Itunes file wont save on my laptop

help me!!

You should check if your Operating System is 64-bit. If not you should try installing 32-bit version of iTunes.
Right-Click on your "Computer" icon.
Select "Properties"
Under "System" preferences you can see "System Type".

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  • Itunes64.exe (itunes 10.3) - file wont run on my laptop!

    i have just got my new i7 laptop and saved itunes to my downloads and when i run as administrator it does nothing? please help!

    You should check if your Operating System is 64-bit. If not you should try installing 32-bit version of iTunes.
    Right-Click on your "Computer" icon.
    Select "Properties"
    Under "System" preferences you can see "System Type".

  • Muse file wont save without crashing muse

    Files created within 2014.2 will now not save when opened in 2014.3..which is pretty frustrating. Muse files all on local hard-drive etc. Have had several variations of this error but the pic enclosed seems to be the most common. So as things stand Muse is unworkable.Any ideas??

    Please send us the .muse file at [email protected] along with a link to this thread. If the file is larger than 20Mb you can use a service like Adobe SendNow, Dropbox, WeTransfer, etc. (If you use a service, please include your return e-mail address in the body of the message, since not all services include it in the sharing invite they send.)
    A Save As using 2014.2 would report a similar error. (For 2014.2 and earlier, Save As includes running a diagnostic check of the file. A simple Save did not run this check, because the check was very slow. 2014.3 and later include a file format change that enables a similar check to be run in a fraction of the time and now it's run before both Save As and Save.) Sorry for the inconvenience, but the file requires investigation and repair.
    FWIW, we found and fixed a couple bugs that could result in this type of damage within a file as part of the efforts for 2014.3. However, given the error could linger within a file for some time and be altered by subsequent user actions we do not have a 100% safe way to automate the repair, thus we're available to manually repair any such files. We've also made a significantly file format change for 2014.3 that enables Muse to detect the type of problem that would result in these errors and prevent them from being saved into a file.

  • Itunes file wont open

    so im trying to install itunes to my computer and when i enter my email adress to download it.the file doesnt open .i dont get it plizzz help .!!!!!!!!!

    First, let's get your iTunes open.
    Click on Start, Click on Run
    Type msconfig
    Click on the startup tab (last one on the right)
    Click on "disable all"
    Click apply, then click close
    Go ahead and restart your computer when prompted to do so
    When your computer starts back up, you should be able to open up your iTunes. When it opens, close it again. Now that we know it is able to open, it needs to be closed in order to resolve the file folder with exclamation point error.
    Now, let's get that file folder issue resolved.
    Click start, click all programs, click iPod, click iPod updater, click iPod updater (again)
    Click OK when you see the dialogue that tells you what the application's capabilities are
    Connect your iPod when it tells you to
    Click on the "restore" button when it becomes available
    IF the restore button does not become available, and if the iPod updater fails to recognize the iPod, disconnect it. Reset the iPod by (making sure the hold switch is off) pressing the menu button and the select button at the same time for about 10 seconds, until you get the Apple logo. As soon as you get the Apple logo, hold down the select button and the play/pause button together until you get a check mark on the screen. You may have to try this several times to get it to work... and sometimes it helps to lay the iPod down on a hard flat surface, like a table or your computer desk.
    Once you get the iPod into disk mode, you can go ahead and try to restore it again. (Start > All Programs > iPod > iPod Updater > iPod Udpater) Click OK, Connect your iPod when it asks you to do so, and then click the restore button when it becomes available.
    If you're still having issues, try reading through some of the following articles:
    Keep us posted

  • IPhoto 08, Raw files wont save as Tiff

    I have set my preferences to save Raw files as tiff's after editing, however it will only save as jpeg, anyone have any ideas whats causing the problem

    Start with the basics: try each of these in turn:
    1. Repair Permissions using Disk Utility
    2. Delete the file from the home / library / preferences folder. You'll need to reset your User options afterwards.
    3. Create a new account (systempreferences -> accounts) and see if the problem is repeated there. If it is, then a re-install of the app might be indicated. If it's not, then it's likely the app is okay and the problem is something in the main account.

  • EPS files wont save? Ai files, no problem!

