Itunes Error -3259

Since Itunes 9.0 I can't download the music I bought !
Same problem with the new release !
Everytime same error 3259 !
Nothing has been changed on my computer !
Also Can't see video preview !
Give my money back !

Hi. I also had the same problem until now (with iTunes v9.0.2.25).
Finally I found that application content filtering was switched on in Eset Smart Security so I switched it off.
Also my PC is connected to a router so I set up port forwarding as well.
So I suggest disabling any firewall software for the time updating, and set up port forwarding in case you are using a router.
You'll find details about setting up port forwarding for iTunes following this link: ex.htm

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  • I can't update the iphone4, from an insertion iOS4.3.1 on an insertion iOS 4.3.3 - itunes gives out me an error 3259. What to me to do? How to me to update the iphone?

    I can't update the iphone4, from an insertion iOS4.3.1 on an insertion iOS 4.3.3 - itunes gives out me an error 3259. What to me to do? How to me to update the iphone?

    Temporarily disable your firewall and ALL of your antivirus/antispyware software and try again.

  • I have iPhone 3gs. I was trying to update the software using itunes but it is showing Error "-3259" saying  connection timeout. Please help.

    I have just bought iPhone 3gs in Sept.11. I was trying to update the software using itunes but it is showing Error "-3259" saying  connection timeout. Please help.

    Did you already check your securit software settings? iTunes has to contact Apple during the update process.
    See this article: iTunes for Windows: Troubleshooting security software issues

  • Internet work but itunes report me error -3259

    I access the iTunes Store but I can not download itunes because it shows the error -3259 'timed out network',
    What can I do?

    Lets try and see whether this file APSDaemon.exe is the problem here.
    Close your iTunes.
    Press Ctrl-Alt-Del key and choose Task Manager.  In the "Processes" Tab, select the file APSDaemon.exe and click End Prosses button, then close the task manager window.
    Now open itunes and see if it is working?

  • I Can't restore my ipod, error 3259.

    ITunes can see my ipod and offers me to restore it, but ITunes can't download software (error 3259). Please help!
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    Temporarily disable any antivirus/antispyware software you are using and make sure your firewall is not interfering.

  • Itunes store error 3259

    i purchased a movie to download onto my ipod but i am receiving this error. the last movie i downloaded took a really long time, but this movie received this error after downloading 183.2 MB of 1.29 GB. Please Advise...
    Thank you
    30GB   Windows Vista  

    Try the troubleshooting on this page : iTunes Store reporting error - 3259 - Assistance Apple

  • IOS5, error -3259 in iTunes

    Hi, I have an iPad 1 (software version 4.2.1) and I am trying to upgrade to iOS5. My itunes (version 10.5) is installed on a Windows Vista laptop. When I download iOS5 via iTunes, the full 700MB are downloaded but then, after the sign "processing file" appears on my screen, I get "error -3259 connection time out, please check your network settings". I have downloaded this software three times now (first wirelessly, then via cables) and I just don't know what it is that I doing wrong. Can anyone help please? Thanks, Michel.

    Thanks King_Penguin for the download-via-the-browser suggestion. I downloaded via the internet link the file iPad1, to a folder; opened iTunes 10.5 and, with the Shift key pressed, I clicked on Restore and iTunes then allowed me to choose the location of the file.
    The problem is that iTunes will only let me select an ipsw file, which sounds logic, except that I unzipped the file and did not come across any (sub)file with an ispw extension. Am I missing something very obvious here?

  • Error-3259 when sharing music on itunes 6.0.4.

    I've searched everywhere to find a solution for this error with no answers. I've almost given up using itunes. I've purchased the powerbok G4 months ago and downloaded itunes 6.0.4 version. I don't know if this version is incompatible with the older versions, but I receive an error -3259 everytime I try to share music. They claim that it is for an unknown reason and asks me to check if my computer has been set to allow communication on port 3689. I've looked into it and and everything seems fine. I am still new with Mac and have been asking around, yet no one seems to know why. I've checked the firewall and made sure it was set correctly, checked my airport, and made the correct changes on itunes preferences-no luck.
    Any comments would be great!! Thanx
    powerbook G4    
    powerbook G4    
    powerbook G4    

    Hey, CardsFan
    Welcome to Apple Support Communities.
    That is a very common problem,
    - Just uninstall the whole software.
    - Use a registry cleaner software and clean the reg
    - Restart the pc
    - Download fresh copu of itunes from the Apple site
    - Install
    And them you are done.   
    I really hope this helps you. Let me know if it does. If not feel free to give me a shout. Best of luck.

