Keyborads for Final Cut Pro

I am looking to purchase a keyboard for final cut pro, to make it easier for me to do my editing. I have been looking at LogicKeyboards:
does anyone use these?
Which ones are people using?
side note:
Spoke with the computer store on campus [carnegie mellon university], and they are expecting FCS 3.0 this week and he told me the student price will be $299
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One of the coolest things I have seen on those is the shuttle control (in place of the arrow keys), but you can just buy one of those separately (USB) for a fraction of the cost. And then you still have the arrow keys. I agree that if you just print out the commands and learn them that is pretty much the same as paying a bunch of money for a keyboard that does the same thing. Pretty unnecessary.

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  • Where can I find a full manual for final cut pro 6?

    I'm trying to learn final cut because I haver an amature film making contest I'd like to enter and that would give me quite an edge, considering most of the intries will be using movie Could someone help me find a full manual or something that would assist in this indevor? I do only have final cut 6 because I am using my schools imac and that is ther vertion they have. so, can anyone help?

    You should ask your question in the Final Cut Studio forum.
    This forum is for Final Cut Pro X.

  • Can I add a secondary location for Final Cut Pro Documents?

    Hi Guys,
    I'm working on a large project which has taken up most of my 2tb hard drive which I use for my final cut pro documents (capture scratch, render files etc). Is it possible if I plug in another hard drive to use that as a secondary location for final cut pro documents as I have other (smaller) projects which I could be uploading and working on in the mean time? If so, how is this achieved and what are the pros / cons?

    Sure -- go to Final Cut Pro menu on your menu bar and select System Settings.
    The first tab is SCRATCH DISKS -- that's the term too -- not secondary folder for FCP Documents.
    Change it there.
    It has been a while since I've had to deal with this, but FCP used to not remember (feature or bug??) a project's original scratch disk location and if you change it for ONE project it will be changed for ALL future AND past projects... until you change it back.
    Now, that in itself isn't a BAD thing. All that that means is that if you continue to capture material into that old project it will now put it over here instead of over there. Also, other things like render files and such which won't really matter much unless they do... and now you've got stuff spread over a coupla drives.
    FCP's projects don't care. They've already mapped where they need to go to get the video and render files it needs. Move your Scratch Disk 33 times... won't make a difference to the browser and timeline. -- UNTIL you remove one of the important drives. THEN red lines galore! Un renders, missing files... messy messy messy!
    Much better to start and finish a project in scratch disk. Makes for easy cleanup. Kinda like cooking thanksgiving dinner (American??) in 5 houses at once.
    Good luck,

  • Canon EOS MOVIE Plugin-E1 for Final Cut Pro Now Available...

    There's been so much talk about the 5D, 7D, 550D on this board that I'm going to point to the EOS MOVIE Plugin-E1 for Final Cut Pro. This is supposed to speed to transcode of Canon Camera H.264 to FCP-friendly formats and let you add more metadata along the way.
    Canon webpage. Under Drivers & Downloads. Once you select your OS, "Mac OS X", the download should appear near the top of the "Software" list.
    Note: (from Quickstart Guide)
    This plug-in software allows you to convert MOV movies shot with an EOS Digital camera into ProRes files at high speed in the (Log & Transfer) window of Apple's Final Cut Pro.
    FWIW: The quick start guide says cameras involved are 7D, 5D, 1D, no mention of 550D. Sort of odd.

    For users in North America to make the Canon EOS REBEL T2i work (550D for Europe):
    1. Install the new Canon EOS MOVIE Plugin-E1 for Final Cut Pro (
    2. Go to Library/Application Support/ProApps/MIO/RAD/Plugins/CanonE1.RADPLug/Contents/Resources/
    2. Open up cameras.plist
    3. After the 7D info add the following lines of code (keeping to the coding structure):
    <string>Canon EOS REBEL T2i</string>
    4. Save the text file. Close it. Everything should work now.

  • Following Media Files Are Not Optimized For Final Cut Pro

    I'm sure you've seen this before and I've tried to search for a thread on it here and fell asleep, so sorry if this is a repeat.
    I have edited projects in Premiere Pro (on my PC) and I have tried to transfer them in FCP. It worked with the exception of two things:
    1. the error message, "Following Media Files Are Not Optimized For Final Cut Pro"
    2. the quality *****! watching it on the playback in FCP it looks great, but then when I burn it to Disc it's pixelated in spots and generally has a lower quality picture.
    I know that it's Standard Def. and can't expect the best, but I've done it before (once or twice) and it didn't seem this bad.
    Can someone suggest anything to help the quality? Should I run my AVIs through MPEG Steamclip to make it a QT file and if so what is the best format in that since there are many to choose from and most I'm not familiar with?
    Thank you,

    I did compress them to DV NTSC then burned it to DVD and the result was no bueno.
    I thought what I would do is try compressing them again before I send them on over to DVDSPRO. Here is a simplified break down of the situation:
    - I have edited the raw footage in Premiere Pro on my PC. They were recorded and captured as SD.
    - I rendered them in Premiere, then transfered the rendered AVI file to FCP.
    - When went to place the files in FCP, I received the warning message; "Following Media Files Are Not Optimized For Final Cut Pro" but I went forward anyways and it allowed me to do so.
    - Originally I went ahead and compressed them from FCP to QT Movie as a DV NTSC, which ended up poorly.
    - Therefore my question is, should I compress them using another file type (other then DV NTSC)? Which leads me to another program that I have called MPEG Streamclip, which offers tons of file types of which I am unfamiliar with most. I want the best quality of course but don't know what file type is the highest going from AVI to a format that can be accepted by FCP and ultimately DVDSPRO. Keeping in mind that I only have FCP5 and do not have Prores.
    Did that make sense?
    Thank you again,

  • Which firewire interface for Final Cut Pro on MacPro?

