Just switched from Lion to Mountain Lion - Now terminal shows up during boot up and when shutting down. How do I stop this?

Just switched from Lion to Mountain Lion - Now, when I start my machine, the terminal shows up and runs through it's thing and then the normal screen shows up. This also happens when I shut down as well - the terminal shows up again. I have a MAC running Mountain Lion at work and this doesn't happen so I'm assuming this is not normal.
While my machine still runs, it's annoying and I fear this will lead to problems if I don't address the situation. How do I ge this to stop? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

They are being sent to the All Mail folder.  The inbox is pretty much unaffected.
I don't want to hide the All Mail folder and forget about it.  I am after the messages gone forever.  Especially from the All Mail folder.
I'm the kind of person who uses email like sms.  I use it to contact people annd delete 95% of the messages after reading.  I don't want them archived.  I don't want them stored in the All Mail folder.  I want them totally gone.
And yes it seems Mail is downloading all my messages over and over.  So my question is how to stop the messages being stored/archived and to instead be totally deleted.
In the gmail settings I found:
Auto-Expunge off - Wait for the client to update the server.
When a message is marked as deleted and expunged from the last visible IMAP folder:  Immediately delete the message forever.  Instead of archiving it like I had set before.  I'm not 100% sure if that'll fix the issue I am having.  I'm sure you'll be able to tell me if I am on the right track.
And thanks for the quick reply.

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    Help I set up iCloud on my iPad. Now when I text it shows up on my iPad my iPhone and my husbands phone ..how do I stop this besides deleting icloud

    Welcome to the Apple Community.
    Its only partly to do with iCloud and you don't need to have separate iCloud accounts to avoid this happening.
    You receive messages according to the settings at settings > messages > receive at. By default this will use your phone number (on a phone) and your email address.
    There are other reasons though that you may wish to have separate iCloud accounts.

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    Make sure that the backup file with the bookmarks has the correct file extension: .html for a HTML backup and .json for a JSON backup.<br />
    You can check that via the right-click context menu of that file and open the Properties.<br />
    If you are not sure about the file type then you can open the file in Firefox via "File > Open File"<br />
    A JSON backup will show as one long text line without line breaks and a HTML backup as a web page with clickable links.<br />
    A JSON backup starts with: <nowiki>{"title":"","id":1,"dateAdded":</nowiki><br />
    An HTML backup starts with: <nowiki><!DOCTYPE NETSCAPE-Bookmark-file-1></nowiki>

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    recently updated iMac and macbook pro to mountain lion.   Now mouse and track pad operate backwards i.e.  scroll up and page scrolls down. how do you fix this?

    System Preferences > Mouse -- deselect "Scroll direction: natural." Do the same for the trackpad > Scroll & Zoom preference.

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    Sorry- edited:
    How do I remove my credit card from my account? Right now I have no* debit or credit card and when I try to download a free app like Facebook, it tells me to update my billing info and won't accept it blank. It says I owe for a previous purchase. So take it back and unlock my ability to DL free apps.

  • I have a 3g iphone and just now started getting a pop up from icloud to enter password for my email and face time? How do i stop this

    i have a 3g iphone.  I dowloaded Icloud months ago.  I have just today started getting popups on my phone to ...Sign in to ICloud... Enter the apple ID password for "my email address that i use on my iphone". 
    Is this a virus? And how do i stop this madness.

    How did you download iCloud with an iPhone 3G?
    Accessing an iCloud account is not supported with an iPhone 3G.
    There are no viruses that affect or infect iOS, unless you have purposely jailbroken/hacked your iPhone which removes all built in security included with iOS allowing you to download unofficial apps from unknown and untrusted sources which can include malware.
    Don't remember where you access your Apple ID with the App Store with iOS 4 which is the latest version for an iPhone 3G, but have you checked there? If so, try logging out of your Apple ID followed by logging back in with the iTunes App Store.

  • When I select a sound email or video, decide I want to go to another video or email, the sound from the first video continues to completion before I can listen to my new selection. How can I stop this?

    How do I stop the sound from a video or email when I want I click out of the video. Presently, the sound continues and I have to escape out to home screen to stop it.

    Now as you may know there is some icons at the bottom of the mail app, at the top left conner you should have the inbox button and on the upper right conner you should have two arrows to shift between emails. If any of those options works try :
    Settings>General>Reset>Reset all Settings
    If that does not work try to re add the account
    Last but not least, restore as new.
    Hope that helps.

  • The mail app on my macbook pro is preventing me from shutting down, how do I fix this?

    The mail app on my computer is open but nothing is displayed on the screen. When I go to shut down a small message appears saying "unable to shut down as mail is still open". However, when I try to close the mail app it won't let me. What do I do?

    pennbank is correct that holding the power button will stop the computer.  But it stops *all* processes mid-step, which can leave some of OSX in an incorrect state because of pending internal file updates that were killed.  I do not like to use that method if anything else will make it respond.  For example, once the computer was not responding when I was using a BT trackpad.  I eventually removed the batteries from the trackpad to force it dead, and the release of the BT channel freed the MBP.

  • I just switch from iphone 3sg to iphone4 now when i download an app on my iphone4 it keeps saying it needs security code whet code pls help me thank you

    so seriously wat is the security code there talking about

    I believe you are correct. I had to replace my phone and it was necessary to enter the (3 digit) security code from the credit card the first time I updated some apps on the new phone. Thereafter only the password was requested.

  • I just downloaded the latest software to my iPhone 4 and I am now getting my sons messages.  he too uses the same itunes and pc to sync, how do I stop this?

    Hi, I downloaded the latest software for my iphone 4 and this morning I received text messages that were meant for my son.  we both use the same PC and iTunes for our iphones, so will he get a copy of my messages too when he upgrades his software?
    does anyone know how to stop this?  or how it happened in the first place?