    I am using CS6 and have had this problem for while. The strange thing is it is now happening on TWO computers? Different specs, but my computer is:
    Model Name:          iMac
      Model Identifier:          iMac13,2
      Processor Name:          Intel Core i7
      Processor Speed:          3.4 GHz
      Number of Processors:          1
      Total Number of Cores:          4
      L2 Cache (per Core):          256 KB
      L3 Cache:          8 MB
      Memory:          16 GB
      Boot ROM Version:          IM131.010A.B05
    so it is not a spec issue.
    I have tried saving basic EPS files with NO content at all to the desktop (I am not working to/from server). They work fine. But if I add 3, 4, 5 basic outline rectangle shapes, it struggles to save the EPS. It spins for about 10 seconds and then comes good. If I add objects to the files, it takes longer.
    BUT!!! On very rare occasions it will save basic files quickly. WHY OH WHY WOULD IT DO THAT!!!
    I have: updated all software and IOS is upto date. I have had a clean install of the OS, and recently unistalled one version of Illustrator CS6 and installed another version (original version was 16.7 the new version is 16).
    I have searched forums and come up blanks. The other CS6 apps are fine. Speedy and top draw. No problems.
    Can anyone help? I am really struggling with this and it is affecting my work load.
    Please note, I have taken the other computer back to the Apple dealer, they have checked it and said there is no problem? Run all the software ETC... and nothing is showing up as a culprit. I keep thinking it is software rather than computer because EVERYTHING else is perfect.

    Do you face the same problem, when you print those file to "Adobe Postscript File" printer?
    Please try deleting all the printers in your system, try save EPS, install back all the printers and try once again saving EPS.


    Uh... Ya, my itunes library won't save for some reason. I keep getting an error pop-up.

    I am having the same trouble? I keep getting a -1450 error and this error is also preventing me from updating my iPod shuffle. Any ideas what could be causing this error or not being able to save the library? Thanks.

  • My itunes playlist wont save

    I turned on my PC the other night and found to my horror that my itunes playlists had disappeared. So i then spent a few hours re adding playlists etc, i have millions of songs etc. To cut a long story short after doing this and turning itunes off i found that it did save it!!!! Help me please........

    Syncing Music to iPod 

  • Files wont save

    Hi all I am having trouble saving files after creating them in keynote. This happens whether or not I am saving to the server(windows) or just to the local hard drive. I get error messages that say file cannot be saved or backup of file cant be saved but it puts a file where I ask it to anyway, then when I go to open it it tell me the file is damaged. It doesn't happen all the time.
    Any ideas on what is happening
    - Mr. D

    I am on the current versions of both Keynote and Mac OS 10, and still having problems. I cant save it to the desktop or a networked windows folder. I am also having problems with the Pages doing something similar with images. It will save the image but give me an error message when inserting it into a document. It say that the file is damaged or corrupt. Originally i thought this was because I was going to a windows networked folder, but i tried copy and paste from the internet, desktop and a drag and drop and I still get these errors.

  • I have a few movies in my itunes that wont save to the cloud how do I fix that

    I have a few digital copy movies that I have downloaded from iTunes and they are not showing up in my history list and I cannot download them to my other devices. They do not have the clould icon next to them. How do I make sure that they are saved to the cloud?

    Are these movies that were purchased thru iTunes?  If not that is why. The following is from this Apple document: iCloud: Backup and restore overview.
    iCloud automatically backs up the most important data on your device using iOS 5 or later. Once you have enabled Backup on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch .....
    What is backed up
    You get unlimited free storage for:
    Purchased music, movies, TV shows, apps, and books
    Notes: Backup of purchased music is not available in all countries. Backups of purchased movies and TV shows are U.S. only. Previous purchases may not be restored if they are no longer in the iTunes Store, App Store, or iBookstore.
    Some previously purchased movies may not be available in iTunes in the Cloud. These movies will indicate that they are not available in iTunes in the Cloud on their product details page in the iTunes Store. Previous purchases may be unavailable if they have been refunded or are no longer available in the iTunes Store, App Store, or iBookstore.
    You get 5 GB of free iCloud storage for:
    Photos and videos in the Camera Roll
    Device settings (for example: Phone Favorites, Wallpaper, and Mail, Contacts, Calendar accounts)
    App data
    Home screen and app organization
    Messages (iMessage, SMS, and MMS)
    Visual Voicemails

  • Why Itunes wont save the art works that i add to pdf files?

