K8N Neo2 Plat : how to switch the provided PCI Wifi card to access point mode ?

in digicell, I can't click on "access point mode"...
do some people have succeeded in turing the neo2 plat 54g into an access point ? If yes, how ?

I also have downloaded the latest driver from the manufacturer of that wifi special card (code 2500 something if I remember well)
have you found any way to configure it to access point mode, else than with DigiCell ?
I think I will reinstall DigiCell one more time and reinstall it, I'm almost sure the problem is in it ;-)
I already has problems seeing my Acrobat Suite and tells me I don't have the Reader, it already opens IE in stead of the default browser [but it's supposed to be that way, according toi MSI], and it didn't detect CoreCenter I ghad installed previously, until I reinstalled CoreCenter over itself ;-)
What a nice tool :D

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  • K8N Neo2 Plat won't switch on

    My K8N Neo2 Platinum won't boot anymore 
    I originally thorugh the problem was that the power supply had died, but I've just bought a new case with an ANTEC power supply and it still won't turn on. I've tried:
    - disconnecting everything that's connected to the board except for the RAM and the CPU
    - removing the battery
    - clearing the BIOS using the jumper
    Does anyone else have any suggestions? I'm desperate here and getting behind on my work 

    My 1st Neo 2 I had the same issue and I tried everthing including new PSU (@600) and no joy  . I returned and got another one, it worked for a few hours then died killing a new PSU also  . So I returned it and got a 3rd Neo 2, it worked great for a week or so then it started "NOT" assigning IRQs to anything in the PCI slots for some crazy reason so I have RMA'd it back to MSI    Now get this I was not OCing anything   oh well if MSI can't fix it then DFI's new NF3 ultra MB will be getting shipped to my house quick   It's been a week and no word from MSI oh well

  • How powerful is the Airport Extreme wifi card?

    I was surprised at how many more wireless networks my friend's HP laptop was able to pick up from exactly the same spot in our flat in comparison to my iBook, and that the HP laptop had consistently stronger signals from the networks that I could connect to.
    Is the Airport Extreme fairly underpowered in comparison to other wifi cards?

    I used no tool - the comparison was entirely
    subjective (ie the relative visual 'signal strength'
    scale shown by each system's wireless network tools.
    My friend's HP could consistently see 2, sometimes 3
    more networks than my iBook.
    The HP is also an 802.11g card.
    Good, you're comparing cards that may be compared.
    I am pretty sure the antenna is firmly plugged.
    As a general comment - the signal to my wireless
    router is strong and solid - this is not impacting on
    my system use at all, but I was interested to see the
    The values displayed by different softwares on different
    systems can't be easily compared. Some use logarithmic
    scales when others use linear ones.
    Many wireless drivers display network names even when
    they receive a usable signal for a few seconds.
    This isn't a proof of performance in real use.
    You may receive a frame out of 5 from an interfering
    network, and your software may decide to display this
    network name.
    I advise you to perform an analysis of your wireless
    neighborhood with a tool like iStumbler.
    iStumbler will clearly show you if you have really
    usable networks, a poor signal level network or
    interfering networks.

  • How can I turn on the mini-PCI WiFi card on Satellite 1905-S301?

    greetz! I have installed an optional mini-PCI wireless LAN card into my Toshiba Satellite 1905-s301 notebook and turned on its power switch. MS WXP Pro SP2 recognized the hardware and installed its drivers - there is no cross or question mark next to the Atheros AR5001X+ Wireless Network Adapter in the Device Manager. However the Wireless Network Connection Manager is telling me there is no wireless adapter present. When hitting Fn+F8 a window pops up saying There is no build-in wireless LAN.
    What do I need to do to enable my optional wireless LAN mini-PCI card??? If possible, email your suggestions to my email, please!

    You have to enable the WLan switch at the notebook side!!!
    Additional select the WLan card properties and check the Advanced tab.
    There should be an option called Radio on/off. You have to set it to on.

  • K8n neo2 Plat 54G, allround WLAN card

    Does someone know if the WLAN PCI card provided with
    the k8n neo2 Plat 54G will work in any other PCI slot
    on any other motherboard? Reason I ask is the orange
    colour slot on k8n Neo2, which is 'reserved' for the
    WLAN PCI card, hints to be some kind of conditional slot?
    I have a wireless network at home, but not using the k8n
    wirelessly, but some other boxes could.

