Issues with Bluetooth Firmware Update 2.0?

I just installed the Bluetooth Firmware Update 2.0 as suggested by Software Update, Mac mini early 2009. On restart and login, the Bluetooth Firmware Update started immediately, and I have a beach ball / pinwheel cursor. No other program activity. Only menu bar items are Apple menu, Bluetooth Firmware Update, File, Edit, Window, and Spotlight.
Machine has been in this state for about 10 minutes (I wrote this on my /other/ Mac).
The Bluetooth keyboard (Apple wireless) /was/ used to login.
Anyone else having issues?

did install .... did restart .... now screen is gray for almost 1 hour .... really upsetting my small window for patience with the great apple gang ... have to race around to find computer to search for why and find nothing so i'll do force restart and see if that helps ....
the bluetooth update said it could take some time and to have power plugged in but they could have told how long and built in an exit ramp in case of this kinda "you're outta bizniz fellow" mess
any help out there ? thanks

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    I have been having issues installing Bluetooth Firmware Update 2.0.1 on both of my Macbook Pro and my Imac. The update downloads but will not install. It comes up with an error code each time. I have not been able to install this on either Macs. HELP!

    both units do list they they require the bluetooth update. I have downloaded it from Software update and from a direct link from Apple. I have experienced since trying to install the update that it will not full install and that it causes problems with bluetooth either being not available or working from time to time. I have not found a way to get it to work properly or going back to the previous version


    Hi! I'm having what I feel is a small issue with the SuperDrive Firmware Update 3.0 that Apple released on August 31st, 2009. Software Update suggested I apply this update, as my SuperDrive's firmware (HL-DT-ST DVDRW GA11N) was KA15 and needed to be updated to KA16. Apple said on their website that this upgrade would "eliminate the noise made by the optical disk drive during system startup and wake from sleep" (as seen on I installed it and restarted my iMac.
    However, the SuperDrive's noise was not gone; it's still as loud as it was before. When I turn the iMac on, the things that I hear are, first the fans (or whatever that sound is), then the SuperDrive noise and finally, the iMac's startup sound.
    Did I do something wrong? Am I missing something? Is this normal? I followed every instruction the Firmware Update installer gave me, but the noise isn't gone...
    I tried to re-install it but then it would tell me that my computer wasn't eligible for the upgrade because the firmware was already up-to-date... Oh, and by the way, the SuperDrive does not make any noise when waking up from sleep mode, so it only has to do with the startup process.
    I'd really appreciate some info on this issue...

    you are not alone, same behaviour for me: drive is not making noise when waking from sleep, but does when starting up.
    I tried resetting PRAM in case it helps, but no luck.
    Not that it annoys me, I can live with this, but the update clearly doesn't do what it says.

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    both units do list they they require the bluetooth update. I have downloaded it from Software update and from a direct link from Apple. I have experienced since trying to install the update that it will not full install and that it causes problems with bluetooth either being not available or working from time to time. I have not found a way to get it to work properly or going back to the previous version

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    I am trying to install Bluetooth Firmware Update 2.0 on my 15" MBP with OS X Leopard 10.5.7 but it has stopped with no progress at all. Is this a known issue? What should I do to fix this problem?
    Thanks in advance,


  • Issues with Bluetooth/Wireless Mighty Mouse since Snow Leopard Install

    I am having issues with my bluetooth wireless mighty mouse. It was fine after initially having installed Snow Leopard. However, in the past week it has become progressively more and more unresponsive. It functions perfectly normal for the first while after startup, then after a short period of time it becomes slow to respond to the mouse movements that move the cursor. Eventually it gets to the point that moving the mouse results in no cursor movement whatsoever. It also becomes unresponsive to squeezing the side buttons. There are no issues with clicking or scrolling with the track ball.
    I have searched the discussion forums to find issues that pertain to "bluetooth" and "wireless mighty mouse" and have tried the following suggested remedies... Repairing my Mouse with my Mac mini. Renaming my mouse. Deleting the file from Macintosh HD\Library\Preferences and restarting my Mac. Reset PRAM and NVRAM. Also tried to install Bluetooth Firmware update 2.0.1 but I get an indication that the update is not needed on my Mac mini. I have also checked for software updates but there are none...
    I am going to attempt resetting the SMC but am doubtful that this will help...
    Can anyone help... Please... ?

