Just downloaded the iOS 7.0.3 for my iPhone 4S, and now my 3G isn't working?

Hi all,
I just connected my iPhone to iTunes on the computer, and it prompted me to update my iOS.  I did so, and it is now updated - however, I cannot connect to my 3G.
(I can't connect to WiFi networks, either, but this has been a problem for a long time and I am not asking a question about this )
Anyway - the "3G" icon is at the top of the screen, but whenever I try to connect to the internet/use whatsapp/agree to terms and conditions for iCloud, it says there is no working internet available.
I have reset network settings, toggled airplane mode on/off, rebooted the phone, manually restarted the phone...all to no avail.
Any help with this problem would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!

I think I may have fixed this problem - I am on the giffgaff network, and updating my iOS meant that my network settings were reset to O2.
To fix this, I went to Settings > Mobile > Mobile Data Network, and then re-entered giffgaff's mobile data settings.
Hope this helps someone!

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