Itunes wont install on my windows vista 32-bit

Can anyone help me on this ? its driving me mad please?

I'd first try downloading an installer from the Apple website using a different web browser:
If you use Firefox instead of IE for the download (or vice versa), do you get a working installer?

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  • Itunes wont install on my windows vista home premium 32-bit computer

    on my windows vista home premium dell inpsiron 32-bit computer when it installes at the end it says rolling back action

    I'd first try downloading an installer from the Apple website using a different web browser:
    If you use Firefox instead of IE for the download (or vice versa), do you get a working installer?

  • HELP! ITUNES WONT INSTALL (Error 7/Windows Error 127)

    Help! I keep getting Error 7 (Windows Error 127) when I try to install Itunes on my laptop. I read that this error is caused by problems with Apple Application Support. I'm using Windows Vista (32 Bit version) Can anyone please help me fix this??

    Follow these instructions to completely remove Apple software
    Then use free Ccleaner to repeatly repair your registry until it's fixed.
    download iTunes again from Apple.
    Your content will remain.

  • I tried loading itunes 10.5 onto my window vista 32-bit. it finishes the download and then when i go to install it say an error occured. Can someone help plz?

    I tried loading itunes 10.5 onto my window wista 32-bit. It finishes the download and when i try to install it. I says that an error occured while trying to install.
    Can somebody help me plz?

    Hi all, I know this is a very old thread, but I was battling this issue for awhile and wanted to provide my solution in case future users encounter a similar issue.
    I am running Windows 8. I encountered this issue while trying to install iTunes 11.1 x64 version. After some troubleshooting, I discovered that the real issue was trying to install the Apple Mobile Device service.
    My resolution was installing the Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package. It is available from Microsoft. A search on Google should reveal it. However, here is the latest link that I used:
    Note that redistributable packages for more recent versions of Visual C++ (eg 2008, 2010) will NOT work. Only 2005 version worked for me.
    Good luck!

  • Itunes will not open in Windows Vista 32 Bit.

    I am running Windows Vista 32 bit, I have just installed the latest version of Itunes, which installs, when I go to open Itunes, I get an error message, ' MSVCR80.dll was not found. Re-installing the app may fix the problem.' I have triedd re-installing Itunes, same error message, I have also tried deleteing Itunes and installing an older version, still I get the same error message !
    Any help in this matter would be greatly appreicated, thks.

    Follow the directions of tt2 in:

  • FireFox 4 and earlier versions will not install on my Windows Vista, 64 bit computer. The file downloads and the file extracts but I never make it to the installation wizard.

    I have tried to download FireFox 4 and earlier versions from several different website, thinking the files might have gotten corrupted, and each time I download the file the exact same thing happens, the file downloads and the file gets extracted but when the extraction completes the small window dissappears and nothing else happens.
    My machine is a Windows Vista 64 bit system and I've tried downloading the file with my 32 and 64 bit Internet Explorer but nothing seems to work. Can someone help me please because I would love to be able to completely delete I.E.

    Hi, thanks for your Flash file info. Well you must have been doing it right, since all of your Flash files for IE and FF are correct.
    The SWF plugin for FF and the SWO for IE are also correct.
    You shouldn't be having any problems with Flash Player.
    What you can try is to turn off the hardware acceleration feature. Go to any video, like youtube and right click on the video and click on Settings. Display Settings is where you will UN check hardware acceleration.
    See if that helps. Let me know.

  • My itunes wont open on my windows vista!

    i have a windows vista with avg security and my itunes wont open. ive tried everything i can think of.

    Search your hard drive for a file containing ITL in it. That is the file extension for the itunes database file. You might need to set Win Explorer options to show NOT hide file extensions.
    Once you are sure you know where that file is, press AND HOLD the shift key while starting itunes. Keep holding the shift key until you see a question about choosing or creating a library. Choose the ITL file you found during your search.
    Is this on a Vaio?

  • Trying to install acrobat on windows vista 64-bit

    I just purchased acrobat and i'm told that it can't be installed on this sytem wondows vista 64bit, service pack 1, system will now terminate. what do I do?

    Acrobat XI is not supported on Windows Vista; see

  • K8600 wont install on a windows 7 64 bit

    I have a k8600 printer installed on a usb port on a computer running Vista, but I download the drivers for windows 7 64 bit , get to the part where I plug the printer into the computer when requested it then says that the driver has installed correctly down in the bottom right corner but the installation software tells me there has been a fatal error and uninstalls. What is happeing please as HP want me to pay for their software to installl for their printer
    This question was solved.
    View Solution.