    You have an Apple ID signed in to all the devices which is causing this.
    "When you sign in to your Apple ID with iMessage using an iPhone with iOS 6, your Apple ID is linked to your phone number. This allows you to receive iMessages sent to your phone number on other iOS 6 devices signed in to the same Apple ID."
    To correct this, go into Settings > Messages > Send and Recieve at > See below...
    On your phone: Uncheck your son's phone number
    On his phone: Uncheck your phone number.
    On iPad: Uncheck both phone numbers to prevent iMessages sent to either number to also appear on the iPad.
    If you have email addresses associated here, then you may have to remove those as well, although you won't be able to remove the Apple ID that you're using. Any iMessage sent to that Apple ID will arrive at all the device unless you sign out of that Apple ID and create/use another Apple ID for that device.

  • N200 switches off randomly, during boot time and when moved.

    Hello everyone,
    My 3000 N200 TYPE: 0769-AG2 laptop started to switch off randomly especially when booting, when I moved the machine (i.e.. from one desk to another) or when I pressed gently the bottom left side over the PCI slot.
    The situation has gotten worse. I cannot use it anymore due to the frequency of the symptoms.
    Actions I have taken:
    Operated with AC adapter with and without battery or battery alone.
    Cleaned the fan and heat sink.
    Replaced the processor's thermal paste.
    Monitored the temperature using software.
    Formatted the hard disk and reinstalled the preloaded Vista Windows.
    Reinstalled the BIOS driver.
    Removed one of the RAM memories and swapped places.
    Removed the hard disk.
    Removed the optical disk drive.
    Operated in Safe Mode with and without network support.
    Switched off the wifi button.
    Excluded through BIOS the PCI LAN and IDE ODD from boot order. Also disabled internal Modem.
    And finally, I contacted the UK support where they just suspected a motherboard problem.
    None of the actions taken seem to solve the problem permanently. In some cases it worked for quite a while probably due to pure chance.
    My machine is out of warranty, yet it is in an excellent cosmetic condition. I only have it for home use. I have never dropped it, smacked it, spilt liquid on it or operated under any abnormal conditions such as on a blanket or a highly humid environment.
    *Two of my friends that have the same model face the same exact problem.
    *Hundreds of people on the web complain about the same problem with the particular product. 
    Could it be a motherboard problem? If yes, why did that happen to me and to two persons I know personally?
    A motherboard replacement is very expensive relatively to the total value of the product. What could a feasible solution be?
    Thank you for your time reading through my issue.

    It sounds like you have taken great care of your system and approached the problem systematically.  
    I'm going to assume this is not a thermal issue since you have cleaned the fan (and verified it is running) along with replacing the thermal grease.  The randomness seems to suggest it is probably not thermal as well.
    That the shutdowns may seem to be triggered by movement or pressure in a certain area of the system could suggest an issue with the contacts at the battery or AC, or a short in the system board.
    Without doing a repair and some analysis, it would be hard to say with complete confidence.
    I agree that the replacement systemboard through service could be perhaps somewhat expensive compared to the cost of new systems with 4 year newer technology.   You might consult the hardware maintenance manual on our support site
    for part number and proceedure on replacing the system board.  You could search online for the best price by the FRU number and I would imagine, could find a reasonably priced board and swap it out.   
    The service training videos on this system are available here and may also be helpful to you.
    Best regards,
    ThinkPads: S30, T43, X60t, X1, W700ds, IdeaPad Y710, IdeaCentre: A300, IdeaPad K1
    Mark Hopkins
    Program Manager, Lenovo Social Media (Services)
    twitter @lenovoforums
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  • I have an iPhone and an iPod touch, and whenever i sync my iPhone, all the apps from the iPod Touch are added on it and vice versa. How can I stop this from happening?

    Whenever i try and sync my iPhone, I get all the iPod Touch apps on it then have to maually delete them.

    I have the same question, but can you clarify something please.  I have about 10 apps showing in the apps section of iTunes - all of which I am happy to have on my iphone - but NOT on the Touch. 
    1.  How do I 'delete' the apps wrongly synched to the Touch, and
    2.  For the future, when I download an app. hor do I ensure it is only synched with the iphone and not the Touch.  I have very space left on the Touch and don't want to clutter it with unwanted apps.
    regards from a newbe

  • Me and my brother share the same itunes. when we downloaded the IOS6 update he didnt change his phone number. now he receives all my text messages and phone calls? How do i fix this?

    Help me fix this

    Try going to Settings>Messages>Send & Receive and uncheck the email address(es) shown under "You can be reached by iMessage at".   If that doesn't work, you'll have to tap the ID, sign out, then sign back in with a different Apple ID for iMessage.

  • Firefox crashed and now when I try to open it, all it ever says is session restore and not responding. How do I stop this?

    When I downloaded the latest version about a week ago, this started. Any time it is opened, it goes to session restore. When I click anywhere on the screen, the tab says not responding.

    Try updating your QuickTime to the most recent version. Does that clear up the DEP errors in iTunes?

  • HT4623 just switched from iphone 5 back to a 4 S on T Mobile, for some reason I am only getting 2g instead of 4G like I use to. Store said I need to do a carrier update in order for it to work. Is that accurate? If so, How do I get a carrier update?

    Just switched from H20 to T Mobile. For some reason I am only picking up 2G instead of 4G Network on this phone. Is there a way to get a carrier update to fix this? I have other T Mo devices at same location and they are all picking up 4G service

    That sounds like a good question to ask T Mobile.

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    Up until FF31, I used to have the following setting configured which moved the little 'X' button that closed tabs off of the tabs themselvs and onto the far right of the tab bar. browser.tabs.closeButtons; User Set; Integer; 3 No, this no longer work

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