    Sorry to bring up an old thread, but figured someone might have use of this info.
    As an update, a good while back I put this WLAN card in an ECS VIA KM266 board, seemed to work, but was not too pleased with its performance or the SW MSI had along with this card. So I used another wireless solution instead.
    Today decided to see if any new drivers around for this card.
    The wireless chip on this card is a RT2500 by RaLink.
    Looked up at their website and found driver version, date 26-Oct-2007.
    This driver appear to work OK, the connection stays up, even at weak transmission conditions. The speed is not amazing but works. I assume it works reasonably well under good signal conditions.
    EDIT: new version posted, version, date 12-Feb-2009.

  • Looking for cheapest ram to go with the k8n neo2 plat

    looking for the cheapest compatable 1GB dc kit for the msi k8n neo2 plat
    any suggestions

    I gotta give a shout out for the Corsair Value Select series also.  I ran it for years in cheap systems I built for friends without any problems at all.  Newegg has it pretty cheap (under $100 bucks).
    I think their cheapest starts at 79$ bucks for DDR400
    good luck

  • Unidentified 10-12Pins inside the K8N Neo2 Plat

    Hi guys,
    I've just finished setting up my K8N Neo2 Plat into the case with the jumpers and cables etc. And there's sometihng interesting I discovered.
    There is a set of jumpers or Pins, just above the JDB1 [D-Bracket pins] that seems to be unused and un-labelled in the Instruction manual.
    The PCB has it labelled as JPC1 with a small arrow pointing downwards.
    I searched thru the manual, and no sign of what it's used for.
    Anyone else noticed this when they installed their board jumpers and pins?
    Many thanks

    LOL..you can pm to syar as he has the modded bios for 1C as i'm using his bios as nice and easy. But like what qyx say corecentre messing all you setting including the bios and stay away any DOT, C&Q if you're ocing your system. Better used manual way to set it in the bios. GD luck.

  • K8N Neo2 Plat - Is 1.8 still the best bios?

    Just bought new gfx card - Sapphire X1600Pro 256MB AGP - for my K8N Neo2 Plat setup (see sig for the rest).
    I was getting 3dmark03 scores of 4400 to start with, then it has upped slowly to just over 6000 thanks to the various BIOS experts setup guides. I haven't found the Shgift F2 menu - is that only in later BIOSes ?
    I'm only at BIOS 1.3 due to it's amazing stability with this setup, but now of course, I'm wondering if upping to, say, 1.8, might help improve things further ??

    Hello ! 
    The 1.8 bios is very good unless you are planning to run/update to an X2 dual core , then you will need a newer one for sure.
    There is nothing faster and better with 1C , EasyBios 1C and my modded have better default values set in it ,EasyBios
    have also better reworked layout (more user friendly) , but if you don't have any problems with your current one I would stick with it .
    It's almost the same with my Neo1 system (Ms-7030) , I have this frozen at the 1.5b6 bios - with the Newcastle cpu in it
    it actually works worse with the latest BIOS

  • K8N Neo2 plat, no post issue cont'd.

    Hi its me again, the guy with the intermittent "no post" k8n neo2 plat.
    Loaded the 1b3 beta the other day, again 1 day later the box would not post, as usual no
    indication on the D-bracket, just one flash of the keyboard, the fans span one half round.
    Since it could run for 1month plus with 1a3 beta BIOS(no usb2.0 (I could not wait any longer wanted usb2.0 so I flashed to a newer bios)),
     start thinking it could be something between these latter full versions and this.
    Then saw a thread on the web about someone having a Winnie that his box also has issues when swapping for latter
    version than 1.5, with 1.5 his plat run fine. Go figure.
    So for the time being I switched it to v1.5 bios, lets see how long it holds.
    oh btw, the CMOS clear "no effect" seem to be avoided, by unplugging every external
    peripheral prior to doing the cmos clear.

    Quote from: Mysticcal on 30-June-05, 06:26:41
    ...Speaker Beeps once, USB LEDS Hold at Green, Red, Green, Green...
    Tried everything, don't know what to do
    And for those that ask me, what HDs? What IDEs?
    Go take an A+ Course please. No one with 2 cells of brain capacity would hook everything up on first boot not knowing if it will work or not...
    Thanks, all help appreciated.
    The Led display from your D-Bracket indicates it is stopping when it tries to initialise the floppy drive.  You don't have one.  No A+ course needed, just hook up your floppy or disable it in the BIOS.  I have no floppy drive (I have no need) so have it disabled.  Probably best to hook up all relevant devices that will enable a working machine.  The BIOS is probably halting when it can't initialise a device.  There would be no point in it proceeding if it doesn't have all devices needed for a bootable machine...
    See D-Bracket guide here D-Bracket Guide
    I'm only guessing.