    I currently own a Presonus Firepod, and it seems to work pretty well, but may sell this when I upgrade from a MacMini to a MacPro. I use my Mac for Logic Pro currently.
    I anticipate running Final Cut Pro in the near future, so I'm wondering about the ability to read/generate SMPTE time code that the MOTU traveller supplies?
    There will be no external mixer, so this interface will connect directly to speakers & headphones. (would be nice to be able to mute speakers and control headphone mix using just the firewire interface).
    I don't anticipate needing more than 2 Mic inputs - and my current mike is a Rode NT1. (As the NT1 is not a top-of-the-line mic, unsure if I should place a lot of emphasis on worrying about the pre-ams?)
    I would like decent mic preamps, and ability to graphically monitor input and output levels (is this graphic monitoring necessary, or is just the single overload indicator sufficient?).
    Which interfaces in $600-$1500 range would work best with Final Cut Pro - and Logic Pro?

    I saw the Traveller ads in Videography mentioning
    time code, so I presumed it had an advantage over
    other interfaces.
    I found this in some ad copy:
    """The Travler provides on-board SMPTE time code synchronization features that allow you to slave your Traveler system to SMPTE time code without a synchronizer. The Traveler provides a DSP-driven phase-lock engine with sophisticated filtering that provides fast lockup times and sub-frame accuracy. The included MOTU SMPTE Console software provides a complete set of tools to generate SMPTE for striping, regenerating or slaving other devices to the computer."""
    So it likely uses an audio port for timecode I/O. However, unless you have external equipment that you want to slave to Logic Pro, (or have Logic slave to) e.g. a timecode DAT, then this really is not necessary. FCP would not see the Travaller as a "controllable" device.
    For Final Cut Pro use, I'd probably shoot in HDV.
    When shooting a green screen near my computer (or
    maybe even on-site), I wondered if there would be an
    advantage to recording the audio thru an interface
    like the traveller.
    The advantage is that you could capture additional mics and audio tracks with your mac while the cameras shoot. Just slate your takes and sync up later.
    Do I actually need an interface that provides time
    code, or is that only needed for movie work?
    I have SMPTE I/O on my Unitor8, directly accessable in Logic Pro. In 8 years I've probably used it twice to capture audio from some modular digital multitracks. So, unless you have some specific need.....
    Maybe it is simpler just to connect to the mic
    directly to the camera's input?
    Indeed. You should always have camera audio available. Anything else is supplemental. Alternatively, you could use the Travaller or RME, etc. as a "live to camera" mixer in a studio situation. Plug your mics into the interface, create a submix and send it to the camera while simultaneously capturing each mic to an individual track in Logic Pro. There are many possibilities.
    G5 QuadPPC2.5, Ram:12.5g, Magma PCIe-PCI expansion   Mac OS X (10.4.8)   2X Hammerfall DSP Digiface+Multiface, Digi 002r, 4X UAD-1

  • I need to buy a camcorder -- upgrading from a Flip. Which would you recommend as easiest to use with iMovie 11? Which for Final Cut Pro? Thanks!

    I need to buy a camcorder -- upgrading from a Flip. Which would you recommend as easiest to use with iMovie 11? Which for Final Cut Pro? Thanks!

    You can't run iMovie 11 on a PPC G5 running the old OS 10.3 Panther - which is what you say you have.
    iMovie 11 - cameras supported:
    iMovie 9 - cameras supported:
    iMovie 8 Camcorders supported:
    Digital camera RAW formats supported by OS X Lion:
    Digital camera RAW formats supported by OS X Snow Leopard:

  • I can't install trial version for final cut pro x

    I can't install trial version for final cut pro x on my computer..

    What are you trying to achieve?  Are you editing movies as a hobby? Or trying to build a business – and, if so, what kind?
    iMovie is the first thing that comes to mind. Not the depth of FCPX, but it can still do some excellent work.

  • MacBook Pro 13" or MacBook Air 13" for Final Cut Pro?

    I am looking at buying either a MacBook Pro 13 inch with 8Gb of RAM, 750 GB, and a 2.8 Ghz i7 Processor or a MacBook Air 13 inch with the 4gb of RAM and a 1.8 Ghz i7 processor. Which is better for Final Cut Pro X? I would rather have the Air, but if the Pro is better (which is what I currently have) that's what I will get.

    Is it a very noticable difference? Will I REALLY notice it? I know that the Pros are more powerful but I just wanted to factor in the SSD in the Air.

