Iw72 service order + Link b/w operations and PRTs

Hello Friends,
So here is my problem. In transctin iw72 ( service order ) there is a tab called "operations". In tab operatinos I can attatch Resourse / tool ( table AFFH ( PRT assignment data for the work order )  and structure AFFHD (Structure of the PRTs in orders). So I can do this all manually, and after pressing save, the PRTs is attatched to the operation. ( pls note I want to attatch a documet as PRTs to the operations)
Now I want to do this via any FM or BAPI, but unfortunatelly I was not able to find any such bapi, ( I mean, I have find bapi to create the operation, and I also find the bapi to create the document, and now I have to find the bapi which store the PRTs ( in my case document ) to that operation ( or order ).
In table AFFH, I have reference to the order, but not to the operation, so actually using this table I can attatch the PRTs to one order, but my req is to attatch to the operation.
So I debug the standard code, to find out how they are doing, but could not find much, any tip how I can make it more simple to find out, what is going on in starndard code.
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For debugging tutorial:
System Debugging
If you set this option, the Debugger is also activated for system programs
(programs with status S in their program attributes). When you save breakpoints, the System Debugging setting is also saved.
Update Debugging
Update function modules do not run in the same user session as the program that is currently running in the ABAP Debugger.
These function modules are therefore not included in debugging.
Only if you select the Update Debugging option can you display and debug them after the COMMIT WORK.
Normal Debugging
Normal debugging is the one we do it by the normal dynamic break points or by /H or by using stattic break points.
You can switch to diffferent debuggin modes while processing.

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    Not sure of the table links..
    Use the BAPI BAPI_ALM_ORDER_GET_DETAIL..to get the operations, PRT other details for the service order..

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    Thanks -

                  i think after creating a service notification you would have to create a repair order(VA01) with servicable material and every thing ,and then create the service order in IW31  with a link to Repair order , hope this works

  • Emulation for partner link with async operation and no callback client

    In our Composite, we are calling a partner link with operation 'XYZAsync'. It is called in async mode and there is no callback client attached to this call. Hence, it is not possible to create emulation for it ( Create new emulate option is unavailable for the particular operation).
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    Hi again,
    i managed to solve the problem:) Totally stupid.. the process variable name was not specified correctly..., but more stupid sounds the error message:))))
    Best Regards,

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    Hi I want to link a specific service order type and a specific sales order type to a service notification how to do that. Please help me out

    The sales order to service order link is also there in table AUFK
    AUFK-KDAUF (sales order number)
      Sales order
    Also check document flow of the sales order for the item in question:
    If the item is a a service item then

  • Link of Preventive order Operation and package table

    Hi guys
    we are developing the form. there we are collecting the Operations, frequency, Remarks etc for preventive maintenance orders  (from Maint plans). We are taking the printout from IW3D.
    Now the thing is everything i have acheived except frequency. I have collected the operations from VIAUFK_AFVC, WARPL and call no (But no Package no here). Then if iam putting into MHIS table i could get the package no. Again if we are inputting the same into T351X we will get the short text of stratagy frequency.
    My doubt is the order has so many operations , how could we link the which operations and which package..any link table is there..

    I am really sorry, i am just not able to comprehend what you are referring to. Could you be a little bit more clear? If you are looking to identify the Frequencies/packages  which have caused the operation to be added to the Order, the tables that i have listed out should help you to identify the same Programmatically.
    From the Order you can get the Group and task list number. From PLPO and PLWP , you could get a list of all the operation numbers and the packages at which they are due for the task list number. Using the keys from this table, you could identify the equivalent operation number in the Order(The operation number might not have changed between Task list and Order, if you havent re-numbered them).

  • Service prod in service contract and service order thro RRB!

    I have service contract with service product say Rep_service with 1 Hr rate as 100 USD in place for a particular equipment with serial number.
    I have received a complaint now I am raising a service order SM01 service order with contract
    I have maintained the same equipment number in the Service order as in service contract
    and selected the service contract too.
    i have operations and material consumption for service order.
    When I run  DP90 RRB the material determined is Service (different service product) based on my DIP profile, (should I maintain the same service product in DIP profile as in service contract or any other service prod can be maintained). What happens to this billing document generated from DP90?
    And my service order settles to service contract.
    I think when service contract is in place then to generate billing I will use only service contract as reference.
    Please suggest me how to go about it.
    Kindly if possible give me some link to documents.

    Hi Nagaraju,
    First of all, you can bill Service Contract and Service Order differently. This is because you may wish to charge contract fees irrespective of whether service occurs or not.
    Secondly, while maintaining DIP profile, you can use different material from the one used in contract. Just make sure that it gives explanation as to what service was performed so that customer will understand the invoice.
    DP90 will generate Debit memo request. You will need to create billing document against this using VF01.
    When you settle the service order (KO88), it will be settled against service contract.
    Please let me know if you need any further information.