  • Freezing issues with K8N Neo2 Plat & 6800 gt

    Well I get random freezing during games. Sometimes it freezes for 5-10 seconds then comes back, while other times it just freezes and the sound comes back but not the game.
    I had this problem when I first upgraded.
    K8N Neo2 plat
    1gb corsair xms 3200
    athlon 64 3500
    aslo have:
    420-30? antec tru power supply. I cant remember exact number.
    6800gt ultra
    audigy 2 plat
    Now I first posted my problem a while ago and someone told me to try chaning the HT to 4x instead of 5x. So I did and it worked. It worked for a few weeks and now the problems have come back.
    Any Ideas?

    Along with the above issues, I've also found that a lot of my gaming probs with the 6800 are due to it being a "bandwidth hog" & it's latency needs to be adjusted lower to enable the other devices on the PCI bus (i.e. sound card) to get enough bandwidth to function properly. This isn't noticeable until you start some heavy gaming with a lot going on at once...
    If your game ever practically chugs to a halt when a lot of sounds are being produced, this is the main problem. Here's a way & some notes on how to deal with it. Just like every "tweak" though, it's not guaranteed to work for everyone but I got noticeable benefits from it.
    - D/L (I got it @ guru3D) PCI Latency Tool & give the "Read Me" a quick once-over. Write down the values for your devices, in case you need/want to change 'em back. Most items are well labeled - the 6800 & your sound card will be what you are most interested in. I wouldn't mess with the rest of 'em, as they deal with low level system items that are best left alone. Unless you are truly an Uber Geek!
    - The latency for my 6800 listed as a massive 248 clks! For some reason, I've read that ATI cards don't default at such a large value, which might explain why people don't seem to have as many performance issues with 'em. Anyhow lower the 6800 to a more "reasonable" value, like 128 or 64. 64 seemed to work best for me.
    - Save the settings, reboot & test it out. You can experiement with the sound card latency too, in order to find what works best for you, but I wouldn't set it at less than it's default value (32).
    Hope this helps.

  • K8N Neo2 Plat - computer wont boot. RMA?

    as the title suggests, I have a K8N Neo2 Plat with an amd athlon 64 3800+ and 2x512mb OCZ PC3700EB Platinum ram.  Everything has worked great for the past year. However this weekend when I came home from school my pc wouldn't boot up. I plugged in all the cables, turned on the PSU, and hit the power button and the fans spun for about half a second then nothing. I tried again several times and the fans didn't even spin.  I tried several plugs in the house, still nothing.  Thinking it was the PSU (Antec NeoPower480) I bought a new one today and tried that.  Still nothing.  I even tried shorting the power switch on the case in case it's stopped working. still nothing.  I'm quite knowledgeable about computers so it's not a silly newbie mistake.  A friend of mine who does computer repairs thinks it's the motherboard, and I agree.
    I was going to try RMAing it - do you think I should, and is the process relatively easy/painless?  (FYI I'm Canadian)

    Strip it down to a basic setup, CPU, 1 stick of ram (try different ram) and graphic card. This is all you need to boot and get into BIO.
    If you can get into BIO then add one device at a time until you find the faulty piece, if you are not able to get it to boot then pull the graphic card and try to boot, you should get some beeps, do the same with the ram. If you don't get any beeps then it is a good chance it is your MB.

  • K8N Neo2 Plat power and bios question

    I have a K8N Neo2 Plat. I use a UltraProducts 500W xconnect PSU and a BFG 6800 GT OC.
    A couple weeks ago the 6800 died. I contacted BFG and they sent me a new one.
    The new one died the same way after a week. They said to check the power levels on the +12 rail.
    In windows using softare tests it reports 13.58
    in the bios it reports 12.22
    both are over the allowed variance.
    Ultra products told me to check with my motherboard manufacturer to see if there was a BIOS setting that would let me set the power on the +12V rail. Is that possible?
    Is that something my K8N Neo2 Plat can do?