  • TS1702 When Downloading Podcasts From Itunes, Some Show Error-3259. I tried all kinds of ideas and none worked? Anyone have anymore?

    I tried all kinds of ideas. Turning off the firewall and antivirus didn't work.  I tried installing itunes with the firewall off. That didn't work. I have three conputers that are affected. Anyone else have any ideas?

    Hi scooterboy55!
    I have an article here that addresses that issue. While it mentions updating iTunes and checking your firewall settings as you have already done, it also mentions checking your proxy information. The article can be found here:
    iTunes Store reporting error - 3259
    You may also want to follow the links in that article to double check your firewall settings as well. If you have tried uninstalling iTunes already, then you may want to make sure you have followed the uninstall order of related iTunes components, which can be found in the following article:
    Removing and reinstalling iTunes, QuickTime, and other software components for Windows Vista or Windows 7
    Thanks for being a part of the Apple Support Communities!

  • ITunes error 3259 when trying to use home share

    I have windows 7 and have norton antivirus installed. I have tried turing off the antivirus still that did not help. I can access the the store and everything else works except when I try to set up the home sharing I keep getting error 3259.

    hello my name is jaydin curl i do apple care but when you lanch itunes please tell me the steps ? that you do to go to iTunes
    and lets try this
    in itunes go to help > check for updates >
    then let me know if you have installed the update

  • IOS update error through iTunes. error-3259

    while updating ios via iTunes after some time i get the error - 3259 and couldn't download update message receives. Please help me in this.

    I have an iPhone 6, my MacBook's software is current and updated, and when I tried to run the 8.3 software update on my iPhone it prompted me with a black screen, iTunes logo, and the power cord. I plugged my device into the laptop's USB and have it connected to a power source and is on my wifi. The iTunes "update" says it will take 27 hours and is continually stopping every 20 minutes or so giving me error code 1671. I click through all the prompts and it picks up where it left off. I too can not use my phone and am hoping there is a quicker way to update. Anyone else having this issue?

  • Itunes Error 3259 for ipad update

    My ipad 2 wants to upgrade the software but after downloading the full 607mb file it them says timed out with the error 3259. I will had to wait till next month now to download as have reached limit. Any suggestions would be gratefully accepted.  Thanks

    Try here:
    iTunes Store reporting error - 3259
    Disabling the computer's security software during the download/update susually solve the problem.

  • I am getting error 3259 when I try download iOS 5 on iTunes?  I have used 3 different computers as well.

    In the past 4 days I have tried downloading iOS 5 and keep getting this error.  I have even tried it on 3 different computers.  I have the latest iTunes and it starts downloading, when it comes to about 200mb it bombs out and gives me the error.  What a waste of 200mb of cap!!!!
    Please help!!!

    I would have googled "itunes error 3259" before I wasted all that time and bandwidth.  And would then have most likely followed this link:
    Turn off your firewall and antivirus.

  • Itunes error 3259 AND lots of "other" files

    first things first, I have read this article: Apple software on Windows: May see performance issues and blank iTunes Store - Apple Support I am NOT running windows or any of the other programs listed. this article did not help my problem. so please don't tell me to read it....
    okay, so the problem: I'm trying to restore my iphone 5c because I have a lot of "other" on my iphone's storage... and it also needs the software update.
    I get the error 3259. r
    estarted both iphone and macbook air. (ejected iphone from macbook air as well.)
    disconnected and re connected the wifi on both devices.
    could this be related to my massive amount of "other" files in my macbook air??? question asked about it on here: mysteriousdisk space, gibberish files?
    should I just wipe my whole computer and iphone or what? this is a nightmare.

    All of your messages, whether they be text, image, audio, video, are all part of "Other." My daughter had 6 GB of them.

  • Error -3259, and my ipod wont let me download apps or songs some one help

    when i try to download an app or song it says cannot connect to the sotre a secure connection could not be established. PLease check your date & time settings. when i try to restore settings on itunes once it barley reachs the end of the down load it says error -3259. I need

    Try here. make sure both the time and time zone are correct.
    iTunes Store reporting error - 3259

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