  • Automatic Service Order creation and OBD line item creation - Repair Order

    Hi ALL,
    I tried to run the Repair process based on the help document of SAP:
    Configs Followed:
    1) In Material master MRP3 view, strategy group is assigned as 84 (service orders). By default this str.grp is linked with Requirement type SERA and Requirement class 203.
    2 ) Requirement class is assigned with appropriate Service order type.
    SPRO>Sales and Distribution>Basic Functions>Availability Check and Transfer of Requirements>Transfer of Requirements-->Define Requirements Classes (OVZG)
    Actual Assignment:
    Reqt. Class Service Order Type
    039 SM01
    203 SM01
    3) Task list is assigned to your Service material - Service product - OISD
    Actual Assignment:
    Service Pdt Work Centre Plant B Area Gen TL Group Counter Task List Type
    R-1001 PC-SERV 1200 8000 62 1 A
    4) Check the Requirement class setting indicator for configuration (cnfg)
    Actual Assignment:
    = mandatory
    5) SPRO>Sales and Distribution>Basic Functions>Availability Check and Transfer of Requirements>Transfer of Requirements-->Define Requirements Classes --> Determination Of Requirement Types Using Transaction
    Actual Assignment:
    Item Category Reqt class Reqt. Type
    IRRS 039 SE
    IRRE 203 SERP
    IRRP 203 SERP
    IRAL 040 KE
    6) Sales and Distribution>Sales>Sales Document Item-->Assign Item Categories for determining the item category based on usage
    Actual Assignment:
    Sal. Doc. Type Item Cat. Group Item Usage H. L . Item Cat Item Category
    Errors Faced:
    1. Service Order is not getting created automatically.
    Error in SAP - IDES :"A service order has not been found for action 'Repairs'"
    2. Also im not getting the automatic creation of the 4th line item(Item Category - IRAL) in the repair order, which in turn stops me from creating the Outbound delivery.
    Please HELP !

    Hi PeteA,
    Sorry, here it is...
    Let me explain the process that has been followed:
    1) Initially to start with Service Notification was created with IW51 T-code.
        In that, Sold to party and material # were entered. Then from there directly i go for Create Repair Order from the Action Box.
        Order type for repair order - RAS, and when i save both Service Notification and the Repair gets saved.
        Now, in the repair order, two line items were getting created automatically and the requirement Types for those line items are:
        Line Item I : SE
        Line Item II: SERP
    2) After that i take the material in with the help of t-code VRRE.
    3) Then, i do the acceptance of the stock ( Technical Check) with t-code QA11.
        Once i do that, i get the Third line item in the Repair Order and the requirement Type for that line item is:
        Line Item III: SERP
    Now my query is, Once i do the QA11 transaction i need to get a Service Order automatically but thats not happening.
    Also if i create a Service Order manually, and do the repair and do the technically completion of the service order, then i need to get a third line item (IRAL) in the repair order automatically and thats also not happening.

  • Swf link not working in Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer but works in Safari

    I'm sorry but Im a real newbie and really need help!!!
    On the homepage of my website I have put a swf file that I linked to another page in my website through the div a href link and it displays great on safari and links, however in other browsers, when i try to click on it, it comes up with the link at the bottom of the browser (where it sometimes says Done), however it doesnt actually link, it jsut stays on the homepage.
    Here is the coding i put in:
    <div id="products2">
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                <script type="text/javascript">
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                <object classid="clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000" codebase="http://download.macromedia.com/pub/shockwave/cabs/flash/swflash.cab#version=9,0,28,0" width="449" height="449" title="Products">
                  <param name="movie" value="Our_brands/boxesnew.swf" />
                  <param name="quality" value="high" /><param name="SCALE" value="noborder" />
                  <param name="allowScriptAccess" value="always"/>
                  <embed src="Our_brands/boxesnew.swf" width="449" height="449" quality="high" pluginspage="http://www.adobe.com/shockwave/download/download.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowScriptAccess="always" scale="noborder"></embed>
                  <br />
                  <br />
    Could someone please tell me where I am going wrong?
    I would REALLY appreciate it.
    Thank you in advance!!

    I'm doing it for a client and they dont want it put up on the server yet, I wish I could put it up bc I have no idea what I'm doing!
    Basically I wanted a swf file from Flash to display a range of products (I have turned all the products into buttons) and then I put coding into all the buttons to on release getURL which work in the swf file, however when I put the swf file into dreamweaver, the buttons worked in hover state, but the action scripting didn't work to link the swf file to another page in the website (the index in Our_brands folder).
    So i decided to make it link to the index.html in Our_brands folder from wrapping the swf box in a div tag and linking the div tag <a href="Our_brands/index.html"> which links it great in Safari but wont link in Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer.
    Does that make any sense?
    Sorry if it doesn't.
    Thanks for the quick reply as well!!!