  • HT4589 What are the computer requirements or specs for Final Cut Pro

    What are the computer specs required for Final Cut Pro?
    Also is anyone operating Avid Media Seven on an OS X Lion 10.

    Lynn Kielley wrote:
    What are the computer specs required for Final Cut Pro?
    Even though it says 4 GB RAM recommended, I think most experience users woild say 8 GB and up is the real minimum.
    Can't answer the Avid question.

  • Is there a "Wish List" for Final Cut Pro?

    Is there a "Wish List" for Final Cut Pro?
    Can we start one? Would it do any good?

    For those that are interested HERE is the main feedback page for  which allows you to send  feedback on various products.
    This page is useful for anyone who hasn't purchased a product yet maybe because upon researching they've discovered certain features unavailable and they would still like to send  feedback of their concerns. Or you might not own said product but still have an idea for it. I'm just trying to think outside of the FCS2 box here (pun)
    So go ahead and send your feedback to  and who knows, you might just make a difference!

  • Online keyboard shortcuts documentation for Final Cut Pro 6

    Hello, Does anyone know where to find a pdf or other doc or website for Final Cut Pro 6 keyboard shortcuts online? There's not one in the manual that I could find, actually (still getting acclimated from Avid days, I sure could use an extensive reference doc).
    Thanks for any assistance.

    Here it is one kindly Compiled by Zak Ray:

  • Update for Final Cut Pro 6.0.1

    Hi helpful folks,
    I just installed Final Cut Pro 6.0.1 on my MacBook Pro. I work at a post production facility, and all the other guys in the shop are running 6.0.4. I was told that what I installed was the same thing everyone else installed. So I ran Software Update. It searched and installed updates for LiveType, DVD Studio, and several other programs. But did not come back with update results for Final Cut Pro. I installed the other programs, restarted, and have since run Software Update three more times. It claims everything is up to date. But obviously 6.0.1 is not the latest version. Any thoughts?

    The update to 6.0.5 (6.0.4 is not available from apple any longer) is included in a Pro Apps update or something titled along those lines. It is not named "FCP update".
    It can be found here:

  • Student Help advice! what is best iMac model for Final Cut Pro and logic pro

    I am currently looking into getting a iMac, but is toggling to device if I need a 27inch or a 21inch(top model),which will be used for Final Cut Pro and logic
    There is a lot of money being invested iMac, and I really not want to be stu k with a computer that not going to keep up with the amount of work load in the future.
    The specs that I have on mine are..
    Upgrades include
    Sdd drive 512gb
    Intel core i7
    16gb of ram
    27 inch
    Fusion drive or sdd 250gb
    Intel core i7
    (Possible graphic card) NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680MX 2GB GDDR5 [+ £105.60]
    (Ram is way to expensive so will buy from second party)
    Anyone who has brought a iMac for final cut or logic what would you likely buy?..Am really stuck on the hard drives between the 27inch fusion and 512gb on the 21inch
    My budget is £1900
    My fear is that the 21inch top model's graphic card may not be good enough for advance editing on Final Cut Pro In the future when I start to get more deep into editing..logic really only needs 8gb to run smoothly..buts its the final cut specs that am having problems deciding. I know iMacs are not future proof or technology lasts for that matter, but I do expect to have it run good for a number of years before I upgrade again.
    If anyone can give me some advice, or even tell me about there set up they have for media work please let me know.

    All kinds of things affect system & HD performance, I can't tell you why your 4 year old Mac is slow.  Just because your old Mac is slow doesn't mean that a new iMac will be equally slow.
    You are correct about the issue with the smaller fusion drives.  It's one of the reasons I am not high on recommending them.  Everyone thinks they want power & performance but don't understand the gap between marketing and real life performance.  The 1TB fusion drive however should give you a good combination of rapid access and sizeable storage capacity.
    I have used external FW800 / 7200rpm drives for years and have never had a problem with any of them.  I consider them very reliable but admittedly I DO NOT use consumer drives like the WD MyBook that the big-box stores sell.   For the most part I assemble my own with OWC Mercury Elite enclosures.  In the past few years I have centered on WD Caviar Black and WD Scorpio Black drives.  I also have some Seagate Barracuda 7200.xx drives.  They all perform excellently and reliably.
    Pls. refer to my earlier post for what i recommended to you.

  • What is the cost for Final Cut Pro if I don't have a previous version to update?

    What is the cost for Final Cut Pro if I don't have a previous version to update? I see the $299 price for updates.
    What is the brand new purchase price?

    Thanks so much. Yes I was thinking on the lines of PwnySlaystation's response.
    I appreciate the help.
    Will this new version run on OS 10.6.8?
    Thanks for the help.

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    Can I double space my lines with a short cut? Like in windows when you hit control 2 and it automatically double spaces your lines, or do I have to manually do it at the top? Just curious.

  • Show VI from another VI as a popup dialog

    Hi there, I have a beginner question. I created a VI which displays some data, and I have an Edit button to edit the selected data. When I press the Edit button, I want to show another VI, preferrably as a modal dialog. How to do this? Thanks, Csaba