    I had read in another forum where someone had an understanding that the bluetooth problem had something to do with Airport/Time Capsule. I had also read about how someone was having an issue with being unable to turn off airport. (I had this same problem.)
    Upon deleting a few airport related plist files (see below url) I was able to turn off/on airport AND my Mouse issue has no longer appeared... everything is working a-ok now.

  • 10.4.8 Issues with bluetooth headset

    I have always used a Logitech Bluetooth Headset with the SIP client XMeeting under OS X 10.4.5 without any issues. AfterI updated to 10.4.8, the headset only works when I switched on PRIOR to booting the Mac.
    If I switch it on after booting the Mac, its LED blinks blue with a strange sequence (two short blinks every 2 seconds or so - a headset state that the user's guide does not even mention).
    But even if I switch it on prior to booting the Mac, it will not really connect (i.e. get out of standby mode) when I start XMeeting, instead it will connect with a delay only when I start a call with XMeeting.
    Does anyone else face issues with bluetooth headsets? Or has someone found a fix for that?

    Issue resolved with patches to 10.4.8 and follow-on versions.

  • New Bluetooth Apple Keyboard - Bluetooth Firmware Updater fails

    I want to be able to use bluetooth to wake my MacBook Pro, I am told by the instructions I need to use the Firmware Updater, so I installed that off the CD provided but when I launch Bluetooth Firmware Updater and click update, I get this error:
    Missing Firmware
    This version of the updater is missing the firmware file. Cannot proceed.
    Can anybody help me with this? I'm not sure how to proceed from here.

    I have checked the settings and they are correct but it is still not waking up properly - watching the light on the front it does look like it is trying, as it stops pulsating and goes solid but it doesn't wake up, I don't get anything displaying on the external monitor nor can I use the remote to start playing iTunes.
    I wonder if this is a different problem, not just the keyboard failing to wake it up?
    - Dan

  • Any thoughts on the new Bluetooth Firmware Update?

    First of all, happy 2006 to all.
    I just downloaded and installed a Bluetooth Firmware Update upon running the Software Update utility. Right after I decided to see online what should I expect from it. According to Apple's post, such a download is not for our PB model.
    Anyway, it's probably too soon to tell, but after brief testing I feel that at least the connection's kept at a larger distance. I hope to be right because sometimes the connection seems to be quite weak. I use my Bluetooth Sony Ericsson k700i as a remote control with many losses in the connection.

    I too downloaded this updater via Software Update. Upon restart the Bluetooth Firmware Updater application launched and I proceed to try and install. After sitting there for about 10 minuntes I clicked the Quit button since it was not finding any device. It asked if I was sure I wanted to quit because the firmware was not updated yet. After quitting the updater, my powerbook's (1.5GHz 15" Aluminum) bluetooth is no longer available. The preference pane is gone, the menu bar item says "Bluetooth is unavailable".
    I restarted, deleted all the bluetooth preferences, and still nothing. I now have bluetoothless powerbook.
    If anyone has any additional suggestions, please let me know. I am going to try a few other things in the mean time (inlcuding zapping the PRAM).
    15" Powerbook G4   Mac OS X (10.4.3)   Just about all other models

  • D-Link and Bluetooth Firmware update

    I am running 10.4.6 on a dual 2.7GHz G5. I have no built in Bluetooth so rely on a D-Link DBT-120 (rev4). I have tried three times unsuccessfully to apply the 1.2 BluetoothFWUpdate to allow use of the bluetooth keyboard in single user mode.
    The updater looks for a device, prepares to update, the candy bars in the progress bar twirl, then again it looks for a device to update, prepares to update, the candy bars in the progress bar twirl and then nothing for a very long time. 2 hours last time. When I try to quit, I'm told the device has not been updated.
    Profiler tells me
    Apple Bluetooth Software Version: 1.7.3f4
    Hardware Settings:
    Address: 00-11-95-0e-17-2d
    Manufacturer: Cambridge Silicon Radio
    Firmware Version: 1.525 (1.525)
    Has anybody had the same problem and if so, how did you overcome it?