    No, you cannot lower the 12V-rail by a bios setting. I really don't see what they mean by that.
    Your motherboard does, however, regulate the power that comes from the power supply. Within certain margins it can lower the voltage and keep it steady. Your videocard can do the same. Now, depending on the tolerance (quality) of your hardware, you can vary on those margins. But on any piece of hardware, there is a point on which it cannot correct/lower a voltage that is too high. It then simply shuts down or dies.
    To my opinion, the PSU-maker gave you a very funny piece of advice. What he actually says is that their psu may give too high a voltage (I talk about the 13+ now), but your hardware should correct this. That's not the way it works: they should make psu's that give 12V where it should. So, I'd demand a replacement. But, before you do: use a multimeter to measure the 12V-rail. You cannot trust the board's measurement too well.
    But then, like Stick  says, I think that 12.22 is within mentioned margins. 13.58V is too high. So, that's why you should first measure using a multimeter. Measure for a longer time. System idle, system full load. Write everything down and see how steady this psu is. If 12V dances arround, replace it.

  • Can I use this hard drive with my K8N Neo2 Plat?

    Can I use this http://www.zipzoomfly.com/jsp/ProductDetail.jsp?ProductCode=101220-12 hard drive with my K8N Neo2 Plat?

    Quote from: Richard on 26-September-05, 00:25:21
    The short answer is:
    Take Care,
    LOL, thanks.

  • NVidia Video Driver Causes Immediate freezing upon loading to desktop (K8N Neo2 Plat)...

    after many a reinstall, order of loading drivers, i have finally traced my system's problem to the nvidia video drivers.  i have no clue what to do.  install everything (new nforce drivers, sp2, audio and ethernet drivers, windowsupdate, etc.  EVERYTHING except running the nvidia video drivers package and the system does not freeze.
    as soon as the video drivers are loaded, restart and once i get to the desktop it freezes.  every single time.  go into safe mode, remove video drivers, restart and the system doesn't freeze.  fast write is disabled.  all dram settings at auto.  cool and quiet disableed.  system specs are:
    MSI K8N Neo2 Plat MB (bios is v1.3)
    AMD64 3200+ Winchester Core
    BFG 6800GT OC AGP Video Card
    2*512MB Mushkin Dual Channel Blue Ram (2-3-3-6-1T at 200Mhz)
    120GB WD Caviar 7200RPM 8MB Cache IDE HD
    NEC ND3520A 16x DVD Burner
    CoolerMaster Wave Master Aluminum Case
    Coolermaster RS-450-ACLY Power Supply
    any ideas?

    well i'll be damned.  spread spectrum.  it was spread spectrum being enabled.  there just isn't a more satifying feeling that thinking you figured out what was causing freezes and then finding out it's repeatable!!  
    spread spectrum on. freeze.  reboot.  freeze.  reboot. freeze.  spread spectrum disabled.  reboot.  no freeze.  reboot.  no freeze.   reboot.  no freeze.  spread spectrum back on.  reboot.  freeze.  reboot. freeze.
    i love it.

  • Boot failure - k8n neo2 plat

    Hi, I'm having trouble
    Just purchased an MSI k8n neo2 plat mobo with an amd 64 3000+ and finally got her all setup... well minus the geforce 6600 gt arriving tomorrow and I still need to figure out what I'll do as far as memory goes. Ah but I forget myself... the problem at hand is this; I am unable to boot the system and the d-bracket indicates its current status is "Processor initialization..." Then nothing. Blank screen.
    LED's btw:
    red green
    green red
    thanks for any help
    Sytem specs:
    k8n neo2
    amd xp 64 3000+
    geforce 2 mx
    1x mushkin pc2700 256mb (test mem)
    60gb maxtor
    generic cd-writer
    PS is @POWER 430w with:
    +3.3v = 28a
    +5v = 40a
    +12 = 17a

    1)I'd go further than shturmovik in your 12v amps requirement you need at least 24a especially with your new graphic card.
    see Basic Building Tips - Quote
    As this pertains to A64's make sure that you have a power supply that is either approved for use by MSI/AMD or that you have plenty of amps on the 12 volt rail. Typically we have noted many issues based on stability with PSU's being rated at less than 24A on the 12v rail.
    Power Consumption: NVIDIA vs. ATI
    2)The D-Led Quote
    Processor initialization
    also covers memory issues as with the 64 the memory controller is on the CPU.
    as your 1x mushkin pc2700 256mb (test mem) this rules out any dual channel problems.
    which slot is it in.

Maybe you are looking for

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