".: the logo is "pinned" at the correct position, i can scroll but the logo stays where it is. so far so good….
    now i select all the four elements again and go to the scroll effecs tab. at "final motion", i click the down arrows and enter 1x. I hit Preview…
    when i am scrolling down the WHOLE logo goes down…. so far so good.
    NOW i want the first part of the logo to go down, THEN the second part to go left, THEN the third part to go up, THEN the fourth part to go right.
    so i select ONLY the first part, go to the scroll motion tab, at "final motion" i click the left arrows, then i enter 1x.( the up-down value, i set to 0 again).. i hit Preview…
    the first part of the logo goes left as soon as i start scrolling, the other three parts still go down at the same time…
    NOW i want the second part of the logo to start moving, when the first part has left the scene, not at the same time as the first part.
    short: when i move the t handle, the initial position of the object changes. thats what i said to the adobe employee, but he said, that thats the expected behavior….
    but if thats so, how can i have my four parts correctly together, so they form my logo, but with different t handles, so that they all start to move at different times??
    Pleeease help me, i am dying of frustration here…..:( that behavior cant be right, right?
    Thanks so much to everyone who actually reads this post and tries to help…….
    All the best,
    Niki Lapan

    Thank you so much for helping,
    But i really wonder how you did that. did you always switch between design view and preview view, then change the key position for 2px then switch back, to align the four letters? because i imagine that can get really frustrating, if you have a logo consisting of 58 parts instead of 4!:)
    Anyway thank you very much for your time and effort!!!!

  • Import 50fps in After Effects cs6

    Hi all! I have some AVCHD files shooted at 50fps and I want to use it to do somw slow-mo effects. The problem is when I import this footages in AE in the interpret footage settings AE read the files as normal 25fps I cheked in Windows and I think the problem might be there cuz Windows in the info panel of the files say: 25fps. I'm sure the files are 50fps cuz I shooted by myselfe...where can be the problem? ty
    UPDATE: The problem seems only with interlaced record progressive modes windows recognize the 50fps...but why with interlaced no?

    Our Panasonic AF101 states that it can record at 50fps (which it can), but the problem is, that it cannot output at 50fps. It encapsulates 50 discreet frames imbedded as a field in a 1080/50i data stream.
    Try this suggestion:
    1) Shoot at 1080/25P
    2) Use Variable Frame Rate of 50FPS
    3) Capture directly to Samurai device
    4) Import file into after effects and interpret as 25FPS seperate fileds - Upper field first
    5) Create new composition from footage - then double the frame rate of the composition (leave footage as interpreted above)
    6) Render this comp out to a TIFF sequence
    7) Import TIFF sequence into new composition with a Frame Rate of 25FPS - this now plays back at half speed, smoothly as the above process give me 50 discreet frames.
    and see if you get the 50 discreet frames. dont worry about the first few steps, that is just the devices I use, try taking it from step 4.
    Hope it helps,
    I also see Dave's answer, and he is also right. The 50i would play back as 25 interlaced fields. What is the issue with the files that are you trying to slow down? what is not working properly?

  • Bridge not importing files into After Effects

    From AE I go to File > Browse in Bridge...
    Bridge opens up and I find the file I want.  If I double click the file, an AI for instance, it opens the file within Illustrator.  I could find, double click it, and it opens in Photoshop.
    I feel as though I'm missing how to import files into After Effects by using bridge.
    I'm running CC 2014 on a Win 7 machine.

    Probably an issue with whatever created the files in the first place. WMV doesn't have Alpha, but can have multiple streams... anyway, AE is crap at dealing with such stuff, so convert it using an external tool like Handbrake or whatever...

  • Issues with importing from excel

    I have been running into a several issues with importing from Excel.
    First my configuration
    I am running SQL Developer ver 1.5.5 Build MAIN-5969
    I am on a Windows XP Professional Version 2002 with Service Pack 3
    I am importing into an Oracle 10g database.
    1. SQL Developer doesn't work on Excel 2007, I have to save all my files into Excel 97-2003 format before I can use them.
    2. If I run into an error loading and stop the process, SQL Developer doesn't release the Excel file and I get a sharing violation if I try to save the spreadsheet without closing SQL Developer.
    3. I have found that I have to set print area to the area I want to work with, otherwise the import wizard tries to keep adding rows.
    4. When using the Import wizard, it keeps adding commas on fields with numerics unless I specify the column in excel as text. Currently the column is formatted as General in the spreadsheet or I can change the wizard format to say the column is an integer, but it actually is just a code field with numeric characters so it may have leading zeroes that I need to keep.
    This might be related,
    I have a column in excel defined as text but only contains numerics. It is of length 4, but the wizard sets a precision of 5 with a datatype of VARCHAR2. If I try to change it to 4, I get an error saying the field is not large enough. Yet, when I do a LEN on the column, it only gives me a 4. I have other fields in the same sheet that a 3 position numeric and 2 position numeric and those are fine. I am thinking this is related to the comma being inserted in a numeric field for anything greater than 3 positions.
    5. Importing excel dates to oracle dates doesn't work. I have to convert the excel date column to text then import as a VARCHAR, then convert to Date once in the database.
    6. The default of nullible is not set on any columns and I have to set them before the import. (I would prefer it set to nullible and I have to uncheck the box to make it not nullible. I would prefer to import all of the data and then deal with the nulls after they have been pulled in)
    7. When I select header columns included it uses that as the column names. Is it possible to do the name length check then? It has bit me a few times where I try to import and forget to check the name length and then I get an error when I start running the import.
    8. If one of the columns to import has all nulls, then the precision comes out to 0 and if it isn't changed an error occurs on import. Could this situation default to a precision of 1?
    9. It would be nice if there was a completion message displayed and a cancel option while running.