    Hi, Allan, AZTrailBlazer, and gordon —
    Sorry to hear that you've joined the company of many who've experienced this frustration. But glad to hear that you succeeded, gordon.
    You're correct, Allan: the firmware version reported for your Mac needs updating. For your configuration, expect to see 2.xxxx or 3.xxxx after the updater has run successfully. Your software version reflects the most up-to-date (updated via the OS X 10.4.6 Combo updater).
    Bluetooth Firmware Updater 1.2 [11/23/04] is the correct package. It is compatible with all versions of Mac OS X subsequent to OS X 10.3.6 — for PPC Macs with Bluetooth chips (internal or in an adapter) that preceded the new Bluetooth 2.0+EDR specification. (There's another version available for folks running 10.3.6.) Also, as the brief description notes, "The Bluetooth Firmware Updater is for D-Link USB Adapters (revision B2 or later), and Apple internal Bluetooth modules on PowerBooks, PowerMacs, iMacs, iBooks, and eMacs."
    AZTrailBlazer, I believe that what you're recalling —  "It seems that Apple has removed a page with the 10.4.3 version of the firware updater, but information on this topic for Tiger users is scarce" —— was related to a version of this updater that was made available last Winter via Software Update. Imho, firmware updates of any kind are best applied from their "stand-alone" download version — because their installation may require following special instructions. That's the case here — and the instructions have proven confusing for many people. (Please send feedback if you agree.)
    I have worked with a lot of folks in this forum to help figure out how they can apply this firmware update effectively — so I'll cite a few threads that I hope will help you, too.  Here is a recent example. ( A ) and ( B ) are examples where several participants provided feedback after succeeding. ( C ) is a recent case involving a D-Link DBT-120 adapter in which jump (the individual posting) explained some fine points that s/he thought might be helpful to others.
    If you do a search — e.g., for [ +("D-Link" OR "DBT-120") +firmware +(update OR updater) ] in the Other Bluetooth Devices forum with results restricted to Alexander Traud — you'll find numerous cases where he has explained this for DBT-120 adapter users who want to utilize a Bluetooth headsets and other BLuetooth-enabled devices. Alexander's post here explains a "tricky" way to confirm whether the updater has been successful.
    Warm regards,
    [2,290 ⊥ 3,685]
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  • Are there any known issues with the latest update to iTunes on Windows 7 maxing out the processor and nearly bringing the system to a hault.

    Has anyone experienced an issue with the latest update to iTunes ( for Windows where iTunes pegs out the processor at 97%, 98%, and holds there for maybe 15 minutes before dropping to 50%. During that time, the system is basically useless. You just have to ride it out. I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium.

    Hi OnceBeforeIDie,
    Welcome to Apple Support Communities!
    Take a look at the article below, it has some some tips that will resolve a performance issues like the one you described.
    Apple software on Windows: May see performance issues and blank iTunes Store

  • HT4623 My computer is not taking the new update from itunes. It states that i do not have the requirements to finish the Install and that it was Installed incorrectly. I have never had any issue with any previous update regarding iTunes. What is the issue

    My computer is not taking the new update from itunes. It states that i do not have the requirements to finish the Install and that it was Installed incorrectly. I have never had any issue with any previous update regarding iTunes. What is the issue?

    Hi there Double2D,
    You may find the troubleshooting steps in the article below helpful.
    iTunes 11.1.4 for Windows: Unable to install or open
    -Griff W. 

  • Issues with Ipad software update.

    i'm currently experiencing issues with trying to update the software on my Ipad 2 (brand new). For instance:
    1. when i try to update the software for my Ipad 2, the download doesn't go through, when i'm connected to the internet (which i've checked constantly).
    2. when i try to update any of my applications (when there's an update available), none of the downloads go though, when i'm connected to the internet (which i've checked constantly).
    i have had no problems BEFORE, whenever it came down to updating applications, etc. on my Ipad 2. i've tried updating more than five times and still the same problem. it's getting very frustrating, please fix this!!!
    p.s. - when i tried to update, a box pops up and says:
    when that popped up, i even checked my network settings, etc. and reset everything, and then tried updating. but the problem is still their!!!

    The eaiest solution is to download the update file directly from the links listed here:
    These are links to the Apple servers.
    Pick the file that matches your device and dowload it. Connect the device to iTunes, and Option-Click the Update button (Shift-Click for Windows). This will give you a dialog to navigate to the file you downloaded.
    Hope this helps

  • 10.4.11 Has Apple addressed/fixed issues with the latest update to Tiger?