  • Replicating Service contracts and Service orders from ECC 6.0 to CRM 2007

    Hi CRM Gurus,
        How can we replicate Service contracts and Service orders from ECC 6.0 and CRM 2007. Any pointers to do this?
    Please let me know.
    Best regards,

    I dont think you need any Middleware adaptor objects for CRM Request download .
    You need to create a request in CRM using R3AR2 . Here you need to provide the R/3 table name and field name to download the service document along with Document ID
    You can monitor your request download in txn R3AR4.
    But as MCG rightly told , you should have done all requried customized settigns before downloading service documents .

  • Service Order Actual costs and revenue

    Can you please let me know how to find actual costs and revenue related to service orders?
    what tables to go to?
    We are planning on going back to a service order from the billing document and get the actual labor costs.

    Hi Mahesh,
    Thank you very much for that quick response.
    EKKO is for purchasing documents. Can you please let me know how to use it for my service order?
    Maulik Shah

  • Copy General Task List from one service order to another one

    Dear Guru,
    I have the following questions:
    1- From a service order in IW32, how can I see the link between the operations and components?
    2- I want to be able to copy all the operations and all the components contained in a service order into another service order for a similar type of equipment. Can someone help me step by step on what needs doing?

    Hello Sebastian,
    Many thanks for your quick reply indeed on this.
    Now this is the catch: I know that I could create a new service order based on a previously created one using IW31, however in my department they are creating sales orders for equipments in the normal SAP SD flow.
    In one the material line they enter a service material which is converted into a ZC03 (Service order) when saving the normal sales order which creates automatically a Service Order number.
    Because they create a lot of those service order in that way, they want to be able to populate them with the same list of operations and relevant components all the time.
    If they would be using IW31 to make copies, they would have to cancel the previously generated service order deriving from the regular Sales Order in SD which we want to avoid simply because it alters the original sales document flow.
    1- I tried to copy the description of the task lists present in my service order thinking that would also copy the list of relevant and subsequent components defined for each task. The system has only copied the description of the tasks but not the components.
    Is there a way we could copy a list of general tasks to automatically have those coming with the relevant components?
    Please advise

  • Allocating costs to service orders

    Hi All,
    I have a scenario I'm hoping one of you may be able to help me with.
    Currently when an external service technician carries out work at a customers site the costs related to that work are booked to a single service order.
    This work however may be completed on a number of different machines at the customers site, which results in a manual allocation each month crediting the main service order and debiting other service orders linked to each individual machine.
    I have recently been told that the engineers are entering hours into the system to the individual service orders but the cost for these hours is not known until we recieve an invoice from the external service company.
    My question is can you think of a better way to allocate the cost (invoice) to the correct servie order without a manual allocation. Settlement, assessment or distribution using the hours entered as a basis for calculation? If so whats the best way to set it up.


  • Service order confirmation/completion

    Can anyone tell me what exactly is meant by service order completion ( flag order) and confirm ( IW41). At what state of the business process do I need it.
    To my understanding a service order is complete after billing and confirmed once customer approves.
    Please throw a light on this.

    Hi ASHIsh,
    We do not have the customer service module or the service management but we have the confirmation of service in the document flow. The flow is as follows. standard order ( OR ) - > delivery ( LF ) - > Handling unit - > Confirmationof service. I checked the document flow table VBFA and I see that these confirmation of service is for items which are of item category TAP ( sales BOM header ). That is what I concluded that it shows up for TAP since this item is not pickable ane hence not packable. And we have this come up for all the sales BOM deliveries where there is an item category of TAP for sales BOM header. Still if any one can please throw some light on this that would be greatly appreciated.
    Service Order:Short-term agreement between service provider and service recipient, in which one-time services are ordered by the service recipient and resource-related billing performed upon completion.
    The service order is used to document service and customer service work. In particular, you can use the service order to:
    Plan services specifically with regard to usage of material, utilities and personnel
    Monitor the execution of services
    Enter and settle the costs which arise from the services
    The data for the service order is entered in the history and is important for evaluations and future planning.
    You can also create a one-time customer in the order and transfer the data, for example, to the sales order.
    A service order contains operations that describe the individual work steps. An operation can be divided into sub-operations for greater detail.
    Spare materials and utilities, which are required for service work, can be planned in the operation.
    T.Code: [IW41]
    Path: Logistics -> Customer Service -> Service Processing -> Confirmation -> Entry -> Individual Confirmation.
    After a service order is entered in the system, a service activity would be carried out for the customer. Using this option we would enter the person who carried out the activity, the time taken, the material used with their quantity. Further a billing request would be raised based on these details.
    Reward points if iit helpful

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