IWebiProcessingInfo class in BOXI R4.1 with different signatures

We see that the signature for IWebiProcessingInfo.getPrompts() has been changed in BOXI R4.1 bip java api (BOE).
It delivers IWebiPrompts.  Pior 4.1 the method delivered a List.
Where is this type IWebiPrompts defined? It is not in the java doc sbo41_bipjava_apiRef_en.zip.

Hi Bernd,
It still gives a collection which has been named as IWebiPromts(which can be type casted as a List)
Then you call a get on the list which returns an object of IWebiPrompt.
I am not sure why this convention was changed, probably might to do with some interbal mechanism of the product.
However, it possess the same features as that of previous versions.
Plesae let me know your thoughts about the same.

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    You could work with data reference.
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    In J2ME, I don't think you can do that easily by setting color. If you want to use specific color in a text field, you need to construct the text box your own. Use Graphics object to draw text field (as image) and here specify a color of your choice.
    Hope this helps.

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    hi Pradip,
    Tell you a bad news that the solution doesn't work on two of the EBP (a source system which is similar to R3, we've got 4 EBP ODS/InfoSources, but two of the four don't work with the last step listed below) ODSs/InfoSources.  The steps I took on production are:
    1. Conduct Full Repair data load to ODS2;
    2. Delete init option of ODS1 from Scheduler menu;
    3. Run Init without data transfer to set delta pointer for both ODS1 and ODS2.
    But the last step to run Init without data transfer has taken 1 whole day and eventually becomes red since it takes so long time to set delta pointer. 
    When I said our solution worked is that I conducted the test on our GL ODS and the Init without data transfer took about 1 hour to finish. 
    Also when we conduct the last step to do the Init without data transfer to click Start button to set pointer, a msg box titled "Activate ODS Data" pops up saying that "No requests have been selected for activation. Do you want to make a selection, or activate all the requests?" with buttons "Activate all requests", "Select requests" and "Cancel".  If clicking the button "Select requests", another msg box pops up to prompt to input a Date range, we didn't input any date range, just click continue, then the Init without data transfer will run forever!
    Message was edited by: Kevin Smith

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    I am getting following error while building the source code.
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    [javac] public class MqMessageIOObjectCarrier extends Properties implements IMqMessageIOObjectCarrier
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