    Like many of you, I installed the 10.4.11 update last weekend with disastrous results. I eventually had to Archive and Install and my machine seems to be recovered. Has anybody had this problem and gone on to try the update a second time with better results ?? Any words of wisdom?? or had some sort of feedback from Apple to indicate they have or are going to resolve the problems with this update.

    +I just posted this on the thread that seemed geared to those who "had success" (many more than half had issues) with the recent update after pi55ing and moaning due to crashing several times while trying to post there. Subsequently I found this thread and a bit of absoultion. I have eliminated the links, thinking them redundant but they are posted to that thread.+
    "If stupidity got us into this mess, then why can't it get us out?" "
    - Will Rogers (1879-1935)
    A little story, when I first tried to install Jaguar on my then Beige (Yeah, remember them!) G3 MT, it took me a full six months to get that "Darn Cat" in that house! Oh, how I sweated and swore, you talk about "legacy", I waved every "dead chicken" that was suggested to no avail. Ended up that before I bought the unit someone had switched out the CD/ROM for one from one year later, still Apple issue, mind you. I sent to OpAmp and got an original and "The Cat" slid in as quick as grease through a goose. That's how tightly wound Apple was and still is in many ways and is why they stopped the clones. This was one of a slew of many little things you had to get used to in "Mac Land".
    One other small thing you used to do a "clean install", you still can, but under OS 9, after you were satisfied (Conflict Catcher made things ever so easy!) all was peachy, you could simply trash your Previous System Folder and get back some valuable disk space. Well not to long after my success with the install of Jaguar and still not understanding OS X at all, I was still working mainly in OS 9, I did a Clean Install on my OS X, horsed around with settings which was difficult without Conflict Catcher and bravely trashed my Prev Sys Folder. Don't ever, EVER do that. What is a seemingly empty shell but for redundant Apps and meaningless abbreviations, is indeed a necessary if gigabyte eating Albatross you are doomed to carry!
    My point with these two parables is that we are creatures of trust and habit, living on borrowed time. We have been blessed with a computer system that is virtually foolproof given certain caveats, caveats if adhered to even marginally would guarantee success. I my self have gotten into some very bad habits of late and think that this may be the cause of my computers malaise.
    Drop to your knees and be grateful you don't have a PC (shudder!)! Yes Virginia, there is an Insanity Clause! I just installed WinXP on an Intel Mac, and after it was over all I wanted was a stiff drink and a shower!
    +There's always something worse than he77, there's always Vista!+
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  • Performance issues with latest iTunes update

    Hello everyone,
    I'm having somewhat of an issue with the latest update for iTunes (10.5), ever since the update was installed the 'AppleMobileDeviceService.exe' is using all my processing power.
    Now I know my laptop isn't the latest spec, but before this was never an issue. The only way I can still work with it is when I turn off the service via the Task Manager.
    When I launch the iTunes programme it gets even worse, another service called 'APSdeamon.exe' is eating up the processor aswell, albeit they both consume 50% now. As a result I cannot access the iTunes Store or do much else.
    I do have to mention all my music is stored on an external HDD which is connected via USB to my laptop, but this was never any different.
    I've reïnstalled all Apple components twice already, one including a specific deletion of all Apple program folders manually.
    Since I can always turn off the services manually it isn't a big issue, but does anyone have any suggestions or ideas how this could be resolved?

    Hello Mauricio,
    Thank you for the details of the issue you are experiencing with installing the latest iTunes update.  I recommend following the steps below:
    Follow these steps to resolve the issue:
    Check for .dll files
    Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\iTunes and C:\Program Files\iTunes and look for .dll files.
    If you find QTMovie.DLL, or any other .dll files, move them to the desktop.
    Reboot your computer.
    Note: Depending on your operating system, you may only have one of the listed paths.
    Uninstall and reinstall iTunes
    Uninstall iTunes and all of its related components.
    Reboot your computer. If you can't uninstall a piece of Apple software, try using the Microsoft Program Install and Uninstall Utility.
    Re-download and reinstall iTunes 11.1.4.
    When you get to the step to uninstall iTunes, it is important to uninstall iTunes and the related components in the order listed in the link for that step. 
    You can find the full article here:
    iTunes 11.1.4 for Windows: Unable to install or open
    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.
    Sheila M.

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