    From the Start menu type %temp% into the search bar and open teh listed Temp folder.
    Locate and open the latest HP installation software, its name begins with 7z (e.g. 7zs1234).
    Open the Util folder, then the CCC folder and launch the Uninstall_l4.bat file.
    If only a black CMD dialog appears press Enter once and follow the steps on screen, it should launch several uninstallations one after another.
    Once the Uninstall completes reboot the PC as required.
    Next temporarly disable any active Antivirus or Firewall software and launch the latest installation below:
    Follow the installation and check for any difference, be sure to enable any security program once the installation completes.
    Please let me know if that may help resolving the problem,
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  • X-Fi Extreme Music || when installing drivers for windows vista 32 bits, error mess

    I get an error message when I install windows vista 32bits drivers for my X-Fi Extreme Music... it says, error while installing, can't find a compatible product on your system, verify if it has been corectly installed ... BUT INSTALLING I JUST WHAT I WANNA DO ! WTF?
    all other software for hardware management can see that my sound card is connected to my mother board, so i don't understand why the driver installer can't see it too and install the drivers ...
    Could someone give me a tip to help me to install my drivers please?
    i got windows vista 32bits build 6000 , X-Fi Extreme Music, 2048 RAM, Pentium4 3.6ghz 250 go hdd space ...
    I'm waiting for some cool answers, thanks ! ...

    You are wrong. The 2.3 are for extreme music, you are thinking about extreme audio. Creative have really made a blunder with these names, not strange many are having problems. Propably trying to install extreme audio drivers on extreme music, and the other way around!?
    Check that you have the right drivers, if you do. Try the trick where you unpack the driver exe file, so you get all the files from the installer on to a folder of youre choosing. Then use the "Creative Update Utility" popup to install/force the drivers to install. If you dont know what im talking about, search the forums, its been explained many times here.

  • How to remove itunes latest update from my windows vista 32 bit computer? it now sends an error message when i try to open itunes.


    Removing and reinstalling iTunes and other software components for Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8
    What specific error message did yo get

  • Can't re-install Bluetooth on Windows vista 64 bit - Satellite A305

    I am having a problem with my bluetooth on my new Toshiba A305-S6843 machine.
    It is running Vista 64-bit version.
    Previously, the machine had version 6.10.02T Build 20080128 on it, but the bluetooth radio would not enable. The device was recognized in Device Manager, but the error I would get was "Bluetooth not Ready" when I clicked on ENABLE.
    So, I tried to install the latest software from your downloads page . "TOSHIBA Bluetooth Stack 6.10.10(T)"
    When it unpacks and starts to install. The error I get is: "The operating system is not adequate for running bluetooth stack on Toshiba" and fails.'
    When I try to reinstall the older version "6.10.02T Build 20080128" - i get an error "1155" and that's it.
    Now i can not reinstall any Bluetooth stack to get it working.
    Please help

    You have most likely downloaded the x32 version instead of the x64 one. Download the x64 version and try again.

  • Itunes 9 won't install on my Windows Vista (64 bit)

    I had Itunes 7, and my computer tried to update it to Itunes 9. While its downloading, it all of a sudden stops and says, "There is a problem with this windows installer package. A program required for this install to complete could not be run. Contact your support personnel or package vendor." How do I fix this so I can download iTunes?

    While its downloading, it all of a sudden stops and says, "There is a problem with this windows installer package. A program required for this install to complete could not be run. Contact your support personnel or package vendor."
    That one can indicate trouble with your Apple Software Update for Windows.
    The following polydorus post is a good place to start with your troubleshooting:

  • The New 10.2 iTunes Wont Open In My Windows Vista?

    I used to have the iTunes 10.0 i think of what ever was the old version before the 10.2 came out. It said to download the new version and i did. and now when i try to open it, it says "This shortcut has been moved or changed" and i keep uninstalling it and everything and install it back and it still says the same thing. Any help?
    Thank you!

    Okay ... so it looks like some permissions are stuffed up around your program files area.
    Now you've got the folder open, can you check something further for me please? Try right-clicking on the itunes.exe and selecting "run as administrator". Does it launch when you do that?
    (Trying to work out here if it's a problem with your Windows user account's permissions that is causing the messages, or if some different set of permissions has turned to custard for us.)

  • Itunes wont install onto my windows XP 2002 service pack 1

    How do i get around what the title says?

    The latest version of iTunes requires service pack 2 if you are using XP (from the download page).
    Is there any reason why you shouldn't install the latest XP service packs?

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