    I'm not able to add covers to my pdf files in the library, when i try to, the cover that i moved to the artwork box wont save.

    Windows Media Player 12 ought to be able to play most of the same file types that iTunes can. See Getting iTunes & Windows Media Player to play nicely for tips on letting both players share a common set of media files.

  • HT1420 Somebody made an audible iTunes account of my iphone 3gs and its was save on his Laptop,

    Somebody made an audible iTunes account of my itunes and its was save on his Laptop, when I tried to de authorised his laptop it won't let me do it.. iTunes is asking me about my username and password of my audible account.. But as far as I know I don't have an audible acount. When I tried to deauthorised his laptop there's a message  that's says "Audible accounts, File origin: hardrive of this computer.. I just found out that all my backup data was in his computer! How can I deauthorised his laptop? I don't even know the username and password. Pls help! When I check my my diagnostic it says Passcode lock: false? And I used to put my phone on airplane mode and its says airplane mode: false? As well on apple diagnostic? The rechabilty is 2, accessory used:false.. This friend of mine used to go to my house, he use my wifi every time.. And so as our iPhones.. There's a lot of time that that he used our computer aswell..

    Anything Downloaded with a Particular Apple ID is tied to that Apple ID and Cannot be Merged or Transferred to a Different Apple ID.
    Apple ID FAQs  >

  • Can I create a "new" iTunes library on an external hard drive and transfer my iTune library to save space on my laptop

    Can I create a "new" iTunes library on an external hard drive and transfer my iTune library to save space on my laptop hard drive

    Yes. Just copy all your music to a folder on your external. Then delete the music on your computers hard drive.
    It is not quite that simple. If you do that you will end up with many broken links and will have to re-create your library from scratch .  iTunes does not like it when you move or rename files or folders and doing so between drives is guaranteed to result in exclamation marks indicating you have broken the links to all your media files.
    If you are content with moving the whole library to an external drive (usually the best thing for most people), try:
    iTunes: How to move [or copy] your music to a new computer [or another drive] -
    Quick answer if you use iTunes' default preferences settings:  Copy the entire iTunes folder (and in doing so all its subfolders and files) intact to the other drive.  Open iTunes and immediately hold down the Option (alt) key (shift on Windows), then guide it to the new location of the library.

  • My iTunes won't open on my laptop. Error message says The file "iTunes Library.itl" cannot be read because it was created by a newer version of iTunes. Help Please!

    My iTunes won't open on my laptop. Error message says The file "iTunes Library.itl" cannot be read because it was created by a newer version of iTunes. Help Please!

    See Empty/corrupt iTunes library after upgrade/crash.

  • HT1373 Can some one please assit me. I have purchased a new laptop and copied accross my file of music from Itunes I can see the music in my files, however i can copy music from CDs, however the Itunes file does not connect or will not interface into itun

    Hello can some one assit me please. I have purchased a new lap top and copied my old itunes files accross so i do not loose all my music, and have to start again. I can play and see allof my tunes and play these. However I am unable to access the Itunes store through my itunes files. It will not interface at all. I can access itunes store through the Web, but not through the my ituntes file. I have gone in and authorised the laptop through the various process. Highly frustrated already paided a computer person to fix this. However hed deleated all files and started again he had it work and then I turned computer on again and it will not interface from the itune file to itunes, So if I copy a CD it will not tell you the name of the track. I cannot asscess the itunes store to action anything. Please assit me

    I am not an expert, but assuming that you have a Windows or Mac folder with music in it and want to move that to a new laptop, I think you have to import it into iTunes. iTunes needs to associate each file with a link, so copying it over will not associate a link.
    Delete the files and try importing.

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    I'm creating a new photo book in iPhoto (9.5.1) and I now find there's now no longer an option to add panoramic photos. I have been able to do this on 2 previous photo books.

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