    On point 3.
    I have a column in excel that consists of numbers. 4 digit numeric codes. Ex, 1111, 2345, etc
    The column's format is general. It displays as just 4 numbers.
    When I start the wizard initially, the column appears with data as 1,111, 2,345, etc, on the Data Preview screen.
    It determines the precision to be 5 on the column definition screen.
    If I change the precision to 4 then continue, that field will error out when I verify with "not big enough to hold the data in source columns"
    If, I change the excel column to a TEXT column.
    Excel still displays as 1111, 2345, etc
    The wizard then displays the same data 1111, 2345 on the Data Previeiw screen
    Yet, when I get to the column definition screen it still sizes it as a 5
    If I change it to a 4, I get the same error when verifying.
    If I leave them alone as 5, then it processes just fine.

  • Solutions for problems with QuickTime files in After Effects CC (12.0)

    We have a new blog post up about solutions for problems with QuickTime files in After Effects CC (12.0) because of conflict with DVCPROHDVideoOut QuickTime components. 
    Please read that post and let us know here on this forum thread if you have any questions or comments. 
    Also, please let us know if the proposed solution works for you.

    Mark - The new document that we published is meant to address a specific issue. You can confirm you have the issue by the following:
    Adobe QT32 Server is not running when you receive these errors. Keep Activity Monitor open to track whether or not it is running.
    The crash log for QT32 Server indicate CoreAudio as the last component called. You can find the crash logs in Users/username/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports. The report will look like this:
    Thread 0 Crashed:: Dispatch queue:
    0   ???                                     0x04981f90 0 + 77078416
    1               0x949d05c1 __Call_block_invoke_03 + 56
    2   libdispatch.dylib                       0x94a90f8f _dispatch_call_block_and_release + 15
    If this is not the issue you're having, please start a new thread and provide the usual data. If your problem does match this issue, please double-check that you've followed the steps in the new document and post back here.

  • How do I export a video from After Effects CC to an iPhone? I'm using a PC.

    How do I export a video from After Effects CC to an iPhone? I'm using a PC.

    Short answer, there is no simple "export to iPhone", but if you just want to have a movie that you can watch on you iPhone, just send yourself an attachment via email (other than .avi) and save it to your phone.
    You can also use dropbox as an option.
    With an app, you could mount your iPhone as an external drive. (check out iExplorer)
    Also: check AME for h264 variations before you send it to yourself.  There are presets for iPhone compression.

  • Issue with list saving data after sites upgrade from sharepoint 2010 to sharepoint 2013

    Issue with list saving data after sites upgrade from sharepoint 2010 to sharepoint 2013 
    Newform.aspx of list:-
    Custom List is not saving data sometimes in the new form after 15 minutes and only blank entry record got created without saving data, even though some columns are mandatory fields?

    Hello dcakumar,
    Sounds like a strang issue. If you can reproduce this can you see some errors in the ULS logs?
    - Dennis | Netherlands | Blog |

Maybe you are looking for

  • Crawl Log Error: "The filename or extension is too long."

    Hello All, I get this error for some files on my SharePoint 2010 error log. The fix suggested here does not work as its for earlier versions of sharepoint 2010. I have verified the files in question have a title lenght of 120 characters and Name(Link

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    I have Windows XP. I updated to Adobe Reader 9.0 and now cannot print any pdf files. I uninstalled and then reinstalled 8.13 version. Still doesn't print. I never had a problem until I instated the 9.0. I keep getting the following message: Before yo

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    Hi,   can somebody explain what leaf nodes in flex cluster are?from documentation I see that they are nodes which dont have access to storage and they communicate with hub nodes.   Can they have oracle db instances?If so how is data transfered betwee

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